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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Module 1

August 16, 2020

Wealthy Affiliate - The Complete Review

Here you'll find the most thorough breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate course currently available on the internet. Kyle Loudoun is the front man of this course, and there's a LOT to this course.  We'll see if this is the right course for you by the end of this review.

Just make sure and grab a cup of hot cocoa and get comfy, because we're about to show you every piece of knowledge that he shares with his students. That's right, every module. Including the bonus.

Level 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Walk-through and setup (21 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to choose your interests and start learning about the WA platform and community.
  • Next, you complete your account setup with a profile image and a short description.
  • After that, you get to start your training and set your goals, a HUGELY important step.
  • After that, they show you the benefits of upgrading to premium and give you the opportunity to upgrade immediately. Premium seems like it's definitely the way to go if you want to get the full benefit of this course.

Lesson 2: Understanding how to make money online (13 minute video)

  • This is where they explain how affiliate marketing works, and bring you up to speed with a super simple infographic that helps you understand.
  • First things first, you learn to interact with the WA community and share your money making goals.
  • After that, they ask you to comment on at least two other people's goals in the community.

Lesson 3: Choose your niche (17 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to find the niche that fits you. It should be something that interests you such as lacrosse, motorcycle racing, or mens fashion.
  • Make sure you're capable of enjoying it enough to write about it on a regular basis.
  • You'll also be writing reviews about products, interacting with your readers, promoting products within this niche, and helping people within this niche so make sure you like it!

Lesson 4: Building your niche website (21 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to use the website platform called SiteRubix to build your website in "under thirty seconds" as they say.
  • First, you have to choose whether you want a FREE subdomain or if you want to build a website on a domain that you purchase. (The second is definitely the better option...)
  • Then, you choose a branded domain name that makes it obvious what niche you'll be talking about. This is important for building topical relevancy with your audience.
  • After this you'll name your site in the "site title" area of the site builder. It will typically echo the domain name you've chosen, but that's up to you.
  • Now here's the fun part. You get to choose a design for your website from a list of pre-built designs. Starter members get 12 choices, and Premium members get a considerable 2,464 site designs.
  • You also learn to use SiteRubix, which is a hosting and site builder platform. It's basically like a one-stop shop for everything you could need.

Lesson 5: Set up your site (17 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to delete the default content that comes automatically installed with your new website.
  • You'll also learn to understand the backend of your website. (You'll need this later, so it's very important!)
  • Another thing you'll be doing here is activating the right plugins to help you with your SEO settings, editing and post creation, and image optimization for site speed.
  • You also learn to delete the default pages and comments that you don't need anymore.

Lesson 6: Get your site ready for search engines! (13 minute video)

  • One of the plugins you just activated will now be used to set up the on-site SEO aspects of your business site.
  • The "home title" of your site is also set up, which is what will appear in search engines when it ranks. They also tell you that the ideal length of this text is 40-60 characters.
  • Another important part of this lesson is writing the description of your site, and how it plans to benefit your readers. You want to keep this under 160 characters.

Lesson 7: Overview and basics of content (32 minute video)

  • Kyle tells you what makes an effective blogger, and why this is important to affiliate marketing.
  • He also explains what a content framework is, and how it can simplify the act of writing content for your blog.
  • There's also a quick overview of creating your "about me" post, and how it can help you build trust with your audience.
  • Next, you'll create your Privacy Policy page and set it so that search engines don't crawl it. (This is because it's going to be a copy-paste type of thing.)

Lesson 8: How To Create Custom Menus (14 minute video)

  • In this lesson, you'll learn the importance of having clean and functional menus and widgets. You'll also learn how to make these alterations to your site.
  • The first thing is to create your "about me" menu for the About Me page you just made. They walk you through it, and it's super easy with Kyle's help.
  • After that, you reorganize your menu by dragging and dropping. Again, this is super easy even if you've never worked with WordPress in your life.

Lesson 9: Keyword Mania! (20 minute video)

  • This part is actually pretty cool because you'll be targeting keywords with little or no instances of websites that rank for those specific keywords, rather than just targeting higher volume keywords.
  • This allows you to snipe out the competition down to the smallest little keywords and steal traffic from possible competitors.
  • There's actually a native keyword tool called Jaaxy (which you can also sell as an affiliate, by the way...)
  • First you start broad, then get more specific with your keywords.
  • You want the following in a good keyword: more than 30 monthly searches, less than 100 other sites ranked for this keyword, and the keyword must also make sense grammatically.

Highlight of Module 1?

In Lesson 9, Kyle gives some surprisingly useful information about how to target low hanging fruit keywords for your blog posts.

My favorite tip? Target keywords with less than 100 instances of that keyword on the entire internet

This will make it much easier to rank for those keywords and start to get traffic. Their very own keyword tool is surprisingly simple to use, and a light version comes free with a premium account.


Video Quality: 8.5/10

Video quality is good, no problems in seeing what Kyle teaches you.


Sound: 9/10

I had absolutely no problems understanding what Kyle was teaching me.


Content: 7/10 This first section is super rudimentary, but you gotta know it to be able to move forward.

Downside: It seems like you'd have a hard time succeeding without purchasing the Premium membership, makes me wonder why there's even a Starter choice.



‚ÄčKyle makes everything easy to understand ,and indeed the tasks in this level are pretty simple to follow either way.

If you've written a blog or worked with WordPress, you can basically skip through a lot of this training and pay attention specifically to the part about the tool called Jaaxy. 

I do like the tips he gives you on keyword selection, it seems like a pretty smart way for beginners in the SEO world to get some quick wins.

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