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Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow in 2023

September 22, 2023

If you've been bitten by the travel bug, you've likely had the chance to read helpful articles from a travel blog or two.

Travel blogs are amazing resources for both aspiring world travelers and seasoned plane hoppers.

Readers can often find personal stories of travel experiences, sample packing lists, foodie reviews, and so many more types of content.

I've gathered a list of some of the top travel blogs for you to check out before embarking on your next trip.

You'll definitely find a new favorite on this list.

@uncornered_market 45K followers

Uncornered Market

@umarket 44.1K followers

Dan and Audrey took the ultimate leap together - quitting their stable jobs to travel the world, blog, and perform charitable works.

They have proclaimed it their mission to live a purpose-filled and actionable life and this sentiment is felt throughout the blog.

Social activism, cultural sensitivity, and climate change are just some of the causes this couple fights for while jetting around the globe (100 countries and counting).

I especially loved the food and drink guides on the blog - the pictures made cuisine I'd never seen before look appetizing and they infuse tons of interesting history and culture facts behind each dish.

@nomadicmatt 114K followers

Nomadic Matt

@nomadicmatt 119.3K followers

Want to learn how to travel more on a tighter budget? 

Visit Matthew Kepnes's blog.

Consistently ranked as one of the top travel blogs, Nomadic Matt (as he likes to go by), has used his years of experience to compile the finest budgeting tips, travel website/product reviews, and interviews with other world travelers.

If it's your goal to see more of the world on less, Matt's community will undoubtedly provide helpful and proven advice to help you get there.

@bemytravelmuse 124K followers

Be My Travel Muse

@BeMyTravelMuse 31.4K followers

Traveling alone can be a scary, life-changing, and exciting experience all at once - Kristin Addis knows this to be more than true.

Like so many others, she harbored the desire to travel the world uninhibited by a regular job.

Now, she's a renowned travel blogger and expert on solo female travel, using her blog as a platform to educate others on topics like destination tips, shoe-string budgeting, and even creating their own travel blog.

Interested readers can also learn more about marketing and photography from Kristin in her online course Travel Blog Accelerator or read her guidebook for women traveling solo.

@i_am_aileen 65.1K followers

I Am Aileen

@iAmAileen 7,233 followers

If the tons of renowned publications she's worked with and thousands of followers she's gained can't convince you that Aileen Adalid knows her travel stuff, her blog certainly will.

For each country she visits, she writes detailed blog posts about its culture, cuisine, experiences, and sites.

There is also a huge library of resources that Aileen's created for her community with activity recommendations, travel itineraries, and more.

@peachananr 4,839 followers

Bucketlistly Blog

@peachananr 3,061 followers

After escaping the corporate world in Thailand, Pete Rojwongsuriya managed to start work as a freelancer and create his travel blog to fund his new digital nomad lifestyle.

Nowadays, he blogs about the various adventures he's been on while also creating travel guides and budget tips.

He hopes to inspire others to travel alone for the first time and live the life they deserve - without all of the mistakes he's made of course.

@escapingabroad 33.5K followers


@EscapingAbroad 91.7K followers

Once he got a taste of travel, James knew he'd never be satisfied with a 9-5 office job again.

James now works online and blogs about his daily life in the hopes of inspiring others.

What makes his travel blog super unique is its focus on outside-the-box experiences such as scuba diving, field herping (finding wild snakes and frogs) , and discovering various wild animals.

Readers can also find tons of reviews for travel accommodations such as hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfast joints.

@gobackpacking_ 1,705 followers

Go Backpacking

@gobackpacking 407 followers

Adventure is out there in the world and if you're not sure where to find it, Go Backpacking is the perfect place to start.

Started by Dave Lee over 20 years ago, Go Backpacking has evolved into a comprehensive travel blog covering cheap and safe travel advice, environmentalism, and activity guides.

You can also find reviews for so many different accommodations, international dishes, and backpacking gear.

@landlopers 41.8K followers


@LandLopers 104.7K followers

Unlike many of his fellow travel bloggers, Matt Long isn't exactly a digital nomad yet he's made world travel his passion and main focus.

Picking up a wide array of knowledge on his adventures, Matt shares amazing photos of world landmarks , keeps readers updated on travel news, and provides advice on all things travel.

Those who want to increase their travel frequency yet still maintain a stable home and career should definitely check out Matt's posts.

@swati_n_sam 15.2K followers

Tales of a Traveler

@talesoftraveler 6,253 followers

Taking a vacation should be a relaxing and pampering experience - this serves as the key tenet in the lives of the Indian software engineer couple behind this blog.

Traveling the world as a couple, the travel bloggers behind Tales of a Traveler want to help their readers balance normal life and save for life-changing vacations.

You can find hotel and restaurant reviews, saving advice, and anecdotes from luxurious travel experiences.

@alisonsadventures 76.6K followers

Alison's Adventures

@AlisonAdventure 16.5K followers

No stranger to exciting and awe-inspiring travel, Alison Teal has dedicated her life to truly living and has been recognized as a top female travel blogger.

Dubbed the female version of Indiana Jones, Alison creates photo, video, and blog content to capture humanitarianism, adventure, and sustainability in action.

Her blog serves as more of an inside look into her thoughts and daily routine, accompanying her work as a filmmaker and eco-friendly brand ambassador.

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