Top 15 MLM Companies With the Best Compensation Plan

May 26, 2021

Who doesn’t want to work for the best companies, right?

If you’re looking to bet on yourself in the polarizing world of MLM you’ll want to make sure you pick a company that gives you the best chance to make money.

No judgment, if you’re tired of your current company and looking to jump ship to something new, your secret is safe with us.

Either way, check out our list below we created of the top 15 MLM companies with the best compensation plans in 2020.


Combining essential oils and wellness products, doTERRA has a female-heavy base of customers and reps. 

Their compensation plan delivers 3 primary ways you can generate income:

Retail Profit - 25% commission on all retail sales

Fast Start Bonuses - Paid weekly on new qualified downline reps. 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2, and 5% on level 3.

Power of 3 Bonus - Paid monthly and based on total team volume

12 Ranks round out the organizational structure, starting at the position of wellness advocate and presidential diamond being the highest position you can achieve.

It is worth noting that achieving rank position number 7, also know as “Silver”, unlocks all 7 levels of overriding bonus percentages:

If you gravitate toward this product category and are looking for a well rounded compensation structure that includes additional leadership pool bonuses for advanced ranks, doTERRA is worth checking out!

For a full corporate breakdown of their compensation plan, click HERE

2. Mary Kay

A company that has stood the test of time, the name Mary Kay is recognizable by just about anyone. Maybe you’re wondering how that person in town qualified for that pink Cadillac?

Due to the complex and VAST amount of ways you can get compensated, we’re going to hit you with some primary bullet points about their compensation. Below that we’ll drop a link to the (admittedly much harder to find than we expected) compensation plan for Mary Kay reps. 

Mary Kay reps earn 50% on all retail sales. This is a very high percentage of commission in the MLM industry.

You are required to achieve a minimum of $225 in sales every quarter to maintain your distributor status.

Several overriding commissions, bonuses, and incentives are also available (pink caddy, anyone?).

In an industry where over 98% of new companies close up shop within the first two years, there is something to be said of the longevity and 3 billion in annual sales Mary Kay has experienced.

Full Mary Kay Compensation Plan HERE

3. Le-Vel (Thrive)

Offering health and wellness products for men and women, Le-Vel hits our list next.

Their product lineup consists of vitamins/supplements, protein, and even skin care “patches”.

Le-Vel offers what is commonly known as a unilevel compensation plan. Here are some key points of how reps make money:

20% commission on personal retail sales. 12% commission on level one retail sales and 4% commission on retail sales for levels 2 & 3.

Infinity Fast Start bonuses for new reps purchasing starter packs. Commission ranges from $5 to $140.

Team commissions ranging from 4-8%

Additional bonuses are available and can vary from an iPad to trips or even cars.

Le-Vel has been on the scene since 2013 and while every MLM company has their issues, if you like what Thrive has to offer we suggest taking a deeper dive into the entire Thrive compensation plan.

Full Thrive Compensation plan HERE

4. Rodan and Fields

Providing a myriad of premium skin, eye, and facial care, R + F has a foundation in dermatology and is well known for their quality (and results).

Inside the R + F compensation plan you’ll find 5 primary methods of making money:

Your commission on retail sales will come in at 33% for one-off sales and 16% for customers who sign up for reoccurring monthly products. Not bad considering they offer multiple product bundles that can cost several hundred dollars.

Consultant commissions on product purchases by yourself and your team as long as you remain eligible with a total of 100 QV (qualifying volume). You will earn 10% commissions on all purchases and sales by reps or customers of reps on your first level.

Once you achieve the rank of Executive Consultant, you will earn personal team commissions. This unlocks a 5% commission on every point that is earned by your team. 

Promoting downline reps to executive ranks can earn you additional commissions all the way down to your 6th generation.

Additional incentives are on the table for reps based on hitting certain goals or promotions. These range from cash payouts to vehicles and more. 

Commissions can be substantial if you develop a high producing team underneath you, but remember that a large reason for that is due to the prices of the R + F products. You will need a team who are all hitting their minimum volume requirements to see any real income.

For a deeper dive into the Rodan and Fields compensation, check out their full compensation plan HERE.

5. Kyani

The blueberry juice company Kyani is up next on our list of mlm companies with the best compensation plan. 

Originally known for their product trio that relied heavily on the benefits of the superior wild alaskan blueberry, in recent years the company has expanded their product offerings into skincare and supplements.

Due to the founders owning a large potato farm, the company offers a philanthropic product called “potato paks” which are essentially bought by customers and reps and donated by the company to impoverished areas abroad.

This product also provides a unique way for reps to bump up their sales volume.

Ok, let’s talk compensation. Kyani has evolved their compensation over the last few years and with those changes brings much more complexity.

We’ll hit you with the main points and give you resources to dig deeper into their comp plan below that. 

There are 14 gem-inspired ranks available in the Kyani compensation plan. Rank 1 (Garnet) earns an average monthly income of $74. The highest attainable rank (double black diamond) enjoys a monthly average income of $1,000,000. What a difference 13 promotions can make, right?

You have monthly minimum volume requirements you must hit to retain your rank position (150QV).

Higher personal customer volume unlocks additional bonus income.

Fast start bonuses are available for new reps that hit the 2nd or 3rd rank in the first 31 days at $200 and $500 respectively

Total downline volume combined with your QV determines your rank and revenue.

Generational bonuses and one time rank bonuses are on the table as well as you advance in positions.

Hopefully this overview gives you a glimpse into the vast and complex compensation available as a rep for Kyani. Those looking for a more detailed corporate breakdown can check the full compensation plan out HERE.