Top 5 Digital Real Estate Platforms: How To Make Money With Them Right Now

November 7, 2023

Last year 5.4 million new business applications were filed in the USA alone. Of course, not all of them are examples of digital real estate. But in 2021, 1.79 billion people purchased something online. So you need to consider that technological advancement is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. Furthermore, developing a digital asset can capitalize on this trend. But the key to making money with virtual property is to create something that has value.

An online entity that you own and gets to the top of a platform's SERPs. Once you're at the top, you own prime real estate. (That's where you'll find the people and the money). Then you can monetize your property and sell it. Or you can rent it as we teach in our local lead generation coaching program. But you need a reason people want to visit. So you have to know how to drive traffic to your offer. Plus, you need to decide on your platform of choice. For example;

  • Where does your target audience hang out? 
  • Where can you generate online traffic to your offers?
  • What digital land will generate a steady cash flow or a passive income? 

In this article, we share our top five digital real estate platforms, including insider tips on how to monetize them and make money faster. We'll also cover the benefits of investing in online assets and how to profit from digital real estate. Plus, why you should invest in digital real estate and how it can create a passive income in 2024.

What Is A Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is anything that exists on the internet. You can create a digital asset in privacy and from thin air. Plus, much like a traditional asset, it can generate revenue or increase its value over time. But you need to own it, and it needs to offer value. However, digital ownership is a chance to secure long-term wealth like physical real estate.

The key is to know how to leverage the power of the internet. But if you can get your digital real estate property to the top of the search engines on your chosen platform. Then you can generate a steady cash flow or even a passive income.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Real Estate?

The benefits of digital real estate are unlimited. Specifically when it's compared to traditional real estate investing. For example, investing in physical real estate requires substantial upfront capital. Not to mention the time it takes to recover the cost of your investment. (If you can get approved for a 50K down payment from the bank).

Plus, the potential risks of damage, depreciation, etc. Of course, physical real estate offers day-to-day value. You can either live in your home or rent it to generate cash flow. But digital real estate investing is a low-cost way to earn daily returns if you know how to play the game. So, if you can create and develop an online property with value, you hold the reins to benefits like:


Steady Cash Flow & Diversification

Protection Against Inflation & Tax Breaks

High Returns & Potential For Passive Income

You can invest in digital real estate for free with a YouTube channel or Instagram account. Or you can start with a minimal budget using websites or landing pages. Then learn the skills to create a steady stream of online traffic to your digital asset. 

For example, you can rank and rent generic sites for local contractors or create a niche blog promoting affiliate links. Of course, it takes time and effort. (No get-rich-quick scheme here). But if you're prepared to do the hard work at the beginning. And you can build an online presence people want to visit. Then you can make money with your digital real estate investment.

What Is The Best Platform For Digital Real Estate?

The best platform for digital real estate will depend on your niche, target audience, and skills. In 2024, content is an investment; it can be copy, video, images, or intellectual property. But if you want to make money from digital real estate, you need to decide on a few key factors that, include:

  • What do you like to do?

  • Where do your skills lie?

  • What topic interests you or that you know a lot about?

  • Where do your people hang out online?

  • Are you better at writing content, or do you prefer being on camera?

The goal is to build an online entity in a 'good neighborhood.' One that gets a ton of online traffic, so you get eyeballs in front of your offers.

So get super niche specific and develop content that solves a problem, answers a question, entertains, or educates. But you'll build trust if you can provide value for a particular group of people. Plus, the more content you publish, the more authority your entity will have in the eyes of your platform's algorithms. Then you can monetize your assets and earn a steady cash flow.

Our Top 5 Digital Real Estate Platforms For 2024

You can leverage multiple digital real estate platforms to make money in 2024. Again it depends on your skills and your target audience. So learn as much as you can about your viewers and commit to the process. Making money with digital real estate is a long-term investment. But if you get your systems in place and create killer content, you will be successful. Listed below are our top five picks for 2022. Check it out:

1. Websites & Domains

Websites are like a house that exists on the internet. They include content and a collection of pages published on the web. In 2024, there are over 1.98 billion websites online. By contrast, a domain like your house address and is hosted by a third-party platform. But similar to physical real estate, domains and websites can increase in value. 

However, investment costs are significantly less. In fact, you can buy a domain name for $1/year. But to develop an online asset that generates cash flow or a passive income, it needs to drive a steady stream of traffic and be front and center for a specific target audience. Of course, you can flip websites or domains. (Buy low and sell high).

But, in 2024, flipping websites and domains is a bit complex. You can make money with this idea. But it takes time and some expert SEO skills to increase the value of entities before you resell. However, there are other options to monetize your website: 

  • Niche Blog & Affiliate Site
  • eCommerce & Dropshipping 
  • Online Courses & Graphic Design

To develop a website that reaches the top of Google, you need time or money (and lots of it). Globally, more than 547,200 new websites are created daily. Plus, there are 2.5 billion blog articles published every year.

So you need to invest in your site like it's a real business. And be a better marketer than the competition. Find a gap in the market. Or create a unique angle to stand apart from the crowd. But you don't need to be at the top before you start monetizing your site. A few ways to capitalize on your digital assets include things like:

Blog Monetization:

Publish compelling content that compliments tops keywords for product-driven searches. But you need to provide the best information in your niche to drive online traffic to your site. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Drive traffic to affiliate-based keyword articles with content articles on your site. Then you promote other people's products or services and earn a commission for every click. But you need to publish high-quality content and join affiliate programs that mesh with your target audience. Affiliate marketing is the bread and butter for niche websites. (This is how the big sites make their money).

Sponsorships & Brand Deals:

Become a brand ambassador by including a media kit on your site inviting brands to request sponsorship. You can also leverage paid ads or rent your space to other businesses.

The goal is to get your website to the top of Google search engines. So you need to maximize the effective use of your time to scale to profitability faster. Keep your end goal in mind and have a clear digital marketing strategy that should include the following:

  • Content
  • Google Ranking 
  • Link Building
  • Authority in your niche
Be prepared to take massive action, and don't worry about perfection. But if you create an online entity that people trust and want to visit. Then you can produce a steady stream of online traffic. And that's how you can earn a passive digital real estate income.

2. Social Media Sites

Social media platforms connect people to content. And as of October 2022, there are 4.74 billion social media users worldwide. (That's 59.3% of the global population). So there are all kinds of opportunities to make money with these platforms. But, of course, the popular choices are:

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • TikTok & Pinterest
  • Twitter & Snapchat

So you need to do some research and learn as much as you can about your target audience:

  1. Where do they hang out?
  2. What kind of content do they respond to well?
  3. How can you offer a unique twist in a crowded space?

But to make money on a social media platform, you need an audience. So you need to build trust and give people a reason why they should check out your content. 

Of course, this takes time and effort. So you need to publish scroll-stopping content-and lots of it-every day. Your content should include things like:

  • UGC & Images

  • GIFs & Reels

  • Live Streams & A Clear Call To Action

  • Brand Beliefs/Values & Testimonials

  • Contests & Giveaways

The idea is to engage with your audience. Share FAQs, influencer content, interesting facts about you and your business, etc. But if you lead with value and demonstrate an interest in your viewers. Then you build trust and will grow an authoritative social media presence that you can monetize with things like:

Become An Influencer:

You don't need a massive number of followers to become an influencer. For example, micro-influencers only need 1000-10,000 followers and earn an average of $1420 per month. 

Offer A Premium Service Or Coaching:

Do you have a particular skill that you excel in and can share with viewers? It's about the offer. So you need to be able to solve a problem or make a person's life better. 

Partner With Other Brands:

You can connect with other creators or brands and become a partner. Or you can be a brand ambassador by sharing authentic content and building a relationship with your audience that gels with their brands' vision and products. 

Join A Creator Fund:

Funds are reserved for creators with sizable audiences and solid engagement and are by invitation only. Plus, every platform has its own criteria around how many followers you need, how much content you publish, etc. However, all creator funds reward its members with cash. 

93% of internet users use at least one social media network. Plus, more than 1 million people join a social media platform every day. So there's money on the table with social media platforms. But be prepared to publish daily content and commit to sharing value with your audience. 

You can also take social media marketing courses to get a leg on the competition. Or even fast-track the learning curve. But if you make yourself as visible as possible. And consistently offer valuable content. Then you can make some serious money investing in social media platforms in 2024

3. YouTube Channel

YouTube has over 2.476 billion users globally. (That's 36.3% of the population over 18 on YouTube). So the revenue potential of this digital real estate platform is staggering. The key lies in the content. Consider that over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. So if you want to be number one, you have some competition.

But videos are 53 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of a relevant search result. Not to mention the traffic potential if you can publish videos with virality potential. Or you can attract a ton of attention. Then you can make big bucks as a YouTuber. But you need a video marketing strategy and a unique angle:

How Will You Create A Profitable YouTube Channel?

  • How will you stand out from all the noise? 

  • What can you provide an audience that isn't already on offer? 

  • How can you engage with your audience and keep them coming back?

So niche way down and focus on trending topics and become an expert. It's about entertainment, but it's also about value. So you need to invest in your audience and present yourself as genuine. Plus, you need a compelling hook and killer content. But then you can grow your channel and take advantage of money-making techniques like: 

Sell Merch:

You need to be approved by the platform to monetize, require a minimum of 1000 subscribers, and live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available. But if you can check all the boxes selling merch is an easy way to make some money. (Especially if you have over 10,000 subscribers and qualify for YouTube merch Shelf). You can also link your website in every YouTube description and drive traffic to your store to make sales. 

Become A YouTube Partner:

You can leverage partnerships like YouTube Shorts, Super Thanks, YouTube Brand Connect, etc. But some criteria around this suggestion include: 

  • At least 1,000 subscribers 
  • A minimum of 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months
  • No active strikes
  • A linked AdSense account

Leverage Brand Deals:

Brands are taking full advantage of the platform. And they're willing to pay big bucks to reach their audience on YouTube. Then, once you have an established channel, connect with brands that align with your viewers. But it needs to be a win-win. So you need to develop a relationship and create a deal that's advantageous for both. 

YouTube sits at number 2 for the most website traffic in the USA. (Only to be outdone by Google). But data indicates that there will be 2.85 billion users on YouTube by 2025. So if you do the hard work, build a following and create a valuable channel now. Then you will be in a prime position to capitalize on the continued growth of this digital real estate platform. 

4. Mobile Apps

There are over 6.3 million smartphone users worldwide, and 88% of their time is spent on mobile apps. But to make money, you need an innovative and creative idea. Plus, you need to research and think like an investor with over 2.87 million apps ready and waiting on the Google Play Store. So find a gap in the market and consider things like:

Tips For App Research

  • How will your mobile app be better than the competition? 

  • Does it save people time? Entertaining? Can it solve a problem or improve a person's life?
  • How will you monetize your app?

Next, decide on your niche and target market. Of course, some apps are more popular. But a few of the top picks include:

  • Business/Communication
  • Music 
  • Gaming 
  • Social (Like Dating)

Or you can target a specific industry, like creating a photography or real estate app. But no matter what app you choose, you need a monetization strategy and treat it like a real estate business. Of course, most users prefer a free app. So running paid ads while allowing users to pay for an ad-free experience can be highly effective. However, there are other ways to monetize your mobile app like:

In-App Purchases:

Offer extra content you can buy inside the app, like clothes or weapons for players in a gaming app. Or you can offer the chance to speed up restore or download options for a fee to generate revenue from your mobile app.


Users pay to access extra features or to remove ads from their accounts. Subscriptions can be billed on a weekly, monthly, or yearly renewal. And they're a way to generate a passive income. Plus, much like a rental property, you collect the payment automatically. 

Paid App Model:

You can charge a user fee to access your mobile app. But consider that paid apps get 90% fewer downloads than free apps.


Partner with advertisers that reward users for completing specific in-app actions. For example, Runkeeper uses incentivized advertising to make its app more motivating. But it doesn't disrupt users with banner ads or affiliate links. 

But users don't just want free they want perfect. Consider that 71% of app users 'churn' within the first 90 days of downloading an app. So you need to track your metrics and make sure there aren't any glitches. Then you need to give people a reason to keep coming back. 

So take the time to install updates and fine-tune your app's UX. And provide content and ad formats relevant to your users. Then, consider using several monetization techniques to generate the best possible ROIs and still offer a stellar customer experience. 

5. Podcasts

Podcasts continue to be one of the most underutilized marketing channels in 2024. But with over 424 million podcast listeners worldwide and 26% of American weekly listeners. You can make money with this digital real estate platform. But you need to do the work and develop a dedicated group of listeners. Podcasts are prerecorded talk-radio-style shows that users can download. A few of the more popular genres include things like:

  • Comedy & News
  • True Crime & Sports
  • Health & Fitness

The beauty of podcasts is that you can start for next to nothing. You only need a microphone, a recording application (like Microsoft Windows), and a hosting site (like Podbean). The crux is in deciding how you'll make money from your podcast. But a few ways to monetize your channel include things like:

Brand Partnerships:

Like a micro-influencer, you promote another brand's products or services. But you need to be an established channel and have influence before brands consider paying you for your podcast. 

Offer Premium Paid Content:

Offer premium or exclusive content with a crowdfunding platform like Patreon that allows people to go deeper with you as a podcaster and support your work. Patreon is a tool that will enable you to collect money from your audience. People who are fans of your show. And in exchange, they get access to certain things- like a call with you or 1:1 access, etc. (You can also use platforms like Kickstarter or SuperCast). 

Coaching & Consulting:

Provide your audience with the option for paid coaching or consulting—a 1:1 session with you where users can go deeper and explore topics where your expertise lies. Or you can offer an online course, downloadable PDFs, etc. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Partner with affiliates and share products or services that you like that also blend with your target listeners. (They have to make sense for your listeners). Add your affiliate link in your podcast description and earn a commission on any sales.

But people can download your podcast again and again. So even months or years after you publish, you can still generate revenue from popular episodes. But you need to publish quality content and connect with your listeners personally. Of course, it takes time and hard work to build an audience.

Or be considered an authority in your niche. So you need to show up and build trust. But you don't need a blockbuster hit or a viral podcast. You need content that relates to people. And be able to tell great stories. Then you can inject monetizing strategies. And make money with your digital real estate assets.

How To Profit From Digital Real Estate

You can profit from digital real estate by creating value and getting to the top of search engines. But first, consider traditional investment strategies like stocks, 401Ks, treasury bonds, etc. They're not only slow to earn, but they can lose money. 

A new way is to create content on the internet and take up space online. Not only is it free, but it's an investment. Plus, once your digital asset gets in front of eyeballs, it becomes valuable. The idea is to find something you find interesting and like to do. Then do some research and see where you could build an asset. Ask questions like:

  • What kinds of software is on offer?
  • What are popular platforms?

Then, learn everything around it. But of course, there's no easy money. So, you need to be consistent and publish content (even if no one sees it in the beginning). 

Of course, it's a bit of an evolution; you need to invest the time or be willing to spend the money. But your efforts will pay off if you do extra work and understand the process. Develop a better digital asset than the others, and you'll get attention from search engines. (And your target audience). Plus, no matter what you're selling, people will buy it if you lead with value. (Attention goes where the money goes). So if you're at the top people, want to go there.

But then you own valuable online property. You can rent digital real estate by starting a lead gen business. For example, you rent your online space and sell your leads for profit. Or, if you're generating a solid monthly income, you might want to keep it and continue to monetize your virtual land. You might even choose to sell for a lump sum. But once your digital asset is considered valuable, it will generate revenue, which is how you profit from digital real estate.

Why You Should Invest In Digital Real Estate

You should invest in digital real estate because the future is online. Digital real estate investing is a chance to capitalize on a trend and beat the curve with new technology and investment platform opportunities. In addition, digital real estate boasts several other benefits for real estate professionals and entrepreneurial hopefuls, including:

Advantages Of Digital Real Estate Investing

  • Accessible & Low-Cost 

  • Scalability & Minimal Overhead

  • Flexible & Sustainable

Digital real estate also offers some of the highest ROIs for investors looking to diversify their income or enhance financial security. In fact, it can be up to 10X higher than the physical real estate industry. But you need to get the correct type of digital real estate and scale it fast because there's no room for second or third place. But if you can develop a digital asset that offers value and gets in front of eyeballs.

Then your investment is worth a million times more than every other online entity in your niche. Plus, the condition of your virtual property will stay the same forever. (It won't get broken or wrecked like physical real estate). Plus, once it's ranked, you don't need to spend much time working on it. So you can harness time freedom and passive income. 

Can Digital Real Estate Create A Passive Income?

Digital real estate can create a passive income. But you need to develop an online entity that offers value and sits at the top of Google searches. Consider that there are only a few spots at the top of the SERPs. So those positions are considered prime real estate. (And they're worth a ton of money). So, you need a digital marketing strategy.

Learn how to automate and monetize your virtual property to get to the top. But if there's a demand and you can provide a solution. Or you can improve a person's life or offer entertainment and education and provide reasons why people should visit your online entity. Then you can generate passive income.

The key is to weigh an investment's risk and reward trade-offs. See if there's a gap in the market or a way you can monetize your virtual property. But consider that evolving technology and advancements to the Web. (With things like the Metaverse, Decentraland, NFTs, etc.) offer all kinds of untapped markets for real estate investors who want to diversify. But if you learn the skills. Or understand the best way to get your virtual real estate to the top. And you can leverage the power of the internet. Then, you can win the money game.

Why You Need To Consider Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is our number one recommendation if you're serious about making money online in 2024. The business model is an alternative investment strategy to the real estate market that consists of five easy steps. First, build and rank generic websites for phone-driven services in a local market. 

Then, get those sites to the top of Google, front and center for a specific target audience, and they start bringing in leads. Plus, you own the tracking number and the leads. So not only are you investing in a business model that can secure a steady stream of cash on autopilot every month. But you're providing a service potential clients search for on the internet

Local lead generation

But because you're targeting a local market, there's less competition. (Plus, it's easier to rank at the top of the SERPs). Take this website above, for example. I built this website in around 10 hours for about $500 over six months. But this site alone has been making me $2000/month since 2015. (And it's only one of over 80 I own). So not only is lead generation a proven concept. But once you learn the skills and get your systems in place. Then you can earn a passive income.


There are currently over 4.95 billion people who use the internet. In fact, the internet is growing at over half a million new users a day. So there has never been a better time to capitalize on this investment opportunity. Of course, digital real estate investing is a long game. But if you're willing to do the grind at the beginning. And you're prepared to commit to the process and learn the skills you need to build an online presence to create a valuable online asset. 

Then you own prime real estate. First, you need to decide what digital real estate platform you want to use. Then develop a strategy to drive traffic to your virtual land, like we teach students in our local lead gen training. But if you can leverage the internet and get to the top of a digital platform. Then you can make a passive income in 2024

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