Top 30 Faceless YouTube Niches to Maximize Profit in 2023

May 24, 2023

The top faceless YouTube niches are Trading and Investing, Cryptocurrency, Technology and Gadgets, Automotive, and Food and Cooking. But these trends can change quickly. In this article, you'll learn the details of 30 profitable YouTube niches in 2023.

YouTube automation channels are a way of generating money online. However, you remain at the whim of YouTube and the ever-changing trends. Other business models, like local lead generation, involve owning your own asset and providing leads to small businesses that provide a necessary service-something that never goes out of style.

30 Faceless YouTube Niches to Consider

Faceless YouTube Automation is another way to call these channel ideas.

1. Animals

The animal niche doesn’t require you to be on camera. There have been quite a lot of content creators who’ve been successful in this niche by making commentaries on the animals they film. Alternatively, you can also feature pets as most users watch animal content for entertainment (mostly associated with cuteness).

Animal Niche Content Ideas

  • Commentaries on the animals you film
  • Feature compilation of cute animals
  • Document animal behavior for studies
  • Animal fails

Animal Niche Challenges

  1. If you're taking videos, it's hard to predict animal movements, so you might need a lot of takes.
  2. Access to animal subject needed.

Good content examples: Ozzy Man Reviews and BBC Earth.

2. Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts niche is a great YouTube channel idea for artists who want to showcase their skills and show their audience what they can do. Your channel can be an inspiration to other aspiring artists, as you can show them various guides and tutorials on how you come up with your arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts Niche Content Ideas

  • Gallery-like contents as an extension of your portfolio
  • Guides to making certain arts and crafts you make
  • Craft ideas for kids to learn

Arts and Crafts Niche Challenges

  1. Niche is more of a skill-based niche. Diving into the niche means you have to practice a lot.
  2. Caters to a specific audience with the same taste so may not be for everyone.

Good content examples: Arts and Crafts and 5-Minute Crafts

3. Automotive

The automotive niche has a lot of topics for a YouTube video content. A lot of content creators and car companies use the platform to share the latest news about the automotive industry.

Automotive Niche Content Ideas

  • Vehicle updates and news (Upcoming vehicles, company news, etc.)
  • Vehicle reviews
  • Car maintenance tips

Automotive Niche Challenges

  1. Extreme knowledge of the automotive industry and vehicles is important to have.
  2. Doing reviews and maintenance tips requires you access to an automobile.

Good content examples: TopCars TV and Animagraffs

4. Business

The niche’s contents include business advice, business news, new business trends, and more. If you’re interested in trying out this niche, you can grab other images, videos, or news from other platforms and create your own voice-overs as your YouTube business niche content. 

Business Niche Content Ideas

  • Latest business company news
  • Tips on how to grow or start your business
  • Latest business trends and strategies
  • Country's economy news

Business Niche Challenges

  1. The niche may be saturated with competitors. Think of something unique or new to the eyes of your audience, or do better than competitors.
  2. Make sure that your sources and references are credible for your viewers.

Good content examples: Young Entrepreneurs Forum and

5. Career

Like the business niche, the career niche has had a lot of followers from users looking for career tips. You can make doodle videos wherein you write the questions and have a voice-over explaining your content.

Career Niche Content Ideas

  • Career tips for first-time workers
  • Possible interview questions and how to answer them
  • How to land a job without having the experience

Career Niche Challenges

  1. Limited audience since not everyone would search for career tips.
  2. Niche is saturated with competitors.

Good content examples: World Education Services and Indeed

6. Cartoon and Animation

The cartoon and animation niche is the go-to niche that will certainly not need any showing of your face. However, diving into the niche may be tiresome in terms of the heavy video edits on the animation videos.

Cartoon and Animation Niche Content Ideas

  • A series of animations wherein your viewers can monitor the story
  • Animated guides for other niches
  • Cartoons for kids' entertainment

Cartoon and Animation Niche Challenges

  1. Takes a lot of skill to accomplish. 
  2. Heavy video edits compared to other niches.

Good content examples: Gigguk and PhantomStrider

7. Celebrities

The celebrity niche is all about news and facts about people’s favorite celebrities. There are a lot of YouTube video contents for this niche, mostly anything under the sun about celebrities.

Celebrities Niche Content Ideas

  • Celebrity news and updates
  • Favorites of the celebrities you choose (food, places, etc.)
  • Celebrity history or biography

Celebrities Niche Challenges

  1. A lot of unreliable sources online.
  2. One wrong comment of a celebrity may cost you followers.

Good content examples: and E! News

8. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been blowing up for the past years, and just last year, has been trending over the internet because of what happened with FTX. It’s a good niche to invest in the future since a lot of people have been hooked on crypto investing and search for contents that can help them start on investing in cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency Niche Content Ideas

  • Crypto trading strategies
  • Crypto trading tips and guides
  • Crypto trading platforms
  • Coin predictions after 3 months

Cryptocurrency Niche Challenges

  1. Risky niche since the market isn't as stable as other investing strategies.
  2. One wrong prediction of a market will cause loss of followers.

Good content examples: Simplilearn and CBC News

9. DIY Tutorials and Hacks

DIY tutorial videos and hacks have been popular among YouTube users because of the information these videos provide. This niche may be one of the easiest to dive into since contents on this niche require minimal capital. 

DIY Tutorials and Hacks Niche Content Ideas

  • DIY hacks for other niches
  • Lifehacks for travel or day-to-day activities
  • DIY repairs and tutorials

DIY Tutorials and Hacks Niche Challenges

  1. Not all hacks you see on the internet work or are credible enough.
  2. Make sure that your DIYs work if you do it yourself and not hassle your audience more.

Good content examples: Brightside and Homedit

10. Education

YouTube video ideas in the education niche are composed of various lessons from different courses or subjects. There’s no need to show your face on your contents, since visuals are more important than showing your face.

Education Niche Content Ideas

  • Mathematical equation solutions
  • English grammar lessons
  • Historical lessons of a certain topic
  • Kids' lessons for children's learning

Education Niche Challenges

  1. Be proficient with the lessons you provide.
  2. Need to prepare visual presentations of lessons.

Good content examples: BriTheMathGuy and Learn Easy English

11. Food and Cooking

If you’re good at cooking, then this niche is the best one for you. This is one of the foolproof YouTube channel ideas that can guarantee you a loyal audience once they learn that your recipes and cooking guides are good. 

Food and Cooking Niche Content Ideas

  • Food recipes and how to cook them
  • Cooking tips like how to open an egg easier
  • Shopping guide on how to choose the right ingredients
  • Food recipe comparison

Food and Cooking Niche Challenges

  1. Cooking is an acquired skill, so you have to practice cooking regularly.
  2. Practice your cooking recipes before publishing them online.

Good content examples: Tasty and Twisted

12. Gardening

The gardening niche is a little more specific niche, but there are still a lot of users searching for gardening videos. The most popular types of content in this niche are about landscaping and gardening tips, so if you have any experience in gardening, this niche may be for you.

Gardening Niche Content Ideas

  • Tips on how to trim your bushes properly
  • How to choose the right soil for your plants
  • Placing tips for every plant
  • Types of fertilizer for a plant you have

Gardening Niche Challenges

  1. Gardening is a niche market so there is a limited audience than other niches.
  2. Gardening requires skill, so may not be for everyone.

Good content examples: Garden Tips and Urban Gardening

13. Health

The health niche is another foolproof niche in the YouTube content, as many users are always in the need of medical information. But of course, it’s preferred that you be in the medical field and to have credentials for your audience to believe you.

Health Niche Content Ideas

  • News about health issues worldwide
  • Home remedy tips on common sickness
  • Info on certain diseases and sickness, and medications needed
  • Types of bacteria and disease you can get from it

Health Niche Challenges

  1. Need to make sure your tips are credible enough and work since it deals with people's health.
  2. Competitors with the highest credentials.

Good content examples: H3W Channel and Armando Hasunungan

14. History

Whenever looking for historical data, it should always be accompanied by facts. That’s why the history niche still has a lot of followers. Fortunately for this niche, there are a lot of credible resources and references you can find online.

History Niche Content Ideas

  • Historical facts of a certain place
  • How something formed over the years
  • History of the world wars
  • Archaeological discoveries

History Niche Challenges

  1. Not everything will have any historical data, so you may need to have extensive research on some.
  2. Make sure your data contains no inconsistencies.

Good content examples: Simple History and TED-ed

15. Home Improvement

The home improvement niche is another safe niche for starters. Like other content creators, you can either make your own faceless videos by showing tips and guides, or grab ideas from other sources and compile them as your publications. 

Home Improvement Niche Content Ideas

  • Home improvement hacks like making useful things in the house using other materials
  • Home improvement repair tips 
  • Furniture suggestions
  • Home design guides and tutorials

Home Improvement Niche Challenges

  1. Hacks and tutorials should be accurate and not be more hassling for your audience.
  2. Make sure to try your tutorials and hacks first before showing to your audience.
  3. A little risky physically since you may be dealing with nails, wood, etc.

Good content examples: Slidehouse and Shanetta Diy Life

16. Interesting Facts

This niche is popular among everyone as it toggles the viewers’ curiosities and boggles their minds. This is especially great if you know how to go with the trends and choose topics that are still fresh. 

Interesting Facts Niche Content Ideas

  • Interesting facts about a place
  • Interesting facts about your favorite artists
  • Interesting facts about an animal
  • Interesting facts about science

Interesting Facts Niche Challenges

  1. Your facts need to be concise so make sure to research.
  2. Some facts may be inconsistent with other sources.

Good content examples: Great Big Story and Insider Business

17. Kids

Definitely the most popular niche for kids and amongst parents, the kids niche is the go-to place for kids to learn and be entertained. As for parents, it helps their kids keep entertained so they can do something else important on the side. 

Kids Niche Content Ideas

  • Animations and cartoons for kids
  • Lessons for kids like basic math and English
  • Children's cartoons with values incorporated
  • Nursery rhymes for kids

Kids Niche Challenges

  1. Most kid's contents include animations so heavy video edits are required.
  2. Have to double-check content before uploading to make sure there aren't any unnecessary language or invaluable content.

Good content examples: Cocomelon and Pinkfong

18. Movies

The movies niche is far from dying out as a lot of movies are made all throughout. What’s great about this niche is that there’s no need to make any film or videos. 

Movies Niche Content Ideas

  • Movie reviews
  • Upcoming movies for the year
  • Top 10 movies of all time
  • The worst movies of all time

Movies Niche Challenges

  1. There will be more content grabbing, so be careful of Creative Commons Licenses.
  2. Poor critics of movies may guarantee negative comments.

Good content examples: Universal Pictures and FilmSpot Trailer

19. Music

Perhaps the only niche on this list that needs to have your audio at its best (not saying your faceless YouTube videos shouldn’t be poorly made, though). Most users who browse through the music niche only need three things: 1) watch music videos 2) watch lyric videos to read through the lyrics of their favorite songs 3) open music videos on YouTube, minimize and just listen as they do something else. 

Music Niche Content Ideas

  • Music video content with lyrics on screen
  • Music video reviews
  • Audio content with any background for the video upload
  • Top music of all time

Music Niche Challenges

  1. Make sure the music videos you grab have Common Creative Licenses.
  2. May receive backlash from fanbases of artists.

Good content examples: 7clouds and Twinkle

20. News

The news niche may be something easy you can start on. However, that would depend on the specific news topics you’re going to cover. The news niche is risky because users now are wiser and would have to credit-check your content before believing whatever you publish.

News Niche Content Ideas

  • World news about politics
  • News from other niches
  • News about a certain worldwide issue/topic
  • News about calamity updates

News Niche Challenges

  1. One strike with news credibility and may lose massive amounts of followers.
  2. Competitive niche.

Good content examples: Business News and Global News

21. Podcasts

If you are opinionated and have what it takes to share it with the world, then podcasts are for you. Podcast creators often share their opinions about a certain topic and publish them online.

Podcasts Niche Content Ideas

  • Podcasts about trending topics
  • Podcasts about worldwide news
  • Health podcasts
  • Crypto trading podcasts

Podcasts Niche Challenges

  1. Fewer followers than the other niches, so choice of topic is crucial.

Good content examples: No Nonsense Forex and The Telegraph

22. Politics

The politics niche is popular amongst adults, but is a perilous niche to start with. Gaining followers in this niche is as fast as losing them, since people will either love or hate your opinions about political issues.

Politics Niche Content Ideas

  • Politics of other countries
  • Trending politics issues worldwide
  • News about political people
  • Politics tips and guides

Politics Niche challenges

  1. Very sensitive niche, so be careful.
  2. Some topics are risky wherein you might lose followers if not careful.

Good content examples: Macat and CNN Philippines

23. Real Estate

The real estate niche has been packing with followers over the years. Most of the audience in this niche are investors looking for real estate tips, or people who are looking for tips on how to be a real estate agent. 

Real Estate Niche Content Ideas

  • How to be a real estate agent
  • Real estate market tips
  • Real estate market news and updates
  • Reading the real estate market

Real Estate Niche Challenges

  1. Market changes, so update your contents regularly.
  2. Make sure your tips work and not just randomly grab information.

Good content examples: WT Capital and Doaltech Studios

24. Reviews

The reviews niche is an ideal faceless type of content wherein lots of people search for. The niche is so general that you’d have a lot of major topics to choose from. 

Reviews Niche Content Ideas

  • Mobile phone reviews
  • Automobile reviews
  • Food reviews
  • Location reviews

Reviews Niche Challenges

  1. Saturated with competitors.
  2. Access to product is needed.

Good content examples: Ben Aqua and SL Movie Review

25. Science

Like the history niche, science is all about facts. The more your contents are credible, the more followers you’ll gain. In this niche, visual representations are very important. 

Science Niche Content Ideas

  • Human anatomy
  • Types of bacteria and parasites
  • The solar system
  • How the earth came to be (big bang theory)

Science Niche Challenges

  1. Contents should be backed up by facts.
  2. Heavy video edits for visual presentations.

Good content examples: Peekaboo Kidz and MooMooMath and Science

26. Sports

There are lots of sports YouTube content you can actually make. It is actually a great YouTube channel idea. From basketball, volleyball, football, etc., a lot of content creators have been successful in the niche. 

Sports Niche Content Ideas

  • Sports teams news and updates
  • Basketball games highlights
  • Sports games replays
  • Sports tips and guides

Sports Niche Challenges

  1. Saturated and competitive niche.
  2. Must be following updates on sports news.

Good content examples: CoshReport and Chelsea Football Club

27. Technology and Gadgets

Technology and gadget contents are swarming all over the internet so you can never go wrong with this one. This niche is one of the best YouTube automation niches out there and you can have topics like specific gadget reviews, technology news, or gadget comparisons. 

Technology and Gadgets Niche Content Ideas

  • Mobile phone reviews
  • Gadget comparison
  • Upcoming gadgets of 2023
  • Technology trends and news

Technology and Gadgets Niche Challenges

  1. Access to product is necessary.

Good content examples: Dr Debox and Future Tech

28. Trading and Investing

The trading and investing niche is perfect for people who have had experience in the field. A lot of users are getting more and more interested in the field to learn more on how and where to invest to earn more income. 

Trading and Investing Niche Content Ideas

  • Crypto trading tips and guides
  • How to read trading graphs
  • What is the best investment
  • How to invest in real estate

Trading and Investing Niche Challenges

  1. Make sure your tips work.

Good content examples: Yahoo Finance and

29. Travel

The travel niche is a great niche for people who love to go to certain places. Users who search for this niche often want to know more about a place, or maybe are planning a vacation somewhere and would like tips about the place. 

Travel Niche Content Ideas

  • Travel tips when going to Bangkok
  • Things you need to pack when traveling
  • Cultures you need to adjust when going to Japan
  • Spending guide when going to New York

Travel Niche Challenges

  1. May need to travel a lot for content.

Good content examples: Creative Travel Guide and Global Guide

30. Video Gaming

If you’re a gamer and want to start a faceless YouTube channel, then the video gaming niche is for you. Not only would you enjoy what you’re doing, but you’re also showing your skills to other people. This niche may be relatively newer compared to the other niches on this list, but it can still guarantee followers and viewers. 

Video Gaming Niche Content Ideas

  • Gaming livestream on YouTube
  • Dota 2 highlights
  • Gaming guides like Valorant line-up tips
  • E-Sports team updates
  • Tournament news

Video Gaming Niche Challenges

  1. Gaming skills is a must for knowledge and streams.
  2. Must be following e-sports news and updates.

Good content examples: Valorant Vision and DotaCinema

YouTube Tips to Start on Your Faceless Channel

1. Register for the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is an essential step in every YouTube automated channel. This is the best way of monetizing your YouTube channel, whether faceless or whatever type of channel you have. You can find more information here.

2. Grab Videos with Creative Commons Licenses

If you’re going to get videos from other sources, make sure that the videos you grab have Creative Commons Licenses and put in credits to the original authors of the videos. This is to ensure that you won’t have any copyright issues for any of the contents you upload.

3. Enhance Your Video Editing Skills

No matter what niche you choose for your faceless YouTube channel, your video editing skills will always be your main asset and capital. Having the time to always enhance your video editing skills and catch up to the latest techniques will always keep your channel up to date. Better quality videos always lead to better audience reception.

4. Make Use of YouTube Automation Tools

Usage of YouTube automation tools further helps your management of your channel by using tools or hiring freelancers to help you achieve tasks easier. This will also help you focus on other important things in your channel. Looking for YouTube automation examples can help you know how these can help your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faceless YouTube Niches

1. What YouTube niches get the most views?

According to Brand Mentions in 2022, the niche that got the most views that year was the beauty and style niche. Some of the highest paying niches on YouTube are making money online, digital marketing, and finance.

2. What is the best YouTube niche to work in without showing your face?

The best YouTube niche to work in is always subjective. Ask yourself what interests you the most and you can start from there. I don’t recommend diving into a niche wherein you’re unfamiliar with or is something that you don’t like.

3. Can a YouTube channel which has no videos showing face and no voice be monetized?

Certainly. As long as you publish video content that appeals to your viewers, your YouTube channel can still be monetized. The YouTube Partner Program doesn’t require your videos to show your face or have your voice.

4. Is it okay to tackle multiple faceless YouTube niches in one channel?

Definitely. You can combine multiple niches in your channel. For instance, you can combine technology with reviews and maybe do gadget reviews. Another great example is cryptocurrency and news which you can combine to show crypto news to your audience.

5. How do I start a faceless YouTube automation channel?

Starting a faceless YouTube automation channel doesn’t require you a lot. But the first thing will always be the planning stage. These questions can definitely help you out before setting up your channel:

  • Do you have certain skills you can use for your faceless videos?
  • What type of content are you wanting to publish for your viewers?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Have you chosen the right niche for your channel?

These may help you achieve a successful channel as a faceless YouTuber.


Before starting any faceless YouTube automation channel, choosing the right faceless YouTube niche is a crucial step. Taking into account the niche you’re diving into would help you determine the types of content you need to upload and the target market you’re aiming for.

Faceless YouTube automation channels do give you decent profits over time. However, if you’re keen on learning a good alternative for YouTube automated channels without showing your face, local lead generation might be a good fit for you. Not only do you get profits from it, but it certainly is faster than YouTube automation channels.

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