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Wealth Accelerator Review: 4 Things Amazon Coaches Don’t Want You To Know

March 21, 2024

Amazon Wealth Accelerator is mentorship program that teaches you the "bedrock method" of building your own private label Amazon store: Product Research, Finding Suppliers, and Product Listings. and These fundamentals may help you generate $10k-$30k a month in passive income. Unlike other Amazon courses, they offer a 7-day free trial with full access to their features.

Selling on Amazon is a lucrative way of generating passive income and extra money. Amazon has 310 million customers worldwide, according to JungleScout. It is a large market with tons of opportunity for growth. However, investment options like ecommerce means that there is a lot of competition. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t deal with global competitors to achieve financial freedom, you may be interested in local lead generation.

4 Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon 

1. Amazon Fees

There is a price to pay if you want to be a part of Amazon’s trillion-dollar platform. Besides the cost of starting and running your store, you also have to pay Amazon to maintain your account. Amazon charges a referral fee ranging between 8%-15% for each item sold. This would not include order fulfillment costs, storage, and advertising. 

2. High Competition

A common question new sellers ask; is amazon over saturated? It’s not impossible to sell on Amazon in 2024. However, there’s just a lot of competition. You need to make sure your brand stands out against nearly 2 million third-party sellers. This means pricing your products competitively, which lessens your earning potential or creating a unique and new product. 

3. You Don't Own The Platform 

Investing in Amazon means adhering to their policies. As a business owner, you are reliant on their platform. If Amazon suspends or restricts your account, this could put an abrupt halt to your business. 

4. Competing With Amazon 

Amazon isn’t just a platform. They also sell various products which customers might be more inclined to buy. If you are selling a product that Amazon is also selling, you would also have to compete with the platform itself which can be difficult for small businesses.

What is Amazon Wealth Accelerator?

Amazon Wealth Accelerator

Amazon Wealth Accelerator is a mentorship program hosted by Camron James. It contains modules, training videos, and weekly coaching session designed to teach you the essentials of building an Amazon store. Camron teaches you the bedrock method he used to generate $10k-$30k monthly. 

Pros and Cons of Amazon Wealth Accelerator


There’s a Facebook group for support.

They offer a 7-day free trial to some students. 

They host coaching sessions every Sunday. 

Their team offers daily support. 


There aren't much reviews from outside sources. 

Their refunds come with a lot of requirements which might be difficult to accomplish within the 14-day period. 


$4,997 or $5,391 depending on your payment plan.

Refund Policy

They offer 14-day money back guarantee 




There aren't any reviews asides from those posted on their website. 

What Is The Bedrock Method? 

The Bedrock method is Camron’s process of building your Amazon store the right way. You learn all the fundamental principles of building a store that can sustain itself in the long run. The Bedrock Method has 3 foundational pieces: 

  • Product Research - Camron teaches you how to select good products for the long run using real sales data. He bases everything on facts and will even check your products.  
  • Finding Suppliers - Camron teaches you how to build long lasting relationships with good suppliers. 
  • Listing Assets - Camron shows you how to write the perfect listing that can attract customers. He  teaches you how to find keywords that customers are most likely to search and how to use world class photos to reach a broader audience. 
Amazon Wealth Accelerator bedrock method

Who is Camron James?

Camron James is an entrepreneur and Amazon coach. He started selling on Amazon FBA in 2017and after trial and error, launched a product which generated him over 1.3 million dollars in its first year. Since then, he has launched over 50+ products. He has created a free field manual designed to help you get started selling on Amazon

Camron James Social Media Presence 

Camron James runs an active social media presence. He is most notable on YouTube with over 58k subscribers, where he posts various videos about Amazon and his journey. His website also features a blog with more information about Amazon. On his Facebook page, he runs 2 Facebook groups for his students and other sellers. 

Camron James' YouTube Page

How Much Does Amazon Wealth Accelerator Cost? 

Amazon Wealth Accelerator does not provide the full cost on their landing page. The price for the course is on their terms and conditions page. There are two ways you can pay for the program. The first option is to pay for the course upfront, which would be $4,997. The second option is 3 monthly payments of $1,797, totaling to $5,391. Camron also advises that you prepare at least $10,000 for the total investment. 

Who Is Amazon Wealth Accelerator For? 

The Amazon Wealth Accelerator program is for anybody who’s interested in private label Amazon FBA. They offer all the knowledge you need to get started. They provide video training, guidebooks, and coaching sessions. Camron teaches you step-by-step how to build an Amazon store and how to increase your sales.  

What Is In The Amazon Wealth Accelerator Program? 

Amazon Wealth Accelerator comprises 6 different modules designed to teach you how to build and scale your Amazon store. Besides the training materials, Camron also provides other services and products to bring your Amazon store to the next level. 


Camron teaches you product research using real data and not product software estimations. He checks your product ideas before you invest. This is quite similar to the methods taught at Digital Worth Academy, where they teach you exactly which niches to go to and what product to sell. 


Camron provides step-by-step instructions on how to get your products shipped to Amazon warehouses. He teaches you how to find the margins so you can compete with other sellers and avoid costly mistakes. 


Camron discusses how to write your Amazon listing and what your copy should like. He gives you access to his contacts to save more money. 


Camron teaches you his exact launch strategy for all new products. He goes through how to set up your PPC campaigns and to get your product on page 1 of profitable keywords. 


Camron teaches the marketing strategies he used to scale his business. You will learn how to apply these strategies with customized support from him, his team, and his community of students. 


You will learn how to build a brand where you can expand your product line and build customer loyalty.


  • Weekly Q&A calls. 
  • Direct access to Camron and his team. 
  • The student community and Facebook groups. 
  • Checklists and guides. 
  • Plug-n-Play contracts, trackers, and fee calculators. 
  • Access to Camron's personal rolodex. 

How Can You Get Started With Amazon Wealth Accelerator? 

You would need to schedule a call with their team to get started. This call will ensure if you are qualified to get started with the program as Camron is looking for long-term students. He will also give the exact cost of the course itself.

Does Amazon Wealth Accelerator Offer Free Trials?

Amazon Wealth Accelerator offers a 7-day free trial. Within this period, you get access to all the modules and trainings. You are free to ask for daily support from Camron’s team and are welcome to join their weekly Sunday zoom call. The trial is only available for a limited amount of time and students. 

Amazon wealth Accelerator's 7-day free trial

Does Amazon Wealth Accelerator Offer Refunds? 

Amazon Wealth Accelerator offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you have not viewed over 40% of the course material. However, to qualify for the refund, there are requirements you have to meet. You need to complete Module 1 and complete the steps of Product Research. You need to be active in their Facebook group and interact with them at least once a week. You also need to receive formal quotes from 3 Potential Manufacturers 

Does Amazon Wealth Accelerator Deal With Account Restrictions and Registrations? 

Amazon Wealth Accelerator can help with account issues. Their team is catered to helping you get your account off the ground and if you run into any account issues that they can’t help you with, they will offer you a refund. 

How Much Time Do You Need To Dedicate To Amazon Wealth Accelerator? 

To get the best results, it’s advisable to put in as much time as you can to your store, especially if you’re just starting out. Camron James recommends you put in at least 5-10 hours a week for coaching sessions and training.

Amazon Wealth Accelerator Review and Testimonials 

Besides the testimonials posted on their site, there aren’t any other reviews to be found from other sources. Camron’s students speak highly of him. They claim they can hit their goal of making more than $10k a month with the method he teaches. However, these are all found on their website and despite being up for over 2 years, there aren’t any other reviews. 

Camron James' Amazon FBA 2024 Update: Rising Seller Fees 

Changes in Amazon FBA's 2024 Update (That Are Not in 2023 Update)

  • AI-Generated Product Photography: Amazon is beta-testing AI-generated product photography. This tool aims to ensure quality product images while potentially saving sellers from the cost of professional product photography services. 
  • Social Shopping and Influencer Content: The new Amazon update promotes the uses of TikTok Shop, Amazon Lives, and short reel content to boost influencer marketing and product visibility.
  • Low Inventory Level Fees: Starting April 1st, 2024, Amazon will charge sellers who keep a low inventory of fast-selling items to encourage them to keep enough stocks and maintain efficient distribution.  
  • Changes in Oversized Product ClassificationAmazon introduces new size tiers for more specific storage fee structuring. It also renamed oversized products to 'large bulky' in its descriptions. 
  • High Return Rate Products FeesThere will also be changes on the product's return rates and policies, except apparel and shoes.

Amazon FBA Seller Fees Cost in 2024

General Fee Increase: Amazon increased its seller fees by $0.15 per unit sold across all product categories.

Decrease in FBA Fulfillment Fees: Amazon FBA seller fees for standard-sized products are decreased by $0.20 per unit and $0.61 on large bulky size products. 

Long-Term Storage Fees: Increase in fees for inventory stored between 271 and 365 days. The actual cost is not yet disclosed. 

Wrongly Shipped Items: Items that are shipped to a different location and have not arrived at the intended address will be charged additional fees. 

Storage Utilization Surcharge: Inventory stored in the facility for 26 weeks or more will also incur additional surcharge. 

Decrease in Monthly Storage Fees: Non-peak monthly storage fees on standard sized items are reduced by $0.09 per cubic foot.

Amazon FBA 2024 Update: Takeaways For Sellers

Enhanced Delivery Efficiency: Amazon banks on its efficient delivery system as they strive to shift their focus on same or next day delivery. 

Revised Storage Fees and Policies: Introduction of low inventory level fees and the changes in long-term storage fees push sellers to give more priority to inventory management. 

New Inbound Defect Fee: The implementation of inbound defect fee require sellers to be more prompt and careful in packing and shipping items and ensure they all arrive within the set time frames, 45 days for domestic, 75 days for international.

What's not mentioned in the video: Amazon also offers liquidation options for unsold inventory through wholesale channels. The Amazon Bulk Liquidations Store sells pelletized or bulk quantities of overstock, returned, or possibly damaged goods at discounted prices. 

Verdict: Can Amazon Wealth Accelerator Help Grow Your Store 6-7 Figures in Sales? 

Camron James is a notable Amazon coach. He provides a lot of financial education on wealth building and scaling an Amazon store. Camron also provides hands-on guidance to new Amazon sellers through his program. 

Wealth Accelerator could be a good beginner course for those wanting to explore this 575 billion dollar market. However, the real problem with it is the business model itself. Amazon is a very competitive market with over 1.9 million active sellers on the platform. The rising seller fees and additional costs only make it harder for sellers to make a decent income from the business. 

Scaling to 6 or 7 figures with Amazon FBA is a long shot, although not impossible. There's no guarantee of consistent profits and with the rise in competition, it's difficult to set your brand apart.

If you’re looking for a business model that is less competitive, easier to scale, and is more sustainable, my recommendation is local lead generation. This model allows you to build a passive income stream without having to sell an actual product. The goal is to build digital assets, rank them on Google, and rent them out to business owners in your area. Unlike Amazon FBA, you don't have to worry about seller fees, fulfillment fees, and storage fees. Digital assets require very minimal maintenance so you can enjoy bigger margins. 

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