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Traffic Hacks Accelerator Review (The Real Reason Greg Morrison Left OMG Machines)

January 13, 2023

The Traffic Hacks Accelerator course is a training program that was started by Greg Morrison after his split with OMG Machines. That course was a collection of entrepreneurs who taught students how to rank a website on Google and monetize it, and even get paid to rank their clients' sites.

Greg felt like he had to part ways with the OMG Machines program because he thought there was too much SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) going on in the community. The problem was that other instructors were often promoting too many programs that clashed with what Greg was teaching and distracted students from the main instruction.

The Traffic Hacks Accelerator course was designed to help beginner SEOs and digital agency owners scale their business past $100K by removing some of the more common problems they may face and it's the first step before joining the Forge Mastermind that Greg and the other course creators put together as a replacement for what OMG Machines was.

In this Traffic Hacks Accelerator review, we'll uncover what the Forge Mastermind is, who the course creators are, if any of their students have had any recent success with the Accelerator, and what the #1 alternative to this program is. Finally, I'll highlight what the key differences between running an SEO agency and running a local lead generation business are.


Greg, Joe, Dan, and Joshua have generated over 8-figures in revenue combined

Greg Morrison is one of the top SEO experts in the industry

Live webinars each month for Q&A

Sales training

They provide you with automations you can use right away to scale your business faster


An SEO agency doesn't pay you a predictable long-term income

You pay for a 12 commitment. If you don't like the course you still have to pay for the entire year.


The Accelerator costs $497 per month for a 12 month commitment


No refunds available


Training videos with detailed step-by-step instruction; Marketing templates & website templates provided to you.


New private Facebook community with zero promotions inside


Greg Morrison is famous in the SEO world and the rest of the coaches in this program also have a great online reputation.

What is the Forge Mastermind?

The Forge Mastermind is a community driven mastermind, similar to OMG Machines, that meets in person twice every year to talk about the newest SEO strategies and techniques that will help your SEO business stay relevant, and continue growing. It was put together by Greg Morrison and other successful internet entrepreneurs after his split with OMG Machines. According to Greg, students have everything needed in this course to succeed without all the distractions that his previous program had.

Traffic Hacks Team

Greg Morrison is from Wilmington, Delaware. He's a 7-figure business coach who has been making money with digital marketing for over 17 years. He co-found the OMG Machines coaching program, which was at one point, the long running SEO Mastermind community on the internet. Today, that program doesn't exist anymore, but he is one coach within the Traffic Hacks program where he shares his SEO knowledge with students.

Joe Marfoglio has been an entrepreneur since the early 90s. After losing everything because of the 2008 market crash, he started making money online with affiliate marketing and advertising. Joe leveraged YouTube to help one of his clients close over $100K in sales. In 2012, he made 6-figures marketing ClickBank products on YouTube. In 2014, along with Greg Morrison, he founded the OMG Machines program and today, he's a Two Comma Club Award Winner, and an 8-figure entrepreneur.

Dan Anton was an Army Ranger and has been in internet marketing for over 20 years. He's also a software developer who created the CRM software that you get to use in this program to help your SEO agency run efficiently and scale easily. Dan, along with Joe and Greg, built a 7-figure agency.

Joshua Beechraft was once a student of OMG Machines. At one point, he was a professional magician who attempted to grow a car audio business. When that experiment failed, he came across Greg, Joe, and Anton and started his own agency in 2014. After implementing everything he learned from the other coaches while he was a student, Joshua grew his business to over 6-figures and became a guest coach within this new program. 

Traffic Hacks' Accelerator Course Material

1) The "All New" Accelerator Road Map

In the Accelerator Road Map section, you learn to identify where you're at in business, where you need to be and what step you'll need to take to find success with your SEO agency. 

2) Greg Morrison's SEO Bible 2.0 (The New Testament)

Greg's SEO Bible 2.0 is the updated version of the SEO Bible he released in 2019. He teaches you exactly what's working in SEO right now and shows exactly how he's setting up his PBNs (Private Blog Networks) now. Greg also shares what he's doing to find sites for cheap prices, and more.  

3) Mike Merlino's GMB Magic

According to Greg Morrison, Mike Merlino is the best with ranking Google Business Profiles. In this training, Mike shows you how to rank Google Business Profiles for your clients, or even if you're doing lead generation with free traffic for your own business. Mike claims to teach how to rank GBPs the right way so you build your authority in the local of your choice. They teach you to use a software that will help you keep track of rankings locally and in surrounding areas.

4) Agency Engine Software

Agency Engine is a sales and marketing suite you're given access to so that your business can run smooth without having to deal with any technical issues. 

5) Kosta's One of a Kind QBP 3.0

Kosta Hristov is the CEO and founder of QBP Limited. As a member of The Accelerator, you'll have access to Kosta's QBP platform where you can leverage the power of quality guest posts to massively improve your SEO results. 

6) Ticket to Live Event

As was done in the OMG Machines program, you'll get 1 ticket to The Accelerator live event where you will have to sign an NDA (Non disclosure agreement). There are special guests who are invited to speak and everything you learn is all about how to increase your revenue in the SEO world. According to the Traffic Hacks team, you will not get pitched anything else at this event. The only upsell exception is if you're ready to join the Forge Mastermind.

Traffic Hacks Success Stories

Herc Magnus is the co-founder of Rank and Rent Club. Before he and his significant other joined the Traffic Hacks program, they were making a combined $105K at their jobs. They eventually quit those jobs and 10 months after joining this program, they had already generated $105K in revenue. In October of that year alone, they did $25K in sales. Over 4 years, his businesses have done over $4 million online. He credits the foundational education he received from Greg Morrison.

Jayme Washington is another student of the program. She is a breast cancer survivor who still worked on her business while she was taking her chemo treatments. While on chemo, she was working 6-10 hours per week on her business. In a span of 30 days during her treatment, she generated over $76K in revenue. She gave thanks to the all the coaching and training she received from Traffic Hacks.

Traffic Hacks' Accelerator #1 Alternative

Local Lead Generation Coaching Program

The local lead generation coaching program by my friend and mentor/business partner, Dan Klein, is the #1 alternative to Traffic Hacks' Accelerator to the Forge subscription. Dan has done local lead generation for over 10 years, and today has a net worth of over $30 million. He started the local lead generation coaching program in 2014 with the goal of helping other people build their own digital real estate that they rank and rent out to earn a passive commission each month.

Dan and his team keep all the training up to date with the newest SEO strategies that work right now. The training is broken up into several modules, with many training videos detailing exactly how to go about building your digital properties, optimizing them, and ranking them so you can increase your website traffic. The idea is to focus on generating free traffic as opposed to using paid ads. There is plenty of in-depth sales training to help you close deals in a variety of way and each week you can tune into the live coaching calls that help you stay focused on the task at hand. Questions you have can be answered during these live Zoom calls.

Once you join, you'll see how valuable the private community is. All the connections you make inside and all the resources you have at your disposal will help you start and scale your local lead generation business the right way. There is no better online education platform or community than this one. Over 7400 students from all around the world in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and more see that for themselves as they build their digital properties and earn a passive income each month thanks to everything Dan Klein and company teach inside.

Is starting an SEO agency worth it in 2024?

Starting an SEO agency in 2024 is worth it if you can understand a few things. First, know that although you get paid upfront for the work you do, your client can decide to stop working with at any time. This means that your income isn't a reliably predictable one to begin with. Therefore, you're going to need to put a system in place so that you're always prospecting for new clients and looking for new ways to increase the LTV (lifetime value) of your clients. 

SEO clients can also be very demanding if you don't set realistic expectations with them from the start. Even if you do, they can get very impatient which will cause them to constantly nag you. They just don't understand that Google, your main traffic source, has an algorithm that gets core updates often and can be sensitive. 

Another downside of starting an SEO agency is that you're working on someone else's digital property, not yours. This means that if you're going to make any changes on their website, you're going to have to ask permission first, which can waste time. 

Last, SEO agency profit margins are between 20-60% and can even go lower if you have to invest more money into renting high powered links if you're not seeing any results with what you're already doing. Profit margins are similar to if you were running Facebook ads.

Of all the online business models you can start, an SEO agency will make you money, but it just doesn't have all the glaring benefits local lead generation does.

Final Thoughts

With local lead generation, you don't have to deal with all the uncertainty you do when you have an SEO agency.

You are the one that's in control of how you run your business. You decide the niche you want to generate leads for, which local small business owner you're going to send leads to, and how much you're renting your sites for each month. 

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and performed in-depth keyword research to make sure it ranks for all the relevant terms associated with this niche. This one site alone is still paying me $2000 every single month.

Local lead generation

All I had to do over the years was check on it once in a while using Google Analytics to make sure everything was up and running. No need to deal with demanding clients or even worrying if your Facebook ad is generating any paid traffic. You can even create social media accounts for your digital properties to increase their online social proof and brand awareness.

This is just one of over 50 lead generation sites I have that are paying me on autopilot each month. Potential customer after potential customer keeps landing on my sites looking for estimate or quotes of the services I offer and my clients are very happy.

To learn how you can become financially free with your own digital real estate, check out the local lead generation training program

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