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Transformation Mastery Academy Review (What’s wrong with Julien Blanc?)

January 13, 2023

In the Transformation Mastery Academy by Julien Blanc, he teaches you how to become a better overall person. They geared this course towards helping you overcome any trauma that you may have had in the past and getting over subconscious mental blocks. With Julien's guidance, he believes that you'll be able to truly unlock your authentic self and live the life you've always dreamed of living. One where you're able to get more love, sex and be extremely successful.

In this Transformation Mastery Academy review, I'm going to share my unbiased opinion on Julien, what he teaches in his course, and how a popular online business model (local lead generation) can help you get started transforming your life for good.

Who Is Julien Blanc?

Julien Blanc is a 32 year old Swiss-born self help speaker, entrepreneur and transformation coach.

In simpler terms, he's a pick up artist or a dating coach.

He wasn't always a ladies man though.

Julien used to suffer from a crippling anxiety but eventually overcame it and has dated women regularly.

In an article from Time magazine, he called himself an "international leader in dating advice"

Things went really bad for Julien in November of 2014 though.

What happened?

Jennifer Lee, an online activist, started a protest against Julien's tour that he had going on at the moment.

She set up a petition against Julien on and thousands of people supported her.

Jennifer argued that Julien was promoting violence and abuse against women through his course.

How did this affect Julien?

Eventbrite began to remove all of Julien's events from their site.

Entire countries ended up banning Julien from doing his seminars.

Australia was first, then Japan, Canada, the U.K. and even Brazil.

Those aren't countries I'd want to be banned from.

To be honest, Julien did shoot himself in the foot by posting some questionable content.

There were images and videos of him choking women as part of his pickup tactics.

What Julien was teaching didn't really qualify as dating advice to most people.

To many, it came off as sexual assault even if he said everything was taken out of context.

BBC News ended up calling him the most hated man in the world.

His Instagram account was also closed.

Many of his videos on YouTube were removed as well as a large amount of content he posted on Twitter.

Did Julien respond to the accusations?

Yea he did.

Publically too.

He made an appearance on CNN in November of 2014 in an interview with Chris Cuomo and made a public apology.

How embarrassing!

He basically said that the videos he posted were a bad attempt at being funny and they were taken out of context.

Julien had also posted a picture of a graphic which described different ways which women could be abused.

He said that this wasn't what he taught in his course and he only meant to mock the graphic.

It definitely wasn't a good time for Julien.

Although Julien apologized on CNN, Jennifer Lee definitely didn't buy it.

Ever since that nightmare of an experience, he's taken his teachings to another level.

Julien has taught tens of thousands of people to transform their lives for the better and has plenty of case studies of students that are more than happy with the results.

Let's talk about what you can expect to gain from taking this course.

What To Expect In This Course?

This course is geared towards helping you overcome any trauma that you may have had in the past and getting over subconscious mental blocks.

With Julien's guidance, he believes that you'll be able to truly unlock your authentic self and live the life you've always dreamed of living.

One where you're able to get more love, sex and be extremely successful.

According to Julien, you can't fail with this course.

We'll see about that though.

Julien's been through some insane things in his life, so let's talk about who he is and what he's been through before jumping into the course review.

This is a 12-month interactive guide with the goal of helping you make a permanent personal transformation where you can immediately implement what you learn.

This course is divided into 3 main parts...

3 Main Sections

  • Awareness
  • Proof
  • Permanence

What attracts many people to this course is the fact that you get a personalized curriculum that's based off of what your needs are.

There are even coaches available to support you throughout your transformation to make things easier.

Julien at times may be difficult to follow as far as what and how he teaches but, his case studies prove he has a method to his madness.

According to Julien, this is his most in-depth and extensive program he's ever created.

Time to jump into it.

Transformation Mastery Academy Review

After going through the 2 introductory videos, the first part of this course is the Awareness section.


In this section, Julien talks about paradigms.

This is the first step of doing deep work and getting to the cause.

Julien says that paradigms are maps inside of our heads through which we contextualize the world.

They're like lenses.

They affect how we perceive, understand and interpret everything.

According to Julien, the reality is that... don't see the world as it is, but as you're conditioned to see it

- Julien blanc

Things such as music, news, social media and movies have all been blasted at you since you were born.

It's as if someone were to put blue light glasses on you when you were a baby.

Since that's how you would be viewing the world, you'd think that's how it's always been.

Julien talks about 2 pre existing paradigms.

  • Abundance
  • Scarcity

He encourages you to shift the paradigm completely if you're in the scarcity paradigm.

The scarcity paradigm is where you're incomplete, always trying to achieve something and running away from your fears.

It could be anything like getting in better shape.

You're basically a 3/10 as opposed to if you were in the abundance paradigm where you'd be 10/10.

You would already be complete.

If you cultivate abundance, you will experience and generate it everywhere.

Julien encourages you to...

...take inspired action instead of desperate action

This is something that you need to do when for example, you're talking to women.

If you're desperate, the results aren't going to be that good.

Everything is going to feel tense and you're absolutely going to struggle.

On the other hand, when you take inspired action, everything changes.

You're going to feel more relaxed and will be working with yourself instead of against.

Women will notice this and feel comfortable with you.

As a result, your conversations will be so much better and your body language will also be different.

You'll be acting effortlessly, believe it or not.

Julien basically teaches you how to not come off as a desperate guy.

This is actually what I agree with.

Being desperate doesn't get you anywhere and can distract you from more important things in life.

What I mean is that, if you're desperate, you aren't going to make any progress with women and if you're not mentally strong, you could fall into a depression.

If you do, you won't have the desire to do anything.

For example, you may not want to even put as much effort into your business or your job.

It can be a domino effect.

Those effects can really be long lasting and no one wants that.

Julien then talks about what abundance actually is.

He reminds you that...

  • You can't do anything to deserve it
  • It can't depend on anything

Abundance is a state of being.

Abundance is when you're the type of person who enjoys the present moment and life itself.

People think that when they have success or money, validation or knowledge, that they'll be abundant.

Truth is, none of that is what abundance is, according to Julien.

Abundance isn't when you have things.

He says abundance isn't a result.

It's a mindset where you realize that you have it already.

You pretty much just need to drop or remove the scarcity mindset where you're always trying to achieve or obtain something.

That's what Julien says it's all about.

It seems a bit confusing but Julien tries his best to help you understand.

I had to go through the videos a few times myself because this just didn't register with me.

It all just seemed like he was going around in circles and I even got frustrated trying to understand.

At the end of the day, the point is that this is all a journey.

The journey is all about removing.

What you need to do is remove the false assumption of scarcity completely by dropping the scarcity paradigm.

You have to let go of your ego, personality, thoughts, emotions, baggage, conditioning etc.

In a nutshell, everything.

When you're able to let go of everything, you're going to be on your way to abundance.

julien's advice is...

...abundance comes before the mind and before emotions

Julien talks about what his own story was like in the scarcity paradigm and how everything changed for him.

He says that when you chase happiness through material things or even when you chase women, what you're doing is giving those things or women the power to bring you pain.

For example, if you were to lose the women and material things, you may lose your mind.

The moral of the story is, don't depend on external sources for your happiness.

In his last video of the Awareness section, Julien speaks on how he wants you to commit to Abundance.

Let's now move onto the second section of this course.


In this second section, Julien shares how meditation can have a big time impact on your life and help you let go of the false sense of scarcity.

This meditation is called a guided release.

This is about recalling, accepting and letting go.

The goal here is proof.

To give you proof or a glimpse of the state of abundance.

Julien wants you to experience it all yourself.

When you do, then you're going to be able to buy into the fact that abundance is possible.

Julien says that this is more of a mindfulness meditation.

You're going to be focusing on what you're running away from.

It may sound crazy but Julien believes this method to work since it worked for him after his whole media scandal.

The following are the steps Julien takes you through in this meditation process...

steps in julien's meditation process...

  • Be aware of what you want to let go
  • Allow yourself to experience it fully
  • Let it come up and let it out

When it comes to being aware of what you want to let go, Julien wants you to focus on what you're dealing with right now.

The present moment.

Julien focuses on body awareness and not mental awareness.

His goal is to help you get out of your head and actually feel what you want to let go of.

Not only feel it, but to also accept it.

You need to learn how to feel again by getting back in touch with your inner self.

Feeling isn't a bad thing.

It's necessary.

Without feelings, you wouldn't be able to survive.

If you're not aware of what your body needs, you can't take care of it.

Julien says that these feelings don't last forever.

The idea is that, "whatever you resist, persists".

You hang on to fear and pain by resisting the feelings.

Try to avoid it and you're only going to hurt yourself much more.

If you allow yourself to be aware of what's going on in your life, you'll be in a better position to move on because those feelings will run their course and disappear.

The second step is to allow yourself to experience it fully.

Initially, once you start feeling those bad things again, your first reaction will be to do something about it.

Something to get rid or change those things.

Julien says to not do that.

All you have to do is to experience it fully.

Letting go doesn't mean to fix or change something.

Letting go is accepting it.

you may try to...

...make sense of what you're going through, but he says that you shouldn't try to do that either.

With time, whatever you feel will run its course.

The next step is to let it come up and let it out.

This is basically about letting those sensations run their course and eventually reach their natural end.

They simply end and disappear.

There's nothing you need to do anymore.

Julien likes using a breathing technique to help with this step.

Julien's approach for meditation definitely isn't a regular meditation tip you can find on YouTube.

Let's now get into the final section of this course.

This section is called, "Permanence".


The last step is to make that proof of abundance, a permanent thing.

How is that actually accomplished?

By digging up everything that's in your subconscious, AKA "Pandora's Box", and letting go of it.

This could include bad memories, blame, grudges, anger, unresolved issues etc.

This is all stuff that in the long-term, you obviously don't want to think about anymore.

People think that because they bury all of those things in their subconscious, they'll be able to move on.

Well, they're dead wrong.

Julien says that if you do that, you're only really pretending they are not there.

But, that doesn't mean they aren't active.

Every unconscious thought is active whether you're aware of it or not.

Truth is, that can be very dangerous.

According to Julien, you have to let go of your subconscious mind to make progress.


...How do you let go of your subconscious mind?

It goes back to meditating.

When you do so, Julien advises you to be in a "safe" environment where you can open up and be relaxed.

This helps so that you can completely focus on your subconscious.

Some people may want to be in the presence of someone they trust like many of Julien's students do at the live events he holds.

The point is, you want to feel safe.

When you're safe, you will feel more comfortable to let whatever you have in your subconscious out.

Once you're in that type of environment, don't be afraid to let out all of those emotions and feelings you have inside.

Now, this may not all happen immediately.

Therefore, Julien encourages you to take time to adjust once your meditation is done.

As a result, you will eventually feel more relieved.

He also doesn't want you to beat yourself up if you can't let go of everything at the same time.

Naturally, you might want that to happen.

But, if you can do a little bit at a time, you will notice that you change over time.

Every step you take will draw you closer to allowing your abundance mindset to be permanent.

julien believes...

...this is the way you'll be able to fully complete your transformation

His life was changed when he implemented everything he teaches in this Transformation Mastery course.

After his media scandal, he realized that there was a lot he had to work on.

That's a fact.

Today, he feels like he's a new man.

There's also some bonus material that comes along with this course such as live footage of Julien's past seminars as well as some infield interactions he's had with women.

In these interactions, there aren't any questionable encounters such as the ones he was accused of in previous years.

This is great because you can stay current with everything Julien has put out there and if you want to learn how to talk to women, some of these videos can help you.

Is Transformation Mastery Academy Worth It?

Julien teaches you how to transform your life from having a scarcity mindset to an abundance one.

If you really don't have any success with women, Julien's approach is to get your mindset right first.

He did teach some good points in this course.

Things such as getting out of your own head.

This helps you live in the moment.

He also taught radical acceptance.

This has to do with you accepting who you are no matter your flaws.

Not many people can do it but once you do, you won't take yourself too seriously.

Your confidence may even grow because of this.

This is all true.

Still though...

In my opinion...

...I don't think this course is worth it because you can learn everything Julien teaches online or by simply taking imperfect action in life

Us imperfect human beings learn by trial and error.

That's a fact of life.

When we go through bad situations in life, the truth is that things will get better over time as long as we continue to try and live better lives.

You have to take action for things to change.

This course I feel isn't really going to help you make changes in your life.

If you want to learn what Julien teaches, you can just check out his YouTube channel to be honest.

He has many videos where he talks about the same information and has even made videos with RSD Tyler, AKA Owen Cook.

I found it hard to pay attention to Julien at times throughout this course because of his antics and because it seems like he gives so much other information that isn't really needed.

His explanations are extra long and it really felt like filler content.

To me, it seemed as if he was going around in circles when it came to his information and his thought process.

I felt like he could have just gotten to the point sooner in each section.

to be honest...

...what Julien teaches in this course is very simple but, I felt like he just took the long way around just to make his points.

All in all, he means well I'm sure.

I truthfully just don't think you need to invest in his course to feel free from your bad life situations.

There are definitely so many better ways to go about it.

My life back in Detroit while working a 9-5 job was such a bad situation for me.

I felt like that job was draining life from me on a daily basis.

Definitely a bad situation to be in.

But, everything changed when I got a phone call back in 2014 from my mentor and friend, Dan.

Let's talk about how lead generation transformed my life for the better.

How Local Lead Generation Has Transformed My Life

I took Dan's call in 2014 to join the lead gen coaching program.

At that point in my life, I was working at an auto parts counter in the Motor City.

Detroit of course.

I felt so stuck at that job.

I felt like many Americans do.

A rat in a race with no real meaning in life and a dating life that didn't have much of a pulse.

I was even getting a measly salary with a trash raise every year.

Once I learned my lead gen skills, there was no turning back though.

I found my true purpose in life.

I immediately put my head down and started building out many lead generation sites.

Let me explain how this business model works so you can see how it changed my life.

Take a look at this website below.

I have this site ranked at the top of the search results for tree services.

It's ranked for keywords such as...

  • Grand Rapids tree services
  • tree services Grand Rapids
  • tree removal 
  • tree removal Grand Rapids

These are just some of the phrases that this one lead gen site ranks #1 for on Google.

When people search for tree services in Grand Rapids, MI, they will see that my site is ranked #1 in the map and organically under the map.

What does that mean for me?

It means that when the majority of people who go to Google searching for tree services in Grand Rapids, will come across my site.

They'll either call or fill out the email contact form requesting a quote or an estimate.

I then send those leads exclusively to a local business owner who's ready and willing to take on more calls each month.

All I do is collect a monthly commission.

This is what the entire business model looks like.

How do I get business owners to do business with me?

Very simple.

Since I'm the one who owns the lead gen website, I essentially own the leads because I decide who to send them to.

When prospecting, what I'll do is send leads in advance to a biz owner.

It's going to be difficult for a business owner to say no to me when I'm basically giving them leads for free.

I'll send them leads for a week or so and then see if they'd like to keep getting exclusive leads every month.

Most owners are more than happy to take on more work.

The only time a business owner might say no to me is if they aren't trying to grow their business anymore.

That's how I'm able to earn a passive income every month.

Truth be told, the fact that business owners can rely on my skills to help their businesses stay afloat during a pandemic is so fulfilling.

Their lives change.

I'm now able to have more time and financial freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I've come to the realization that what's most important in life is to have an abundance mindset in all areas of life.

Money and having time freedom have absolutely been critical in my life turning out the way it has.

As a result, I'm able to live in this luxury high-rise in San Francisco.

I've even been able to take trips to Tokyo, Japan to see my family and stay at 5-star luxury hotels like this one.

That's real luxury right there.

I know what you're thinking..., I'm not getting myself into debt because I have those big boy, lead gen commission checks coming in every month.

Don't get it twisted though.

What I've learned is that, more important to me than making my money, has been how I've made it.

That's the key right there.

With the help of my local lead generation business, I've been able to unlock the ability to make money on autopilot.

I'm talking over $50K per month.

Yea, all while I sleep.

This has all made me a more confident man.

In my experience, confidence is what women are attracted to.

truth be told...

...Confidence is the best cologne you can wear

They don't want a guy who isn't confident in all aspects of life, nor a guy who's desperate to just have sex with them.

I've even noticed how other men began to view me as an alpha male.

The level of respect just goes all the way up.

I can honestly say that I put money and earning a passive income as my priority over women.

Once I rearranged my life that way, I realized that my dating life has never been better.

For me, that's how is has to be.

I also made sure that I surrounded myself with other like minded entrepreneurs who have making money and earning it passively as their main goal in life as well.

These are the people who constantly keep pushing me to reach my business goals.

Each of them are also building out more lead gen sites and helping local business owners grow their businesses.

In our lead gen coaching program, we have over 6700 students from all over the world who are also building out their lead gen sites with the goal of earning that passive income.

I have to admit that the group has been a huge part of the success I've achieved.

Within our group, there's such a large number of contacts and resources that help all of us to take our lead gen businesses to another level.

If you want to outsource certain aspects of the business, our group has the contacts for that.

If you want to scale your business, outsourcing is essential.

Something that's huge is the fact that we tune in to two weekly coaching calls where we learn how to do better with lead gen and really just become better overall entrepreneurs.

listen to me...

...when you put yourself first, everything else will absolutely follow.

You do need to stay focused and not get side-tracked though.

Today, I don't live my life worried about if women are going to like me.

I live my life on my own terms because I set myself up with multiple streams of income.

They can like me or not.

I could honestly care less.

But, I'm still going to be an alpha male no matter what.

If I'm you, I listen to me.

Go set yourself up with multiple streams of income and the women will follow.

Believe me, they'll be lining up trying to qualify themselves to be with you.

Think about that.

You should get started with local lead generation today.

Here are all of the reasons why I choose lead gen as my #1 online business model in 2021.

Oh, and don't worry about market saturation with lead gen.

There are so many different niches and markets that market saturation isn't a thing here.

If you really want to have a purpose in life and want to make a difference in the lives of others, give us a call.

All you need is to be coachable and ready to put in some work.

If that's you, click on that link below and set up a call with us to see if this is a good fit for you.

See you on the other side.

This is the way.

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