Bob Kudla’s Trade Genius Review: 3 Best Trading Services for Beginners

August 25, 2023

Trade Genius is a trade investment platform created by Bob Kudla. They sell courses, memberships, and tools for trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, cryptocurrency, and binary options.

While trading can be a lucrative source of income, it’s not for everyone. For beginners, some risks come with trading, such as the inconsistency of cash flow and the tendency to be emotional because you haven’t developed the patience and rationality of seasoned traders.

If you don’t know how to start or you’re looking for extra guidance, Trade Genius has courses, indicators, signals, and coaching services for beginner and experienced traders. This review covers everything you need to know about the trading platform.

Trade Genius Review: Pros and Cons


Comprehensive Resources: Trade Genius offers a wide range of resources, such as courses, indicators, and coaching chatrooms, catering to traders of various experience levels.

Transparent Pricing: The prices of their services are all listed on their website.

Personal Coaching: Their personal coaching chatroom offers an affordable way to get personalized guidance from experienced professionals.

Lifetime Access to Courses and (Some) Indicators: You can reinforce your learning over time without additional costs, making it a cost-effective option for ongoing education. Having no monthly annual or monthly subscriptions to the most essential indicators is convenient as well.


Constant Chart Checking and Notifications: Being actively involved in trading requires regularly monitoring charts and notifications, demanding a significant time commitment for manual trading.

Emotional Roller Coaster: Trade losses and wins can put you on an emotional roller coaster.

Expensive: Trade Genius’s services can be costly for some people.

Not Suitable for Urgent Financial Needs: Trading isn’t a quick solution for immediate financial needs. It requires a lot of patience and constant dedication.

Significant Initial Investment: Engaging in trading can require significant money to fund trades.

No Consistent Income: Unlike having a regular job, trading doesn’t guarantee a consistent income. You may even lose some money.

Limited Information About the Creator: Bob Kudla’s somewhat obscure background and credentials may raise uncertainties about his expertise.

Courses Are Non-Refundable: Like most knowledge-based services, all sales from Trade Genius's courses are final.


Trade Genius's courses are priced from $399 to $1,299. Their tools and memberships cost from $49-$2,999. And they charge $300 per hour for their private coaching chatroom.


All Trade Genius courses and programs are non-refundable.

Refund Policy

Unknown. Although, their Youtube channel (which now has 32.6K subscribers) started in 2016.


Both Trade Genius and Bob Kudla aren’t well-known.

What Is Trade Genius?

Trade Genius is an investment trading platform for traders of different experience levels. Through their Trade Genius Academy, they offer courses about trading stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, binary options, and gold and silver. For additional guidance, Trade Genius has a personal coaching chatroom, providing personalized support to students with specific needs.

Trade Genius also provides different indicators that help better analyze stock markets and identify trends. Additionally, they offer membership subscriptions that include real-time signals. These signals aim to find profitable trades and alert subscribers accordingly. Moreover, Trade Genius hosts a podcast on YouTube and Spotify where they cover topics related to the stock market, cryptocurrency market, finance, and more.

Is Trade Genius Legit or a Scam?

Trade Genius is legit and not a scam. People have made money using their services. But remember that trading in financial markets can be risky, and results may vary for everyone. While Trade Genius provides valuable resources, you should still do your research and not solely rely on what they offer.

Who Is Trade Genius For?

Trade Genius is for people who are:

  • Financially Prepared: Trade Genius's services can get pricey. Additionally, trading is a risky venture and you will, at some point, lose some money due to the unpredictable nature of stock prices.
  • Risk Tolerant: If you can handle market volatility, potential mistakes, and possible losses without getting emotionally distressed, then this venture is for you.
  • Analytical: To succeed in trading, you must be good at analyzing market trends. Trade Genius will teach you how, but having this inherent skill is an advantage.
  • Committed: Trading, in general, requires a lot of time and attention for research and monitoring.
  • Adaptable to Changes: Financial markets are dynamic and ever-changing. To become successful in this venture, you need to be adaptable to new strategies and market conditions.
  • Interested in Financial Markets: Any venture, however profitable it may be, will become cumbersome if you don’t enjoy doing it. Having a genuine interest in financial markets will keep you driven through both the triumphs and setbacks of trading.

On the other hand, Trade Genius is not for people who are:

  • Financially Dependent: If you’re planning to rely on trading for income, then Trade Genius isn’t for you. Market conditions often go up and down and can greatly impact your financial stability. If you’re strapped for cash, you should get a job instead.
  • Prone to Emotional Decision-Making: Making impulsive decisions is dangerous in trading. Logical, data-backed decisions are often the way to go.
  • Busy: Staying on top of the fast-paced nature of the market can become challenging if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to research and monitoring.
  • Risk-Averse: If you don’t like the idea of possibly losing your money, trading may become stressful for you. There are less risky ways of making money online such as local lead generation.

Best Trade Genius Academy Course: Learn to Trade Stocks and ETF ($899)

Learn to Trade Stocks and ETF is a 12-part course that teaches the ins and outs of the stock market. The Trade Genius team has been trading stocks since 1991, and this is the product of their experience. It covers many topics, from stock market fundamentals to advanced options trading, making Trade Genius worth checking out.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Trading Part 1

The first lesson teaches the fundamentals of the stock market, how it works, price fluctuations, key players in the market, and the valuation of companies.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Trading Part 2

This lesson focuses on finding the right stocks and ETFs to start your trading endeavors. You’ll learn the rules of filtering, setting up trading charts with all the essential indicators, and developing a trading plan.

Lesson 3: Advanced Topics

In this part, you’ll be given tools to identify the best chart setups which you won’t be able to find from other chart indicators. These include candlestick patterns, pivots, wedges, and more. Trade Genius promises that these indicators have a high probability of profit every time.

Lesson 4: Intro to Options Trading

Here, you’ll learn what options are and how to use them to find profitable trades.

Lesson 5: Basic Options Trading

This lesson discusses the best option setups, their applications in trading, and how to use them.

Lesson 6: Advanced Options

In this part, you’ll delve into advanced options strategies and techniques, understand their purpose, and learn how you can profit from using these approaches. You’ll also learn how to generate income, protect your profit, and use options as leverage.

Lesson 7: When to Trade What

This lesson teaches the optimal times to buy and sell, including the best days of the week and months for trading stocks and commodities.

Lesson 8: How to Trade Volatility

You’ll explore the concept of volatility, what to trade, and how to trade it profitably.

Lesson 9: How to Day Trade VXX & Options

This lesson discusses Trade Genius's strategy to profit consistently from trading VXX and options. VXX is used to track the value of VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) short-term futures.

Lesson 10: Generating Income from Credit Spread

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to set up your chart and signals for credit spreads.

Lesson 11: How to Short the Ultra ETFs

This lesson explores how to make money by shorting ultra ETFs, how to select the best ETFs for this, and when to take the trade.

Lesson 12: Trading Futures Using Only Price and Volume

Finally, this part discusses how professional traders day trade futures using only price and volume. You’ll also get access to a secret indicator by Trade Genius to gain an immediate edge in your trades.

Best Trade Genius Software Indicator: Basic Indicator ($1,999)

The Trade Genius Basic Indicator is a 5-in-1 package with all the essential indicators you need to get on the right side of the trade. By using these tools, you can identify trend directions, support, and resistance levels, and you’ll gain confidence in your trading decisions. The user-friendly Trading View layout also simplifies the process, and the supplied training videos will teach you how each component works and their synergistic potential to provide you with a winning edge. The basic indicator includes:

Range Trader

This is the most important part of the Basic Indicator Package. It visually shows you the buying and selling zones, as well as the trend direction (up or down). Even without prior charting experience, you can easily discern the trend and trade accordingly, avoiding trading against the trend. This saves you time, as you don't need to spend countless hours observing charts to identify trends and ranges. The Range Trader accelerates your trading proficiency, giving you a head start in your trading journey.

Trend Band Basic

This trend identification signal compliments the range trader and helps confirm the direction of the trend. It can also help you get another trade entry or exit signal.

Trade Fulcrum

This indicator complements the range trader as well. It’s designed to confirm the trend using price structure.

Trade Genius Money Flow

This indicator precisely identifies price turns, which helps you find an optimal entry point once you’ve determined the trade direction and buying area.

Heat Indicator

This is another foundational part of Trade Genius's Basic Indicator Software. This line oscillates to indicate whether the price is overbought, oversold, or in a trending state. This is valuable for traders as it indicates where the price will potentially reverse or continue in the current direction. Additionally, it offers another entry point in a trend, ensuring you don't miss profitable opportunities.

Best Trade Genius Membership Subscription: ETF Alerts ($49)

If you’re set on trading stocks and ETFs, the ETF/Stocks Alert Membership is best for you. With this membership, you’ll gain access to their exclusive stock signal algorithm, which has been tried and tested to achieve a 70% average win rate on its alerts. As a member, you’ll receive notifications (1-2 times a day) when the algorithm detects high-probability winning trades.

How Much Does Trade Genius Cost?

Trade Genius’s services cost from $49 to $299. Their courses range from $399 to $1,299. On the other hand, their signals which are provided through memberships are priced between $49 and $199. Their indicator packages cost from $179 to $2,999. For their private coaching chatroom, they charge $300 per hour. Finally, their Futures Price Level Newsletter costs $99.

How Much Do You Need to Invest to Start Trading?

You can invest as low as $1 to start trading. Before you start, you need to open an online brokerage account through regulated brokers. A brokerage account is like a bank account, but it’s provided by brokerage firms that allow you to buy and sell financial assets such as stocks, ETFs, options, futures, bonds, and mutual funds. It depends on which country you’re in, but a lot of online brokerages nowadays don’t have a minimum deposit requirement, which means that you can open an account for free.

After opening a brokerage account, you can start investing with as little as $1, though the more money you invest, the better. One important thing to be aware of is trading fees like brokerage commission fees, which is typically 1%-2% of your assets that are managed by them. The good thing is that many online brokerages now offer commission-free trading for certain asset classes, like stocks and ETFs. However, brokers may still charge other fees, such as regulatory fees, exchange fees, and fees for specific services.

How Much Money Can You Make with Trade Genius?

You can make as much as $100,000 with Trade Genius, based on their website’s testimonials. One customer said that they turned their $15,000 initial investment into a $100,000+ crypto portfolio in a matter of months. Another review mentioned that they made $800+ after taking Trade Genius's ETF course. However, these testimonials come from Trade Genius's website. They don’t have any reviews from outside sources.

How Much Can You Earn Per Month as a Consistently Profitable and Independent Trader?

You can earn around $7,855 per month as a consistently profitable and independent trader. According to ZipRecruiter, as of July 24, 2023, the typical yearly salary for an ETF Trader in the United States is $94,266. On an hourly basis, this translates to approximately $45.32, equaling around $1,812 per week or $7,855 per month.

What Do You Get in Trade Genius?

You get access to a range of different services related to trading such as online courses, indicators, signal memberships, a personal coaching chatroom, and a premium paid newsletter in Trade Genius. Their platform caters to students with different levels of experience and they provide valuable resources that help their customers improve their trading game and stay informed about the markets.

Other Trade Genius Memberships

Trade Genius Memberships give you access to their stock signals. They use automated trading algorithms that, according to their website, give an average of 70% win rate on the alerts. By subscribing, you’ll be notified when there’s a trade that has a high probability to win.

  • Crypto and Binary Alerts/Signals ($49/month or $499/year): The Crypto and Binary Alert Service uses the Trading Genius system with US500 and FX, and sends out 3-4 profitable recommendations per day. In addition to the alert, this membership also comes with 24/7 live alerts and 24/7 trading chatroom access.
  • Combo ($89/month or $899/year): This is the combination of the ETF Alerts and Crypto & Binary Alerts Memberships. You’ll get all the benefits of both memberships at a discounted price.
  • VIP Service ($199/month or $1,999/year): This service is recommended for experienced traders. Subscribers of this tier will gain access to Trade Genius's exclusive buy/sell signals for ETF/stocks, cryptocurrencies, advanced binary options, futures, and options, which aren’t available to customers of their basic services. Additionally, VIP subscribers get access to the VIP Chatroom and to one Trade Genius Destination Training Seminar.

Other Trade Genius Academy Courses and Bundles

  • Learn to Trade Crypto ($799): Become a crypto genius with this 4-part course, where you’ll learn what cryptocurrencies are, investment strategies between Bitcoin and altcoins, Bitcoin price cycles, Bitcoin growth strategies, and how to trade in and out of altcoins.
  • Learn to Trade Binary Options ($899): Learn to Trade Binary Options is a 10-part course where you’ll learn what binary options are, why you should trade them, Trade Genius's 3 basic entry types, money management, Nadex spreads, technical price levels, and intermediate and advanced trade setups.
  • Learn to Trade Gold & Silver ($799): Learn to Trade Gold & Silver is a 4-part course that teaches how to protect yourself from the mistakes of the government and your country’s debt by leveraging gold and silver and the miners who extract them.
  • Bear Market Course ($399): This 20-part course will provide you with a system that will help you identify potential bear markets so that you can protect your portfolio. This course covers the history, key features, and warning signs of bear markets, indicators, moving averages, bear markets vs pullbacks, how to hedge your portfolio, black swans, FED policies, derivatives, options, futures, and inverse ETFs. Additionally, this course has a bonus lesson where you can learn two signals from Trade Genius's bear market system.
  • Live Classroom Training (Basic Ticket: $600; VIP Ticket: $2500): This on-site training is scheduled on January 26-28, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. This personal hands-on training is divided into 6 classes: Introduction to Trading, The Trade Genius Approach, Trading the Stock Market, Trading the Crypto Market, Options Trading, Advanced Stock Trading, and Advanced Price Action Trading. Both basic and VIP tickets have access to all of these classes. With the VIP ticket, you’ll get to have dinner, a private trading strategy workshop with Bob and Phil, and a 6-month membership to their VIP Signal Alerts and VIP Chatroom.

Other Trade Genius Software Indicators

  • Basic Indicator Package ($1,999 Lifetime Access): This package includes 5 indicators: Range Trader, Trend Band Basic, Trade Fulcrum, Trade Genius Money Flow, and Heat Indicator. These indicators identify trend direction, support, and resistance levels. The package also includes a user-friendly layout on Trading View, along with training videos that explain how each component works and demonstrate how combining them can yield a competitive advantage.
  • Advanced Indicator Package ($2,999 Lifetime Access): This package includes everything in the Basic Indicator Package, as well as 3 tools that will take your trading to the next level: Pro Trend Band, Ripper Trend Signal, and Envelopes. Along with these more powerful signals, they also provide training videos and a simple layout for Trading View.
  • Kona Trade Signal ($179/year): The Kona Trade Signal is a trading algorithm that incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as Trading View, Pine Script, and Machine Learning.
  • Fed Liquidity Indicator ($179/year): This indicator is designed to detect whether liquidity is introduced or withdrawn from the markets. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, central banks used quantitative easing (QE) to support the economy and prop up stock markets. This indicator tracks the flow of this activity, determining if the stock market is overbought or oversold based on proprietary calculations.

Trade Genius Personal Coaching

Trade Genius provides a personal coaching chatroom service for $300 per hour. Within this coaching program, students can seek personalized guidance and ask trading-related questions to a seasoned Trade Genius. The coaching covers various aspects of trading, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, options, and futures.

Additionally, they also sell a premium weekly newsletter. Priced at $99 per month or $899 annually, this newsletter provides key buy and sell levels, a trade strategy for the week, statistical probabilities for the day of the week and month, and range trader charts.

What Do You Need to Do to Benefit from Trade Genius?

  • Choose the Right Service: Trade Genius offers a diverse selection of services, catering to beginners and experienced traders alike. Select the one that aligns with your trading goals and experience level.
  • Enroll in Courses: If you have little to no knowledge about trading, consider taking one of their courses. They can give you valuable knowledge and trading skills to get started in the world of trading.
  • Use Indicators: If you’re already an experienced trader, using Trade Genius indicators can enhance your market analysis and find profitable trades.
  • Do the Work: Trade Genius only offers knowledge, tools, and guidance. At the end of the day, you’re still the one calling the shots if you pursue trading. You need to spend time researching and monitoring financial markets and make use of the services you’ve acquired from Trade Genius.
  • Practice Risk Management: Whatever your experience level is, you need to practice risk management carefully. Avoid risking more than you can afford to lose in a single trade and diversify your portfolio to mitigate potential losses.
  • Be Patient and Disciplined: Trading can be complex, especially when you’re just beginning. Be patient with yourself, trust the learning process, be open-minded, and recognize that mastery in trading may need ongoing practice and experience. Additionally, avoid emotional decision-making. Instead, make use of Trade Genius's tools as well as your own research to make informed decisions.

Who Is the Creator of Trade Genius?

Bob Kudla is the creator of Trade Genius. While he’s known to be the creator of the platform, there’s not much public information about him, his background, and his credentials, even on the Trade Genius website.

Phillip “Phil” Clever is also associated with Trade Genius. While Bob Kudla is the one widely recognized as the creator, Phil appears to be actively involved in running the company alongside him. Similar to Bob, there’s limited information about Phil as well.

Should You Trust Bob Kudla’s Trading Advice?

You shouldn’t blindly trust Bob Kudla’s trading advice because he has an obscure background and credentials. However, the Trade Genius platform offers a lot of valuable knowledge, with its extensive courses and detailed indicators. Additionally, their YouTube channel, with its 32.5K subscribers and 2.1K videos, shows Bob and Phil’s expertise in the field of trading. Despite the limited information about them, Trade Genius remains a valuable resource for traders seeking to enhance their understanding of the financial markets.

3 Stocks to Trade in 2023 According to Bob Kudla

  • Uranium: The potential increase in demand and supply restrictions has attracted interest to Uranium and its trend is currently constantly moving up.
  • Gold and Silver: The uncertainty of the current market has made gold and silver valuable as they serve as a hedge against inflation.
  • Shipping Stocks: ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, an Israeli shipping company, is one of the cheapest stocks today. Investing in this stock is enticing as the company plans to distribute 30-50% of its net income as dividends to its shareholders. However, because the net income of ZIM in Q1 was negative $48 million, it didn’t pay dividends for that quarter.

Trade Genius Alternatives

While Trade Genius offers many services that appear beneficial for traders, the absence of external reviews and limited information about Bob Kudla may discourage potential customers from acquiring Trade Genius's products. Additionally, their prices may be expensive for some.

5 Alternative Trading Signals

  • The Trading Analyst ($147/month): You’ll receive real-time options trade alerts through text messages. These alerts will come with clear signals and precise prices, aiming for realistic gains of 10% to 25% per trade.
  • Tickeron ($60/year): This signal uses an AI trading robot to process information fast. It sends buy, sell, and hold alerts.
  • TradeDots ($19.99-$189.99/month): This offers buy/sell signals that work for all markets and all time frames.
  • GSIC ($69/month): This alternative is best for cryptocurrency trading.
  • IG (free): IG offers free signals for forex trading. You can also open a demo account to practice trading before doing the real thing.

5 Alternative Stock & Crypto Trading Courses and Programs

  • Jeff Clark Trader by Jeffrey Clark: This program teaches you how to profit from options trading. They offer a course at an affordable price of $19.
  • VIP Trading Program by Maurice Kenny: This 10-week coaching program will teach you how to become a full-time VIP trader. Aside from a course, you’ll also get one-on-one and group coaching sessions.
  • Prosper Trading Academy by Scott Bauer: This online learning platform offers trading courses, mastery programs, 1:1 and group coaching, webinars, access live signal trading rooms, and an automated trading software.
  • Phemex Academy: This is a free crypto traders resource where beginners can learn how to trade Bitcoin and crypto. They also have a trading bot that can execute orders with lower risk and cost.
  • Wealth Builders Institute is an online trading course that helps students identify market reversals to get the best deals in online trading. This course includes a 6-week course, weekly workshops, coach interactions.

What Is Your Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024?

Local lead generation is my top recommendation for making money online in 2023. If you’re looking for a more stable source of income, this business model is for you. Unlike the unpredictable nature of trading, local lead generation produces consistent passive income once you’re done with the initial setup. It works by ranking your niche website on Google and generating leads for local businesses. Additionally, the learning curve for local lead generation is relatively short compared to the complexities of trading, making it more accessible and less risky for beginners.

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