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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

Book Facts

Released in May 2017, this book followed MJ DeMarco’s initial no-nonsense business success book offering, The Millionaire Fastlane, both published under his very own imprint publishing company, Viperion.

DeMarco was the brilliant brain behind the marketplace websites and which he built from scratch and netted him millions of dollars when he sold it to a private equity firm based in Phoenix.

DeMarco took note of all the rookie mistakes he made when he was a budding entrepreneur, struggling to make his business take off all by himself.

He condensed his life lessons and turned them into a book, first released as The Millionaire Fastlane, then followed his initial salvo with the irreverent Unscripted five years later.

Both his books resonated tremendously with solopreneurs and digital merchants, resulting in a #36 rank in Amazon’s bestseller’s list under the Startups category. He didn’t advertise his book releases yet the positive reviews built up slowly over time, a testament to the power of word of mouth.

Unscripted not only became a cult classic like The Millionaire Fastlane, it spawned an entire community that followed DeMarco’s postulations that a life well lived means a life not beholden to any boss or employer.

MJ DeMarco’s Fastlane Forum now boasts of 40K+ members strong and increasing everyday, all energetic fledgling entrepreneurs coming together to help each other prosper.

Unscripted is 54 chapters of very candid, irreverent, edgy narrative exposing a lot of hard truths about the business of pursuing and running a business, and how society in general have been indoctrinated to veer away from entrepreneurship in exchange for a life of relative but safe mediocrity.

Speaking like he would in person, MJ doesn’t hold off on the F-bombs especially on the injustice of working your derriere off to make somebody else richer and being penalized for trying to take a day off to care for your health.

His revelations are sobering, his advice practical and timely. Grab this book and learn all you need to know about how to escape from a scripted life and pursue a life unencumbered by deadlines.

Contrary to other self-empowerment books full of empty platitudes and generic advice, DeMarco’s Unscripted offer mind-shifting blunt advice with workable plans to go “off script.”

I could attest to the power of breaking free from “the script” and the colossal impact true freedom made in my life in terms of multiplying my income streams.

I was a very young office clerk (cue melodic theme from The Office) but this time, the location isn’t Scranton, Pennsylvania but in a tiny town in Michigan, where I slaved for 40 hours a week for 3 years.

Blogging after work consumed me and it helped that I was starting to earn a few dollars from it.

While researching for topics to write about in my blog, I landed on an article talking about Dan’s unique online training program that teaches students how the lead generation business model works.

I read successful testimonies and without hesitation, signed up. That decision made a huge impact in my bank account.

I now make a living from “online rentals,” money my business partners pay me monthly for exclusive rights to the customer leads I funnel their way.

This was only possible because I put my head down during the online training, consuming video after training video as if they’re going out of style. I immediately implemented the stuff I learned and now earn $50K+ a month passive income.

Read on to find out how I did it, and how you can too. Nothing is impossible if you’ve got gumption.

About the Author

MJ was born in Chicago, Illinois to a single mother who struggled to string together several minimum-wage jobs to meet the needs of her young family, recently abandoned by the father figure.

MJ had two older siblings and due to his mom having to work long hours, had to fend for himself at home.

His solace from loneliness was food, and on the way to buy some sugary snack, he saw a Lamborghini Countach parked nearby.

He was inspired when he talked to the owner and learned that a career as an inventor makes you incredibly wealthy despite the lack of athletic skills or looks.

MJ devoted his life to research, reading books about the life stories of young millionaires and how they succeeded in the game of life, wanting to emulate their financial triumphs.

One of his post-college jobs was a chauffeur gig for a high-end limo service company and found lots of uninterrupted to read while waiting for his clients.

Fed up by horrible Chicago winters, he moved to Phoenix and focused on his website project, which shaped up to be

MJ did everything himself from coding to writing ad copy, design, marketing, back office.

After aggressively marketing the leads generated by his website, he sold it off for $1.2 M, then bought it back when the site tanked due to the dot-com bubble bursting.

The second time around, DeMarco instituted automation in his site and this is where his wealth grew exponentially.

He sold off his very profitable website for the second time, this time for an amount 5x more than hsi first sale. He’s been retired since 2007.

With more time on his hand, DeMarco fired off two very successful business advice books and built up an online community of entrepreneurs, The Fastlane Forum.

Currently, he has more than 40,000 loyal subscribers who post regularly and exchange ideas via the forum, acting as each other’s accountability partners on their quest for the millionaire lifestyle.

What is the Script?

It’s the life pattern which most members of society have accepted as norm: go to school, secure a college degree, compromise your dreams, get a job, work 40 hours a week to bring home a salary that barely covers living expenses.

It’s trading your freedom for a stingy semblance of financial security, content to live in your comfort zone without any need to flex your brain beyond what the demands of a typical 9-to-5 brings.

DeMarco used a lot more very creative descriptors to identify the script and the uncanny way it sinks its hooks to every citizen. An estimated 99% of the world population follow a scripted existence.

The Dissonance of Living Conventionally

Life wasn’t meant to be lived working like a maniac just to pay the bills.

MJ DeMarco’s readers have woken up to the unfairness of a scripted existence, having consumed his first book offering, The Millionaire Fastlane, back in 2012.

Although Fastlane was ignored by book critics and the general public, the people who really mattered to MJ’s ecosystem bought it: the struggling entrepreneurs, the fed-up office clerks who’ve been saving up to launch a small business, ambitious people with a plan.

The book’s popularity grew steadily until sales exceeded US$2 million. His readers waxed rhapsodic reviews on Amazon, a rarity for a self-published book on personal finance.

MJ has a name for the ‘scripted’ life: working for a company making your employer rich, exchanging your time for profit. He called this life the “greatest con in history.”

Before we’re even born, most people’s lives have already been predictably traded off to mediocrity and corporate enslavement.

This is the reason MJ is so passionate about educating the masses about the benefits of unshackling themselves from their current lifestyle.

Mankind was hoodwinked by powerful corporation to become willing slaves for the company’s profit.

Commonplace thinking leads to a conventional life where dreams are forgotten and Mondays welcome you back to the grind.

Corporate servitude is nothing more than a well-packaged tangle of lies.

Involuntary Slavery

Most people are educated up to a limit – just enough knowledge base to make them functional in a corporate setting but not enough to question how things are set they way they are.

Have you ever seen a news clip showing a horde of office workers walking briskly down the main thoroughfares of New York City, shall we say Madison Square?

They resemble zombies, unthinking and on autopilot, following a mission to go to their “pods” and perform tasks their corporate overlords dictated they should do for a specific amount of time per week.

It’s sad to see entire villages’ worth of beautiful, creative minds fall prey to this trap of existence.

They can’t escape the dogma of working for other people, following other people’s thinking, enriching other people’s coffers.

He calls these sheep the “time prostitutes.”

M.O.D.E.L. Citizens

It doesn’t mean what you think it means, that’s why the dot after every letter. The initials actually mean Mediocre, Obedient, Dependent, Entertained, and Lifeless.

These citizens are the unquestioning drones who follow the scripted life without questioning any aspect of their existence.

The “Seeders” of the Scripted Life

There are 5 major seeders:

  • friends and family – well-meaning parents usually balk at a child’s intention to nix the dogma of leading a normal life to explore entrepreneurship. They push their young to follow the script, be safe behind their corporate job, be reassured of a regular paycheck no matter how small because “it’s best for you.” Asian families are especially vulnerable to the choke-hold of the script. The fallout from venturing towards a career outside what’s acceptable (law, medicine, engineering) is heavy, the damage lasting.
  • education – reinforces the dogma that friends and family initiate. Present-day education displays a close parallel to indoctrination. A college graduate would have spent 650 weeks or 17 years total in the school system, commanded by authority figures to show up in certain clothes at a certain time, submit a certain number of pages after reading a certain book. A typical school day is regimented with strict rules from the time school opens to the time the kids are allowed to leave home.

Public schools are noted to choke critical thinking skills, pushing ideological agenda into the empty vessels of their students’ minds until a brainwashed, barely functional creature is molded. Schools now focus on feelings and cancelling competition so as not to hurt the kids’ emotions.

  • corporate media – consumerism is rampant in media coverage. Young minds are misled into thinking they have to wear a certain brand of “threads” or “kicks” to feel accepted.
  • government – perpetuates the infantilization of adults by promising that all their needs will be take care of if they vote a certain way. Learned dependence is very rampant among the populace due to this scarcity mentality.
  • financial – the Federal Reserve espouse the servitude system to build up more profits from willing but clueless workers.


Detaching from the matrix of mediocre human existence is a process called unscription. Once achieved, this state opens you up to spontaneity and clarity of vision, far away from the influence of corporate mandates.

The five kinds of “F*** You” freedoms that await you when you finally loosen from the conformity tether are:

  • freedom from work
  • freedom from scarcity
  • freedom from hyper-realistic influence
  • freedom from hope and dependence
  • freedom from ordinary routine

The Fastlane

The secret sauce of entrepreneurship is something called productocracy, which is accompanied by 5 core commandments: time, control, scale, entry, need.

Productocracy is akin to building a mousetrap, it pulls money to the value creators because of a superior product or service, usually grown by word of mouth.

In short, productocracy just means building a product that sells itself, impervious to market movement or external factors.

Entrepreneurs either bat 100% or fail 90% of the time. Failure is part and parcel of being a businessman.

It’s really about using your brain to problem-solve, to create something that provides more convenience to the masses and saves time. Not just any shiny product that attracts eyeballs but a product that satisfies desires, thereby building value.

Open your eyes to the vast multitude of opportunities the world has to offer; listen to complaints on social media, hear what AM radio announces hem and haw about, therein you can unlock the perfect chance to develop a product or service.

The public already gave you what they wanted, now go to work to produce the solution.

Kinetic Execution

This is the action phase of the Unscripted life: the grind, the hustle, the frenetic activities that will bear fruit later.

Executing your ideas is very different from “action-faking,” which is activity that doesn’t move the company forward.


Fresh content with brand new concepts presented in this book, very different from the author’s initial offering, The Millionaire Fastlane. MJ just reviewed his key ideas on TMF very quickly.

If by the time you finish reading the book you’ve grasped the main idea that modern slavery still exists through corporate employment, if you’ve seared this societal brainwashing deep in your brain and are now looking for ways to get out of the hamster wheel and live a life unscripted, then MJ DeMarco had succeeded in his goal of further opening people’s minds.

You don’t have to wait until you retire at 65 to enjoy some free time, unencumbered by professional obligations.

M.J.’s relentless effort to lead people away from a J.O.B. (just over broke) and redirect their struggle towards a Pursuit of Entrepreneurship has never been more timely.

He discussed hyper realities in our modern world that manipulates people’s perception and further victimizes them: money, named days, corporations, hyper personality.


Don’t listen to this on your Bluetooth speaker when the kids or your grandma are in the car. The F-bombs are aplenty especially when MJ describes the misery of waking up early in the morning to go to work.

But if you value genuine nuggets of wisdom imparted by a real self-made millionaire, you’ll ignore the jarring expletives and focus on the rest of the book.

As with TMF, MJ DeMarco has the tendency to go over the top with his descriptions and at times, appear condescending to workers who didn’t have the gumption to leave their jobs and pursue entrepreneurship.

Some people are just so entrenched in the script, and they’re not to blame because the society they live in just fortified these beliefs in their psyches.

MJ also finds every opportunity to bash the current government, the schools, Wall Street, etc. Just say they’re big and bad one time, don’t repeat the obloquy four or five times more.

Chapters 1 to 14 are especially cringe-worthy, so if you want to go to the meat of the matter, skip it to Chapter 15 or Part 4. That’s when the real discussion starts.

I’m not sure if it’s the voice actor who comes across as too cocksure or if it’s DeMarco’s writing style. It’s probably the latter, but the way he’d describe scenarios leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Nothing happens the way he specifically describes in a scenario, but that doesn’t stop him from embellishing myriad details in each scene. The length of the description become time-wasters.

We still recommend this book for every reader wanting to break into a successful entrepreneurial career. It gives an abundance of insights and strategies from somebody who “actually” made it in the biz world. 

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I’d only get confused because each “guru” taught different strategies. I knew I had it in me to succeed, I can work like there’s no tomorrow and I learn pretty fast. But success still eluded me.

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As MJ DeMarco declared in TMF, we’ll never get ahead if we insist on following the rules all the time. Break free. Set your fears aside and sail on that boat.

There’s a lot of potential inside you, you only need to uncover your well and tap that dormant talent.

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