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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Module 2

February 26, 2022

Wealthy Affiliate - The Complete Review

If you're looking for the single best explanation of each individual lesson of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, then look no more. We're about to take a close-up look at Kyle Loudoun's course and all that is entails. By the end of this review, you'll be armed to the teeth with all the information you need to make the right choice for yourself and your life.

So sit back, mute your phone, and read closely. Things are about to get real.

Level 2: Getting Traffic To Your Site

(Premium Only)

Lesson 1: Choose And Buy Your Domain (19 minute video)

  • This is where Kyle starts to talk about how to get your website indexed in search engines, ranked and getting traffic aka eyeballs on your offers.
  • He also talks to you about the importance of owning your own domain versus using a free subdomain. They rank better by far than free subdomains, for example.
  • The most recommended domains are the .Com variety, since they tend to rank the best. The two other possible choices are a .Net and a .Org.
  • He also suggests using a free tool called NameMesh to come up with other possible branded domain names if your first couple of choices are not available.
  • He also mentions to not worry about getting keywords in your domain. I think it would be best to have those keywords, however.
  • He also mentions to avoid dashes in your domain name.

Lesson 2: Transfer Your Website To Your New Domain Name (12 minute video)

  • Here, you're instructed to use the SiteManager in the WA platform to put your site you've previously built under your new domain name. It sounds crazy but it's super easy.
  • A pretty cool aspect of the WA platform is that this step is just basically a few clicks away, no messing with nameservers or any of that mess.
  • All your plugins and content are also transferred over, so you don't have to reinstall anything.

Lesson 3: Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! (22 minute video)

  • Did we mention keywords? This is where you learn to take a single low competition keyword and use it to formulate an article for a blog post and affiliate offer/ Google Banner Ad display.
  • You also learn about the importance of being consistent in your content writing.
  • Kyle at first mentions doing 3 posts per week, but I think that seems a little low. (You should probably write about a post a day.)
  • He also shows you how to use his article templates, of which there are six right now.
  • Your main keyword should be put in the first or second paragraph of the article for maximum effect.
  • Your headline should also be relevant to the topic and call attention to your audience as soon as they navigate to the article.

Lesson 4: Set Up Your Email Account (28 minutes of video)

  • Here, you learn to set up your very own branded email account hosted through Wealthy Affiliate.
  • After this, you just make sure and mention it on your privacy policy and about me pages.
  • Next, you just post your website to the WA community for others to give you feedback. (More photos, brighter colors, etc.)

Lesson 5: Understanding How Traffic Works (9 minutes of video)

  • Google is your main focus, as they have over 65% of all search traffic, and as much as 95% of searches on mobile devices. (I think these stats are much higher in practice.)
  • Then, you also get ready to write another post. This is where you learn that you typically want your articles to be about 1,000 words.
  • There's also a link to an in-depth training about understanding your customers. (We'll give you a break down of that course later as well...)

Lesson 6: Visual-ize It! (18 minute video)

  • Here, he talks about the importance of using relevant images to engage your readers, thus increasing the amount of time people spend on your site. (aka more sales!!!)
  • Kyle also shows you where to get free stock images. There are a couple of new ones listed here that I hadn't seen before, so that's pretty cool.
  • Now, you go back to all your other pages and add images to those as well. 

Lesson 7: Fruits Of Your Labor (17 minute video)

  • This is where you learn what makes up a "low hanging fruit" keyword, which means you'll be able to target weak points in the internet and take the glory.
  • Kyle then challenges you to come up with 5 of these "LHF" keywords.
  • You use a tool called Jaaxy that was created by Kyle and his business partner to target these keywords.
  • The most important metric in finding these keywords is called "QSR" which basically means the total number of competing websites that exist in the whole wide world. Pretty snazzy, huh?
  • There is also a WA keyword tool for you to use that's within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. (They seem VERY similar, but Jaaxy is a little more streamlined and quicker to use.)
  • Now you write yet another post using one of these keywords that you've just identified.
  • After this, you share your newest post in an area of the discussion board called "Give & Take" for a peer review. This part is surprisingly important, as there are many highly intelligent people in this group.

Lesson 8: How To Build Trust

  • As previously mentioned, people do NOT buy from online sources that they don't trust.
  • This part is all about creating a human connection between yourself and the audience. For this reason, you want to write as the author, not as an "admin."
  • Next, you learn to create a new user, whether it be in your own name or a pen name that you use.
  • Then, you update the author for all of your posts and pages. Easy peasy!
  • Now all future content that you create will be under your new user name.

Lesson 9: Increase Your Productivity!

  • The first thing Kyle talks about here is goal setting. Specifically breaking down goals down into daily and weekly goals. (This is pretty huge in all areas of life...)
  • The next thing he mentions is focusing on these goals without adding other distractions and activities that might get in the way.
  • He also tells you to attack head-on the tasks that you don't enjoy so that you get better at them. Roll those sleeves up!
  • Also discussed here is the idea of setting lime limits to certain tasks, such as setting aside 60 minutes where you do nothing but write.
  • A good point he makes here is NOT to multi-task! This leads to individual tasks being carried out more slowly, and with poorer quality. I think he makes a very good point.

Lesson 10: What's An Ambassador? (8 minute video)

  • This is where you help other users within the WA community.
  • This includes sharing things like your progress so far, and the niche(s) you're involved in.
  • Successes can also be shared when you achieve them.
  • Plans and goals in the next 3-6 months are another great thing to share within the community.
  • There will be more and more incentives to doing this as WA expands and new plans are rolled out...

What Are The Highlights of Module 2?

Lesson 3 is probably the most crucial, because it teaches you how to snipe out super easy keywords that very few people are currently targeting with their websites. Your own discretion and abilities will come into play here, however. That's because you're using your own decision-making skill and intuition to tell you which keywords are the best for you and your niche. 


Video Quality: 8/10

I have no issues seeing what Kyle is illustrating.


Sound: 8/10

The audio is clear enough for me to hear perfectly well, even though it sounds like a simple computer microphone.


Content: 7/10

The information shared in this Module is incredibly simple, but there are definitely some golden nuggets hidden here. Probably the coolest aspect of this lesson and the WA platform shown in this lesson is how easy it is to transfer your site to your new domain name after purchase.

There are ways to get around this without using the WA platform however, such as purchasing your domain first and building the site after that.



This is another example of a fairly simple module that's mostly building up to more game-changing information still to come in later modules.

For those of you that are already WordPress savvy, you might be rolling your eyes a little until the (actually pretty darn cool) keyword tool comes into play. The WA keyword tool and Jaaxy are both designed specifically for affiliate marketing and sniping out tiny little slivers of money in the interwebz.

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