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The Unplugged Alpha Review: 8 Lessons I Learned From Richard Cooper of Entrepreneurs In Cars

January 13, 2023

In The Unplugged Alpha book by Richard Cooper, you learn to become a high value man by first understanding women. Richard teaches a variety of lessons including, red flags to look out for, what MGTOWs are, the role looks, money and status have in the dating game, and more. In this Unplugged Alpha Review, I'll be sharing 8 lessons that I learned from this book, if they have any legitimacy to them and later on, how my local lead generation business model allowed me to reach high levels of success in life and with women.

Who Is Richard Cooper?

Richard hails all the way from Ontario, Canada and his origin story picks up when he was around 38 years old.

At this point in his life, he was going through an unfortunate divorce.

After his divorce, things didn't get any better.

Richard also had issues with his credit card debt business when competitors almost sunk his business.

His relationship with a single mother of 3 also ended superbad.

When you go through all of these things in life, it's hard to stay positive.

As a result, he showed symptoms of PTSD.

He had nightmares, couldn't focus and couldn't visit any place that would trigger him and make him think of his ex.

After some time, like Neo did in the Matrix, Richard took the "Red Pill".

He began understanding the way society truly thinks.

He then started his YouTube channel called Entrepreneurs in Cars since he loves business and cars.

The name says it all.

Over time, he started to give dating tips.

Today, Richard has built his coaching business that's helped so many men get through the similar situations he did in regards to money, sexual dynamics and self care.

His YouTube channel that he built in 2014 now has over 100,000 subscribers and over 13 million views.

Those numbers scream that he's legit in what he has to say.

It hasn't been easy, but he's definitely making a positive difference in the lives of other men.

Let's get into an overview of what you'll learn in this book.

What You'll Learn

Richard's reason for writing this book is the following...

I dedicate this book to all the men around the world that never had a strong, masculine male role model growing up to teach them about the cold, hard truth of modern women and the world we live in.

- Richard Cooper

According to Richard, men have been conditioned to be the "nice guy" who's humble and kind to a fault. 

That they also have to put women ahead of their own interests and purposes in life.

In this book, Richard talks about the following points that will help you unplug from that "beta" mindset and conditioning.

Important Points...

  • The importance of maximizing your looks, money, social status and game
  • Why it's essential to get genuine burning desire from a woman
  • 20 red flags that you must vet every woman for
  • How to become one of the top 20% of men that women swipe right for on online dating platforms
  • Why smart men avoid marriage & more

Without further ado, time to jump into this review.

The Unplugged Alpha Review: 8 Lessons

Richard Cooper touches on many topics in this book.

Of all the things Richard teaches and talks about in his book, the following are the top 8 things I learned that stood out to me the most.

First up, the female primary social order.

1. The Female Primary Social Order

This is the first chapter in Richard's book.

The "female first" social order is a concept that Richard says is something men have a hard time understanding.

According to Richard, until a man can come to accept this reality of society, he's going to struggle in life.

What is the "female first" concept though?

It's all basically a bunch of narratives that have been expressed and fed to men in today's world.

A few of those narratives are...

"Female First" Narratives

  • Women are oppressed
  • Women are victims
  • Women get paid less than men for the same work
  • All men are rapists

Richard says that none of those narratives are true.

He blames these narratives on the toxic version of feminism which is more about female dominance and male submission.

He mentions that these days, men are viewed as the disposable sex.

Apparently, there's an ongoing narrative that ignores the tough things men have done in society and makes women the victims.

In this chapter, he quotes something Hillary Clinton said...

Women have always been the primary victim of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.

Hillary Clinton ‧ Former First Lady of the United States

Richard says that this statement makes it seems like even though men lose their lives in the war, which is the ultimate price you can pay, women are the most affected.

Rich says that these types of narratives just aren't true and goes deeper into why men are the disposable sex.

He references a book by Dr. Warren Farrell called, 'The Myth of Male Power'.

Some things he learned from reading that book are the following...

Rich's Learning Points in Book, The Myth of Male Power

  • 85% of homeless people in the United States are men
  • Men are 3X more likely to be murdered
  • In sitcoms, men are portrayed as beta idiots that don't do anything right
  • Men get longer prison sentences than women for the same crimes
  • After divorce, men are usually the ones that are left broke with little access to his own kids
  • More men get into more dangerous jobs such as roofers, firefighters, soldiers etc.

These are some of the things that Dr. Warren talks about that show how society values women over men.

They prove that men are disposable while woman are protected, which is fine.

Richard's point is that no one should be saying that women are oppressed in this day and age.

Those stats & facts prove otherwise.

He then talks about how true this is when in years past, women and children were spared in war or at least treated much better than men.

The men were the ones killed and the boys sent into the army.

Rich says that men have always been disposable and women have always selected the best men when it comes to survival no matter what.

He also says that toxic masculinity isn't the issue these days when, for example, a teenager goes and shoots up his school.

The issue is really a lack of masculinity.


Simply because when you look at how that boy was raised, he grew up without a father with an irresponsible mother who had a drug problem.

This teenager didn't have a male role model at home or at his school, where the majority of the teachers are females.

Richard Cooper

You've got to learn to question societal narratives as a man; constantly ask yourself why men are being demonized and women are praised

Richard's point to making this chapter is to help men understand the reality of what's going on in the world we live in.

Accepting our reality is step one to becoming an unplugged alpha.

I thought this first chapter was great and definitely set the tone for the rest of the book.

Let's move on to the second lesson I learned.

2. Women's Rules: How They Break Them or Make Them

This is the second chapter of The Unplugged Alpha.

Richard starts by saying that to understand what constitutes an alpha male, all you have to do is pay attention to the behavior of a woman.

Their behavior won't lie.

Something that Richard states often in this book is...

Women break rules for alphas and make them for betas.

- Richard Cooper

For example, a woman will make a beta male wait months before she gets intimate.

On the other hand, if she comes across a guy who she deems to be alpha, she won't think twice about getting intimate with him that same day or even within the hour.

These are hard facts fellas.

He says that the next time a woman tells you, "I don't do that"... then add...

"...With you", to the end of that sentence.

It would be as if she's telling you, "I don't do that, with you" because you're no alpha.

Beta males will be made to wait for sex while spending tons of money on the woman.

Alphas won't.

Betas are the ones whose shoulder she cries on, who fixes her car and takes care of her kids.

Alphas won't.

The point?

Women are the ones making the rules for beta males.

Betas don't benefit from anything.

Alphas do.

Another important point he talks about is that women will subconsciously test you to see if you prove to be alpha or beta.

If you're able to pass all of those annoying tests, she's going to want to be with you.

If that lasts, as Richard says, "she will become a compliment to your life".

If you're a beta, you're going to get cheated on without question because she views you as less than a real man.

That sucks.

Richard also speaks on the Alpha to Beta conversion process.

This is a process that happens when men can't control their "frame" and their woman walks all over them.

If you allow this to happen to you, things will not go well for you.

As Rich mentions, women are always aiming to be with a better man.

If you have kids, you're going to end up suffering big time if you can't get your frame together and get a handle on your relationship.

As a man, you need to be the alpha and never the beta.

Being a beta is life threatening to yourself. 

This happens so many times though.


Men are taught to put women on a pedestal.

Over time, if you don't control it, you end up being a beta who gives in to her every wish and can never do something as simple as telling her "NO", when that's what she needs to be told.

This process of going from alpha to beta, according to Richard, starts off with something like her telling you to arrange your socks properly in the hamper and maybe to even go vegan with her.

No thanks!

You can't get me to give up eating steak.

Not sorry.

The point is, you need to stand up for yourself!

It's truly a sad process that happens all too often in our society.

At one point, a woman sees her man as an alpha but, over time and through a thousand concessions, he becomes beta.

Richard also explains how the worst form of a beta male is a cuckold.

What's that you ask?

It's a guy that gets involved with a single mother and is willing to raise another man's kids.

It could even be a guy whose girl gets pregnant from another guy unknowingly to him.

That's sad, but it happens.

Richard says that too many men believe their wedding vows of, "til death do us part".

According to him, women divorce men all the time especially if they view the man as a beta.

Oh, and on top of that, if she does leave you, the law is more often than not going to be on her side.

Expect to be screwed, sir.

Richard's closing comments are loud and clear...

...don't allow yourself to become a beta male

- Richard Cooper

Next up, Richard talks about 20 of the top red flags that men should look out for when it comes to women.

I'll share 3 of the ones that stood out to me the most.

3. Red Flag #1: Daddy Issues

The whole point of Richard making this chapter with 20 red flags is to help men be more aware when they're dealing with women.

If you come across a woman that raises one of these red flags, Richard's advice is to either limit your interaction with her or take a hard pass on them.

Of course, you can choose to do whatever you want but, that's what he advises.

The first red flag is daddy issues.

These are women that don't have a friendly relationship with her father.

It can be for a number of reasons such as...

Richard's Reasons For Women Having Daddy Issues

  • Absent father
  • He didn't care to be around often
  • Her mother pushed her dad out of her life

Regardless the reason, she just didn't have an alpha male in her life.

Why is that dangerous?

Think about it...

She never valued her father so, why would she value another alpha male?

According to Richard, it's never worth your time, your effort or even your resources.

He also mentions that daddy issues are often tied to BPD.

Borderline Personality Disorder.

He says that women that are BPD operate in extremes.

From what I understand, they'll go from 0-100 real quick.

Then 100-0, as quick.

Richard Cooper


A BPD woman can create the false sense of perfection that makes you say, "Wow, a woman who finally loves, respects, and appreciates me!"

How can you avoid these types of situations?

Richard's method to finding out if a woman has daddy issues is by asking her to tell you about her parents growing up early in your interaction with her.

The sooner the better, obviously.

The longer you wait to do that, the worse things can go for both of you.

Why is all of this important?

To a woman, her father is the primary role model growing up and he gives her a sense of security and foundation. 

A woman who talks bad about her father will rarely value a man.

Richard shares his experience with a single mother who didn't have contact with her father for around 20 years.

She identified as a feminist and had little regard for men unless she had something to benefit from.

Of course, after she capitalized, then she just moved on from the guy.

That's crazy, right?

Rich shares a YouTube video which is titled, '3 Women Men Should Avoid Dating'.

These 3 types of women...

  • Have Daddy issues
  • Need saving
  • Fought with their children's father

Why is Richard so against dating these types of women?

Why can't a guy date them?

According to Richard, you can.

He's not saying you absolutely can't. 

But, he says that these types of women aren't the type to take ownership for their lives.

That's deep stuff right there.

Richard was dropping knowledge bombs all through this first red flag.

Time to move onto the next red flag that stood out to me and that I agree with big time!

4. Red Flag #6: Poor With Money

Richard has seen too many men trying to play "hero".

These are guys that are willingly going out of their way to bail women out of their bad financial situations.

We're talking crazy amounts of debt.

These are women whose spending habits are off the charts.

When women are bad with money, it's often serious trouble

Richard Cooper // Author

Feminists will cry that women make a fraction of what men make.

The reality is, women have every chance to earn a good living and make plenty of money.

Even so, many women still make the decision to take on jobs that pay less overall.

We're talking jobs like receptionists, hair stylists, etc.

On top of that, they spend beyond what they should.

Richard says that if a woman isn't in charge of her cash flow, has mounds of heels and bags along with plenty of debt, there's no point getting into a long term relationship with her.

You're better off just being friends with benefits.

If you do decide to get long-term with her, you can expect that she's going to make her financial issues, your issues.

Do you really want that?

I doubt it.

After all, you've worked hard for your money.

Now comes this woman with money problems so you can bail her out.

That's not fair to you.

So, don't set yourself up for failure by getting into a relationship with a woman that has money problems.

Richard shares an experience of one guy he coached that got with a single mother of 2 and was married for less than 2 years.

He ended up paying her debt of $100,000.

Can you imagine that?!

Not only that, she decided to divorce him and as a result, he had to pay child support.

For life.

Shaking my head...

I agree 100% with Richard when he says to not save a woman that's poor with money.

The next red flag has to do with babies.

5. Red Flag #16: Baby Rabies

What the heck is baby rabies, right?

Richard explains that it's when a woman is desperate to get married and have kids.

Is it wrong for a woman to want that?


But a woman desperate for marriage and children is a big time problem.

He further explains why.

Richard Cooper


Women exhibiting desperation to get married and reproduce are not into you and will not support your mission. They will not complement your life, but will instead want to be the focus of your life.

If a woman is rushing or pressuring you to have kids, her focus isn't you.

She's only going to view you as a tool.

One that can just get her pregnant.

There are women that are very open about this.

Richard has seen how women even go on dating applications and express that they want kids on their profiles.

This shouldn't be something anyone wants to rush.

Richard's advice is that you move on from a woman who seems to have baby rabies.

He also recommends that you allow for a two-year vetting period so you can learn more about who she is as a person and if she's mother material.

It's crazy how many women have baby rabies.

As Richard states in his book, many of them prioritize their careers early on.

When they start to get closer to their 30s, desperation becomes a real thing.

Men don't have that issue because they can make babies many times up into their 40s.

Women, not so much. 

As men, we should be aware of the baby rabies and stear clear.

6. Looks, Money, Status and Game

This chapter right here is the real deal.

Richard tells you things straight up with no filter and for good reason.

He starts off by saying that men just aren't taught the importance of those 4 things.

Many men have been conditioned to think that all you need to be successful with women is to "be yourself" and be a "nice guy".

In my experience, that's all BS.

Richard agrees too and says that women just don't work that way.

Remember, women choose the best looking men that are doing well economically and who have some sort of status in life.

This isn't to say they're gold diggers.

It's more because women want to make sure they pass on the best genes and while they're at it, ensure that they have the resources necessary to help their babies survive.

Men view women as beauty objects; women view men as success objects

- Richard Cooper

Overall, men just haven't learned what it takes to attract the women they're attracted to.

That's why so many men turn to dating apps which isn't that great of a move.

The first point Rich talks about is looks.

Real talk, most women want a taller man who is muscular and in shape.

More women are going to want this type of guy...

over this guy...

It's the truth.

Even if that is the case, Richard says that guys need to be able to maximize their looks.

Ok you're short.

So what?

Go to the gym and workout.

Get your body all chiseled up and be a muscular short man with confidence.

Richard bluntly emphasizes the importance of self care.

There is simply no excuse for being fat and out of shape

Richard Cooper // Author

I definitely agree that self care is so important.

As men, we need to do it first for ourselves and our own well being.

Richard also talks about how us as men need to pay attention to our style.

We should be wearing clothes that fit us well.

One option that he recommends is to get tailored shirts made.

If wearing suits is your thing, get those tailored too or just get clothes that are marked "fitted".

Wearing clothes that fit properly will dramatically improve the way you look and draw the attention of beautiful women.

Another topic Richard mentions is about hair.

If you're balding, don't hold onto it.

Let it go.

Be bald.

Many famous actors are bald and have had so much success with women because they've owned it.

Here's just a few of the more famous bald actors...

The truth is this...

No woman pines for characters in Hollywood that remind them of George Costanza

- Richard Cooper

Now, if you aren't bald, then just try to find a hairstyle that fits you best.

Richard recommends you look for an actor that resembles you, then check out a hairstyle he has that would fit you.

It ain't hard fellas.

When it comes to money, Richard spits out straight FACTS.

Many people say that money's evil.

This is a loser's mindset.

If you have a lot of money, it's because you've provided value to the lives of others.

Women love a man that can make it rain.

That's a historical fact.

How many times have you been walking down the street or been at restaurant and you see a beautiful woman with an unattractive guy?

All the time!

Money talks.

Looks will only get you so far though.

But if you have money, you're going places.

Richard Cooper on money...

It's the ultimate equalizer for unattractive men.

Women are always going to date up.

Richard isn't just talking about women that don't have money.

He also means that women with degrees and their own money will want to date a man with more money than them.

Rich says that when a woman asks you what you do for work, she's checking to see about how much you make.

So, if you want to have plenty of options when it comes to women, you need money.

I agree with this point Richard makes.

The sooner you can accept that, the better off you'll be.


Money creates freedom.

Rich says that years ago, a factory job was good enough for our grandfathers.

That's just not the case in 2021 and it's not enough for women.

These days, you should look into being your own boss and creating your own wealth.

Don't do it just to get women.

Just know that if you do, you're naturally going to have access to more beautiful women.

Scarface said it best...

First you get the money, then the power, THEN the women.

Focus on YOU first.

Richard also touches on status.

This is a by-product of being wealthy and having influence.

For a man to achieve a certain status, he needs to work his tail off.

For a woman, it's so much easier.

All a broke woman needs to do is have a great looking body and post pics on Instagram.

That's where all of the beta males will be thirsting over her, of course.

He says that men of status are so desirable and in demand that women would rather share that man with other women than be with a loser beta male.

Just look at Dan Bilzerian and his situation.

That dude has so many women that are bombshells around him, it's insane.

These girls are all in line to sleep with him and post a pic for the 'gram.

Status gets doors open.

Women know that.

Even ugly men with status can do well with women.

Richard uses Mick Jagger as an example.

If you have status, women are going to be so much more attracted to you.

They see you as a valuable man and they love that.

The last point Richard talks about in this chapter is game.

This is all about using your personality and characteristics to win over a woman's affection.

Now, although you can use game to be successful with women, it will only get you so far.

You need to be Red Pill aware first.

If not, you're going to have game but still be a blue pill beta who ends up unhappy and depressed.

At the end of the day, us men need to do everything we can, to be the best we can, so we don't be like that guy above.

We need to max ourselves out.

Again, focus on you first.

Remember this...

Women are only a by product of maxing out and being the best we can as Richard says.

The next lesson that stood out to me in this book was mastering and strengthening self control.

7. Mastering & Strengthening Self Control

Richard explains that as humans, we only have a certain amount of energy to spend each day.

Makes sense.

Everything that we do throughout the day takes up some of that energy.

Work, school, family, kids etc.

He references the Mortal Kombat games.

When you start a fight, you're at 100% with energy.

As you get hit, your life is reduced until you're at 0% and die.

As kids, I remember playing that game and getting so hyper everytime someone else died in the game.

Great times.

So, how do you not feel so drained of your energy day in and day out?

By simply no caring so much.

He says that we're the masters of our lives and we get to decide what we're going to spend our time and energy on.

For example, if your co-worker is making undercut comments to you, you can either call them out, yell at them, fight them or better yet, just ignore them.

It's up to you.

Richard encourages you to practice self control.

If you allow yourself to get overworked and waste your energy on these people, your Cortisol levels will rise.

FYI, the more Cortisol levels you have, the more prone you'll be to Erectile Dysfunction.

Just saying.

Nobody wants that problem.

Therefore, as a solution, have self control whenever these "Energy Vampires" come around trying to drain you of your energy.

If something makes your life or your loved one's life better, it's worth it.

If not, it ain't worth it.

Yea, you may offend some people along the way.

So what?

As men, when we're focused on our purpose, there will be people who don't like us.

Again, so what?

Richard says that self control is like a muscle that needs to be exercised.

To help strengthen it, he recommends that you take cold showers and gives good reasons as to why...

Reasons Why Cold Showers Help With Self-Control

  • Improves Circulation
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Improves metabolism and fat burning abilities

Aside from being cold, it can't hurt much more than that, only help.

Why not give it a try if you're struggling with self control?

8. When Men Go Their Own Way (MGTOW)

Now, this final lesson that I learned was interesting. 

I had never heard of the MGTOW acronym or phrase itself.

Men Going Their Own Way

What is it?

It's a movement of men who choose to check out of the "game".

This is when they 100% check out of the sexual marketplace.

Seems a bit crazy, right?

Yea, but they do have their reasons as to why they do so.

These guys will limit their interactions with women.

They won't get into a long term relationship at all but, will definitely mess around and be friends with benefits even if a woman is actually a good catch.

There are other guys called "Incel".

Involuntary celibate.

These are men who can't compete on the sexual marketplace and are,m without wanting to be, "set in their own ways".

Richard shares some...

Reasons Why MGTOWS are the way they are...

  • Hostile divorce laws towards men that strip men of their wealth and access to their children, while simultaneously enriching the mother
  • Women have become overly entitled and bratty
  • "If Brad Pitt can be taken to the cleaners in divorce law, what chance do I have?"
  • Feminism is a supremacy and hatred movement against men
  • Women can file a false domestic violence claim with no proof
  • Fear of paternity fraud and cuckoldry
  • False '#metoo' allegations

There are obviously more legit reasons but those are just a few.

Can't argue there.

Richard does warn about what's called, "Red Pill Rage".

This is when you become angry as a response to something that's unjust.

You need to be careful that you don't let this get you to the point where you're so bitter at the world and women that you mentally go to a dark place.

Life ain't fair.

We have to deal with it.

If unjust things happen to us, we just need to chill out for a bit.

Once we take time to settle down and chill, then we can " new untold heights of excellence and happiness".

He also mentions that we need to accept how the world is.

That doesn't mean give into it.

It means that you use what you know to your advantage.

There are also men that choose to go the Black pill route.

Black pill is a standard MGTOW solution where you completely do your thing and avoid women.

You at least don't get mixed up with them as far as marriage or LTR (Long Term Relationships) go. 

These guys think that if they ignore women completely, that women will eventually come back.

That just ain't true.

Richard says that women don't want guys who are quitters.

Moral of the story...

Don't be a quitter!

Entrepreneurs In Cars 1% Paid Mens Community

Richard has what's known as his private 1% Mens Community.

What's that all about?

This is a much more exclusive community than just clicking on the 'Join' button on his YouTube channel.

When you join, you'll have access to what he calls the Premium Video Library.

These videos aren't at all public and Rich goes much deeper when it comes to this content.

He even has other coaches like Rollo Tomassi and Caleb Jones join him on some of these videos.

They go in-depth on topics such as...

  • Dating
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Live Q & A
  • Money
  • Parenting
  • Self-Care

These are videos that simply can't be posted on Youtube because they're more, "raw", for lack of a better term.

Richard Cooper

The Unplugged Alpha

You'll get access to the stuff (content) you see on YouTube...but better versions of that.

What's great is that, as time passes, more content is posted for the 1% community.

As a member, you'll also be able to join monthly Q&As.

There is also a private forum where you and over 400 other top shelf men, who are all chasing excellence, can interact.

With your membership, you'll get VIP access to live broadcasts, monthly online learning events that aren't available to the general public and even discounted coaching each month.

Wondering how much it costs to be a part of this private community?

As you can see, there are 3 tiers.

Rich says that he priced these memberships like a gym membership.

You can even pay for your membership in Bitcoin (BTC) and, if you do, you get 25% off of your annual membership.

According to Richard, the price of joining this community will keep going up because of how much content is continuously added.

Honestly though, the price might even be worth it because of the level of support that you receive from not only Rich, but all the other members.

Everyone is focused on chasing excellence and being a better man so, if you desperately want to feel like you're part of a tribe, you might consider joining.

My brothers...I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Richard Cooper // Author

I'm all for being a part of a community that pushes you to be the best you. 

The lead gen coaching program was that community for me.

Final Thoughts

I actually enjoyed reading this book.

Rich is very knowledgeable and backs up what he writes with experience and statistics.

You can't go wrong with the numbers.

These 8 lessons I highlighted in this review are some of the more important topics that most men just don't know or think about every day.

In this entire book, there are so many more important topics that Richard touches on that are worth the read.

For example, the rest of the red flags he mentions are a must read for any man.

There's plenty of high value content that was packed into this book.

If you do decide to purchase it, make sure to take your time reading going through it so that everything can sink in.

Three Other Interesting Sections In This Book...

  • Why Genuine Burning Desire Matters
  • Red Flag #18 - Not Being In Control of the Birth
  • Hire Slowly But Fire Quickly

I'm sure that once you read this book, you're going to want to reread it and even use it as a guide.

Specifically the red flags he included.

Many courses or programs out there only teach surface level stuff.

But, surface level stuff won't really help you make a real change in your life.

Richard got deep and it's well worth your time and investment.

I definitely learned some things and also felt like I was being reminded of things I already knew.

Let me talk about my experience and how I was able to be successful with women and in life overall.

How I Was Able To Win With Women & In Life

I'm not going to sit here and say that I've always been an alpha.

I was definitely a beta at one point in time.

Most of us are.

Many dating programs or courses teach you that all you need is to get your mindset right so you can be successful with women.

In my experience, that's way wrong.

Everything changed for me when I realized that if I put my business first in my life, everything else would eventually follow.

Richard Cooper spoke about this in his book.

He said that you can put a woman first in your life.

But, if you prioritize your purpose, then eventually, you're going to be in a position where women are going to be trying to qualify themselves to be in your life.

That's boss level right there.

I came to realization that having time freedom as a result of having financial freedom, has been the key to the success I now have with women. 

It took some time for me to get my financial situation sorted out.

But I did it.

From working at a 9-5 job that I hated in Detroit, to now being my own boss and scaling my lead generation business.

Everything changed.

Gaining financial freedom has increased my overall confidence too.

That confidence is something that women are very much attracted to these days.

Money isn't everything, but it will change your life.

I don't recommend that you go get more money just because you want women to flock to you.


You should want to get more money because of the freedom it will allow you to have.

There were plenty of nights where I'd stay home working while my friends went out drinking to pick up women.

As a result of me prioritizing my business over chasing girls, today I'm able to do anything I feel like doing with whoever and travel the world.

I went from driving a beat up Honda to now driving a Tesla P100.

This could be you, if you put you first.

Live your life for those who matter to you.

Your family and friends.

The women will eventually follow.

Trust me.

Don't work harder, work smarter.

I focused on lead generation and now it's paying off big time.

Let me show you how my lead generation business is able to passively pay me each month.

Lead Generation Passively Pays Me Over $50K Monthly

As I mentioned, at the top of this article Back in 2014, I began my entrepreneurial journey.

Lead generation is the biz model that has allowed me to be financially free.

What is it?

Let me show you.

I basically built out these simple websites that offer a service like limousine rentals or tree removal.

These lead generation sites are what pay me on autopilot.

Today, I have over 50 sites that earn over $50K each month.

How is all of this possible?


I build out these websites and rank them on Google.

Once they're ranked above all the competition in a certain market, I forward the leads exclusively to a local business owner that can take on more work each month. 

Check out how this whole lead gen process flows.

As a result of me sending these leads each month to that business owner, I can collect my commission on autopilot.

The leads are always flowing through my sites which is what ensures I'll be getting paid.

Checks are always being sent to me.

I've become this successful because I put my head down and worked hard at my business.

Not because I was at the clubs every weekend chasing tail.

I also made sure to put myself around other entrepreneurs that have the same mindframe.

This was huge for me.

If I have days where I may feel a bit distracted, they help me get focused again.

When you as a guy are able to create multiple streams of income for yourself, you're helping yourself get closer to being financially free.

Women will flock to you.

To be honest, I'm all about have an abundance mindset in all areas of life.

Today, I travel around the world as often as I want.

I can eat at 5-star restaurants and live in a luxury high rise apartment building in San Francisco.

How is this lifestyle sustainable?

It's because my digital assets keep generating leads every month and business owners are happy to send me a check because of it.

What makes this income passive is the fact that I don't need to keep fussing with the sites after they're ranked.

If you can set up your life this way, women will be attracted to you.

If you think money ain't that important, you're so wrong.

I'm proof that it is.

Like I mentioned before, women are going to be qualifying themselves to be a part of your "alpha frame".

This is only possible for me because I prioritize my business over women.

No apologies.

If you're a young man or maybe not so young and are having trouble with women, take a timeout and get yourself multiple streams of income.

Lead generation is a great place to start to be honest.

You're going to love your new found confidence and freedom in all areas of life.

Trust me.

Take a peep at all of the reasons why local lead generation is my #1 online business model.

All you need to be is coachable and ready to put in some work.

See you on the inside brother.

This is the way.

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