33 Top Real Estate Investing Courses: Are Real Estate Investing Courses Worth It?

July 24, 2024

top real estate investing courses

The top real estate investing courses are:

  • Grant Cardone's Real Estate Mentoring Program
  • The Fruitful Investor by Mat Piche
  • Real Estate Wealth Network by Cameron Dunlap
  • Multifamily Mindset by Tyler Deveraux & Ryan Woolley
  • Subto Coaching Program by Pace Morby
  • Real Estate Investment by Real Advisors
  • Section 8 Real Estate Investment by Eric Spofford
  • Epic Real Estate by Matt Theriault
  • 90 Day Rental Roadmap by Blake Choisnet
  • Springboard to Wealth by Thach Nguyen

Real estate investing courses are worth it as they provide a wealth of information. You'll learn about market analysis, property management, and legal requirements. You can also find courses focusing on specific areas, like flipping properties. Plus, many of these courses come with mentors who will help you get started. Since the real estate industry requires a lot of knowledge, all this can get you ready for success. 

The course best for real estate investing is the Real Estate Mentoring Program by Grant Cardone. What’s great about it is that it’s very detailed - from buying apartments to common mistakes in real estate. You also get 1 executive ticket to the REI Summit and a real estate resource book. One of Cardone’s clients, Scott S, says that the program really helped him boost his real estate investment career. He states that he was able to work through 80 investment deals already. For all his praise, he also gives a heads-up:

Grant Cardone's Real Estate Mentoring Program

However, many agree you don’t need a real estate investing course - free online resources can do the job. They say these courses are either scams or very expensive with generic content. Here are some comments from Quora users:

Real estate investing courses
Real estate investing courses intro

Another batch of people are right in the middle. They say that real estate investing courses work for some but not others. You’ll have to determine where you stand on these courses. Here’s what Maurice D from BiggerPocket says:

Is real estate investing courses worth it

In this article, we’ll review 33 top real estate investing courses. We’ll also look at the pros and cons, as well as go into more detail to see if it’s really worth it for YOU.

Top Real Estate Investing Courses

The Fruitful Investor by Mat Piche

 The Fruitful Investor is a real estate course that covers property-flipping, joint ventures, private lending, and a modified BRRRR strategy. The Fruitful Investor offers Unlimited Cash Course (branding on social media), Renovate Like the Fruitful Investor (house-flipping), Your First 12 Steps (beginner's guide), Fruitful Stock Options (stock market), and Fruitful Private Lending. Aside from self-paced online learning, Mat's students may also book an exclusive 1-on-1, face-to-face coaching session. 

Mat Piche is a Canadian real estate investor who achieved multi-millionaire status in his early 30s through real estate investing. His focus is on single-family homes and some multi-family ventures. Mat shares his knowledge on YouTube and he also hosts a 5-star rated podcast called Fruitful Investing. 

Price: Unlimited Cash Course is $497, Renovate Like The Fruitful Investor course is $347, Your First Steps-12 is $37, Fruitful Stock Options is $397 and the private lending course is $297. 

More Info: The Fruitful Investor

Real Estate Wealth Network by Cameron Dunlap

The Real Estate Wealth Network is a platform created by Cameron Dunlap that offers a range of real estate courses and digital products designed to teach various aspects of real estate investing. These include the Real Estate Essentials (Ressentials) online course, which covers finding deals and leveraging automation tools; the Real Estate Wealth Summit, a 3-day virtual workshop; Private Lender Training on securing funding; "Where To Get The Money" for alternative financing strategies; and courses like "How To Get Agents Working For You" and "Your Financial Calculator" for agent collaboration and financial understanding. Additionally, Dunlap provides "Sell Fast - Make More," teaching fast sale strategies, and a detailed course on purchase and sale agreements.

Price: Real Estate Wealth Network course prices range from $97 to $149, except for the Real Estate Wealth Summit at $49 and some free resources like the 2023 Vacant House Blueprint.

More Info: Real Estate Wealth Network Review

Multifamily Mindset by Tyler Deveraux & Ryan Woolley

The Multifamily Mindset course specializes in multifamily property acquisition and sales training. The course aims to enable participants to earn through roles like Deal Specialist, Sponsor, and Money Partner, sharing revenue from property investments and sales. They also offer a 3-day seminar that covers foundational content, operational strategies, market analysis, and fundraising.

Price: The Multifamily Mindset course costs $8,000, with premium mentorship options at $38,997.

More Info: Multifamily Mindset Review

Subto Coaching Program by Pace Morby

The Subto Real Estate Investment coaching program, led by Pace Morby, focuses on acquiring and holding property using the 'subject to' method of creative financing, a technique where the buyer takes over the seller’s mortgage payments without formally assuming the loan. Subto Coaching Program is structured into three tiers: Core, Standard, and Mastermind, with prices ranging from $7,800 to $19,000. The Core package offers a 6-week video course covering contracts, marketing, business scaling, and exit strategies, along with access to a private Facebook group and daily Zoom calls with mentors. 

Price: Subto Coaching Program costs  $10,800. The premium Mastermind package costs $19,000.

More Info: Subto Coaching Program Review

Real Estate Investment by Real Advisors

REAL Advisors is a platform that teaches modern real estate investment and marketing strategies through various formats like live training and online courses. It aims to make real estate investment more efficient with less initial money. Although many students have positive things to say, there are complaints about high fees and lack of promised results, especially on platforms like Reddit and the Better Business Bureau. Established in 2017, REAL Advisors offers a wide range of financial education topics beyond real estate. Its Automated Investor System, which simplifies the investment process, has received mixed feedback for its effectiveness and costs.

Price: The cost of REAL Advisors offerings range between $97 - $1,297

More Info: Real Advisors Review

Section 8 Real Estate Investment by Eric Spofford

Eric Spofford, a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, advocates for Section 8 investing as a profitable venture. His strategy focuses on purchasing and remotely managing single-family homes in landlord-friendly states for Section 8 tenants. Despite the challenges of HUD regulations and limited voucher availability, Section 8 investing offers advantages such as assured rental payments, high demand, and lower vacancy rates.

Price: The price of Inner Circle Elite is $1,999 a month. Discounts are priced at $4,999 quarterly and $19,999 yearly coaching.

More Info: Eric Spofford Review 

Epic Real Estate by Matt Theriault

Epic Real Estate by Matt Theriault offers a comprehensive real estate investing program known as the REI Ace crew. Members gain access to the REI Ace Model, comprising investment manuals, guides, checklists, and training videos. The program also offers learners with community support for establishing their real estate businesses or investment portfolios. With a library of resources covering creative strategies, step-by-step crash courses, and more, Epic Real Estate Academy provides learning opportunities for people aiming to build passive income through real estate.

Price: Epic Real Estate costs $997. 

More Info: Epic Real Estate Review

90 Day Rental Roadmap by Blake Choisnet

Blake Choisnet’s 90 Day Rental Roadmap is a comprehensive 12-week course designed for new real estate investors and those seeking to escape the 9-to-5 grind by establishing passive income through rental properties. His experience as a successful real estate investor, business owner, public speaker, and passive income coach from Bixby, Oklahoma motivated him to create the course in May 201.

He structures the online program to cover key aspects of real estate investing, including market selection, team building, financial planning, and property renovation. The 90 Day Rental Roadmap includes personalized program recommendations, Slack support, live call reviews, Zoom support calls, and access to a private community. While the course has limited details about its modules and pricing, success stories from participants praised the course for its practical approach.

Price: The course cost is established during the discovery call and varies based on the program that best fits your needs, including Passive Income Generators, Passive Income Accelerating, and One-on-One Professional Coaching.

More Info: Blake Choisnet Review

Springboard to Wealth by Thach Nguyen

Springboard to Wealth is a mentorship program founded by Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson in 2017 that offers comprehensive training in real estate investing. This online real estate investing course, priced at $6,000 according to online sources, shares the trio's 75 years of combined experience and covers estate planning, property purchasing, and tax reduction strategies. Its core focus is on equipping students with practical strategies like their BRRRR Method and insights into traditional real estate investments. The course also includes live coaching calls, a public Facebook group, and live meetups. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to build substantial rental portfolios. While the course has scant details on its modules and an unclear pricing structure, its popularity is evident from its significant social media following on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Price: The price isn’t stated on the website. However, according to online sources, the Springboard to Wealth costs $6,000. 

More Info: Springboard to Wealth Review

REI Education Academy by Jamel Gibbs

Jamel Gibbs’ REI Education Academy is an online course established in 2007 to guide new and experienced real estate entrepreneurs, brokers, and investors through the intricacies of real estate investing. This self-paced program covers market research, property evaluation, and funding alternatives. It caters to those interested in the real estate investment market. The course's strengths lie in Jamel's extensive experience and its accessible, downloadable content. Priced through consultation, REI Education Academy also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and access to a Patreon community for additional learning resources. While it lacks transparency in pricing, course structure, and student testimonials, it promises to offer foundational knowledge and advanced strategies in real estate.

Price: The cost of REI Education Academy is set during the consultation call.

More Info: REI Education Academy Review

Investor Creator by Brad Smotherman

The Investor Creator program by Brad Smotherman is a comprehensive apprenticeship course designed to train individuals in becoming successful real estate investors, potentially reaching 7-figure earnings. It teaches methods for targeting motivated sellers and structuring deals for maximum profit, replicating strategies that have helped over 100 of Smotherman’s students. However, the real estate investment field demands a substantial commitment of time, money, and effort, with income dependent on fluctuating market conditions.

The course is suited for both experienced real estate investors and newcomers who are serious about pursuing a career in this field but might not be ideal for those only casually interested or unprepared to make a substantial financial commitment.

Price: The price of Investor Creator is not available on the website.

More Info: Investor Creator Review

Cash Flow Blueprint by Robert Kiyosaki

Cash Flow Blueprint is a real estate investment course from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Company. It aims to teach financial success through real estate investment and covers topics such as leveraging money, securing positive cash flow, time management, identifying profitable properties, and negotiation strategies. The online real estate classes include seven modules designed to guide students from the basics to conducting their first deal, focusing on achieving success on the 'successful' side of Kiyosaki's cashflow quadrant.

Price: Cash Flow Blueprint costs $395. For $1,190 you get unlimited coaching for 6 months with $400 to $500 an hour for additional coaching after.

More Info: Rich Dad Cash Flow Blueprint Review

FlipSystem by Antoine Martel

The FlipSystem course offers a step-by-step process of real estate investing using various strategies, such as section 8 turnkey. The real estate classes online include a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that has been developed over seven years, aiming to maximize business automation. It offers one-on-one mentorship, weekly group coaching, and access to a network of investors.

Price: FlipSystem costs about $15K and up. The price will depend on your package.

More Info: FlipSystem Review

Six Figure Landlord by Dallas Hileman

Six Figure Landlord is one of the top rated online real estate investing courses. It’s a real estate mentorship program aimed at teaching participants how to achieve a six-figure cash flow from rental income within 5-10 years. The course emphasizes strategies to maximize profits and cash flow. Dallas breaks down financial freedom into five phases: eliminating bad debt, building savings, covering rent through investment income, achieving overall financial freedom, and ultimately reaching lifestyle freedom. The program includes over 100 training videos, various real estate investment tools, and one-on-one mentorship.

Price: Six Figure Landlord price will be given during the discovery call.

More Info: Six Figure Landlord Review

Matt Beard Real Estate by Matt Beard

Another of the best real estate online courses is Matt Beard Real Estate. This offers a unique approach to learning real estate investing through a 5-day live "challenge" session led by Matt. Despite being a relatively new program, it promises to teach negotiation skills and creative deal-making strategies to secure real estate investments. While testimonials on the website commend Matt's expertise and the program's content. The course is free at the moment, perhaps due to its recent launch, making it potentially appealing to newcomers in the real estate space. However, caution is advised, as successful real estate investing requires substantial capital and consistent learning. Matt Beard Real Estate may hold promise with its emphasis on practical skills and access to a supportive community. Prospective participants should thoroughly evaluate its offerings and consider their long-term investment goals before committing.

Price: Matt Beard Real Estate is free but other upsells costs $425 for the Agent Mastery Course. 

More Info: Matt Beard Real Estate Review

Foreclosure Academy by Carlton Weiss

Foreclosure Academy by Carlton Weiss is an online course that instructs participants in profiting from foreclosures. This program specifically focuses on turning tax foreclosures into lucrative opportunities, offering guidance on locating owners and connecting them with remaining funds from their foreclosures. Carlton aims to teach effective methods to earn between $10,000 to $125,000 per deal.

Additionally, the course provides training in essential skills such as cold-calling and navigating the foreclosure industry's complexities. Besides the main content, the Academy offers bonuses like a professional website and auto-dialer tools. However, it's noted that the business isn't for beginners and involves understanding legal complexities.

Price: Foreclosure Academy costs $497 or you can pay 3 of $197 with 15 days apart.

More Info: Foreclosure Academy Review

United Tax Liens by Jay Drexel

Jay Drexel's United Tax Liens offers a specialized real estate program focusing on tax lien investing. It provides guidance on purchasing tax liens online and navigating the associated complexities. While promising potentially high returns, the course acknowledges the challenges and risks, such as legal intricacies and the uncertainty of debt repayment by property owners. Garnering positive feedback, including a strong Trustpilot presence with 265 5-star reviews, the program also faces criticism for its steep, albeit unspecified, price and the lack of clear testimonials on its website. 

Price: The price of United Tax Liens is not available on the website.

More Info: United Tax Liens Review

Multifamily Masterplan by Jullien Gordon

Jullien Gordon's Multifamily Masterplan is a comprehensive 12-week course with an additional two years of coaching, designed to guide individuals through the process of financing and closing multifamily real estate deals. Gordon, an entrepreneur with an MBA and Master's in Education from Stanford, uses his experience to offer lifetime access to learning resources, including live call recordings and a supportive community. The course promises practical challenges, one-on-one coaching, and access to a network of fellow investors.

Price: Multifamily Masterplan costs $9,085 (discounted to $2,497).

More Info: Multifamily Masterplan Review

Private Money Club by Chris Naugle

Private Money Club is a real estate networking app created by Chris Naugle in 2021. It connects lenders and borrowers, boasting over 1,000 members. The app offers unique educational resources and a straightforward platform. Naugle, known for his real estate expertise and media presence, lends credibility to the app. However, it is new. So, it lacks many user testimonials. This makes it hard for potential users to know how well it works.

Price: The Private Money Club costs $1,497 annually.

More Info: The Private Money Club Review

Kris Krohn Real Estate Training

Kris Krohn's real estate courses offer comprehensive training on investing in a long-term real estate business.Through his platform, Krohn teaches his "lease options" strategy to acquire properties with minimal upfront capital. Krohn's strategy revolves around the concept of generating passive income through strategic property acquisitions and prudent management. Kris also offers turnkey real estate investment partnerships. The best part is that it’s one of the cheap real estate investing courses online.

Price: Kris Krohn's real estate training programs costs $197 to $997.

More Info: Kris Krohn Real Estate Training Review

Open Door Capital by Brandon Turner

Open Door Capital by Brandon Turner focuses on real estate investment, particularly in mobile home parks. It offers opportunities for investors to become direct equity owners in properties. While investing in mobile home parks has advantages like low costs and high demand, it may not appreciate significantly in value over time. Alternatively, local lead generation through rank and rent offers a low-risk digital real estate model.

Open Door Capital's pros include extensive experience and a large portfolio, but cons include high investment requirements and limited accessibility. Their offerings vary, with options like the Cabana Club for top investors. Turner, a respected figure in real estate, has authored best-selling books and amassed considerable experience in the industry. 

Price: Open Door Capital minimum cost of investment starts at $50,000 or $75,000.

More Info: Open Door Capital Review

Hugh Print Systems by Hugh Jones

Hugh Print Systems offers a variety of real estate investment programs specifically related to multifamily real estate investment. These programs focus on areas such as financial analysis, deal sourcing, capital raising, and property management. Each course provides deep insights and practical tools, including AI-powered technologies for enhanced market analysis, scripts for effective negotiation, and strategies for securing off-market deals.

Price: Hugh Print Systems' programs costs $997 to $8,000.

More Info: Hugh Print Systems Review

Fortune Builders by Than Merrill

Fortune Builders offers a real estate investment training suite led by Than Merrill. It focuses on real estate investing aspects like flipping, wholesaling, and rental management. It has the Fortune Builders Mastery for in-depth training and coaching. The program is for novice and seasoned investors. It has workshops, personalized coaching, and extensive online resources. The program includes downloadable guides and live webinars. They also give access to a thriving community of investors.

Price: Fortune Builders' cost ranges from $30k to $50k, depending on coaching level and specific offerings.

More Info: Fortune Builders Review

Note Investor University by Desi Arnaz

desi arnaz

Note Investor University, founded by Desi Arnaz in 2022, is a platform specializing in mortgage note investing education. The platform has membership programs and masterclasses. The comprehensive lessons emphasize due diligence, asset management, and exit strategies. Note Investor University features one-on-one coaching, group meetings, video training, and guest speakers. Students have also praised the easy-to-grasp training and supportive community.

Price: The price for Note Investor University's programs starts at $97/month.

More Info: Note Investor University Review

Paperless Agent by Chris Scott

Paperless Agent by Chris Scott is a real estate marketing company. Its Marketing Club helps realtors improve their leads and sales. Paperless Agent's 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System enhances realtors' online presence. Members benefit by increasing their deal closures due to improved lead generation. The program is for real estate professionals seeking expertise in digital marketing. It's for realtors comfortable with technology and digital tools. Realtors can enjoy this system for lead conversion through online content.

Price: Paperless Agent charges $77 per month after an initial 14-day trial period of $1.

More Info: Paperless Agent Review

Make Real Estate Real by Jemal King

The Make Real Estate Real program, founded in 2020 by Jemal King, offers an accredited online course tailored for beginner real estate investors. Priced at $997, with an installment option, it provides lifetime access to the main course. However, additional features like coaching and market data are limited to 12 months. It is praised for its comprehensive blueprint covering various investment strategies and access to King's expert team. Positive feedback highlights the program's effectiveness, support system, and detailed content, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to build a property portfolio in the U.S.

Price: Make Real Estate Real costs $997 for a one time payment. It also has an installment plan of $499 for 3 payments.

More Info: Make Real Estate Real Review

Greg Luther Coaching

Greg Luther Coaching Review

Greg Luther Coaching offers real estate agents a comprehensive learning platform, focusing on client acquisition, marketing, and closing strategies to ensure consistent sales. The platform promises higher commissions and regular monthly closings, although some criticize its strategy as similar to wholesaling. The recent NAR lawsuit settlement has further complicated the landscape, forcing Greg Luther to revamp his programs. The platform's main offer is currently closed for new enrollments, but you can opt-in your email to receive updates and join the waiting list.

Price: Greg Luther’s Inner Circle is $477 a month. Luxury Agent Mastery is $995. The Foundational Model is $497. Mastering The Art of Writing Copy for Profit is $895. Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation is $995.

More info: Greg Luther Coaching Review

Microbanking Method by Rick Melero

Rick Melero Microbanking Method Review-cropped

Rick Melero's Microbanking Method is an innovative real estate financing strategy that teaches students to offer short-term loans to buyers or investors. They will then sell these loans to institutional lenders, quickly recycling their capital for further transactions. The method promises quick returns and the ability to scale rapidly. However, this may be challenging for those with limited capital.

The course includes a comprehensive six-module curriculum and bonuses. Overall, it is for aspiring entrepreneurs with significant capital and preference for high-turnover investments.

Price: Microbanking Method costs a one-time $97. You can pay an additional $37 for a Microbanking Virtual Assistant (MVA).

More info: Microbanking Method Review

Top Real Estate Investing Courses Recommended for Beginners

Grant Cardone's Real Estate Mentoring Program

grant cardone review

Grant Cardone's Real Estate Mentoring Program, launched in response to community demand in January 2024, is a detailed 12-month coaching initiative aimed at providing comprehensive training in real estate investment. The program is distinctive in that it not only equips participants with the real estate principles to excel but also offers resource books and a ticket to the REI Summit. This enhances the program's appeal. The course caters to a range of participants, from beginners to more experienced investors, looking to deepen their understanding and success in the real estate market under the guidance of an experienced mentor like Grant Cardone.

Price: Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Mentoring Program costs $4,997, or 3 monthly payments of $997 with a $2,500 down payment.

More Info: Grant Cardone Review

Clever Investor by Cody Sperber

clever investor review

Clever Investor, founded by Cody Sperber in 2010, is a real estate investing training platform offering a range of resources for both novice and seasoned investors. The platform provides various courses, membership options, mentorship, and tools, focusing on Sperber’s “4 Profit Centers” investing strategies. Clever Investor’s offerings include the Fast-Track Profit System, the 30 Day Challenge, the monthly Pro Membership, and 1-on-1 mentorship. The platform aims to guide real estate investors through the market, which can be risky for beginners, by growing their network and minimizing common pitfalls.

Price: The costs of Clever Investor programs range from $97 to $45,000

More Info: Clever Investor Review

30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery by Tom Donnelly

Tom Donnelly's 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is one of the best online real estate classes for laundromat ownership. It aims at teaching the ins and outs of laundromat ownership and how to achieve significant earnings from it. The course, priced at $497 for a limited time (originally $2,500), promises to guide participants through the process of acquiring laundromats, with Donnelly himself having successfully owned three high-revenue generating laundromats. Key techniques include identifying optimal locations, negotiating with sellers for lower prices than online listings, and leveraging seller financing for lower initial investments. However, the course's drawbacks include the need for physical presence in the business, the lack of student testimonials because of its newness, and the high initial cost of laundromat acquisition. Despite these challenges, the course offers a potential path to generating a substantial monthly income through laundromat ownership, appealing to beginners, investors with at least $10,000 for investment, and those looking to expand their portfolio into laundromat businesses. Donnelly's reputation as a laundromat investor is positive, having been featured on the Laundromat Resource Podcast, although the lack of widespread student feedback means the program's efficacy is yet to be broadly established.

Price: The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is currently available for a limited time offer of $497, down from its original price of $2,500.

More Info: 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery Review

Section 8 Secrets by Tom Cruz

Section 8 Secrets is a real estate course focusing on investing in Section 8 housing. The course provides a comprehensive overview of Section 8 investments, covering topics such as property selection, financing, tenant screening, and property management. It is designed for both beginners and experienced investors in real estate, specifically targeting those interested in Section 8 rentals. The course emphasizes the unique aspects of Section 8, including government-subsidized rent and specific tenant and property management challenges.

Price: Section 8 Secrets costs $5,000

More Info: Section 8 Secrets Review

Wealthy Investor by Ryan Pineda

wealthy investor review

Ryan Pineda's Wealthy Investor program is a comprehensive real estate investment coaching package designed for various levels of investors, from beginners to experienced. It focuses on diverse strategies like wholesaling, flipping, and buying properties with little personal capital. The program offers two main coaching programs, Rookie and All-Star, each providing extensive resources and personalized coaching from real estate professionals.

Price: Wealthy Investor costs $8,000 for the Rookie coaching program and $20,000 for the All Star coaching program.

More Info: Wealthy Investor Review

Syndicate9 by Sean Terry

sean terry

Syndicate9, led by Sean Terry, offers a comprehensive real estate class on wholesale mastermind with three tiers tailored for beginners, solo entrepreneurs, and scaling businesses. Emphasizing one-on-one guidance and practical strategies, the program focuses on marketing techniques, system creation, goal setting, and business scaling. Testimonials highlight Syndicate9's dedication to real-world examples, personal attention, and reliable support from Sean Terry and his team.

Price: Syndicate9's cost is not disclosed on their website.

More Info: Syndicate9 Review

Freedom Mentor by Phil Pustejovsky

The Freedom Mentor is a real estate investing mentorship program. It involves a 50/50 profit-sharing apprenticeship where participants receive guidance and resources to buy, sell, and flip houses. The program includes weekly calls, funding resources, and various training materials. It aims to help individuals develop their real estate skills and achieve financial success through investing. All while earning from the apprenticeship.

Price: The Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program costs $3,000-$10,000 to join plus $197 per month.

More Info: Freedom Mentor Review

Inbound Arbitrage by Rob Swanson

Inbound Arbitrage is an online business model and training program focused on lead generation through inbound marketing. Participants learn how to generate high-quality leads for local businesses and profit by selling these leads to service providers. The program covers building and ranking websites, managing ads, and optimizing for search engines to attract potential customers. It aims to help individuals establish a profitable online business by mastering the art of lead generation, all while creating a sustainable income stream.

Price: Inbound Arbitrage costs $97.

More Info: Inbound Arbitrage Review

Real Estate Investing Courses Pros and Cons


Structured learning path

Personal coaching

Networking opportunities

Can track progress

May come with resources and materials

May have access to live webinars

Can choose from a variety of courses



Lack of hands-on experience

Danger of scams or too generic content

Requires self-discipline

Limited personal interaction

Information might not be up to date

No local market focus

Are Real Estate Investing Courses Worth It?

Real estate investing courses are worth it if you want:

  • Structured lessons from A to Z
  • In-depth knowledge that’s often not available with free resources
  • Support from experienced instructors to navigate complex real estate transactions
  • A network of like-minded people that can help you with your investments
  • Access to exclusive tools and resources to enhance your learning experience
  • Actionable insights, practical strategies, and comprehensive resources

But how do you know if the course offers all that? Some real estate investing courses offer free trials. You can check them out before committing. Other courses have money-back guarantees, which provide a safety net if you don’t like the course. For the most part, you’ll have to rely on student reviews to see if the course is worth it. You can check out online review sites, Reddit, BiggerPocket, and YouTube.  

Real estate investing courses are not worth it if there’s no guarantee that the course is really good. Even if it is, you might not be willing to spend money on it. Remember, you can become a successful real estate investor without these courses. You can get the same information from online resources, seminars, books, and podcasts. Udemy offers cheap or free online real estate investing courses with certificates. You can even partner with an experienced investor or join a real estate agency. You’ll be able to learn all the ins and outs from hands-on experience. 

How Much Are Online Real Estate Classes?

Online real estate classes cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000+. This range differs greatly as information can go from basic to specialized coaching. Here are some of the prices of the top real estate investing courses:

  • Grant Cardone's Real Estate Mentoring Program - $4,997 (or 3-month payment of $997 with a $2,500 down payment)
  • Subto Coaching Program by Pace Morby - $10,800 or $19,000 for the premium Mastermind package
  • Real Estate Wealth Network by Cameron Dunlap - comes with course packages at $49, $97, or $149
  • Real Estate Investment by Real Advisors - ranges from $97 to $1,297
  • Cash Flow Blueprint by Robert Kiyosaki - $395 or $1,190 for unlimited coaching for 6 months
  • Matt Beard Real Estate by Matt Beard - free but has upsells for $425

Udemy offers real estate investing courses for much cheaper. The “Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments” by Symon He costs $13.99. “Real Estate Investment & Finance” by Robert Steele is only $9.99. Udemy is great if you’re looking for cheap real estate investing courses. Here are other platforms where to take real estate investing courses: 

  • Coursera

  • edX

  • LinkedIn Learning

What Branch of Real Estate Makes the Most Money? 

Real estate investment is the branch of real estate that makes the most money. If you make a good investment, you can earn between $70,000 to $124,000 (according to The Motley Fool). This is because, as the owner (investor) of the property, you’ll get the bulk of the payment when sold or rented. Now, the property should have appreciated in value. This is to ensure a profitable return on your investment. You’ll also need to be wise about timing the market and managing expenses. Of course, your earnings can vary greatly, depending on:

  • How much your initial investment was 

  • The type of real estate investing

  • Geographic location

  • How many deals you take per year

  • The time you dedicate to it

  • And much more!

However, real estate investment is a long route. If you want to start earning right away, consider becoming a real estate agent first. From there, you can make your way up to a real estate broker. According to ZipRecruiter, the average real estate agent in the US earns $85,793 a year, while real estate brokers make $98,791 a year. With all your knowledge and experience, you can then do real estate investing.

What Is Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is a type of real estate investment - only this time, it exists in the online world. With this, you invest in domain names, websites, virtual properties, or digital content or assets. You then manage these assets to earn an income or appreciation in value. 

One successful digital real estate investor is Matt Barrie, the owner of Freelancer.com. Matt bought the website Getafreelancer.com. He recreated the website to give it a better design and make it more user-friendly. Today, Freelancer.com is the largest global platform for freelancing and crowdsourcing. With over 70 million registered users, Matt Barrie has a net worth of $185 million!

I’ve also had great success with digital real estate called local lead generation. I invest money and time in creating and ranking service websites. Once ranked, I rent out these websites to local businesses in the same industry. Since this is a rental, I earn a streamlined revenue of $50,000 a month from all my websites.

Why Digital Real Estate Is Worth It Compared to Traditional Real Estate Investments

Local lead generation real estate

Digital real estate is worth it compared to traditional real estate investments as there’s less financial risk. If you’re creating a basic website, you only need to invest $50 to $500. For physical properties, the expected investment is several thousand dollars already. Also, managing digital real estate involves fewer ongoing costs. I mean, maintaining a website is a lot cheaper than maintaining a home. 

Another big difference is that digital real estate caters to a global audience. You can diversify your income sources. Plus, you don’t need to depend on a single market. Finally, digital assets can be bought and sold or rented more quickly than properties. This reduces the risk of being stuck with an unsellable property. 

If you’re considering digital real estate, local lead generation is a great option. It’s one of the easiest “real estate investments” to start and manage. You don’t need to learn all those legal requirements and whatnot. You just create a website, target a specific location, rank your website, and rent it to a small business in the area. One website can rent for around $500 to $3,000 a month! Local lead generation is a great investment as it provides a steady revenue stream. 

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