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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022 (Scam? Read this first!)

August 25, 2022

Alright so you've heard all the buzz about WA and now you wanna know if it's legit, right?? 

Well, you've come to the right place.

Here's the deal: In this detailed, meticulous shakedown of the Wealthy Affiliate program, I keep it real.

I've made money with all sorts of online biz models, affiliate marketing being just one of them. 

I also did some MLM way back in 2013, and I saw people making some bold claims about what Wealthy Affiliate is and what it can do.

Then there are people wondering, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Here's the problem, tho: These days, there's a little too much of the blind leading the blind out here in the online business world.

How can you know that you can trust my opinion?

Well, allow me to introduce myself:

Hi. My name is Ippei...
Tree Care Service Gif

Basic outline of my experience:

  • After graduating from MSU with a degree in marketing, I worked a 9-5 for 3 years (2011 to 2014)
  • Joined lead gen coaching program, built income to $35K a month in 2 years (2014 to 2016)
  • Added some affiliate marketing in the mix in 2017, didn't make a dime for 6 months, then they started to trickle in.
  • Hit $49K a month with lead gen in mid 2018, and a few K per month with affiliate marketing up until about April of 2020, when Amazon sliced their affiliate commissions in half. 
  • Now doing $52K a month with lead gen, a grand or 2 a month with affiliate offers, and sold my FBA biz at the end of 2019. 


This something that I really care about you knowing if you're going to read any of my reviews.

You're not going to find any affiliate links for Wealthy Affiliate anywhere in this article.

If you do decide to participate in their program, I'm not going to receive any type of compensation whatsoever. There are way too many people out there writing reviews "just to help people," when really they're trying to get you to make a purchase so that they line their own pockets.

I don't play that game. 

Now let's finally get into...

My Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review

Here's one of their star players (from a couple years ago.)

Take a look at the screenshot below, and I would like you to notice how long she's worked on her site and how much traffic she's gotten.

Keep this in your back pocket, cuz we'll come back to it later.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been ranking websites on Big Daddy G(oogle) for over 6 years now, so one could say that I know my stuff. And I have some thoughts on this.

Anyway, to write a quality Wealthy Affiliate review in 2021, I had to go through their system.

So I bought their course. 

I dove deep into the Wealthy Affiliate training to see if it really is legit and viable for affiliate marketers today in 2021.

Not 2012.

Need proof that I bought the program? 

Check this:

That's the welcome email I got when I used my Wealthy Affiliate login:

And yes we got the premium membership.

(if you came here looking for a review of the free version, I can give it you my free wealthy affiliate review plain and simple right now: The free package is pretty much worthless imo)

Now back to the stuff that's actually worth talking about...

So what does buying into the upper tier get you?

You'll get their "robust" training. 

(I leave it in quotes because it was obvious that it hadn't been updated in a long time)

But you'll also get access to the community, and honestly, that's the real asset of WA.

Here's how their forum works:

Dashboard: Predictably, the blue house icon brings you to the main "home page," which is basically your portal where you can access all things WA.

Training: When you want to watch WA's edu, hit the green "play" button

Websites: This is where you can buy domains & hosting from WA (this is where they really get your $$$ by the way.) I gotta say, though, I like how they take care of the tech, so WA members don't have to set up the DNS and sh*t like that.

Live Events: The "live events" tab is basically a lotta videos that WA members have made over time. Some provide a few laughs, while others drop some higher-level hacks.

Research: Enter "Jaaxy Lite," WA's affiliate keyword research tool. Def not as robust as Ahrefs, but handy for sure. 

Affiliate Programs: They've got a few affiliate offers primed and ready for you, but the biggest offer is to just promote the WA program itself. Personally, I hit up places like JVZoo, the tried and true Clickbank, but not Amz anymore. 

Live Chat:  This is WA's version of FB messenger, which allows for talk between group members as well as support (but more on that later)

And finally! You'll see the Help Center.

Help Center: This is where you can request help for things like technical support for the domains you've bought within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, ask a question within the community, open up a live chat for quick help, and even private message another Wealthy Affiliate member.

Quick question:

Which is Better for Affiliates: Wix or WA?
Trick Question: Wix doesn't allow affiliate links, so clearly WA. The real question is between WA or WP (wordpress for the newbies)

Wealthy Affiliate Course Overview

Ranked #4 out of 4 affiliate marketing courses (See full list here)
16 hours 6 minutes (160 "lessons" from 2017)
LOTS of repetitive content, great community.
2.0/5 - Not a very helpful course. Lacking in quality, up-to-date content.
$49 per month (yeah, another subscription)

Course Creator: Kyle Loudoun

For people who like to see how things get started, here's how WA got going:

It pretty much begins with Kyle Loudoun.

He combined his love for travel and his tech prowess when he got into affiliate marketing about 18 years back ('03, I think?)

But anyone who's been around for long enough will notice that the "gurus" out there are making their money from teaching folks (and let's face it, he has a heart, so he probably wanted to help some folks out too) so he made a course with a partner, Carson Lim.

(this is the kind of info people find out when they're searching for Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate reviews.)

A few years later, as they grew, they added a few feature: Jaaxy, their keyword research tool. 

And that was the start of WA. 

Now let's see what their training is like these days:

A word of advice: Set your expectations low for the WA education...but high for the community

So what is Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work? This course is primarily presented by Kyle Loudoun, whereas Carson Lim runs more of the backend of the group. He has a very simple to follow teaching style that makes it easy to ease into the world of understanding more complicated aspects of digital marketing such as Google Webmaster tools.

Here's some quick facts about Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Repetitive training: you'll get the basics again, and again...and again 
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate free? No, but you can actually try seven days for free
  •  There's a very supportive and active community
  • You learn where to find affiliate offers
  • You're taught how frequently to place affiliate links and make offers to your readers

The Meat of the WA Course (All 5 Levels)

Level 1- Getting Started

Here you'll learn to navigate the community, complete your account setup, and take a look at what you get from upgrading to a Premium account. You'll learn to:

  • Vision: Create your money goals
  • Focus: Choose your niche
  • Build: Create your website
  • Optimize: Make your site SEO-friendly
  • Write: Create engaging website content
  • Organize: Set up your site's menus
  • Study: Research "low hanging fruit" keywords

This first level of the training is fast and furious, and if you follow it step by step, you'll get your first website up and running with lightning speed.

Total Video Time: 2 Hours & 51 Minutes

Level 2- Getting Traffic

Here you learn to start getting guests to come take a look at your site and what it offers. By the end of this lesson you'll be able to:

  • Pick and purchase a brandable domain name
  • Transfer your site to your new domain name
  • Learn more about targeting SEO keywords
  • Pick relevant images to support your content
  • Post your website in the WA community to get comments and constructive criticism
  • Set up your domain-specific email account
  • Increase your productivity and produce MORE blog posts
  • Learn to sell the Wealthy Affiliate course and post on their blog.

This is basically building on the first lesson, sort of repeating some of the points, and simultaneously going into more detail.

Total Video Time: 2 Hours & 27 Minutes

Level 3- Generating An Income

Now that you've got traffic going to your website, You've got to monetize that traffic. These are the ways that you'll achieve just that.

  • Learn about the "customer purchase lifecycle"
  • Locate affiliate offers and find the right ones
  • Learn to promote Amazon products
  • Add affiliate links to your pages
  • Learn to leverage the power of product reviews
  • Get paid to display Google Ads on your site
  • Learn to use Google Analytics

This is basically the most technical and crucial part of the entire training, because it pertains to slapping dollar signs on your web pages.

Total Video Time: 1 Hour & 22 Minutes

Level 4- Leverage Social Media

Here you'll learn other ways to maximize the traffic to your site so more eyeballs get glued to your affiliate offers and Google Ads. The training includes the following:

  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share your blog posts
  • Managing your blog comments
  • Utilizing Facebook intelligently to create a discussion
  • Find trending topics on Twitter to harness in your posts
  • Use Google Plus to share your posts (This has since been outmoded)
  • Learn to use the WA social community
  • Learn which social media to use and when

This section is pretty important, though most of your traffic should probably be coming through Google keyword searches.

Total Video Time: 50 Minutes

Level 5- Improve Your Content Writing

Effective content writing is essential to this business model. Product reviews and engaging information are they way to get a loyal fanbase that buys your products.

This level will teach you how to:

  • How to write content efficiently
  • Converting your traffic into more sales
  • Making sure people read and engage with your content
  • An analysis of conversions from a successful website
  • Strategies for longer term success
  • Scaling up your business
  • Making sure your content is visually appealing
  • Use webmaster tools to track your site
  • Setting a yearly plan for your content creation
  • Getting indexed and ranked in Bing and Yahoo
  • Look into ways for outsouring your content

Some of this level seems a little bit repetitive, but there are nonetheless some important pieces of training here.

Total Video Time: 2 Hours & 11 Minutes

Bonus 1: Selling WA as an Affiliate

There are a whopping 7 phases about this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate alone. The focus on selling WA as a new student definitely raises a red flag for me, but either way this is still a good course.

Bizarrely, many very similar lessons are repeated again, with some tweaks to teach you how to push WA's community with your own affiliate offer.

This bonus teaches you how to:

Phase 1: Build Your Own Website

This closely mirrors the first "Getting Started" module. There are 8 videos, for a total of 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Phase 2: Organize Your Content & Keywords

This also is very similar to the 2nd level of the training, but it goes into a little more depth and talk specifically about marketing the WA training itself. It includes 6 videos, totaling 1 hour and 22 hours.

Phase 3: Use Social Media

Almost verbatim the same training that you went through in the 3rd level, there are some tweaks here. Six videos are here, totaling 54 minutes and 14 seconds.

Phase 4: Get Visual

Here, they talk about the importance of reviews, and how you can improve your reviews specifically about the WA platform. Graphs and charts are also a main feature of this phase. Something pretty cool about this phase is that they teach you how to make simple text-based graphics for your sites.

Phase 5: Getting More Referrals

Content creation is discussed yet again, specifically concerning the "intent" of your writing. He also talks about using a content framework to simplify the process of writing an article. Writing with the idea of promoting engagement and comments is discussed here, as well as getting your commenters to convert into sales.

Kyle also discusses using Youtube as an additional source of traffic, and teaches you how to do your keyword research specifically for this platform. After that, Kyle teaches you to create and upload your video to Youtube in such a way that it gets indexed quickly and shows up on Google for others to click.

Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo, & PPC

This is actually a very good lesson that teaches you about PPC for Bing Ads, as well as getting indexed quickly on Bing and Yahoo which are known for taking a little more time to identify new content so it can be found by the public. An interesting revelation is that the rankings in Bing and Yahoo are often exactly the same!

Also discussed here is Bing's Webmaster Tools which is the driving force in allowing Bing to access and show your content to the public. 

Phase 7: Scaling Up Your PPC Campaigns

As the name implies, this part of the training teaches you to further use PPC to double down on keywords that are already converting into sales.

They also mention that you can target keywords with too much competition for you to beat with SEO. This feels a little bit like a cop out on SEO techniques, but I can definitely see PPC being used as a temporary stopgap while you get your SEO power pack charged up and ready.

Bonus 2: Customer Purchase Lifecycle

Note 1


This is actually pretty interesting, as it talks about the three main phases of how people make purchases online. This enables you to target your customers at just the right step in the process so they're ready to buy.

The use of keywords that have big names included is also explained. This enables you to scrape up some of the traffic that might otherwise go directly to the source.

Kyle also talks about putting yourself in the customer's shoes as well as how to make somebody turn into a long-term customer. Overall pretty informative stuff.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme? MLM?

What makes businesses a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes occurs usually in a multi-level marketing company where people are mostly getting paid to recruit people, and those recruits go on to recruit more, while the actual product being sold is not providing any real results.

As the business gets saturated in the marketplace, people that join the MLM later on, end up simply losing money because the recruiting has become exponentially more difficult and the product is sort of bogus.

Now Wealthy Affiliate is not multi-tier commission structure like a traditional MLM, it does offer commission (affiliate) opportunities, and because the training focuses a lot on dated affiliate marketing tactics like creating Facebook pages & commenting on other posts, what ends up happening is that the best opportunity in WA is to actually turn around and promote WA.

That gets a lil' hairy because who's ultimately benefiting in that structure the most is simply the course creators, and of course they want everyone inside WA to promote WA.

Some tough questions...

WA has been around for a while...

  • Why isn't there any high-level SEO training?
  • Why isn't there any training on backlinking?

It is impossible to rank in Google today without backlinks. And that's just Facts.

When the program's best money making opportunity is to promote the program itself, it becomes closer and closer to simply a referral / recruit business like a MLM.

Fortunately, they make is easy to cancel your membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Top Success Case Study

(why lead generation out performs affiliate marketing)

Here's the top ranked success testimonial inside their platform, with 465 comments.

When she says 358 referrals, that's selling Wealthy Affiliate and as you can see by the breakdown she provided, its her main money maker.

I'm happy for her success but here's my issue with these statistics.

She spent 20 months, almost 2 years of grinding 420 blog posts for a site to make $1,642 in a month.

Going after long tail keywords, which btw is a strategy that really doesn't work well in 2021.  "Blogging daily" did work in 2012, but that was before the Penguin algorithm update.

The crazy thing is that this seems like the best route when considering how to make money with wealthy affiliate.

420 blog posts to make $1,642... is exactly the reason why I do not recommend affiliate marketing today for anybody starting out online.

It is just way too saturated.

To have 420 blog posts and only $1,642 to show for it tells me that most of those blog posts are not ranking and therefore not generating ANY traffic.

And this, my friends, is why I will go down into the grave proclaiming the superiority of the Lead Generation business model.

Local is much easier to rank, and providing leads for small businesses will actually get you paid good money versus the small commission from being an affiliate marketer.

For example this tree service site of mine::

Makes me $2,000 per month because my clients are happy paying me 10% of closed business, and an average tree removal job goes anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. 

And this site generates 300 phone calls per month, for my client paying me $2,000 is nothing compared to the revenue I'm bringing him.

Tree Care Service Gif

Here's a key difference between the lead generation business and affiliate marketing.

And it should begin to become more and more clear why I recommend this lead generation coaching program over WA.

I made this site in 2015. Only took me 6 hours to build.

Maybe another 15 hours spread out over 4 months to get it to page 1 of Google for "tree service Grand Rapids" (you can Google it yourself)

That site was already making me $1000 per month.

3 months later it got to the top of page 1, and the site has been making me $2000 per month since. (from 2015 to now 2019)

I'm still building & ranking lead-gen sites like these all over the world to increase my passive income.

Why Affiliate Marketing is
Not Feasible for a Beginner

To play affiliate marketing today and actually make decent income ($10K per month or more), you need to invest so much money to create a massive authority site like mine ( on top of that it will take 2-3 years.

And it takes cash to fund a project like this.

I was able to do it with the help of the massive amount of passive income generated by my lead gen sites.

AND I only did because I'm not an affiliate for our lead generation coaching program.

(I'm actually Dan's partner now.)

So we're not talking about some small affiliate commission here.

Blogging daily and targeting long-tail keywords ain't gonna make you whole lot of cash today, it just isn't.

You need massive amounts of backlinks which costs money. Unfortunately, WA doesn't teach I'm not surprised that after 2 years of grinding her site is at that level of income.

It's just not feasible for a beginner.
Kudos to lilmama for her dedication & grind, but I also feel for her in a way, because with her work ethic I know in my heart she would be earning six figures in lead gen income by now.

And that's just the beginning.

With local lead generation, you can build & rank much faster (3-6 months) and get these sites to crank $500 to $2000 per month of profits.

Local is easier to rank. So many cities you can get into so its not saturated.  And leads for small businesses are far more lucrative than affiliate commissions.

Since 2014, while building my lead generation business, I also started several affiliate sites just because I like trying different biz models, and all those sites took at least 1 year to see any traffic and still under performed against lead gen sites that ranked in half the time or less.

Which brings me to the next issue:

Selling WA (or getting referrals) is becoming more and more difficult for beginners now.

Only legit way to continually promote WA is through ranking in Google for "Wealthy Affiliate Review" or on Youtube. Problem is there's only 10 spots on the first page of Google.

And those 10 spots are always filled with savy SEO's.

That means the new members are not able to get the life-changing results they desire.

You are not going to make real income by promoting FB pages manually by commenting. Maybe that would've worked back in 2012, but not today...sorry. 

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

This is another thing people wonder about a lot.

The affiliates of WA are out there promoting this program like it's the best thing since sliced bread.

That's the problem of creating a coaching program with affiliate options--you get a lot of misleading advertising by inexperienced affiliates.

You're gonna flood the market with disingenuous reviews written by members that promote the program for the sake of getting that commission, not necessarily because they believe that the program actually teaches highly effective skills.

But I will say that I do not think Wealthy Affiliate can be classified as a pyramid scheme.

This is because you do get some real training on setting up sites, hosting, finding affiliate offers, and some traffic tactics, although in my opinion it's not the best out there but the training is still there.

Wealthy Affiliate Lawsuit with MOBE

Back in 2015, Wealthy Affiliate was served with a lawsuit by a MLM company called MOBE, because the creator of WA, Kyle wrote an article claiming MOBE to be a Scam in 2014. This article was backed with research and facts.

MOBE came after them aggressively with lawsuits claiming Kyle's article defamed their company leading to loss in revenue.

Well, this was nothing more than MOBE's attempt to use lawsuits to bankrupt Wealthy Affiliate with court fees it would take to defend against the claims. It costed WA, half a million dollars to defend against the lawsuits.

They did and they prevailed.

Ya see, MOBE was like a wolf backed into a corner, desperate and aggressive because they knew their days were numbered.

MOBE was facing serious allegations from the FTC that they were running a fraudulent business of a real pyramid scheme, duping members into joining an opportunity that provided no real tangible value for spending the money to join the opportunity, resulting in only people losing money and people higher in the pyramid profiting off of recruits.

So MOBE was shut down by the FTC, meaning they didn't proceed with their accusations against WA.

And the lawsuit was over.

I admire WA's strong stance on protecting freedom of speech as they were getting accused of not just their content but the content put out by WA members, which is crazy.

This thorough review should provide enough evidence that WA is not a pyramid scheme because there's actual valuable training inside WA that you get for joining.

This company is not a ponzi scheme that prays on recruiting people without giving any value. 

In this way, we don't have to look at WA in terms of it being a MLM or not, let's simply look at the training inside it, if its relevant for affiliate marketing today and if affiliate marketing really is right for you or not?

Wealthy Affiliate BBB Rating

A quick search did show some Wealthy Affiliate reviews with complaints, but they all seemed to have been resolved so I definitely give respect to them for that.

Something about business is that you're inevitably going to run into somebody that isn't happy with your service, especially when you're dealing with a product as cheap as this.

Here's a screenshot of what I found:

It's probably because of this active resolution of complaints that they've been able to keep a decent BBB rating.

But here's another interesting fact: WA is listed as a HOSTING business, not an educational company. 

Reminds me of Ray Crock's McDonalds--everybody thinks that McDonald's is in the burger business (and oooh, those tasty, golden fries...) but in reality, they are in the real estate biz.

That's what makes them absolute geniuses.

Only thing is, WA being seen as a web hosting platform and not an educational platform doesn't seem nearly as genius, if you ask me...

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews on Reddit

I can always count on my peeps at Reddit to tell it like it is. 

(I mean, isn't that why everybody loves Reddit?)

Let's dive right in.

The Good

This reviewer has nothing but good things to say about Wealthy Affiliate. And it's always nice to hear that someone's gotten some value out of a program that they've invested their hard-earned money in. 

The Bad

I like this guy (or gal.) You can tell that they're a pretty experienced businessperson, because they get that signing up for a platform like this is a huge risk.

Let's say you really did strike gold with your affiliate business and you were raking in tens of thousands of dollars every month. 

If you sign up with a "platform" like Wealthy Affiliate and they go belly up (and let's be real, this happens to businesses all the time for all sorts of reasons) well....there goes your business.

The Ugly

The last thing you want to hear when you're thinking about spending money on a course or a program is the word "scam."

And I'll be honest, I've heard that word a lot in conjunction with WA. This particular complaint has to do with Wealthy Affiliate pricing structure, but I get their beef. They might seem at first like they're just trying to help people gain control of their lives and financial freedom through affiliate marketing, but you really won't get too far before the truth comes out.

And this truth comes in the form of you opening up your wallet again.

Wealthy Affiliate Payout

This is something else that WA do differently from most other AM programs.

For starters there are no clawbacks or refunds.

That's right.

No refunds, which, in a twisted kind of way can work to your advantage.

If you're trying to take advantage of your clients.

Which should be the last way to earn payouts as an Affiliate Marketer.

Check this from their site:

So what exactly is Wealthy Afffiliate's payout?

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most popular affiliate programs online, paying out $121 per sale lifetime commission.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, the payout is structured clearly for their marketers.

And it's lifetime recurring commissions!

Check this out.

On top of that, here are other snippets taken from the premium site:

  • Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter.
  • You only get the above rates if you remain a Premium member of WA.
  • If you refer someone to WA, they are your referral FOREVER.This kind of payout is only possible if you and your client remain premium members.

If you don't, you lose any access to recurring payments that you had before.

This is why, despite fading away through the years, WA still manages to make a hefty $10M.

That's how they can afford such payouts on a recurring basis.

The Biggest Issue I have
with Wealthy Affiliate Training

Listen, I've made money with affiliate marketing.

And not like 10 years ago; we're talking about 2017.

So I know just how difficult it is. Especially if you're trying to make consistent income with affiliate marketing, it requires tons of consistent traffic.

Traffic is the hardest thing to get consistently on the internet, and it's only getting harder year after year

I hate to sound like a hater here, but I feel like a lot of Wealthy Affiliate training on traffic generation is very basic and just plain outdated.

Here's why:

Affiliate marketing is the most oversaturated online business model out there because even people in the Philippines or India can compete with you since there's no client work.

And the business model has been around the longest

As far back as I can remember, honestly

So there are so many giants now that are flat out dominating niches with their HUMONGOUS websites.

A lot of what's taught in Wealthy Affiliate is creating fan pages in Facebook and promoting the page by commenting on other pages....


So you're taught to be a spammer?

To me this is not a real business model, this is digital ditch digging.

Sure you might make a sale here & there, but this is not gonna allow you to create the lifestyle of your dreams. The only way to do that is to actually develop high-level skills that solve big problems like lead generation, not spam commenting on Facebook which anyone can do.

As far as Wealthy Affiliate alternatives, that's what I recommend.

Also remember:

You also need tons of traffic to make decent income with affiliate marketing because commissions are not that high 8-10% in most cases, high-paying affiliate offers are few and far between.

Where to get big traffic?

Well only few places really where majority of people visit on the internet: Google, Facebook, Youtube & now emerging Instagram

Only way to really get massive attention on Facebook is to actually spend some $$$ and run paid ads.

But the problem...

Paid ads are almost impossible to consistently make decent money with affiliate offers, and trust me I've tried for almost 2 years to figure this out.