Michael Love’s Trade With Me Now Review (TWMN): What Makes This Trading Course by a Chef Unique?

March 26, 2024

Trade With Me Now (TWMN) is a stock trading training program that teaches you how to make a profit from trading with various strategies, such as swing trading and day trading, using their proprietary indicators and tools. Created by renowned chef, Michael Love, beginners who take his program can potentially turn $1,000 into $4,000 in 60 days. The program focuses on swing options trades, but you can use the same methods in other trading strategies such as forex trading, buy and hold, etc. TWMN has swing trading, day trading, NFT trading, and legacy trading courses.

Trading online is very risky, especially for beginners. Inexperienced traders should not trade with money that they cannot afford to lose. Traders lose money when they overreach, panic, get too greedy, or follow suggestions to the letter. 90% of traders fail because of these reasons. Most traders fail because they think that there is one full-proof strategy that works instead of taking them as suggestions. In this Trade With Me Now review, you will discover if it is legit, who is it for, what the programs are, what the reviews are, who is Michael Love, if options trading is worth it, and what my recommended passive income business is.

Michael Love's Trade With Me Now Review (TWMN): Pros and Cons


Michael Love is very experienced and knowledgeable about trading.

Great customer service and support for members with questions answered by Michael and his team.


Relying completely on the trades suggested by the trade alert is risky.

The tools needed to trade incur recurring costs.

Subscriptions are nonrefundable.


Trade With Me Now costs $47.00 for the TWMN Market Weather Report, and $1497/year for the Day Trading Course, and $3,700/year for the TWMN Legacy Elite.

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee for the Market Weather Report. No refunds for subscriptions.




Overall positive

What Makes Trade With Me Now Different From Other Trading Courses?

What makes Trade With Me Now different from other courses is their custom trade alerts that send 30-50 trade alerts monthly. The 2-way trade alerts will inform members before Michael makes a trade. The alert will include all the information such as the price, which is not guaranteed to be the same as prices can change in a second. Members can reply directly to the alert with questions. The alerts are sent through the TWMN app, which is downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Is Trade With Me Now Legit?

Trade With Me Now is a legit program that delivers extensive training to its students. The program teaches you several trading strategies and methods. These include day trading, cryptocurrency trading, options trading, and more. You will also be provided with all the tools you need to trade.

Who Is Trade With Me Now For?

  1. Beginners who want to learn how to trade in the stock market. The beginner course teaches the basics, along with different trading strategies.
  2. Experienced traders who want to learn more strategies. Trade With Me Now Legacy Elite is for experienced traders where they will learn other strategies and more advanced techniques.
  3. Part-time traders who want to maximize their profits in order to trade full-time. The variety of courses will teach you diverse ways of trading.

How Much Does Trade With Me Now Cost?

The Trade With Me Now Market Weather Masterclass usually costs 2 payments of $47 but is sometimes offered at only $47, and The Day Trading course costs $1497/year. The TWMN Legacy Elite costs $3,700/year and includes both the Market Weather Masterclass and the Day Trading course. There are limited discounts offered seasonally.

What Is the Trade With Me Now (TWMN) Login?

When you subscribe to any TWMN program, you will create an account with your email address. After logging in, you will see all the available courses and programs and you will have access to those that are included with what you paid for.

trade with me now review

What Is the Trade With Me Now Legacy Elite?

The Trade With Me Now Legacy Elite is the premium subscription that includes all the TWMN courses. Subscribing will give you access to all future courses, programs, and indicators. You also get 1-on-1 coaching with Michael and 50% off on TWMN convention tickets. Many of the TWMN courses and programs are only available with the Legacy Elite membership.

What Is Included in the Trade With Me Now Legacy Elite?

  • Legacy Annual - A course for traditional trading strategies that is best for those with larger trading accounts. You also get custom legacy trading alerts.
  • WealthMachine Annual - This is for those who have or want to create a stock portfolio. You will learn how to manage your portfolio and when to buy, sell, or hold. It comes with special buy and sell indicators.
  • Crypto Defi Masterclass - This is TWMN's crypto and NFT trading course.
  • Reports - Monday morning stock analysis and earnings report indicator.

What Is the Trade With Me Now Day Trading Course?

The Trade With Me Now Day Trading course is Michael's latest program. The course teaches you how to day trade options on TradeStation using custom indicators, scans, and workspace. You can also use what you learn on other trading assets and brokerage.

What Is Included in the Trade With Me Now Day Trading Course?

  • $2,000 rebate on commissions for options from TradeStation.
  • Custom day trading indicators and workspace.
  • Custom RadarScreens.
  • Custom trend, ADD, and TICK indicators.
  • Relative volume chart indicators that show your trading average in the past 21 days.
  • Gap move workspace and pre-market scans.
  • Day trading live room that runs 7 days a week. Opens 6am EST until the end of the day.
  • Video library for day trading beginners that include quick start programs, live trainings, step-by-step strategies, and member videos.
trade with me now review

What Is the Trade With Me Now Market Weather Report?

The Trade With Me Now Market Weather Report is Michael’s proprietary set of market “internals” that predicts whether the market will be bullish or bearish on the next day. Members will be informed of this prediction, which is about 85% accurate. 30 day live training and alerts can be renewed for $89/month.

What Is Included in the Trade With Me Now Market Weather Report?

  • The Market Weather Masterclass - The Masterclass comes with a Basic Options training video library, the proprietary Market Weather Report module, an 8-step trading workflow, Michael's 6-star trade setup, and more.
  • TWMN Trade Tracker - The proprietary tracker allows you to make up to 25 trades at a time. This includes a customized sheet that calculates your trades so you can analyze what you need to improve.
  • Custom Trading Plan - Helps you create a trading plan so you can trade like a pro.
  • The Advanced Options Course - After you learn the basics of options trading, the advance options course will teach you advanced low risk strategies to increase your profits.
  • The 3-2-1 Liftoff Indicator - This proprietary indicator informs you when a stock is about to go from consolidation to explosion and which direction it will go. The tool will help you identify the 6-star setup. This trading tool is integratable with TradeStation and ThinkorSwim.
  • Live Training - For 30 days, beginners can join the live training every Sunday morning where they can ask anything questions related to training or TradeStation.
  • Custom 2-Way Trade Alerts - Every day for 30 days, you will be notified in real-time of the entries and exits of every trade that Michael does, including a commentary of the market.
  • Live Sessions - 4 times a week you can learn more from watching Michael trade live. There is also a live training 2 times a week where you will learn even more and get to ask questions.

What Is the Trade With Me Now Facebook?

The Trade With Me Now Facebook group is an active private community where you can network, find support, and ask questions. The group currently has over 600 members. You can join the group as soon as you become a member of one of the TWMN programs.

What Is the Trade With Me Now (TWMN) Reviews?

There aren't much reviews online on Trade With Me Now apart from student testimonials on their official website. As with all unverified reviews, take them with a grain of salt.

trade with me now review

There is one unresolved complaint on BBB concerning an unwanted charge. They also have a 3.8 score on Trustpilot with only 2 reviews. Only one review on Trustpilot has a comment with 5 stars.

trade with me now review

What Is the Trade With Me Now Review on Reddit?

Trade With Me Now Reviews on Reddit is less positive. On a thread about TWMN a reply commented that the program wasn't worth it. Another also pointed out how risky Michael's trading strategy is.

trade with me now review

Who Is Michael Love?

trade with me now review

Michael Love is a full-time day trader and educator from Miami, Florida. With over 15 years of experience in trading, he created Trade With Me Now in 2020. Michael was a professional chef and author of the bestselling cookbook “The Salvage Chef Cookbook”. He was the former Specialty Chef for Epicure Gourmet Market & Cafe and is featured in several news articles and TV cooking shows. Today, he continues to cook as a private chef while trading stock options full-time.

trade with me now review

What Is Michael Love's Claim?

Michael Love's claim is that by mirroring his trades that the 2-way trade alert sends out, members can turn a $1,000 investment into $4,000+ within 60 days or less. The question you should ask is how practical is this claim and how likely you are to achieve the goal by mirroring the trades?

Why TWMN’s Trade Alert Not Guarantee Success

The problem with Michael's claim is that the real-time trade alerts still take some time to send, and for members to receive and execute. Because of the sudden market fluctuations, prices can change within a second. Michael has a disclaimer that states that the prices listed on the alert will probably be more or less by the time the member opens the trade. Unless you are online and ready to make the trade as soon as you receive an alert, which can appear anytime of the day, it is unlikely you'll get the same deal.

The average profit margin per month is only 2%. This low profit margin means that if you follow a trade based solely on the alerts, even if the price has slightly shifted, you risk losing money upon completion. On average, only 10% of swing trades will be profitable. Following Michael's trades without enough knowledge and experience with trading will probably find you losing money.

Is Options Trading Worth It in 2024?

Options Trading is worth it if you can afford the high risks of losing the money you invest. According to Investopedia, you have a 75% chance of losing your investment when trading in options. As a beginner, you have to be prepared to lose money while you gain experience because of the high-risk nature of trading. Options trading is best for beginners because of the low cost of entry. You need at least $500 to trade. This is the bare minimum to buy options, stocks, bonds, ETFs. It is recommended that you start with $4,000 - $5,000 to have enough leeway when trading.

Trading is not like gambling, although they may appear similar. The similarities lie with the principle of minimizing risk while maximizing profits. With gambling, the house has an advantage that increases the more you play. With online trading, the stock market grows over time, which increases the earning potential for the longer you trade. You can make money trading if you know how to minimize risks, how to read and interpret market conditions, and have good strategies. Practice trading using stimulated environments such as the TradeStation practice app.

Keep in mind that trading does not create passive income. You need to spend hours every day constantly analyzing and monitoring the market. If you are looking to make passive income, you should consider creating an online business. Local lead generation and affiliate marketing are some of the popular passive income business models.

Which Trading Strategy Is Best for Beginners?

Swing trading is best for beginners. It is less stressful and time consuming compared to day trading. Swing trading involves buying and selling in a period of more than a day and less than a month. Day trading is also common with beginners because of the potential of fast profit. An example of day trading is buying a stock, option, NFT, bonds, currency, etc. and then selling them within the same day. The purpose of day trading would be to profit from rapid fluctuations in prices.

The buy and hold strategy is the most popular trading strategy. This is the most common strategy that traders, both beginners and professionals, use. Buy and hold is a long-term investment that could take years to profit from. However, buy and hold is not recommended for beginners as this is a long-term investment, which means it will take longer for you to gain experience.

How Do You Start Trading as a Beginner

  • Learn the basics - Before you start trading, take time to learn the basics and understand how things work. Your skills can spell the difference between success and failure.
  • Pick a trading strategy - Select a trading strategy that suits your situation. Swing trading or day trading options are the most common strategies as they are easier to learn, have quicker returns, and have lower barrier for entry.
  • Choose a brokerage - You do not need a broker to trade online. While you do not need to use a broker’s services, you do need to use a brokerage. A brokerage is a trading platform where you can buy and sell stocks. Popular brokerage for beginners are Robinhood, TradeStation, and Webull.
  • Practice with a demo account - Practicing with demo accounts is important so you can gain needed experience while having no risks. Some of the brokerage, like Robinhood, have demo accounts where you can practice trading.
  • Develop your skills - Keep developing your skills by practicing with your demo account while learning more about trading. The more skilled you become, the lower the risks you have of losing money.
  • Trade online - The best way to learn is to trade online. Be prepared to lose most of your investment as a beginner. The more you lose and learn from an ever-changing market, the more you will be skilled be at risk management, increasing your success chances.

Related Articles on Options Trading

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  • Preston James’ Money Press Method - Money Press Method is a options trading guidebook and DVD training for those who want to learn on their own pace.
  • David Vlas’ Monetari Fund - Monetari Fund is a options trading group that sends 1-way alerts for day and swing trades. They also have a mini course.
  • Bryan Bottarelli’s Monument Traders Alliance - Monument Traders Alliance is an options trading community and educational service. You can get training, newsletters, and trade recommendations.
  • Ross Cameron’s Warrior Trading - Warrior Trading offers day trading and swing trading courses, proprietary trading tools, and live trading streams. Ross Cameron is one of the best scalpers in stock trading and you can watch him trade live.

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A site can stay ranked on Google for years without the need for you to do anything. Traders spend 1-5 hours a day working on trades. On average, part-time traders spend an hour or less while full-time traders spend 2-5 hours a day. A local lead generation business only takes a day or two of initial work to create and optimize your site. Aside from the rare need to update your site, the income comes in passively.

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