13+ Top Google Ads Agency Course: 3 Reasons Organic Traffic Is A Better Long-Term Solution

April 10, 2024

The top Google Ads Agency courses include:

  • Isaac Rudansky's Ultimate Google Ads Training offered by Udemy
  • God Tier Ads
  • Skillshare's Google Ads Course by Ben Lund
  • Google Skillshop – Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads are a way to advertise your business, promote products or services, drive traffic to offers, and boost sales. A Google Ads agency course is a chance to learn from an industry specialist. A Google Ads agency course can give you first-hand knowledge on how to set up and create profitable ad campaigns, the best approach to keyword research, and current methods to connect with your ideal audience. Think With Google reports that "Google display ads reach over 90% of global Internet users".

Further data shared by Lunio suggests that "people are 4Xs more likely to click an ad on Google than any other advertising platform". But paid ads aren't a long-term solution; ad campaigns only deliver results if you keep paying for them. With paid ads, you don't own a valuable asset that gets attention from the right people or drives organic traffic. Instead, the platform runs on a competitive bidding strategy. Demand Sage reports that "globally, 80% of business owners use Google Ads for PPC campaigns". You need a budget to see results because the higher you bid, the better your placement.

Google Ads can be effective and gain some quick wins. But you could lose money if you don't know how to write compelling ad copy, run A/B testing, or target the right audience. A Google Ads agency course can help reduce financial loss and show you actionable strategies. Then, you can create paid ads that deliver the best ROAS. In this article, we list 13 of the top Google Ads courses in 2024 and share 3 reasons organic traffic is a better long-term solution. 

13 Top Google Ads Agency Courses In 2024

1. Local Marketing Vault By James Bonadies & Jason McKim

James Bonadies and Jason McKim were students of Dan Klein, who is also my mentor. Dan has dominated the industry since 2014 and runs a lead generation coaching program with over 7,000 students. In 2016, James and Jason left Dan's group to pursue SSMA and paid ads. Now, they run a coaching program called Local Marketing Vault where they teach a type of lead generation.

But Jason and James focus on paid ads and don't use the lead gen strategies Dan teaches his students: to build digital wealth you own and have full control over. With paid advertising, you need to convince a client to give you their credit card and trust that you will be able to get them high-quality leads with ad campaigns. James and Jason leverage some of the training they learned from Dan, like our leads in advance strategy. But now, they only focus on paid traffic and don't teach SEO.


Local Marketing Vault has a price tag of $2,294 with a refund policy up to 72 hours after initial payment.


The Google Ads course taught by James Bondadies and Jason McKim has 21 Modules and is approximately 5 hours long.

Skill Level

This training is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to run paid ads, level up their lead generation efforts, and get more clients using paid traffic.

Key Points

James and Jason share tips on prospecting clients, landing sales, and running paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Google. Students can access pre-built landing pages (click funnels), email marketing best practices, and lead automation on sites like Craigslist. James also offers CRM setup and management and runs SMS and email marketing campaigns for small business owners.

2. Douglas James Courses

Douglas James' aka The High Ticket Client Guy's Google and Facebook Ad course instructs people on how to own and manage a paid ads agency. James joined our local lead generation coaching program in 2014 to start a Google Ads agency (among other types of paid advertising). He was a student of Dan Klein but left the group in 2017, and now, he teaches paid traffic methods.


Douglas James' pricing depends on the coaching program or services you want. For example, his Industry Marketing Academy training costs around $3,000. But he does share a ton of valuable content on his social media platforms for free.


Douglas James paid ads courses run from a one-hour activation call (priced at $3,500) to a 6-month group option.

Skill Level

Douglas teaches some pretty advanced methods that might be challenging for beginners. However, he does offer a support group run by his team of experts.

Key Points

James' coaching shows students how to leverage email marketing campaigns to get clients and a 7-step skills step script that he promises will land high-paying clients. James also offers additional in-depth sales training for students.

3. Modern Millionaires By Abdul Farooqi & Chance Anthony Welton

Chance and Abdul used to belong to our local lead generation coaching program. My mentor, Dan, helped them start and launch their program in 2019. But, they couldn't negotiate a mutually beneficial long-term deal, and now they run their agency unassisted from Dan's expertise. In their Modern Millionaires training program, Abdul and Chance teach people how to run AdWords for clients. So, instead of building digital real estate that generates passive income by harnessing organic traffic, as we teach in our coaching program with over 7,000 students, they rely on dollars to get leads for business owners.


The price of Modern Millionaires is between $5,000-$8,000.


Modern Millionaires includes 5 modules with over 40 videos, shared templated, pre-recorded coaching calls, and VIP bonus video footage.

Skill Level

Modern Millionaires is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to run paid ads and leverage cash to get lead generation clients.

Key Points

This course will teach you how to land paying clients and generate leads for small business owners. The program includes in-depth strategies on prospecting and sales, Facebook and Google Ads training, and tips on outsourcing.

4. Isaac Rudansky's Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay-Per-Click [Udemy]

Isaac Rudansky is a certified Google AdWords Pro. His hands-on training program shows you how to leverage competitor reports and customer data, increase your quality score, run A/B testing, and achieve optimal results using paid ads. Rudansky also has a YouTube channel where he shares valuable and current tips on the latest changes and trends in paid advertising.


The price of the Ultimate Google Ads training: Profit per click course is $150.


This Google Ads course is 24.5 hours.

Skill Level

Isaac Rudansky's training is ideal for beginners and shares a detailed guide on how to set up and run profitable Google Ads.

Key Points

Learn how to set up your ad account and drive traffic to your website. Isaac also teaches you how to develop compelling ad campaigns, track conversions, and use keywords to the best advantage.

5. God Tier Ads

God Tier Ads by Ed Leake offers a complete system for running profitable ad campaigns. Ed covers Google Ads management in detail, including the framework to achieve the best ROAS with Google and Facebook ads. Students who have taken this Google Ads search certification report an increase in ROIs and better sales based on Ed's teaching methods.


The price of the God Tier Ads course is $499.


God Tier includes 55 lessons and a 350-point ultimate Google Ads training checklist.

Skill Level

God Tier Google Ads training is ideal for beginners and advanced marketers who want to level up their skills and stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Key Points

Ed delves into what questions you need to ask onboarding clients and the best way to set up your accounts.

6. PPC Fundamentals Course [SEMrush]

This free course covers multi-channel conversions, landing pages, budgets, and keyword research. The Google Ads training also dives into topics like setting up your ad campaigns, how to write and test your ad copy, setting up your data feed, remarketing, and the value of a click in 2024.


The SEMrush PPC Fundamentals Course is free.


This Google Ads course is 5 hours.

Skill Level

The class is designed for beginners but is also a good option for people who want to advance their pay-per-click skills and stop losing money on ad campaigns that don't get results.

Key Points

Joel Bondorowsky, a renowned PPC ads specialist, teaches PPC Fundamentals. Learn the basics of PPC ads and other aspects of paid advertising, like sales funnels, platforms and channels, and actionable strategies.

7. Google Ads Training [CXL]

This advanced training course will elevate your knowledge about paid ads. It offers cutting-edge strategies to increase your ROAS and run a profitable Google or Microsoft ad campaign.


CXL's Google Ads Training is priced at $299.


This Google Ads course is 1.5 hours and includes 18 lessons covering every ad group available.

Skill Level

CXL's program best suits intermediate and advanced digital marketers and business owners with prior knowledge of running paid ads.

Key Points

Learn actionable techniques from an experienced PPC instructor with first-hand knowledge of monitoring and research tools.

8. Google Ads Mastery [Udemy]

The course is taught by Ahmad Alshareefi. A digital marketing expert and ex-Googler, this Google Ads course offers step-by-step instructions on navigating the new Google Ads interface. Alshareefi covers key aspects of running successful ad campaigns on Google and its networks.


Udemy's Google Ads Mastery costs $50.


Google Ads Mastery includes 7 sections and 16 lectures and is 3 hours and 54 minutes long.

Skill Level

Google Ads Mastery is perfect for people wanting to learn Google Ads. But it's also well suited for marketers or business owners interested in expanding their knowledge about Google display ads or how to run a profitable Google search ad campaign.

Key Points

This Google Ads course covers in-depth information about keyword research, targeting, competitor analysis, and tracking.

9. Linx Digital Complete Google Ads Tutorial 2024 [FREE Course]

The tutorial covers in-depth training on how to create assets automatically, compose compelling ad copy, find alternate keywords with the right kind of keyword research, and start seeing results.


This YouTube Google Ads tutorial is free.


Linx Digital's course is 18 minutes.

Skill Level

This coaching program is well-suited for beginners who want to learn the best way to set up, optimize, and run effective Google Ads in 2024 or marketers who haven't had success with paid ads in the past.

Key Points

Students learn how to create Google Ads campaigns, how to create an AdWords account, objectives, type, bidding strategy, target location, and audience segmentation.

10. Jordan Platten Google Ads Tutorial 2024 - How to Setup Google Ads for Beginners [FREE COURSE]

Jordan's teaching style is easy to follow. He walks people through each step and shows his screen to help them better understand. This Google Ads course also covers competitor analysis, Google Ads extensions, and tips for best practices with Google Pro advertising in 2024.


Jordan Platten's Google Ads tutorial is a free training on YouTube.


The Google Ads course is just under 30 minutes.

Skill Level

This Google Ads course is ideal for beginners who want to learn how the platform is structured. Gain a better understanding of how to set up your Google Ads account and the best way to launch your first ad campaign.

Key Points

Jordan covers the 8 types of Google Ads, including search ads and Google Shopping ads. He also shares in-depth knowledge about bidding strategies, keyword research, and how to write responsive ad copy.

11. Google Skillshop – Google Ads Search Certification

This course is a way to get certified while you learn at your own pace. Learn the skills you need to create a Google search strategy that increases leads, boosts sales, and fits your budget.


This Google Ads class is free.


Skillshop's Google Ads Search Certification is 4 hours.

Skill Level

This free training is suited for beginner and intermediate marketers and business owners.

Key Points

Learn the best way to design efficient search campaigns, Google Ads management tips like tracking and performance KPIs, and how to optimize your ad dollars in 2024.

12. HubSpot Academy Free Google Ads Course By Jorie Munroe

Jorie Munroe dives into Google Ads and shares her in-depth knowledge on designing effective campaigns that will drive hyper-targeted traffic to your website. Learn how to write persuasive ad copy and industry hacks to optimize your ad spend dollars.


The Google Ads Course by HubSpot Academy is a free Google Ads tutorial.


HubSpot Academy Free Google Ads Course includes 4 videos and is four hours long.

Skill Level

This course is ideal for any company owner who wants to learn how to grow their online visibility but is also suited for marketers who want to stay current on tricks to get the most from their ad dollars.

Key Points

In this free Google Ads essential training, Munroe shares the best approach to tracking and measuring the success of each campaign and how to get clicks that result in conversions.

13. Reliablesoft's Google Ads Full Course

Taught by a Google Ads expert with 15+ years of hands-on experience in the industry, this ads course shows people best practices. It includes their "bulletproof process" and teaches you how to fast-track your ROIs using paid ads in 2024.


Reliablesoft's Google Ads Full Course costs $119.


This complete Google Ads Masterclass is 4 hours long and includes 11 lessons with step-by-step video instruction.

Skill Level

The Google Ads Full Course is ideal for beginners and intermediate digital marketers who want to sharpen their understanding of Google Analytics and learn how to run highly lucrative paid ads.

Key Points

Reliablesoft's course covers display campaigns, search ads, remarketing hacks, and optimization.

Top Google Ads Agency Course For Beginners

Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam

Paid Traffic Mastery was once taught by Molly Pittman, and Facebook ads were the highlight. Since 2022, Kasim Aslam has been at the helm and you will learn more about how to create a successful Google ad campaign for yourself or for other businesses. There are also a couple of YouTube and Facebook ads training modules. There are over 72 training videos that go along with tools, templates, and worksheets. Kasim is digital marketer and CEO of one of the top ranked Google agencies in the world, so his digital marketing specialization is Google paid ads, which means his methods are current. You also learn how to make the best use of Google analytics to monitor your ad campaigns. When you finish this course, you are given a digital marketing certification provided by Digital Marketer.


Kasim has other marketing experts teaching YT and FB ads. 

Inexpensive program that provides more value. 

Kasim teaches you Google ads in a simple to understand manner. 

You learn how to monitor the marketing analytics for your digital marketing campaign.


LinkedIn training was removed. 

No private community for support. 


Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495.


Pay Per Click Maverick by Offline Sharks

brandon spears

Pay Per Click Maverick is a digital marketing course focused on Google Ads, created by Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte of Offline Sharks and taught by Brandon Spears. The course comprises modules on selling ads, setting up businesses, keyword research, campaign management, and client acquisition, along with a bonus live account audit. It emphasizes the pros and cons of Google PPC ads, balancing quick setup and visibility against competition and constant monitoring needs.

Price: The course currently costs $17 but changes frequently and can cost a few hundred.

More Info: Pay Per Click Maverick Review

Google Ads Profit Multiplier by Shawn Joshi

shawn joshi reviews

Google Ads Profit Multiplier is a comprehensive training course designed to help advertisers boost their profits and reduce overhead costs by optimizing Google Ads campaigns. The course provides a structured approach to ad campaign management, including systems thinking, keyword research, campaign building, and optimization strategies. It's aimed at business owners and advertising professionals seeking to enhance their ad campaigns' effectiveness and efficiency. This detailed program offers lifetime access and includes six chapters covering various aspects of Google Ads, from foundational knowledge to advanced optimization techniques.

Price: Google Ads Profit Multiplier costs $439.

More Info: Google Ads Profit Multiplier Review

Senator We Run Ads by Ovais Ahmad

Ovais Ahmad’s Senator We Run Ads course provides in-depth digital marketing training, focusing on Google Ads and performance marketing. It’s notable for its affordability, high Udemy rating, and Ovais Ahmad’s expertise, but lacks personalized consultation and exclusive group access. It covers a wide range of topics from fundamentals to strategy and media planning. 

Price: Ovais Ahmad's Digital Marketing course costs only ₱899.

More Info: Senator We Run Ads Review

Other Google Ads Agency Course Options

Google Ads Agency courses that didn't make our list but are deserving of mention include the following:

  • Google Ads for Beginners [Joshua George]
  • LinkedIn Learning's Best Google Ads Course for Beginners [Brad Batesole]
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads Course [ClickMinded]
  • Coursera – Google Ads for Beginners
  • ClickMinded – Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Skillshare – Digital Marketing with Google Ads [AdWords]
  • Google Ads Bootcamp
  • Skillshop Google Ads Tutorials
  • Surfside PPC
  • The Complete Google Ads Masterclass Advertising Strategy

These Google Ads classes didn't make our list for the following reasons: 

  • The content wasn't as thorough
  • The teaching style of the instructor was different from what we were looking for 
  • Their overall value was lower than the top Google Ads Agency courses we listed

Again, a Google Ads course is a way to learn how to get attention on the Internet and drive online traffic to your offer. Unbounce reports that "PPC buyers are 50% more likely to buy than compared to organic users". A system gives you a competitive edge. A well-taught tutorial can help reduce mistakes and boost revenue for your clients.

3 Reasons Organic Traffic A Better Long-Term Solution

1. Organic traffic is a better long-term solution because organic rankings have a higher trust value

People have more trust in organic results than paid ads because websites at the top of Google show the algorithms that they have the best answer to a person's problem. Top organic rankings have earned the trust of the platform.

As a result, they are seen as an authority in that market. HubSpot shares that "websites that always rank at the top of the SERPs are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy." Further data from Lieberman Technologies states, "94% of users' searches focus more on the organic results than the paid ads."

2. Leveraging organic traffic is a better long-term solution because it gets more high-intent search clicks

Organic traffic converts better and gets higher CTR because it offers value. Studies from the Content Marketing Institute indicate that "organic search results achieve more clicks than paid ads for high-intent search queries." In 2024, a website at the top of Google is in front of people actively searching for your product or service. 

First Page Sage says that "the top-ranked organic result gets a CTR of about 40% compared to the 1.2% 2.1% CTR delivered with paid ads". Further research from Zero Limit Web states that "the first five organic results land 67.6% of all clicks." Organic traffic gets attention from the right people and drives traffic to your website if you continue to rank in the SERPs. Get to the top, and you position your brand as an authority. As a result, more people will click on your website.

3. Organic traffic is a better long-term solution because it's free

Organic traffic is free and doesn't rely on dollars to get in front of the right people. Of course, organic traffic takes more time and effort, but it's crucial for long-term gains. Paid ads are like an accelerator. Google advertising can get you a few quick wins. But paid ads can't present a new offer and make it sell.

Be ready to spend enough to outbid the competition. Next, have enough budget to optimize your paid ads. Then, create highly targeted and relevant ads that speak to your ideal market. In 2024, ad costs have risen dramatically. WebFX suggests that "the average ad campaign costs between $1,250-$10,000 a month, and CPC averages are around $1.16". 

Tracking and retargeting with pixels and cookies have worsened, and competition is at an all-time high. Even if your display ads are relevant and engaging, they might not get you the best ROIs. Backlinko reports that "the top organic search result is 10Xs more likely to get a click and has an average CTR of 27.6%". Paid ads can achieve instant gratification. But they don't have any long-term investment value, and the costs don't always result in better brand awareness or more sales. 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Online Google Ads Training Course?

The benefits of taking an online Google Ads training course is that you can learn at your own pace. You can also acquire the right skills and earn your Google Ads certification. Get the expertise you need to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing industry. PiPi Ads claims that "people on Fiverr are charging $35-$295 to set up a Google Ads campaign." A Google Ads training course can help you build your credibility and develop trust with a potential customer.

DemandSage shares that "80% of global companies use Google ads for their PPC campaigns". A paid course like Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam teaches you valuable skills like how to set up and manage a PPC campaign for business owners. Then, you can use your talents to make money online. But some Google Ads courses are free and allow you to get your Google Ads certification for zero cost. For example, create a Google Skillshop account and get free Google Ads, or find similar courses on sites like Udemy and Shopify Learn.

What Is The Best Google Ads Course In 2024?

The best Google Ads course in 2024 is Skillshare's Google Ads Course by Ben Lund. Ben is a former Google Ads employee with over 14 years of digital marketing and advertising expertise. The course is perfect for beginners but extensive enough to offer Google AdWords trade secrets to industry veterans.

Think With Google reports that "Google Ads reach over 90% of global Internet users". That's over 4.77 billion people who can see Google Ads. So, you want to choose a current ads course that offers the latest industry hacks. Pick a program from a reputable platform run by an established Google Ads specialist like Douglas James, who has achieved results using paid ads. 

Are Google Ads Still Profitable?

Yes, Google Ads is still profitable. Research from Google suggests "that Google Ads deliver an ROI of 8:1." But PPC ads are competitive, and costs are rising. According to VidenGloge, Google Ad costs are set to "increase 20%-30% in 2024 compared to the 5%-19% rise in 2022." With paid ads, you only get traffic when you're willing to pay, unlike the lead generation method that ranks websites and gets them to the top of the SERPs.

Data says that "19% of marketers think paid search is their most profitable channel". But you could lose money if your ads don't convert people into paying clients. Know what keywords to use and how to get attention from the right people. What questions is your ideal client asking on the Internet? What are their pain points? How does your product or service solve their problem? Investing in a course like Modern Millionaires teaches you how to run Google Ads for high-ticket clients. Then, you learn from coaches who have achieved monetary success with the business model.

What Is The Average Cost-Per-Click For Google Ads In 2024?

The "cost-per-click average for Google ads in 2024 is $4.22," according to research. Further data from Wordstream reveals that "the CPC increased YoY for 14 industries in 2022" and the "click-through rate for Google Ads in 2024 is 6.11%". There are a few ways to lower your CPC and earn the best ROIs, such as:

  • Be selective about your chosen keywords; don't just pick the cheapest marketing option.
  • Focus on your quality score by giving the best answer for the search query.
  • Test Google's Search Partner Network (Think With Google suggests that "the Google Display Network reaches over 90% of global Internet users").
  • Conduct A/B testing for your target audience to see what works and where you need to tweak your ad copy or landing page copy.

Of course, if you don't have the skills, you can hire a Google Ads certified professional to manage your ad campaigns. In 2024, it costs around 10% of your budget to hire someone to do Google ads for your business. Research from GrowTraffic suggests that in 2023, it costs "$50-$200 per hour to hire a freelancer to do Google Ads." Before you decide who to hire, consider things like:

  • How much assistance do you need?
  • How did they learn Google Ads? (Did they use their own money to understand the process?)
  • Do they run ads on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube ad, or Instagram?
  • Do they have a background in your niche?
  • What are their KPIs?
  • Can they provide references and real-life examples of past or current PPC clients?

Alternatively, you can take a Google Ads course like the ones listed or a program like Ovais Ahmad's Senator We Run Ads to learn in-depth digital marketing tactics to boost sales and drive traffic.

Data shared by HigherVisibility suggests that in 2024, "paid search accounts for 15% of online traffic." While WebFX reveals that "search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%". The goal is to get attention for the lowest ad spend. 

Related Paid Advertising Course Review Articles

How Is Local Lead Generation Different From Google Ads?

Local lead generation is different from Google Ads because, with local lead generation, you build digital assets that generate organic traffic. Paid ads can get fast wins, but they're not passive income. You have to produce leads for clients to justify their ad spend or risk losing them. You need to monitor and track each ad campaign constantly to make sure they're profitable. And you only earn profit margins of around 15%-20%.

As a result, paid ads produce less profit margin and are more work in the long term than compared to lead gen. With local lead generation, the focus is on organic (free) traffic. You use local SEO skills to rank digital property that you own. Get your lead gen websites to the top of Google search engines, and they produce leads you can sell for profit margins between 85%-90%. Business owners are happy to pay because you're generating the best traffic on the Internet.

Of course, organic takes longer to get traffic. But it's long-term. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. So, unlike paid ad clients who can fire you if you don't get the results with an advertising campaign. With lead generation, the clients don't fire you because you control valuable digital real estate. Each site can earn $500-$2,000 per month. But once a site is ranked, it doesn't need much work, and you earn passive income. Check out this local lead generation course for more information on how over 7,000 students are making money online. 

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