Maurice Kenny’s VIP Trading Program Review | 10 Pro Tips to Become a Full-Time Day Trader

October 19, 2023

The VIP Trading Program is an extensive coaching program created by Maurice Kenny. This course teaches how to become a 6-figure day trader by using Maurice's exact trading strategies. Other than video lectures, there are also private and group coaching sessions  to ensure you clearly understand Maurice's VIP trading strategies. It covers anything you need to know to become a full-time VIP trader, including how to analyze the stock market, ideal trading schedules and Maurice's preferred trading platform. 

Day trading is a dynamic and fast-paced approach to financial markets, characterized by the buying and selling securities within a single trading day. It involves traders actively seeking short-term profit opportunities by capitalizing on price fluctuations in stock, currencies, commodities or any trading instrument. 

Like forex trading or crypto trading, day trading is a high-risk investment. The markets can be highly volatile and prices can fluctuate rapidly. This volatility increases the risk of potential losses. If you’re looking for a safer business model, try local lead generation. It’s a low-risk-high-return investment and only requires minimal startup costs. The goal of this online business is to generate leads for local businesses through high-ranking service sites. Once you hit the key metrics, each site can turn into a passive income stream, earning hundreds to thousands of dollars.

VIP Trading Program Pros and Cons


Personalized private coaching and group sessions

Free webinars

692 video testimonials from the website

Thorough screening process to ensure you’re fit for the program

Maurice Kenny is a successful and experienced trader


No definite price for the program (but it’s a 4-figure investment)

No money-back guarantee

No direct interaction with Maurice

You may also find some negative reviews online 


The cost depends on available slots and your specific needs or goals. But, expect to pay over $1,000 to join the program.

Refund Policy

The VIP Trading Program has no refund or cancellation policy.


Maurice Kenny has 13.9k subscribers on YouTube, 5k followers on Facebook and 9,369 followers on Instagram.

What’s Included From Maurice Kenny’s VIP Trading Program?

Individual Coaching Sessions (10 Weeks)

  • Private coaching of those who are new to day trading or those who want to improve their trading strategies
  • 8-hour day trading course
  • Up to 10 calls with coaches in case you have more questions or concerns
  •  Access to private support group (learn from successful day traders and other like-minded individuals)
  • Understanding trader psychology analysis
  • Risk management strategies

Group Learning Sessions (5 Weeks)

  • Learn as a group with other aspiring day traders or those who want to improve their trading strategies
  • Access to exclusive student support group
  • 8-hour day trading course
  • Up to 10 calls with coaches in case you have more questions or concerns
  •  Expand your knowledge with other experienced day traders from the program 
  • Understanding trader psychology analysis
  •  Risk management strategies

FREE: Webinar (How To Trade Like The 10%)

  • Part 1: Maurice Kenny introduces a simple trading strategy that he uses without relying on technical indicators, scanners or monitoring the stock market news.
  • Part 2: This lecture focuses on how to read the price action and trading volume to your advantage. This prevents you from missing trades and lets the trades come to you.
  • Part 3: This lecture teaches you how to develop a data-driven trading strategy to earn consistent profits with planned entry and exit criteria.
  • Part 4: The final step explains how Maurice uses mental stop losses instead of actual stop losses. Here, he explains how hedge funds work with retail traders to stop losses. The goal is to trigger them to force liquidity, then buy back in at a cheaper price.

Who is Maurice Kenny’s VIP Trading Program for? 

  • Novice traders
  • Forex traders or forex brokers who also want to boost their income portfolio via day trading
  • Stock Investors or individuals who are searching for other ways to make money 
  • Experienced traders may also learn valuable trading strategies from this program

VIP Trading Program Goals

  • To help you become a full-time VIP trader
  • To help you earn more money through day trading ($10k per month)
  • To help you leave your 9 to 5 job and make day trade for a living
  • To help you become a 6 figure trader

How to Join the VIP Trading Program

Step 1: Check the requirements.

Here are the pre-qualifications for the VIP Trader Program: 

  • You must have a decent income or savings 

  • You must complete Maurce’s 1-hour webinar 

  • You must be polite and open-minded

Step 2: Watch the webinar.

Watch Maurice Kenny’s free 1-hour webinar titled: “How to Trade Like the 10%”. You cannot proceed to the next step without watching this tutorial. This process allows you to gauge his trading strategies and determine whether you’re comfortable with their trading methods

Step 3: Schedule a call for the pre-interview.

Schedule a call with their team to discuss if you’re fit for the program. One of MK coaches will introduce the mechanics of the program. This includes the trading software you need, minimum trading capital investment and other important details. The coach may also ask you some questions about the trading strategy discussed in the webinar.

Step 4: Get payment details.

If you’re qualified, they will discuss with you the fees to join the program. They will also set up your VIP account and other access you need for the program. Again, the fees will depend on your specific needs and goals. 

Are the Students of Maurice Kenny’s VIP Trading Program Successful? 

There are hundreds of video testimonials posted on his website and his YouTube channel.  You can also find a video on the homepage that featured 35 successful students. The website claims these VIP Trading Program students earn $10,000 and/or win 70% of all their day trades.

What Other People Say About Maurice Kenny & His VIP Trading Program

On Trust Pilot, the program scored 4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 45 reviews). Here are some of the positive reviews from Trust Pilot. 

And here's the negative review from Trust Pilot. 

On Reddit, there are more people who are skeptical about the program. Most people here also say it’s a scam or it’s not worth it. 

Is Maurice Kenny’s VIP Trading Program Worth it?

Maurice Kenny's VIP Trading Program can be worth it if you’re willing to invest a lot of time and money into it. On top of the joining fee, you need at least $3,000 in your trading account to start and get better results. 

However, keep in mind that day trading is a risky investment. That’s why you should do your due diligence before signing up for any program. The good thing about Maurice’s program is they have a thorough screening process. There’s also a free webinar and tons of online tutorials that will help you decide whether this program is for you. 

For beginners, my recommendation is to start small and take advantage of his YouTube video  tutorials. If you’re getting good results and if you think you’re comfortable with strategies and analysis, then this program might be for you.

Who is Maurice Kenny?

Maurice Kenny is the creator of the VIP Trading Program. He is a professional day trader, speaker and educator. According to his followers, his video tutorials and webinars have been pivotal to their success. His program aims to help people refine their trading strategies and maximize their profits for up to $10,000 monthly. 

Life Before Maurice Became a Day Trader 

Before Maurice Kenny became a professional trader, he was already an IT director in his early 20s, earning $100,000 yearly. He thought he was already living the American dream. Like most of us, he also had the traditional mindset of going to college, getting a degree and working for a company for 40 years until retirement. 

Maurice was also hardworking, but the dynamics of corporate life are just different for him. And despite his proven track record in the IT industry, he kept losing his job. He even worked 50 to 60 hours weekly to keep his job. He gave up his free time and had no control over his schedule. 

Unfortunately, he was still getting laid off from work. But according to Maurice, he was still grateful, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Those obstacles made him take a 180-degree turn and made him realize that he needed to work for himself. That he can’t just let his family and his life into others’ hands.

Maurice Kenny's Life as a Day Trader

5 years later, Maurice became a successful day trader, speaker and educator in his mid-20s. He became a CEO and was featured in several publications, including The American Reporter, California Weekly, Stats Globe, Seekers Time, Tricity Daily and much more. 

Using his own trading methods and strategies, he became financially free. Moreover, Maurice now has more time with his family, running his business for only 10 to 20 hours weekly.

10 Pro Tips to Become a Full-Time Day Trader

Tip #1: Educate yourself.

Familiarize yourself with various trading strategies, financial markets, trading signals, and technical or fundamental analysis. Find the best broker and observe his or her trading methods. Read books or invest in online courses to further expand your knowledge.

Tip #2: Set clear goals.

Never proceed to day trading without a concise plan. Be sure to map out your goals and calculate your risk-tolerance. Do not go beyond your trading limit to minimize losses. 


Tip #3: Practice your strategy with simulated trading.

Don't jump into trading with real money right away. I suggest taking advantage of simulated trading platform. You may also try paper trading accounts to practice your knowledge and trading strategies without financial risks. 


Tip #4: Start with sufficient capital.

Ensure you have enough capital to support yourself and cover your living expenses while you build your trading skills. Having adequate capital reduces the pressure to generate immediate profits and allows you to focus on learning and refining your strategy. 

Tip #5: Work on your day trading risk management.

Implement strict risk management techniques to protect your trading capital. Set a maximum percentage of your trading capital on every trade, typically recommended to be between 1% and 3%. Stay on track of your stop-loss orders to prevent financial risks and always respect your pre-defined parameters.


Tip #6: Develop a trading strategy.

Focus on one or a few trading strategies that align with your personality, risk tolerance and trading style. This is one reason Maurice Kenny wanted to introduce his trading methods first before you can proceed to his VIP Trader Program. It’s advisable to evaluate your chosen strategies until you become proficient in executing them effectively.

Tip #7: Write it down.

 Maintain a detailed trading journal where you record your trades, including the reasons for entering and exiting each trade. Analyze your trades regularly. Examine the patterns and find out the pros and cons of each trading event. 


Tip #8: Develop emotional discipline.

Emotional management is vital in trading. You need to learn how to control your emotions, such as fear and greed while making trade decisions. Stick to your trading plan and avoid impulsive trades based on emotions.

Tip #9: Keep yourself updated.

Keep learning and adapting your trading strategies as trading environments evolve. Try to explore other learning materials from successful day traders. 


Tip #10: Keep your composure.

Be patient and stay disciplined. Understand that successful day trading may also take time. Avoid chasing quick profits or taking unnecessary risks.

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