35 Top Selling Printables on Etsy 2024

March 27, 2024

top selling printable on etsy 2024

The top selling printables on Etsy are:

  1. Planners
  2. Home Decor
  3. Product Labels
  4. Journal Inserts
  5. Business Cards
  6. Wedding Invitations
  7. Fitness And Habit Trackers
  8. Self-Improvement Printables
  9. Wedding Printable
  10. Coloring Pages

Other top-selling printables on Etsy include party banners, printable decor, menu and resume templates, sewing patterns, and chore checklists. A survey by The Business of Making showed 84% of sellers are making $50,000, and 25% are earning $1000. Sellers often sell in more places than Etsy or do other work to add to their Etsy earnings. For many Etsy is a side income, not their principal source of income.

Statistics state that Etsy had over 4.3 million active sellers in 2021. This shows the need for clever marketing, unique designs, and strong branding. Top Seller Secret course creator Brittany Lewis created a thriving Etsy business. She now generates over $600,000 in sales with her print-on-demand business. To stand out among millions of Etsy listings, sellers must innovate. You must captivate buyers in a crowded market. 

In this article I will cover the top 35 Etsy printables of 2024, from planners to budget spreadsheets. I will analyze market trends and share seller success stories. I will also cover the challenges of making a full-time income in this business model. Your success hinges on unique designs, smart marketing, and strong branding. At the end, I will introduce you to another business model that allowed me to generate $500-$3000 monthly passive income.

35 Top Selling Printables On Etsy 2024

1. Planners

Planners are printable templates you download and print for your own personal use. They are a great way to get organized and stay on top of your schedule. They offer a customizable and budget-friendly alternative to pre-made planners. Printable planners are usually in PDF format. This format works with most devices and systems. It is easy to download, print, and use. Some sellers may also offer their planners in other formats, such as DOCX (Microsoft Word) or PNG (image).

A report by Grand View Research says the global market for diaries and planners will reach USD 1305.7 million by 2028. Its CAGR is 4.1% from 2023 to 2028. This growth suggests an increasing demand for printable planners. Kayla Amma Rose Warner went from a 9-to-5 job to start AmmaRoseDesigns Etsy shop. She sold digital business planners on Etsy in 2018. She earned $45 in her first month. She reached $1,000 in sales within four months and grew her shop to $93K in yearly revenue after two years. showing demand and the platform's effectiveness for digital products.

ammarosedesign planners

2. Home Decor

Printable home decors are downloadable digital files that you can print and use to decorate your space. They are budget-friendly and customizable. They let you personalize your walls, furniture, and other home items.

Grand View Research forecasts a 5.2% annual growth in the DIY home improvement market until 2030. This trend shows that consumers are more interested. They want personalized and affordable home improvement. In 2022, Etsy reported that the home and living category was its top-selling category. It generated USD 6.2 billion in sales.

Crystal launched TCB Designs in Florida in 2017. She started with rustic signs on Facebook and expanded to Etsy. She diversified her products to include personalized items. Her business strategy led to significant growth, with $20k in sales last Christmas. Crystal aims to provide budget-friendly farmhouse decor. TCB Designs became an ecommerce success. It made over $700,000 in eight months and is on track to make $1 million in a year. This shows there's enormous demand and revenue potential in this niche.

TCBDesignsFL etsy store

3. Product Labels

Product labels are visual indicators (or tags) that highlight specific attributes of a product. They are used to communicating important details such as new Pre-order, New In, Sold out and on Sale. Selling private label brands and products is becoming one of the most profitable business models.

In 2020, $158.8 million of private label consumer packaged goods (CPG) were sold in the United States. This was 20% of all CPG sales. Private label products have higher margins than national brands. The profit margins on store-branded products can reach 35% or more. Those on nationally advertised brands are much lower. Bellamy Stone sells labels for pantry items and cosmetic labels. Each label costs between $1.30 and $16.50 for their bundle options. They made a over $60,000 sales selling product labels.

BellamyStone etsy stone

4. Journal Inserts

Journal inserts are pre-designed pages tailored to specific themes or purposes. They bring organization and structure to your journaling practice. Inserts offer blank pages, calendars, trackers, or specialized layouts depending on your needs. These inserts slide into your existing journal, binder, or traveler's notebook.

A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that women reported journaling more. They did so more than men. Etsy's 51.31% female audience creates a lucrative market for selling journal inserts. But, it's important to note that Etsy's male customer base has grown (124% increase since 2019). Len Arte Studio has made 58,696 sales selling journal inserts on Etsy.

LenArteStudio etsy store

5. Business Cards

Business cards serve the key purpose of marketing your business. It gets your key contact information into your client’s hands in a matter of seconds. On average, card making businesses in the US can enjoy healthy profit margins that range from 20% to 50%. Business cards remain a trusted tool. They help people introduce themselves and their work.

Close to 60% of small business owners consider business cards essential. They see them as key to their business's growth. That means 18.4 million small businesses use business cards. Trendy Fox Studio is a good example that selling business cards on Etsy can be profitable. This shop has made 58,696 sales since they opened in 2020.

Trendy Fox Studio business card store

6. Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are invitations that let guests know who is hosting the wedding, who’s getting married, as well as when and where. Printable wedding invitations allow you to have more control. You can customize them yourself. The average price of a printable wedding invitation on Etsy falls around $12 to $40.

2.4 million weddings take place in the US alone per year. That breaks down to around 6,200 weddings per day. If the average price of a wedding invitation is $20 per invitation sold on Etsy, then the estimated sales per year would be around $4,526,000. MarryMePaperBoutique sells wedding invitations and other printables. Each wedding invitation cost between $5 to $7. It made $349,253 from sales.

MarryMePaperBoutique etsy store

7. Fitness And Habit Trackers

Fitness and habit trackers are journals and planners designed to help you track the habits which matter most to your wellness. There is both a daily tracker with a built in planner to keep you focused on the day to day. Erank estimates search volume for "habit tracker" to be around 10,000-20,000 searches per month. This indicates a consistent level of interest from potential buyers.

A 2023 survey by JetPens found that 41% of respondents use a physical planner. This shows an ongoing interest in printable organization tools. User penetration will be 5.61% in 2024 and is expected to hit 6.04% by 2028. This indicates a consistent level of interest from potential buyers.

Nikolay owns My Life Plans Etsy store. He struggled with dissatisfaction and neglected his health. But Nikolay found success in designing printable planners and made 106, 055 on sales. This led to a good career as a freelance designer and a healthy life. It inspired them to share their planners.

mylifeplans etsy store

8. Self-Improvement Printables

Self-improvement printables help you track goals, build better habits, practice mindfulness, and organize your life. They also help you stay inspired. These printables come in PDF format, allowing you to print them at home as many times as needed.

The global self-improvement market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2023 to 2028. This suggests a growing audience for related products, according to Market Research Future. One survey found that 94% of millennials made personal improvement commitments. They said they’d spend $300 a month on self-improvement.

Petra is the founder of NourishPlanners Etsy store. She discovered the power of writing in 2016. She used it for clarity and emotional change. Petra saw its deeper potential with the right questions. This insight led to creating guided journals aimed at fostering self-love and confidence. Now her store has already made 2,960 sales.

nourishplanners etsy shop

9. Wedding Printable

Wedding printables are digital design templates purchased online or found for free that you can customize and print yourself for various aspects of your wedding. They offer a cost-effective and personalized way to add unique touches to your special day.

A report from The Knot predicts that 2.6 million weddings will take place in the US this year – a jump from 2.2 million weddings a year, on average, pre-pandemic. Each of those couples is expected to spend an average of $27,000 on the ceremony and reception. This means a big increase in potential customers.

Sarah launched WillowLanePaperie in Illinois, USA. She did this after co-running a Vintage Wedding Hire Company in Australia. Now, it has 344,580 sales. Her Etsy shop offers DIY wedding stationery and event printables. The focus is on simple, rustic templates for various celebrations.

WillowLanePaperie wedding printable

10. Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are pieces of line art designed to be colored in. Coloring pages are sold in book form. Each book has a theme, like jungle animals or mandala patterns. Coloring pages can also be sold digitally as printables. Customers will print them and color them.

A 2022 Statista survey found that 24% of U.S. adults reported using coloring pages to relax. They did so in the past year. Etsy has over 96 million active buyers. It offers a large audience if your product stands out. The BotanicalNook on Etsy made over 14k on sales selling each coloring page at $2 to $5. They use AI to generate botanical-themed coloring pages.

botanical nook etsy store

11. Party Banner

Party banners are festive decorations that help set the mood for a celebration. Banners can be made to match the theme of a party, such as sports, princesses, superheroes, or holidays. It draws attention to your party, puts your guests of honor in the spotlight, and can be saved as keepsakes to commemorate extra special occasions. Many Etsy sellers offer party banner customization where you can add names, ages, or specific colors.

A survey by OnePoll for BJ’s Wholesale found that the average American will spend over $1,400 on parties in a year. They will host about seven gatherings during that time. Around $58 of that will be spent on decorations. Selling on the right sites could earn up to $1200 per month by averaging prices between $2 to $15. Christina transformed her hobby into a thriving business with My Party Design. She did this while juggling motherhood. Her Etsy shop has 38,920 sales. It offers customizable printable party decorations. 

mypartydesign etsy

12. Party Printable Decor

Party printable decor refers to digital files that customers purchase, download, and print themselves to create party decorations like banners, cupcake toppers, invitations, etc. It's a popular option due to its convenience and affordability.

Industry reports and market research say the average annual revenue for party supplies businesses in the US is $100,000 to $500,000. On average, party supplies businesses have a profit margin of 10-15%. This is higher than the industry average. Amanda started AmandaCreation.com where she makes over 90K/month selling children’s party supplies online. Tiffany Everett, the owner of KudzuMonster, boasts 68,208 sales. She is a children's book illustrator and graphic designer. She works from a converted school bus that is now a tiny off-grid home.

kudzumonster etsy store

13. Menu Template

Menu templates are a practical and cost-effective solution that enhances a business's image, making them an essential tool for any food or beverage establishment. Printing menus is essential for any restaurant or food establishment. They aim to make a lasting impression on diners.

Improve your restaurant's menu design to sell more of your most profitable dishes. This will boost your profits from 10 to 15%. As a beginner seller, you can charge about $500 or $25-$75 an hour for menu design. LeafLoveSpace sells menu and food templates for businesses. The store already made 14,346 on sales with considerable positive reviews from its customers. 

leaflovespace etsy store

14. Resume Templates

A resume template is a structural guide and design that people use to create resumes. Design experts create templates to be pretty and easy to read. They use many easy-to-read fonts and white space to balance the text.

On average, there are over 246,000 monthly searches for "resume templates" in the US alone on Google. This demonstrates a demand for niche and well-designed options. A study by TopResume found that over 50% of the HR professionals they surveyed prefer resumes made with templates. In 2018, Ana Colak-Fustin launched ByRecruiters Etsy shop selling resume templates. Her current monthly earnings range from $1,500 to $4,000.

ByRecruiters resume templates

15. Sewing Patterns

A sewing pattern is an instructional guide that shows you how to assemble fabric into clothing. It is a template of a garment made out of paper that is meant to be laid onto fabric, traced, and cut out. Sewing patterns will have modifications. They will let you adapt to a set range of sizes, fits, and shapes.

Recent statistics show steady growth in the sewing and tailoring business. The average annual income for small business owners is $40,000 to $60,000. The typical pattern price ranges between $5 and $12. Kiana Bonollo Designs is Etsy's top seller. They sell sewing patterns for elegant party dresses, as well as for relaxed casual pants. Kiana's sewing patterns range from $6 to $16 per pattern. She's made over $15,000 sales.

sewing pattern etsy store

16. Chore Chart Checklists

A chore chart is a behavior chart that lists a child’s daily chores and includes boxes that children can check off when they have completed a chore. As children complete their daily chores and check off tasks on the chart, they can feel a sense of finishing and joy. This will increase their self-confidence.

A 2014 study from the Journal of Early Adolescence found that involving children in chores made them feel more responsible. It also tied to them having a stronger work ethic later in life. This explains why chore charts are popular. 82% of parents use them to teach these values. This is from a Today Show survey. Digicarft sells printables including chore chart checklists. The store has 1860 admirers and made 24,607 on sales.

digicarft chore charts

17. Thank You Notes

A thank-you note is a type of correspondence in which the writer expresses gratitude for a gift, service, or opportunity. In one survey, 68% of employers and hiring managers say thank-you notes matter. Thank you cards on Etsy are sold for around $3-8. If your printables are editable by the customers, you can charge more at around $5-15.

Sending 'thank you for your business' cards increases customer retention, boosting profits. Harvard Business School found a 5% increase in retention can raise profits by 25-95%. The AYTM survey found that people see paper thank-you notes as much more meaningful. They see them as much more meaningful than electronic ones. This shows a preference for printable, personal thank you notes.

Preplates has been an Etsy shop since 2020. It has 89,168 sales and offers digital design templates. The team has over 10 years of experience. They target clients, especially new business owners, seeking cheap design solutions.

Preplates thank you notes

18. Logos

Logos are a point of identification for businesses. They're the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. You'll want people to connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does. More importantly, with how it makes them feel.

Based on the reports, 67% of small businesses and startups are willing to spend $500 on a company logo. 18% of them are also willing to pay more than $1000. Selling one logo per day for $55 can still earn you $1,650 per month, making it a lucrative online business. Daisy Designs Etsy shop made 44,196 sales. They aim to finish projects within three months after purchase, or extra fees apply. They do custom logo design, full branding  and logo design for businesses.

Daisycustom shop logo design

19. Photography

Photography is a visual medium that has existed since the 1800s. Since then it has evolved both in form, technology, purpose, and expression. Photography is a multifaceted craft that is constantly evolving over time. With the right camera, you can photograph light that the human eye can't see. This includes UV, infrared, and radio waves.

The Canadian shop Eye Poetry Photography has more than 26,000 sales and over 83,000 fans on Etsy. The shop sells 5×7 prints for $15, and the prices increase depending on the size of the photo. It also sells framed artwork for people who don’t want to do the framing work themselves. 

EyePoetry Photography etsy shop

20. Calendar

Printable calendars are essential tools for organizing schedules, appointments, and important dates. They offer more flexibility and customization than pre-fabricated calendars. You can also print calendars on-demand and assemble them as you so desire.

The NPD market research group did a survey that shows that sales of printed calendars in the USA are rising. They are now over $65 million per year. Despite smartphones and digital organizers, the demand for printed calendars persists. The price of printable calendars on Etsy ranges from $5 to $20 or more. If you price your calendars, you might make a significant amount of money.

Rebecca founded The Productive Company on Etsy. Her store offers printable calendars with a clean, minimal design. She needed planners and calendars that were both functional and attractive. This need led to the shop's creation. It has recorded 20,863 sales since 2019.

productive company calendar shop

21. To-Do List Templates

The to-do list template is a task management tool to help you organize your time and achieve your goals. It collects the tasks for which you’re responsible and captures them in one place. Besides personal use, task lists are also used for project management.

A survey by RescueTime found that office workers are interrupted often. The interruptions come every 11 minutes. Many find it hard to refocus afterward. To-do list templates help combat this fragmentation by providing organized structures. A popular to-do list template on Etsy might have 5,000+ sales. This shows a big user base for to-do list templates.

Isla founded PlanPrintLand on Etsy. She launched the shop after a design degree and a shift from freelancing. She started with 20 printable planners in late 2020, inspired by a fellow creator's success. Isla transitioned to full-time digital product sales. With 65,620 sales since 2020, PlanPrintLand is now a top 500 Etsy shop.

PlanPrintLand etsy shop

22. Word Puzzles

Word puzzles challenge the solver using word play. They cover many types, from crosswords to riddles to word searches. Word puzzles give you a square grid of letters, usually with a series of clues or a theme. It's a fun and creative way to give kids a purposeful chance to practice language. It also helps improve their brain power.

Over 1 in 4 Americans say they do a crossword . In a gender breakdown, 31% of women and 26% of men solve crosswords. Of the non-regular crossword solvers, 65% still do crosswords . Creating and selling many puzzle books can make steady income. You can earn $50 to $100 per month for each puzzle word book.

Annabel founded Print GoGo on Etsy in 2018, inspired by her game-loving and creative nature. Annabel named it after her grandmother GoGo. With 81,457 sales, she focuses on creating products that add fun to customers' lives worldwide. 

PrintGoGo word puzzles

23 . Recipe Cards

Recipe cards give chefs guidance. They display the amounts and types of ingredients needed for a dish. They also inform the chef of any specific equipment that may be necessary. Recipe cards are important as they assist with making dishes consistent, time after time.

A 2015 study by Kraft Foods, Google, and mcgarrybowen showed that people over 35 are more likely to print recipes. A surprising 41% of people 25 to 34 still use paper recipes. It is possible to make a few hundred dollars to thousands per month selling recipes. Some creators have reported earning over $10,000 per month. They made this money by selling recipes on the internet.

Eleonor and Robert launched Savoury Digital Studio on Etsy in 2023. They amassed 368 sales. They specialize in creating digital recipe cards. The templates blend cooking and graphic design. They aim to build a community around digital culinary art.

savory digital etsy shop

24. Artwork

Printable wall art is a digital artwork, usually a JPEG file. You can print it at home, at a local shop, or online. The digital art print comes in a high resolution JPEG file at 300 DPI. It comes in various sizes for different image ratios.  

The global wall art market is expected to grow by almost 50% from its 2021 value. It will reach $72.61 billion by 2028. This growth shows a big surge in demand for decorative art. Selling printable wall art quotes on Etsy lets you earn up to $760 per day. It takes minimal effort and no physical products. You can use KD to create and sell them for $22,000 per month.

Since 2015, Kikiandnim has made 161,771 sales on Etsy. They offer diverse digital art for printable wall decor. They sell funny office art and vintage luxury for homes. This lets you personalize spaces with affordable, eclectic wall art.

Kikiandnim etsy store

25. Stickers

Stickers are labels made from paper, plastic, or vinyl. It has adhesive on one side, which you can stick onto a surface. It can be used for decoration or for functional purposes, depending on the situation. In 2021, the sticker market was worth $151.8 million and is projected to grow to $191.1 million by 2028. Since the production costs are low, you can achieve up to 80% profit margins.

You could make anywhere from $200-800 per month as a side hustle to up to (and beyond) $10,000 per month selling stickers. Remi Silva, the founder of Blank Tag Co. reported that they made over $100,000 in sales in their first year of business. They sell many types of stickers. These include food, travel, and motivational ones.

EaseAndFlowLife is an Etsy star seller known for their flow stickers. They have garnered a dedicated following and achieved 8,978 sales. They craft their stickers with careful attention to detail. 

Ease and Flow Etsy sticker store

26. Trivia

Trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions. The questions are about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects. This stands in contrast to general knowledge and common sense.

The trivia games segment is expected to generate a revenue of US$103.80 million in 2022 with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 7.22%. According to Hasbro, Trivial Pursuit has sold over 100 million copies. This indicates a large, existing market for trivia games.

All Occasions Printables, led by founder Nicola, boasts 21,344 sales since 2021. The shop sells customizable printable games for diverse celebrations. It prioritizes delivering great value and top-notch service for unmatched experiences.

AllOccasionPrints etsy store

27. Homeschool Worksheets

Homeschool worksheets help parents and teachers create a tighter structure for homeschool lessons. An educational printable is a quick, no-prep activity. You can download it to go with lesson plans. Access to a ready-to-use printable lets teachers stop working at the bell. They can then spend more time with their family.

Lisa Fink built a successful business selling educational printables. She reached a six-figure income in two years. Now, she earns over $400,000 a year. Her total sales have exceeded $1 million. This shows the viability of selling digital educational materials online.

Printables Dandelion on Etsy provides high-quality printable learning worksheets. Crafted by certified teachers, these educational activities optimize learning. With 15,808 sales, Printables Dandelion offers digital products for educational for children. 

PrintableDandelion etsy shop

28. Flashcards

Flashcards are cards that bear information on both sides. These tools are intended to help with memorization. Each flashcard has a question or definition on one side. It has an answer or target term on the other. People use flashcards to memorize vocabulary, dates, formulae, or anything learned by question-and-answer.

Study shows that 50% of college students say they use flashcards as a study tool. And those who used flashcards to study performed better on exams than those who didn’t. Etsy store selling printable flashcards report thousands of sales, with some exceeding $5,000 - $6,000 in monthly revenue. This indicates a strong consumer base for these products.

Candice, founder of LittleSmartyAnts on Etsy since 2020 with 16,922 sales. Candice creates educational content for parents and preschools. It aims to help them bond with children. Her flexible work schedule allows her to focus on her family. It also lets her pursue her passion for education.

LittleSmartyAnts etsy store

29. Sight Words Card

Sight words card is a tool to help children learn common words. They can help children practice reading and recognizing these words quickly and accurately. Sight words are the most common words in English. They make up 50 to 75% of the words in textbooks, library books, newspapers, and magazines. The flashcards have one word on each card.

Annette Sutherland, the owner of Teach At Daycare on Etsy since 2014, with 72,936 sales. Annette has over 23 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. Alongside her husband, she operates an educational company catering to all ages. With five children, Annette homeschools her two youngest daughters.

teachatdaycare sight words

30. Budget Spreadsheet

Budget spreadsheets are money management charts. They help track income and monthly expenses. Pen-and-paper methods have always been a budgeting option. Software and online options make modern budget spreadsheets even easier. They help you get at-a-glance financial views.

Today, an estimated 750 million to 1 billion people use spreadsheets globally. A survey by The Penny Hoarder found that 40% of people follow a budget. They manage their money with spreadsheets. Emily McDermott earned $250k Selling Spreadsheets on Etsy in under 2 years.

Emily McDermott etsy store

31. Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. The mom-to-be and the baby-to-be are the focal point of these parties. It also brings together many of the items needed to care for a baby as gifts to the new mom. Baby showers can have activities and games.

140 million babies are born each year. This means there's a big market for games for expecting moms. A recent Aptaclub survey found that 64% of expecting parents have a baby shower. In fact, 72% have more than one baby shower to invite different friends and family.

LittleCreekCreative operates its Etsy shop in Black Diamond, Canada. It is a Star Seller on Etsy. It is owned by Mandy Watts. They sell printable event decor including baby shower games. It has gotten an impressive 65,017 sales.

LittleCreekCreative etsy store

32. Bible Scriptures

Scripture is the full inspired word of God written by holy prophets. There are 66 books in The Bible chosen by men, not by God. Different councils, ranging from the Council of Nicea, to the Council of Trent, and other lesser Councils, came up with the 66 books.

A 2020 industry report estimated the global Christian products market is worth $27.3 billion. It showed a potential audience. MinimalistArtShop on Etsy has a total sales of 6,876 selling Bible scriptures art. This gives off how profitable this side hustle is for aspiring sellers. Karen Fields is an experienced artist and graphic designer. Digital Go To offers trending SVG and Bible scripture designs. Her shop made 9,041 sales selling these printables on Etsy.

digitalgoto etsy shop

33. Clip Art

Clip art is a type of digital picture that is used for a variety of graphic design projects. These images are added to Microsoft Word and other materials. They are the most common type of clip art for basic computer users. But, the topic is much more widespread.

The Sellfy store Anything Cartoon sells high-quality cartoon clip art for up to $15. It uses the pay-what-you-want (PWYW) pricing model for some products. Wooly Pronto recently shared her experience of selling Clip art online in a video on YouTube. According to her, she earned over $1000 per month by spending a maximum of 10-15 hours per week selling clip arts. ErinBradleyDesigns has been on Etsy since 2008. The shop made 114,646 in sales. Erin designs the clip arts and digital paper packs. 

ErinBradleyDesigns clip arts

34. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt is a game where players (either individuals or teams) try to find or complete a list of items or tasks. The list often has clues or riddles that lead players to the next item on their list. The winner is the first to complete all the tasks or find the most items. Scavenger hunts can have themes, like a holiday or a specific location. They can be photo-based. This involves taking pictures of the items. Or, they can involve solving puzzles.

The average annual revenue for a Scavenger Hunt business in the US ranges from $50,000 to $150,000. Industry research estimate the average net income margin for US scavenger hunt businesses is 15% to 25%. MinnyAppleDesign, founded by Jenny, a mother and entrepreneur, has achieved 77,107 sales. Jenny has a marketing background. She uses her creativity to improve occasions, holidays, and everyday life. Her digital downloads aim to bring friends and family closer. 

MinnyAppleDesign etsy store

35. Food Labels

Food labels are nutrition panels. You find them on most processed food packages. They give you a detailed breakdown of the product's contents. This includes a list of ingredients and crucial nutritional values. You can choose options with more beneficial nutrients (like fiber, vitamins, and minerals).

80 percent of U.S. adults used the Nutrition Facts panel on food labels in buying decisions. A 2020 survey also found that 58% of US adults reported always reading food labels. This trend shows a critical market opportunity for businesses in printable food labels. Key to building consumer trust is capitalizing on this demand. It also drives purchase decisions.

CorsaCreate was established on Etsy in 2022. It has achieved 4,892 sales by offering ready-made templates for design needs. Corsa, the founder, is from the Philippines. After a major career disruption, Corsa launched CorsaCreate on Etsy. They built the digital store alone, marking a shift to independent creative work.

corsacreate etsy shop

Top Etsy Printable Sellers Case Study

User thebadfem has been selling digital products on Etsy since 2018. They started with Snapchat filters. They expanded to invitations, editable flyers, printable party supplies, and pre-made websites. Within the second month, they earned $2,000. They note the advantage of digital products. Their Etsy shop's success improves with regular new additions.


Reddit user cr3duli launched an Etsy shop in the digital download art niche in September. Since then, they have gotten 650 sales. After an initial investment in advertising, one item gained particular traction. Sales dropped when they paused ads. Despite having a full-time job, cr3duli dedicates all free hours to the shop. They say that succeeding on Etsy requires treating it like a job.

print on demand reddit cr3duli

The seller dead666exy is in their second year on Etsy. They earned an average of $2,500 per month last year. There was an enormous increase to $15,000 total during the last holiday season. They collaborate with corporate events and wedding planners to create custom items. The business demands about 60 hours of work per week. They invest about $150 per month in Etsy ads. A lot of the traffic comes from social media and Pinterest.

dead666exy etsy reddit

How To Sell Printables On Etsy?

  • Choose a specific product niche: Identify a target audience. And create designs that cater to their needs.
  • Create original and useful designs: Make sure your designs are unique. Provide value to your customers.
  • Price your product competitively: Research the market to set a good price for your printables.
  • Set up your Etsy shop properly: Ensure your shop policies and About Page are complete to avoid penalties in search results
  • Market your products: Use social media, email marketing, and other marketing channels to promote your printables.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Respond to Etsy shoppers' inquiries and feedback to maintain a positive reputation.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Printables On Etsy?

You can earn $400 per month selling printables on Etsy while established stores can earn over $4,000 per month, all from digital printables. Earnings from selling printables on Etsy vary by niche, marketing, and demand. Profit margins are influenced by pricing strategies. Print-on-demand products can have higher prices, while digital downloads are lower.

Is Selling Printables Still Profitable in 2024?

Yes, selling printables is still profitable this 2024 if you have unique designs and an established brand. Etsy has over 5.8 million printable listings on the website. Its market size works for and against you. Julie Berninger encourages beginner sellers to start with selling on a platform like Etsy. Etsy already has buyers. Julie currently makes $10,000 per year selling printables on the platform.

You can sell a single printable many times after you make it. You need to do very little extra work. This lets you make money even when you're not working. Selling printables for a monthly income of $500-$1000 is realistic. But, oversaturation can occur in the printables market. So, standing out with unique designs is crucial for success.

Conclusion: Why Renting Digital Assets Is Far Better Than Selling Top Printables On Etsy?

Local lead generation is like owning digital real estate. Digital assets can be rented out repeatedly. They make continuous income. In contrast, selling Etsy printables is a one-time transaction. You only need $500 to start your own lead-generation website. The goal is to optimize your site to hit prime spots on search engines like Google. Once you've done this, you can lease your website to local businesses who are in need of leads. You can charge them $500 to $2,500 each month.


The appeal of local lead generation comes from its ability to operate alone. It makes it easy to create passive income. On Etsy, you're competing with over 7 million active sellers. It's hard to stand out if you don’t know the right strategy. On the other hand, local lead generation business model only faces local competition. It's usually 10-20 companies. This is much lower than the global competition on Etsy.

It provides low investment, stable monthly passive income, and high profit margins. Local lead generation presents a more accessible and profitable opportunity with fewer competitors compared to selling printables on Etsy.

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