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Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Review

August 16, 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp- The Complete Review

Now that we've covered the entirety of the basic Wealthy Affiliate training and some of the little extras, it's time to take a look at their "Affiliate Bootcamp."

this is basically like being an affiliate marketer for an affiliate marketer training. Funny, huh?

Well, let's take a look at what you learn here...

Phase 1: Back To The Basics (Again...)

  • The first thing of note is that there is an annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas that you get into by selling the WA platform to other people.
  • He discusses seven main menu items, and the commission structure for WA Boot Camp.
  • After this, he discusses how to build a website AGAIN, almost verbatim the same lesson as the basic training. this part kinda made my head hurt because it's basically a copy-paste of the first lessons I'd already gone through.
  • Then he discusses the SiteContent platform again, which is actually a pretty cool platform. Following this, he discusses keywords AGAIN, but talks about it specifically in the context of selling their affiliate marketing program.
  • Reviews and earning potential are then discussed again, meh.

Phase 2: Content, Keywords and Conversions

  • The visual aspects of content are described in a little bit more detail here, but other than that not much catches the eye.
  • After that, non-spammy use of affiliate links is discussed again, as well as shortening your links.
  • He then (oddly) says that he hasn't focused that much on keywords yet because they aren't your only way to get traffic. This seems a bit contradictory...
  • Templates are then discussed again in a little more detail.
  • Then he shows you how to back-up your WordPress site. Shouldn't this have been done in the basic training?
  • Menus are then discussed again...
  • Interlinking is briefly mentioned which I think should've gotten more airtime.
  • After this, Kyle gives you the idea of offering bonuses to your referrals, such as special trainings.

Phase 3: Getting Social Again

  • Here, he discusses adding social plugins to your site, some of the core concepts of writing an engaging post, and asks us to write a new post. All repeated from past lessons. I think we get the picture by now, buddy.
  • After this, the whole spiel about productivity from the basic training is LITERALLY copy-pasted here, no changes whatsoever as far as I can tell. 
  • Then he challenges you to write for a solid 30 minutes without distractions and gives you an online timer tool you can use. Pretty cool, but I'm quite certain he's already told us all of this.
  • And then BOOM comes the Google analytics again, as well as a training for Jaaxy the keyword tool.
  • And all of a sudden, like a ray of lightning from a sunny and cloudless sky... He talks about how to add a promotion to your sidebar. This is pretty incredible and should have been added to the original training as an optional step for very specific situations. (Kinda like the sidebar on this blog, to the right of this text, cool huh?)
  • The next little segment talks about how to add code to a banner image so it becomes a clickable affiliate link. this is also pretty cool.
  • The final lesson talks about adding more pages and CONSTANTLY adding more and more to your site until it's a powerhouse. We've definitely heard this in previous lessons as well.

Phase 4: Using Media

  • Website design is discussed in simple terms here, with some interesting new information about writing reviews.
  • Then Pinterest is discussed again, but this time with a little more insight into the amounts of traffic that they receive. I think this could've been included the first time around.
  • Next, there are some interesting stats about how many people react positively to video, as well as some ways you can utilize this potential in your affiliate work.
  • Then there's a page about making little images that's copy-pasted from a previous lesson. Ya know, just in case you missed it the first time.
  • the idea is then given to sell the keyword tool Jaaxy as an affiliate, and how you can write a high-quality review for it.
  • then you're tasked to find 5 Jaaxy keywords so you can write a good affiliate article about it. (But what if I don't want to sell Jaaxy?)
  • Aaaaand yet again, Pinterest is talked about.
  • Then all of a sudden there's a pretty cool little segment about how to make your own videos quickly and easily, as well as some free tools for doing so.
  • Finally, Kyle gives some pretty decent tips about how to relate to your readers that hasn't been mentioned in previous parts of the platform (shocking, I know...)

Phase 5: Know Your Reader

  • And yet again, writing with intent is mentioned, as well as using your comments to sell. We'll just skip this because we already learned these things. (Sigh...)
  • After that, he discusses some ideas for using video to help sell affiliate offers, specifically the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
  • Stats for YouTube users are also shared, and they're pretty impressive. But I think we all knew it was a pretty popular platform, didn't we?
  • Something pretty cool is when he shows that Jaaxy can also give you results for how many YouTube videos are popping up on Google for any given search term. 
  • Next, using reviews to sell is again discussed, as well as the fact that you can build custom sign-up forms to sell Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 6: Visual-ize It!

  • Here, he talks about the importance of using relevant images to engage your readers, thus increasing the amount of time people spend on your site. (aka more sales!!!)
  • Kyle also shows you where to get free stock images. There are a couple of new ones listed here that I hadn't seen before, so that's pretty cool.
  • Now, you go back to all your other pages and add images to those as well. 

Lesson 7: Fruits Of Your Labor

  • This is where you learn what makes up a "low hanging fruit" keyword, which means you'll be able to target weak points in the internet and take the glory.
  • Kyle then challenges you to come up with 5 of these "LHF" keywords.
  • You use a tool called Jaaxy that was created by Kyle and his business partner to target these keywords.
  • The most important metric in finding these keywords is called "QSR" which basically means the total number of competing websites that exist in the whole wide world. Pretty snazzy, huh?
  • There is also a WA keyword tool for you to use that's within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. (They seem VERY similar, but Jaaxy is a little more streamlined and quicker to use.)
  • Now you write yet another post using one of these keywords that you've just identified.
  • After this, you share your newest post in an area of the discussion board called "Give & Take" for a peer review. This part is surprisingly important, as there are many highly intelligent people in this group.

Lesson 8: How To Build Trust

  • As previously mentioned, people do NOT buy from online sources that they don't trust.
  • This part is all about creating a human connection between yourself and the audience. For this reason, you want to write as the author, not as an "admin."
  • Next, you learn to create a new user, whether it be in your own name or a pen name that you use.
  • Then, you update the author for all of your posts and pages. Easy peasy!
  • Now all future content that you create will be under your new user name.

Lesson 9: Increase Your Productivity!

  • The first thing Kyle talks about here is goal setting. Specifically breaking down goals down into daily and weekly goals. (This is pretty huge in all areas of life...)
  • The next thing he mentions is focusing on these goals without adding other distractions and activities that might get in the way.
  • He also tells you to attack head-on the tasks that you don't enjoy so that you get better at them. Roll those sleeves up!
  • Also discussed here is the idea of setting lime limits to certain tasks, such as setting aside 60 minutes where you do nothing but write.
  • A good point he makes here is NOT to multi-task! This leads to individual tasks being carried out more slowly, and with poorer quality. I think he makes a very good point.

Lesson 10: What's A Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

  • This is where you help other users within the WA community.
  • This includes sharing things like your progress so far, and the niche(s) you're involved in.
  • Successes can also be shared when you achieve them.
  • Plans and goals in the next 3-6 months are another great thing to share within the community.
  • There will be more and more incentives to doing this as WA expands and new plans are rolled out...

What Are The Highlights of WA Boot Camp?

Overall, there is a PAINFUL amount of repetition in this entire Boot Camp course. There are some useful little nuggets of knowledge in here, but they're so entangled in a huge web of "stuff you already know," that the eye just scans right over it if you're not careful.

One highlight however, is phase 3. There's yet more repeated content here, and then all of a sudden he spits out a cool little skill where you can add clickable banners and promotions to your sidebar.

Phase 5 has a little hidden gem as well, where Kyle shows you that the keyword tool Jaaxy can show you how many Youtube videos targeting a keyword are indexed in Google.


Video Quality: 8/10

I have no issues seeing what Kyle is illustrating.


Sound: 8/10

The audio is clear enough for me to hear perfectly well, even though it sounds like a simple computer microphone.


Content: 7/10

Again, there are some good bits of information in here, but I think it would've been smarter to just include all the information in their basic training aka "Online Entrepreneur Certification."



Honestly, the fact that they focus so much on selling their own platform is a huge red flag. 

That tells me that the people out there promoting Wealthy Affiliate aren't doing it because they've made buckets of money and bought thirteen chicken farms with it, they're doing it just to make a sale.

I think there is some interesting knowledge in their basic course, but the fact that they let just anybody promote their platform really makes me wonder how many people have become successful with their business model.

Bottom line, most of this information shouldv'e been included in the original training as an optional or "Premium" bonus.

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