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True Trader Review – Dan Parker Course (Day Trading Community)

August 3, 2023

True Trader Review Cover Image

Today, we're gonna talk about a new trading community called True Trader.

The head honcho of this new platform is Dan Parker. 

The premise of this program is that as a member, you get to watch and learn from him as he trades live every morning when the markets open.

Most people who are interested in the program are looking for a way out of their soul-sucking 9 to 5 job. After all, learning a skill that allows you to be your own boss and generate income on your own time is the dream these days. 

Is True Trader really the course that is going to help you accomplish that goal?

While there are some great things about Dan Parker's course, there are also some major red flags with this business model that no one considering day trading should ignore.

Let's jump right in. 

Who is Dan Parker?

True Trader Review Platform Creator Dan Parker

I can't recall this ever happening before, but...your guess is as good as mine on this one.

I don't know anything about who Dan Parker is, but I'll tell you one thing: He might as well be a ghost.

I've been looking high and low, all over the internet and I hardly found anything about him. That's almost unheard of these days.

I mean we're talking no Facebook page, no Instagram, no LinkedIn...



I have no idea how someone can exist so incredibly off the grid while becoming a prominent trader at the same's a complete mystery.

So after this underwhelming introduction, let's get into the goods.

True Trader Review Trade Stocks The Right Way

In True Trader, the name of the game is a simple one that has been used for decades by traders around the world:


According to Investopedia, scalping is the term used for a certain trading style where the trader exploits small changes in currency prices and makes a fast profit off reselling. 

It's the shortest time frame in trading, and usually works best when you establish a liquidating of a position quickly, usually within minutes or even seconds.

If all of this sounds like Greek to you, then welcome to day trading stocks! You have to get used to the new lingo, but you'll probably learn quicker than you think.

I'm a visual learner myself, so here's a live example of Dan Parker's live trading sessions as soon as the stock opens.

(If you're a member, you get to learn from Dan each day during these sessions.)

As you can see, the initial stage of Dan's strategy is simple: he focuses on two or three stocks that he thinks will have a strong correction after a good or bad start.

When the stock market opens, the targeted stocks will often make a quick move either up or down in price.

And that's the time to strike.

The ultimate goal of Dan's strategy is to enter the stock at the exact moment of that price fluctuation, and sell it when the price corrects within a few minutes or seconds.

Sounds a bit like Trading Places, right?

True Trader Review Trading Places

That's because it is.

The action is fast and furious, and if you are a beginner in the world of trading, it all may happen a bit too fast.

Your best bet would be to first piggyback on Dan's trades while you're working through the videos in the program, and then once you've learned the ropes, you'll be able to sail on your own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is definitely not a platform for beginners.

You'll need to have your trading basics down if you want to follow the fast paced signals that you'll get in that crucial one hour after opening!

True Trader Review Consistent Trades

By the end of this unbiased review, I'll have answered the following burning questions:

  • Does the platform deliver what it promises?
  • Is Dan Parker a scam?
  • How much does the service cost?
  • Is True Trader worth the money?

But first:

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I found dropshipping, day trading, affiliate marketing, all sorts of things.

Speaking of affiliate marketing, that reminds me...

important REMINDER: i am not an affiliate

I am not affiliated with Dan Parker or True Trader in any way, so you can expect nothing but honest and unbiased feedback from me about this program. You will not find any True Trader affiliate links listed in this article, so if you do decide to become a member after reading this review, rest assured that I won't earn a penny.

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Now let's get this in-depth review started! 

True Trader Review

True Trader Review Dan Parker

True Trader claims to be 'a group of dedicated and focused traders all working towards the same goal.


With the pursuit of excellence comes freedom'.

Dan and the other gurus on the platform work hard to 'pinpoint accurate Key Inflection Points and give the members a pre-market trade plan as well as the exact criteria we need to see in order to take the trades'.

These KIPs are then verified everyday online when the market opens and Dan goes live with his Long/Short strategy session. 

Here's some info on what you get when you join True Trader. 

Preliminary Info

  • Dan's approach only takes 1 hour each day: stock opening 
  • You'll be exposed to education that favors high-quality, low-risk trading
  • You get a trade plan 15 minutes before the market opens that includes things like buy/sell zones of particular stocks on watch
  • With hours of content, the masterclasses allegedly prepare you to utilize their strategy on day one
  • You'll have access to True Trader scanners to find the perfect setups for low-effort trading
  • Live Community Chat with all other members of True Trader, a close knit community of people following Dan and the other teachers
True Trader Review Preliminary Information

Member Content

1) Chat Room

The first, and probably most important part of the content you can access is the chat room.

This, my friends, is where the magic happens.

It may seem chaotic in the beginning--or downright scary--as everyone is calling out stocks that are about to rocket or plummet.

It's easy to start to feel panicky, like "oh gosh, who should I listen to!?"

But once you figure out who the 'pros' are in the chat room--like Dan, Adriano and linusk--you'll be able to identify the characteristics of someone who is worth following, and the traits of someone you should ignore completely.

True Trader Review Pro Trading Chat Room

There are also rooms where you won't be able to post, like the one above, unless you're a floor trader or a mod.

That's where all the bosses post their suggestions on what to do. 

The chat room is of pivotal importance.

It's here where you'll get advice from the pros when you're not trading live.

You'll want to spend a lot of time in the chat room for sure.

Not only can you get tips to make money, but it's also a great place for learning about trading in general.

You can really just sit back, watch the pros at work and learn through their experience.

In the example below, the moves that rickyanalog's makes show how you can short--borrow a stock, sell it, and then buy the stock back to return it to the lender--while continuing to cover your bases if the price goes up or down.

True Trader Review Short Example

There's so much you can learn from people who have been at it for a long time, but the time will (and should) come when you'll want to branch out on your own and put all of your newly acquired knowledge and skills to work.

True Trader Review Account Value

2) Courses - Strategy Masterclass

There are currently three courses in this section and the first one is what you really paid for.

The Strategy Masterclass aims at getting you up to date with Dan's scalping techniques.

This is definitely not for beginners, and the very basics of trading aren't covered here.

Dan announced that he'll be posting more newbie friendly material in the future, but for now you better have your trading abc's up to a tee. 

If not, you're going to be running for the hills.

True Trader Review Analyzing

In the course you'll be taught the aim of Dan's game which is to dive in & out and scalp a profit ranging from 2% - 5%.

Seems easy enough?

Dan makes it look that way.

Dan shoots for a win rate above 75% with the average winner being 2.3x larger than the losers.

If tested and proven, these percentages would be insane.

Your wins could easily cover your losses, and depending on the size of your portfolio, you could be seeing wild profits pretty early on!

True Trader Review 3 Things To Be Profitable

The suggested amount to jump into True Trader is around $25,000, but if you have less, don't give up!

If your account is below $5,000, they recommend playing the options on the large caps, or trading the small cap stocks for quicker growth. This is something that is taught in the Monetari Fund.

Regardless of your portfolio, in this course you'll learn all about pre market analysis, custom trading files, and custom support/resistance zones.

And of course, you'll learn to use Dan's own proprietary scanner, which allows him to pick out the right stocks ahead of time.

True Trader Review Proprietary Scanner

Once you know the basics, you'll be able to understand the daily live trading chats much better, and you'll be more confident in going solo!

Broker: ThinkorSwim

ThinkorSwim is almost the default platform to trade on.

Dan and other big shots on True Trader use it especially for its simple and easy to use interface.

The electronic trading platform created by Ameritrade is already quite easy to use, but this small tutorial will teach you how to apply bands, resistances and Fibonacci percentages in no time.

It's constantly being voted best electronic platform to trade on, so I'd definitely go with this one.

True Trader Review ThinkorSwim Platform Ratings

Broker: Lightspeed

Lightspeed Trader is the flagship trading platform of Lightspeed and one of the best trading software platforms available on the market.

It continues to be developed in direct response to feedback they receive from their customers.

True Trader Review Wolf of Wall Street

The result is a highly personalized and intuitive software.

It's the perfect solution for day traders and comes in at a close second behind ThinkorSwim.

Either way, the tutorial really explains everything you need to know for quick daytrading on this platform.

3) Tutorials

In this section of the platform, you'll gain access to shorter tutorials which are designed to make your life easier.

Again, these aren't beginner level.

The first one is pretty basic and deals with how to set up your chat signals.

Is there some special trader you want to be notified of at every post?


Someone you want to block?


It's all pretty straightforward.

The tutorial on how to set up your charts is definitely more useful. There's also a basic round up of the basic settings on a candlestick chart that may help you identify the highest, lowest and closing prices. You'll even learn about repeating patterns to aid you with Technical Analysis.

True Trader Review Chat Signals

It's all here, although there shouldn't be too much to analyse if you plan on trading only one hour a day when the market opens.

The second course teaches you how to set up your morning gameplan.

Since it all happens so quickly and you'll most likely will be trading only during the first hour from the opening of the stock market, it's important to have your settings in order.

First, you need to be ready to receive Dan's signals.

These are usually given to you before the market opens.

Ideally, you'll have some time to narrow down on those two or three stocks he's warned you about.

The more you work with him, the easier it'll be to follow his instructions.

Second, make sure you have all your parameters set accordingly.

You'll be able to pinpoint accurate Key Support/Resistance Zones along with a Professional Trade Plan which is posted 15 minutes before market open.

Having a game plan with the buy/sell zones mapped out, checked and approved by Dan before the day starts will no doubt help you stay prepared.

The third and final course teaches you how to take advantage of Dan's personal scanner.

True Trader Review Scanner

Dan's Pivot Scanner will help you out three times during the day.

In the morning, his so-called 'world-class' pre-market scanner will find gappers that fit your criteria.

When bell rings, you should be ready to focus in on one stock and start scalping, either going long or shorting.

Just after the first hour, the scanner will also give you an intraday reading that will cut through the BS and show almost ripe setups to maximize profits. 

Finally, you'll also have the benefit of the aftermarket scanner.

This will help you find that aftermarket last snag of the day with more ease.

This is clearly the most important part of the True Trader service.

Dan rightly takes pride in having set up his personally tweaked scanners.

True Trader Review Trading Freedom Equation

4) Trading Psychology Coach

One thing this platform offers, which I found pretty innovative and also a good resource for any daytrader, is a Trading Psychology Coach.

Dan hired world renowned coach, Kim Ann Curtin, to show how to work through some of the most common psychological blocks day traders suffer from.

True Trader Review Kim Ann Curtin

There are 4 scheduled talks: 

1) Ego/Inner Gremlins: she talks about struggling with your ego and inner saboteurs. One of the most common struggles aspiring traders face.

2) Fear of Failure/Greed:  they are two sides of the same coin and she dives into this with two of the members.

3) FOMO/Comfort with Loss: if you're driven by FOMO and don't know how to get comfortable with loss. Interesting nuggets of wisdom here. 

4) Discipline/Lack of Proven Edge: how to incorporate discipline in one's day to day life

Kim combines Wall Street business acumen with spiritual intelligence to help clients transform their lives and their trading.

True Trader Review Wall Street Coach Kim Ann Curtin

This section is definitely a welcome addition.

It helps both seasoned traders and newbies alike.

This is the first time I see something like that implemented on a trading platform so, props to Dan for setting it all up. 

The Online Debate

This has got to be the first time that I came across so much negativity online when reviewing a course.

That and the lack of any details on who Dan Parker actually is or what he's done made me prick up my ears.

Trustpilot Reviews

When you head over to the True Trader page on Trustpilot, the first thing you'll be hit with is the impressive 4.7 star rating.

Given that there is a total of 148 reviews, that's pretty impressive! 

Let's take a closer look at some of these reviews, shall we?

The Good

When you're thinking about investing $695 and then $149/mo after that for an indefinite period of time, this is the kind of feedback you want to see.

Even though this reviewer Christopher has not made any money from the True Trader program at the time he wrote this review, he still believes that the principles that he's learning will help him to achieve big things.

This is a great perspective to have, because anyone looking to be an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to not be profitable for at least some time while they're learning the ropes of the business model and getting their legs underneath them. 

The Bad

I would say this is great feedback from someone who seems to have some experience in day trading. Earlier in this article, I mentioned that I did not think that this article would be great for beginners because a lot of the processes involved can be a bit overwhelming.

However, this reviewer has a different opinion, claiming that as a more experienced trader, there was nothing new that he learned from this program.

I don't necessarily think this means that a beginner wouldn't be overwhelmed by the whole trading thing.

The Ugly

Clearly Ali C has been around the block a few times. If all of this sounds like Greek to you, that's because this reviewer is coming from a place of experience. 

And when a person with this much experiences addresses such valid concerns, you should be listening, because it raises some red flags. 

When I came across this review, I felt that it was one of the most real, useful and informative ones that I read. So I thought it was important to include here.

Reddit Reviews

Unfortunately, after leaving Trustpilot, things kind of went a little more downhill.

Reddit users were not shy about their feelings about Dan Parker's program, and although there was some good feedback, there was also some that gave me pause.

The Good

It's always great to hear that someone has made money off of a program that they've invested in, so that's something I really appreciated about this review. 

But here's a guy who agrees with me--that this would be hard for a beginner to follow. 

Overall, though, he says it's been worth it for him.

The Bad

And this is where we really wrecked.

This person did not have a good experience with the program, even going as far as to mention that they considered the money they spent on the subscription to be "lost."

Not a good sign.

Profits and Losses?

Before I forget, there is a key thing that I really feel like I should mention.

One thing that really caught my eye during the live trades is that Dan and other traders never show you their profits or losses.

Only percentages. 

Strange, huh?

Their explanation is that it doesn’t help subscribers become better traders, so they only care about the percentage gain, and that's what they'll display.

This tactic, though, only works in favor of all the people calling this platform a scam.

A YouTube user by the name of Real P&L really nailed it when he subscribed for a month, and checked out how many days Dan's claim of going above 2% gains was true.

True Trader Real P&L Review

As you can see from the sheet above, in 20 days of following the live trading stream, Real P&L saw Dan going above a 2% profit margin only twice!

He also noticed how not showing the exact amount of wins and losses was pretty strange for a trading platform.

If you were someone who won on a regular basis, you'd have no issue showing the amount of money you won and lost each day.

That would only benefit Dan and his platform!

True Trader Review Trade Log

Verdict: The Good & The Bad

Before I talk about the pros and cons of Dan's platform, I want to address those early questions I'd set down, and that anyone reading a review wants to know immediately.

  • Does the platform deliver what it promises?
  • Is Dan Parker a scam?
  • How much do the service cost?
  • Is True Trader worth the money?

So, does the platform deliver what it promises?

Tough question.

I mean, you get access to the chatroom, the use of the scanner and you have the chance to follow Dan's live trading sessions each morning. 

So in a way, it does deliver.

At the same time though, the masterclasses designed to bring your trading knowledge up to par from day 1, are actually quite complicated. 

They're good and thorough, but not beginner friendly.

You have to have some prior knowledge to fully understand things, and the same goes with the scanner.

As far as the live sessions go, if you've signed in to piggyback from Dan's moves, think again.

Things are so fast paced that it's going to take time before you can wrap your head around them.

Once you do, do you even have proof of how much Dan or others have made?

Not really.

Which brings me to the next point.

Is Dan Parker a scam?

While I'd be careful to call anyone a fraud, the complete lack of info on Dan's story, how he developed his 'winning' system is a red flag.

Those inspirational stories that you get in every ad about how people went from zero to heros actually do count for something. 

If Forbes or Entrepreneur talk about you, that's not nothing. 

Before seeing Dan's ad, and afterwards for that matter, I've never seen Dan mentioned by other brokers or publications.

His method may well work for him and scalping is as old as the stock market itself but the lack of information is suspicious.

Finally, to the most important question: how much does all of this cost?

In 2021, The True Trader Essentials package costs $149/mo with a 2-month free trial and a $695 signup fee.  

If you're looking for a trading platform for your career in online trading, I think that you could give Dan Parker's a try, provided that you have at least $20-25K to invest in scalping.

Anything less than that and your profits will be worthless.

You also have to be good at trading to follow Dan's calls during the live video.

By good, I mean Michael Douglas in Wall Street good.

The calls happen in a lightning fast way and Dan's in and out in ten seconds, sometimes less.

If that's all good with you, try True Trader.

I just happen to think it's not the most cost-effective way of making money online in 2021.

True Trader Pros & Cons


  • The platform is plug and play so you can start trading immediately
  • The live videos everyday make for exciting trading
  • The parameters are basically set for you. You just have to go in for the scalp


  • No big names to vouch for the validity of the platform
  • Frantic videochat trades will scare the newbies off
  • You really need at least $20K to justify the investment
  • Dan doesn't show his profits and losses: very sketchy
  • Frantic videochat trades will scare the newbies off
True Trader Review Rating

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