Giana Cambria’s Upperhand Creatives: Outsourcing Content Marketing Automation

February 22, 2024

Giana Cambria’s Upperhand Creatives is a creative agency that helps entrepreneurs scale their business through content marketing automation. Giana Cambria prides herself in practicing her agency’s offers in her company. To her, this proves that her strategies are effective. Upperhand Creatives provide three key results which guarantee growth in terms of content marketing. 

Hiring an in-house team can be more expensive compared to Upperhand Creatives, which cost $6,000-$12,000 per month. With Upperhand Creative, you’re able to make content creation and distribution efficient and remove yourself from the process without sacrificing the quality of the output. When it comes to scaling in social media, Giana is an expert and turned her strategy into a product that you can benefit from.

A content machine that delivers everything for less than 4 hours a month sounds like the perfect solution. Further down in this Upperhand Creative review, we’ll go over the cost, process, and inclusions of outsourcing your content marketing automation with Upperhand Creatives.

Upperhand Creative Review: Pros and Cons


Cheaper than hiring an in-house team

Proven strategy that Giana uses herself

Work with a team of experienced creatives


Steep price for starting businesses

Content might get redundant since they’re repurposed

Less control with the outcome


Upperhand Creative costs $6,000-$12,000 per month.

Refund Policy

Upperhand Creative offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, your refund will be nullified if you approved of any project or requested download of source files.


Upperhand Creative was founded in 2017.


Upperhand Creative’s reputation is quiet. There is very little content about their services and most will lead you back to their job posting or Giana’s social media accounts.

How Much Does Upperhand Creative Cost?

The Upperhand Creative Package costs $10,000. This is the one-time payment option. On their page, you will find another pricing which is $6,000-$12,000 per month. The biggest difference between hiring your own employees and creative teams is the cost. You might find a person with the same talent and skill as the people from Upperhand Creative, but it will cost you more as seen in this chart:

What Is Upperhand Creative?

Upperhand Creative is a creative agency that helps entrepreneurs scale their business through omnipresent content. The agency specializes in social media marketing and branding. Upperhand Creative provides a content machine that will automate the process of building your brand presence, marketing, generating leads, and sales.

Is Upperhand Creative a Good Provider for Marketing Automation?

Upperhand Creatives is a good provider for outsourced marketing automation. Giana is an expert when it comes to content marketing and scaling brands online. The agency’s proven strategies and team of experts can help take away the burden of content marketing from your hands.

What Do You Get In Upperhand Creative?

Upperhand Creative provides three key results in their creative work that will ensure you stand out from your competitor and reach your target audience.

Access to the Best Video Editors and Content Creators in the Industry

This team is your creative assistant, video editor, graphic designer and social media manager. They take your long-form video and repurpose it into over 36 pieces of content.

Proven Processes That Your Content Creators Will Manage for You

This will systematize all your content creations and social media efforts so you can have omnipresent content just by recording a couple raw videos every month.

Build Out the Best Content Strategy Platforms and Topics for Your Business

Leverage organic search traffic, SEO optimization and structuring your content to actually convert.

BONUS: Exclusive Free Training for Online Coaches & Entrepreneurs

The secret to building authority and credibility fast, Creating the right strategy, and automating 95% of your work.

Upperhand Creative Overview

Purchasing a content package from Upperhand Creative gives you access to the following:

Ultimate Content Flywheel

A proven strategy behind creating binge-worthy content for your prospects that will turn them into paying customers. Turn your content into over 36+ pieces of content while only spending less than three hours a month on content creation.

Hands-Free Video Editing Service

A team of fully-trained and highly talented creatives will be placed in your business. This team of video editors, designers, and content curators will cost you less compared to an in-house employee.

Quick Content Creation

Removes the need to memorize scripts, multiple takes, or the burden of not knowing what to say. You won't have to spend too much time writing your script and exhausting your creativity. Let the team do the work and turn your raw video into an image, post, carousel, or into any format you need.

Access to Support

Giana and her team will be available to you for any questions. They also offer help in powering through roadblocks and overall support while you build your business.

Who Is Upperhand Creative For?

Upperhand Creative is for entrepreneurs and businesses who don’t want to spend too much time and money in building their content marketing campaigns. The company assures you that their system and experience can deliver results. They’ve previously worked with online coaches, fitness entrepreneurs, consultants, and other household brands. The content machine provided by Upperhand creative is a time investment that allows you to focus more on scaling your brand and less on social media.

Upperhand Creative Reviews

David Komar

I’m just starting out but I already have a logo and a style guide put together. your people were able to seamlessly use those things and create additional products for me that blended completely and allowed me to stay on brand.

Michael Elliot

This is an extremely streamlined process. it was super easy to get content out. I would highly suggest working with them if you’re looking for a content machine because that’s exactly what it is.

Who Is Giana Cambria?

Giana Cambria is the CEO and Founder of Upperhand Creative. She’s also an entrepreneur, and an expert in leadership, building teams, and systems to scale businesses. Her social media accounts serve as her platform to share her successes and strategies, as well as an introduction for her marketing agency, Upperhand Creative. She’s particularly active on Facebook, and many of her accounts are tied with Upperhand Creative.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content Automation


Outsourcing Content Automation Is Cost-Effective

Outsourcing Gives You a Good Turnaround in a Timely Manner

Outsourcing Means Access to Experts

Outsourcing Content Automation Can Prevent Burnout of Your Full-Time Staff


Your Outsourced Team Don’t Know Your Business

There Might Be Challenges in Communication

You Might Encounter Difficulty With Quality Control

You Might Experience Slow Response Time

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Is Content Automation Worth It?

Content automation is worth it for those who are struggling with their content marketing efforts. Upperhand Creative allows you to have content ready for less hours compared to hiring an in-house team, this would be perfect for entrepreneurs who want to build their brands without breaking the bank. Automating your content means more time spent in scaling your business and less in your content marketing efforts.

Having a dedicated team that can produce content for your business is a tempting solution, but it comes with a steep price. For first time entrepreneurs or anyone trying to start an online business, there’s often a cap to how much they’re willing to spend. If you’re just starting out and think $6,000-$12,000 per month is a bit too high, I’ve got something else for you.

Upperhand Creative is for established businesses looking to scale, while local lead generation is a better opportunity for those in the early stages of starting an online business. You’re probably looking at automation to find a way to make money online through your business without exhausting too much time and effort. With local lead generation, not only are you saving you time and effort, you’re also spending less.
Local lead generation

Take a look at this website above, I made it in 10 hours and cost me $500 back in 2015. Once I ranked and rented it, it’s been making me $2000/month for seven years. The best thing about local lead generation is the opportunity to expand your digital estate by slowly making more websites, ranking them, and renting them out. Local lead generation is my best bet when it comes to making money on autopilot. Join over 7000 of my students and learn more about local lead generation today.

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