Vanader Review – Launch Your Tiktok Shop From Scratch With Evan Van Auken

June 21, 2024

Vanader is an inventor and entrepreneur whose real name is Evan Van Auken. He created the Scorch Marker, a tool for crafting wood-burned designs. He sells these products on TikTok and has found opportunities to grow his business. Having this discovery, he made the TikTok Shop Masterclass, a guide to building a profitable store in as little as a weekend. Vanader also offers Accelerator Gold, a membership and mentorship program for ecommerce. Vanader's students make money by maximizing his expertise and tools for TikTok dropshipping.

Customer reviews for Vanader are very few, and they are not independent. Although the internet regards him as a successful inventor and entrepreneur. His students also get results based on his sales page. Vanader is admired by other business owners because of his willingness to help them grow their shops.

This Vanader review will reveal the pros and cons of his courses. We'll also provide you with its inclusions and general information. We'll also outline who is Evan Van Auken, AKA Vanader. This article will give you insights on his courses, TikTok dropshipping, and is it worth it. We'll also introduce why local lead generation is a better alternative to TikTok dropshipping.

Vanader Pros And Cons


Vanader is a successful entreprenuer who has applicable knowledge in building and scalling a business. 

Vanader's courses are comprehensive and have real life application.

Vanader is one of those entreprenuers who has successfully transitioned from a career to founding a multimillion-dollar business.


Vanader doesn't have independent reviews.

Vanader claims overnight success with TikTok shops that are rare instances.

Vanader only focuses his instructions on TikTok as a selling platform. 

June 21, 2024

Vanader’s TikTok Shop Masterclass is great for jumping into TikTok e-commerce. It’s super organized, packed with good stuff, and has an awesome community. But remember, it’s a bit pricey and TikTok’s algorithm changes a lot.

If you’re serious about starting a TikTok shop and ready to work hard, this course could be a game-changer. Just be ready for some challenges and keep learning and adapting.


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Will Vanader Help You Launch Your TkTok Shop From Scratch?

Vanader will help you launch your TikTok shop from scratch by assisting with shop setup, listing your products and teaching you how to link products to TikTok videos. Vanader's focus is on direct-to-consumer brands. Example of a DTC is Warby Parker, an eyewear industry with affordable, stylish glasses. The course teaches to use high-quality images and effective product descriptions. This ensures listings convert well and gain more sales.

The training resources available for Vanader are video courses, live calls, and private community. A significant part of the training is teaching new members to integrate affiliate marketing. The Masterclass covers open and targeted collaborations with creators. You will learn how to identify and engage with TikTok creators who can promote your products. Collaboration with creators produces high volumes of branded content without creating it yourself. 

You'll also learn strategies for editing and reposting high-performing content. This is across platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest. These strategies also apply to ads like Meta and Google ads. Monitoring and optimizing your shop's performance is another key area. Vanader provides instruction on TikTok Shop’s built-in analytics to track performance. Analytics also maximize the impact of viral videos through rights acquisition and diverse ad formats. 

To ensure ongoing support, Vanader offers the Accelerator Membership. This has weekly live coaching calls, a members-only community, and a dedicated podcast. These resources offer ongoing support, updates on business trends, and solutions to challenges. Members also get access to Evan for direct support through DMs and discussions. This access ensures personalized guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Who Is Vanader?

Vanader, also known as Evan Van Auken, is an entrepreneur and educator. He commits to assisting people with building businesses, wealth, and personal development. His entrepreneurial journey began at 13 when he started selling CDs. He also has worked as a fry cook, restaurant manager, mortgage seller, Hollywood worker, and graphic designer. He became a firefighter, training for five years and serving eight years. After this, he pursued his passion for business.

Evan’s breakthrough came with the invention of the Scorch Marker. It is the world's first wood-burning marker, created during the making of a fire department plaque. They turned a $500 investment into a successful product inspired by YouTube creators. It became a bestseller on Amazon and created jobs. Evan learned valuable lessons from his successes and mistakes while building Scorch Marker. He now shares this knowledge to help others navigate business development challenges.

Now, Evan shares his knowledge through short-form business and finance content on TikTok. He also has detailed YouTube videos and live Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook sessions. Additionally, he provides personalized guidance through Zoom calls. He is assembling a team and resources to support new business owners. This is through entity formation, tax strategies, legal documentation, and organic growth. Evan’s mission is to help others "make it happen" by providing the right answers. As a result, it reduces the hurdles encountered in their entrepreneurial journeys.

What Is Scorch Marker by Vanader?

Scorch Marker is a crafting company founded by Evan Van Auken that sells wood-burning markers. Vanader makes and sells the Scorch Marker and wooden burning crafts in his shops. This tool enables users to make intricate wood-burned designs on wood. You can then apply heat to achieve a burned effect for your wood crafts. The marker's non-toxic solution ensures a safe and easy wood-burning process. It is accessible for beginners and experienced crafters wanting to try this craft.

The company dedicates itself to enhancing the crafting experience. This is by providing high-quality, user-friendly products. Additionally, Scorch Marker offers various crafting supplies and resources to support creativity. Their products make crafting techniques more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience. 

What Does The Internet Say About Vanader?

The internet says positive things about Vanader because people acknowledge this person as a successful entrepreneur. He transitioned from a career as a firefighter to founding a multimillion-dollar business. Scorch Market successfully grew into a seven-figure company through innovation and business strategies.

Similarly, people regard Vanader as an inventor. With his invention of the Scorch Marker, it simplifies the traditional wood-burning process. It enables a wider audience, including those lacking skills or equipment for conventional wood burning.

What Are Free Stuff From Vanader?

Free Stuff from Vanader includes a Product Pricing Calculator that calculates your profit margin, COGs (cost of goods), and pricing. It is a collection of tools for maximizing your TikTok shop. You can enter your costs, and this tool will reveal how much money you make on every sale. It will also tell you how to price products based on healthy margins.

Free Stuff also includes a KPI Tracking Sheet. Vanader believes that what gets measured gets managed, so you need to know your numbers. Lastly, Free Stuff has a Business Plan Template. It has a 12-question template you can use in your shop. You can answer business questions using this template. You'll have a business plan to show banks, employees, partners, or investors.

What Is TikTok Shop Master Class by Vanader?

TikTok Shop Master Class by Vanader is a complete training program for entrepreneurs to set up and grow a profitable TikTok Shop. The course focuses its lesson on:

  • Setting up a TikTok Shop from scratch.
  • Optimizing product listings for conversions.
  • Link products to TikTok videos for smooth purchasing. 

TikTok Shop Master Class covers strategies to get creators to post about products. This drives organic sales and includes advanced techniques like using live streaming. This system monitors the store to prevent shutdowns and tracks performance with analytics.

What makes the course unique is its emphasis on affiliate marketing integration. They teach this in the TikTok Creator Program. These are methods to get creators to produce branded content. It details how to set up and manage affiliate marketing on TikTok Shops. Vanader teaches open and targeted collaboration strategies and provides tips on collaborating with content creators. 

Accelerator Gold Membership is perfect for eCommerce sellers who want to capitalize on TikTok's platform. The course provides organic growth strategies that reduce reliance on paid ads. This equips insights into how TikTok covers shipping costs and customer discounts. 

TikTok Shop Master Class by Vanader Pros And Cons


TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader guided instructions on setting up and optimizing your TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader integrates affiliate marketing to drive sales.

TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader focuses on organic traffic, which saves costs on paid adverstising.


TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader costs can be a barrier to those new in dropshipping.

TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader relies on TikTok algorithm and it is volatile.

TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader is not univarsally applicable to every dropshipper.


TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader costs $198.

Refund Policy

TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader is absolute. When you're not happy their services, you can ask for a refund anytime.


TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader's origin date is 2023.


TikTok Shop Masterclass by Vanader has a good reputation online. 

What Can You Get From TikTok Shop Master Class by Vanader?

You get lessons on creating and optimizing your TikTok store from TikTok Master Class by Vanader. These lessons are a guided process on how to make your TikTok shop profitable. These lesson are:

  • Setting up your TikTok Shop from scratch.
  • How do you list your products so they convert.
  • Mastering professional shipping methods
  • How to set up discounts, promotions, and coupons.
  • Use TikTok Shop marketing for irresistible promotions.
  • Supercharged affiliate marketing.

  • Get TikTok to pay you for posting in the Growth Section.
  • Boost results with live streaming.
  • Steps to prevent store closure.
  • Utilizing analytics for tracking and measurement.

  • Understanding your TikTok Shop income.
  • Getting to know the products at TikTok Shop.
  • Putting everything together - a 2-step daily action plan to achieve more sales without any cost.

Are The Students of Vanader Getting Results?

Students of Vanader are getting results based on his sales page. User feedback and thoughts on Vanader are all positive. Joseph Marby, one of Vanader's students, said that the course has unlocked the next level in his business. Vanader can explain these complex concepts, so he felt confident enough to do it himself. He advised that Vanader is the mentor you need if you’re starting a business and you don’t know where to begin.

Keith Feldman is also getting results from Vanader. He said that he received so much value from the courses alone. He's excited to see himself keep moving forward with the program. This shows that he's happy with what he's getting.

Joshua Rathbun, another student, said that he joined the accelerator as a new startup founder. He had found a lot of value in the resources and hands-on support. Vanader's content is precious to him. But what he finds very appealing is the first hand support through discussion boards and weekly group video chats.

However, these reviews are not independent. These testimonies are meant to entice you into enrolling. Having no independent reviews makes it hard to assess the masterclass.

Is Vanader's TikTok Shop Master Class Worth It?

TikTok Shop Masterclass is worth it if you want to maximize TikTok's unique platform for significant sales growth. This is through organic and affiliate marketing. Vanader is suitable for beginners because his course has detailed instructions on setting up and optimizing a TikTok Shop.

Another advantageous strategy is linking products to videos for seamless purchases. This uses TikTok's affiliate marketing system. The TikTok Creator Program and the Accelerator Gold Membership are resources that offer support. This enhances its value for those serious about growing their business on TikTok.

However, the masterclass might not be suitable for everyone. The initial cost is a barrier for some, and success can vary based on product type and market demand. TikTok dropshipping requires ongoing content creation and trend engagement. This demands continuous innovation and marketing efforts. Consider your resources when evaluating organic growth strategies to reduce advertising costs.

Vanader's Claim:

Vanader claims that a TikTok Shop can blow up your sales overnight. Part of this claim is that it happened to Vanader. He assures this claim by being successful with Scorch Marker. Months ago, TikTok asked Vanader to beta-test TikTok Shop. He's now making thousands monthly without spending a penny on ads. He does this using organic marketing. It's completely changed how he gets customers, and it's his most profitable channel.

Vanader's Claim Debunked:

Vanader's success with Scorch Marker on TikTok Shop is impressive but needs more validation. Individual results can vary depending on many factors, like:

  • Product Type
  • Market Demand
  • Content Quality
  • Engagement Strategies
  • TikTok Algorithm Changes

Good content does not ensure engagement. Studies show that only about 1-3% of posts on TikTok go viral, and even fewer translate to sales. Additionally, Vanader's experience as a beta tester provided him with unique advantages. He had early access to features and extra support that the public wouldn't have.

Organic marketing is powerful but requires time and effort to build a following and generate sales. According to HubSpot, 62% of businesses find generating organic reach on social media challenging. Vanader's background in business and marketing was instrumental in his success. This is an advantage that new users lack. Claims of overnight success can create unrealistic expectations.

Building a profitable TikTok Shop usually involves continuous optimization. Content Marketing Institute research suggests 6-12 months for significant results from organic marketing. While Vanader's experience is impressive, it doesn't represent what every business will encounter. It's important to approach such claims with a critical mindset and realistic expectations.

Is TikTok Dropshipping Really Profitable?

TikTok dropshipping is really profitable because of the platform's vast user base. Its high engagement levels also offer organic reach and viral marketing opportunities. This drives significant sales to TikTok dropshippers. Successful sellers have made large monthly revenues using TikTok's unique content delivery system.

However, TikTok dropshipping faces significant challenges as a business model. The model relies on TikTok's algorithm, making visibility unpredictable. Reliance on third-party suppliers causes poor product quality, especially in the United States. It also creates issues with shipping delays and deficient customer service. This harms your brand’s reputation.

TikTok trends are also fast-paced, leading to momentary relevance and reduced profits. High initial ad costs are common for dropshippers despite organic growth potential. You also need influencer partnerships to achieve visibility, increasing the financial risk.

Conclusion: Why Go For Local Lead Gen Biz Than TikTok Dropshipping?

Go for local lead gen biz than TikTok dropshipping because it requires lower initial investment and less ongoing work. Once a local lead gen site ranks on Google, it generates passive and recurring income. Unlike TikTok dropshipping, this requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, local lead gen faces less competition and offers a high ROI. This is by generating highly scalable leads. Replicating the process across different cities allows for continuous income growth.

Local lead gen also meets the demand of business owners lacking online marketing expertise. Providing leads helps businesses thrive, ensuring they remain loyal to your services. Local lead generation creates a stable, sustainable income stream. It contrasts with the active, trend-dependent nature of TikTok dropshipping. Competition on TikTok is fierce. Visibility relies heavily on ever-changing algorithms and marketing strategies.


Try the local lead gen biz as an alternative to TikTok dropshipping. It has less competition, making this model generate high ROI. Once a site ranks, it needs less effort and generates passive income. It's perfect for people who want a flexible and scalable revenue stream.

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