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Traffic & Funnels Review 2024 (Chris & Taylor) – Is it legit?

May 4, 2024

traffic and funnels review

Traffic and Funnels was a company created by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans that helped businesses generate more leads and sales through online marketing strategies courses and done-for-you marketing services. The program specialized in Facebook advertising, sales funnel optimization, email marketing, and sales psychology. After getting into trouble with the FTC in 2022, the company declined and eventually started losing money. Taylor and Chris have since moved on to other ventures.

Taylor Welch created the sales training program, Inbound Closer, with his brother Payton and the Consulting Memo training program for consultants.

While Traffic and Funnels is no longer active, you can read along to find out what they use to offer and what the clients said about them.

Quick Stats

14 hours, 27 minutes & 19 seconds
Geared toward service providers that are looking for more qualified leads
4.0/5 - excellent, comprehensive course
Starts at $9,800, but Cost varies depending on the Level of Coaching Desired

What is Traffic & Funnels at its core?

Traffic & Funnels teaches you how to create a personal brand and run Facebook ads.

With Facebook ads, you'll be able to put yourself in front of an audience that has no idea who you are.

This is where funnels come into play.

With them, the goal is to take cold traffic and turn them into warm leads.

Who's Traffic & Funnels for?

This is for people that already have a professional skill or service that they can offer.

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Other professional services

What do you need to succeed with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not cheap, therefore you need an irresistible offer plus, it should be a high-ticket product or service.


It's hard to win with Facebook ads if your product/service is cheap and it only solves a small problem.

All your marketing skills like copywriting & creating sales videos will NOT work if your product isn't superb.

Pros & Cons of Running Facebook Ads

Rising cost of Facebook Ads over the years

It's supply & demand.

As more people jump on Facebook to run ads, the cost keeps rising because now there's more demand than "inventory" (aka: ad space)

Here's a graph that illustrates why the cost of FB ads will rise...

Why I personally stay away from Facebook ads today

No matter what, you need traffic on the internet to make money. 

Facebook ads provides that opportunity for a lot of people.

But because it's become so easy for anyone to do, it's become saturated and as a result, the cost per acquisition has gone up A LOT in the last few years.

Also, Facebook ads require a lot of maintenance.

Sometimes your ads aren't profitable, which means you have to kill the ad and create a new one asap.

Otherwise you start losing money.

So, it always feels like you're playing a cat & mouse game.

This is why I like ranking websites in Google because once you rank a site, it generally stays ranking longterm with a lot less maintenance.

Which is why I'm a fan of doing organic lead generation for small businesses.

Who created Client Kit 2.0?

Chris grew up near Charlotte, North Carolina and in 2012, moved with his wife Missy and their four kids to California to be a VP of Marketing for GoDaddy.

Three years later, Chris & Taylor started Traffic and Funnels.

Taylor Welch grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and studied marketing at the University of Memphis.

Now, he lives in Nashville with his wife Lindsey and have had their first child this year. He also has a inbound closing course called Inbound Closer, which is headed by his brother Payton Welch.

Taylor jumped into this business almost immediately after graduating.

Today, he facilitates much of the high-ticket sales side of their business. 

In addition to offering online training, they also had a series of live events, the last one of which was at the beginning of November 2019. 

Chris and Taylor also share their tips and tricks on their weekly podcast "The Traffic and Funnels Show."

In their most recent episode (published on November 26, 2019), they talk about how challenges bring growth to their business. 

Who I Am

ippei kanehara

Believe it or not, I am also a successful funnel developer.

I was looking to level up my sales pipeline even more back in 2016 after having experienced some success in the lead generation field.

To date, I've made and optimized 79+ unique funnels (that have an average of 31.2% conversion rates).

I put in a ton of hours to get these funnels fine-tuned to the level they are.

It wasn't easy but, I was persistent and committed to always optimizing them.


Perseverance is what enabled me to quit my 9-5. 

Who I'm NOT

I am not an affiliate for T&F.

I write reviews to help others make their decisions in a well-informed manner. 

What to Expect in this Course

This course covers how to build a funnel and how to scope it in to your specific type of prospects.

  • Beginning with the End Goal in Mind (Deciding Which Service to Funnel Prospects Towards)
  • The Process to Develop Your Customer Avatar
  • Customized Coaching
  • Construction Converting Webinar-Serviced Funnels
  • Streaming Prospects via Facebook Ads
  • Automating Your Business to Live the 4-Hour Work Week

Review of Each Module

Module 1: Zero in on 1 Result (Focusing on a Single Service)

Before you can set up your customized funnel, you should know what service you're going to provide to the people who journey through your funnel. 

Chris and Taylor recommend having a singular, specific high-ticket product or service. 

Module 1 has two major points and they both involve focus.

Some business owners want to sell all their products through a single funnel.

Why is that a bad idea?

Funnels are too small of a structure to accommodate that many items. 

So, the Number One Rule in creating an awesome sales funnel is...

1. Learn to Say No: Finding Your One Service 

Later on, you'll learn that Chis and Taylor literally 10X'd their business by reducing the number of services they offered. 

Here's how I applied what the "Smartest Guys in Marketing" taught before I even knew them:

I started promoting my lead generation service through this kind of funnel.


To qualify my leads even more.

That way when I scheduled a phone call with them, they were already pre-sold on using my service. (often I'd focus my funnels on limousine rental businesses and tree services, but more on that in Module 2). 

How did I pick my lead gen service?

Initially, I was offering all kinds of services while running my agency after I got home from work. 

Ultimately I was trying to do too much and that wasn't working. 

I picked lead generation because it would bring in a lot of recurring income, help me quit my 9-5, and travel the world like I had always dreamed. 

2. Take the Time to Optimize the Funnel.

At first, I tried to set up a funnel for my lead gen service addressing my prospects as a group.

That didn't work so well. 

After watching a training by Russell Brunson, I learned how a focused funnel is just a much more effective one.

Why bring that up?

Well, I listened to a few of the recorded lessons in the course again and heard a student complaining about the same situation I was in.

Chris ended up recommending that the student tweak the funnel so that it appealed to a specific genre of his target audience.

He explained that if the student adjusted his funnel's copy to appeal to the middle range business, smaller businesses who couldn't afford his services wouldn't bother reaching out.

After, Chris share some helpful tips regarding the copy.

Here's 3 of them:

  • Personalize the Content: Write to a specific individual instead of a group
  • Focus on Pain Points: People react to pleasure but mostly, pain. Learn your audience's pain points and address them.
  • Make Evolving a Goal: It takes time to adapt your content so, have patience and remember that the best copy mirrors the prospect's frustrations, then shows them an applicable solution

Look, building a funnel is more of a process than an event. 

Some funnel gurus make it seem like all you need to do is slap each page of your funnel together in a matter of seconds and be good.

They're wrong.

The majority of work on a funnel happens AFTER all the major pieces are in place and traffic is flowing through the sales funnel. 

Also true with search engine optimization, the best funnels are those that have been edited, edited and edited again... 

Now, if you want a funnel building service to make yours and speed up the optimization process, check out Steve's Marketing Funnel Academy.

Steve not only educates you on the the funnel building process but his team also builds and optimizes it for you.