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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Module 3

February 26, 2022

Wealthy Affiliate - The Complete Review

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. We're back for yet another mind-blowing, rock hard, concrete shattering review of the Wealthy Affiliate review. Everything you could ever need to know about this course is laid out for you one module at a time. The only thing we don't reveal is how to actually carry out each individual lesson, because that would be illegal and unethical.

And that ain't how we do things 'round here.

Fasten your seatbelt, this is gonna get wild.

Level 3: Money Problems

(Premium Only)

Lesson 1: Understanding The Basics of Affiliate Money

  • Here, you learn all of the different ways you can monetize the traffic your website will be receiving.
  • Here, Kyle also explains that the focus is in helping your readers first, then selling something after you deliver some value upfront.
  • There is also another link to the "Customer Purchase Lifecycle" training that explains how people typically purchase in a certain phase of researching a product or service, and how you can catch them in the right phase for maximal effect. (I told you there was some serious repetition!)
  • Again, you learn that you're building a relationship with REAL people that read your content and will take action if you can gain their trust.

Lesson 2: Understanding The Ins & Outs of Affiliate Offers (22 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to understand the numbers of affiliate programs, as well as your role in the game of affiliate marketing.
  • After the video, there's a discussion you can join in on through the WA platform.
  • Here, he shows you how Amazon pays out a 6% base commission with more incentives based on the volume you sell.
  • If you were to sell something like a $3,699 designer refrigerator, you would receive $221.94!
  • In general, more traffic= more sales. This also depends on your ability to create engaging content that doesn't drive away potential buyers.
  • Kyle also breaks down the numbers: if you get 1,000 clicks in a month, you'll get approximately 20% of people that click your affiliate links (so 200 clicks.) If a mere one in fifty people buys something you'll make 4 sales. Assuming the product pays $30 per sale, you'll make $120 from these sales.
  • Next, he gives you 4 different affiliate networks and asks you to join at least one of them. Pretty easy, but VERY important.
  • Now, you're asked to post one of your blog posts in the WA community for feedback and to also comment on the posts of two other community members.

Lesson 3: Finding More Affiliate Offers (28 minute video)

  • Here, you learn to find 'independent' affiliate offers that you might not be able to find elsewhere.
  • These independent sources manage everything in-house, from the tracking and stats all the way to tools and payments.
  • Kyle says that some of his most successful affiliate campaigns have come from these in-house affiliate programs. For this reason, he ways you should not get overly comfortable with using the networks he lists for you.
  • Now, your task is to join at least two of these affiliate programs to add to the network(s) you've already joined.

Lesson 4: Grab Your Affiliate Link And Go! (11 minutes of video)

  • This is a very important technical lesson. First, you learn what an affiliate link is.
  • After that, you learn how to locate your affiliate link on whatever platform or independent source you're promoting.
  • After that, you learn to place the affiliate link on your blog in whichever article you want it to be.
  • You also learn to use anchor text, so you can say things like "Click Here" instead of having a huge, ugly link without a strong call to action.

Lesson 5: Instant Access To Tons of Products

  • Here, Amazon's affiliate program is discussed more in-depth.
  • Some states in the US are blocked from promoting Amazon as an affiliate offer because of restrictive tax laws.
  • Other similar options are discussed, such as Walmart and one other shopping website.
  • Kyle walks you through the process of getting your affiliate links through Amazon, who actually makes it quite easy.
  • Something really cool about the Amazon affiliate program is the fact that once your visitor navigates to the Amazon website, you not only receive a percentage of the sale you promoted, but all other purchases within a 24-hour period!

Lesson 6: Leverage The Power of Product Reviews (18 minute video)

  • Here, Kyle discusses the concept of helping your readers make an educated decision regarding a future purchase.
  • The key here is to treat your readers the way you would want to be treated, with well-written and concise breakdowns of products and their pros/cons.
  • He outlines two different types of reviews, and what you should think about when creating them. One of these is a single product review, and the other is a review page that compares two or more different products.
  • Kyle also shows you different kinds of information you can use to showcase each product, such as price and if it comes with some kind of a guarantee.
  • A pretty cool part about this lesson is that Kyle teaches you so set alerts on google for new products that pop up in your chosen category. Featuring the newest products on your blog is a great way to get a leg up on the competition!
  • Even products that you gave a negative review can be used to push other products or services.

Lesson 7: Some Folks Ain't Got No AdSense!

  • This is a very short and sweet training that teaches you about the concept of placing ads on your website.
  • Basically, for every click these ads get, you make 68% of the value of that click.
  • You basically just get a little code snippet and paste it onto your site. And that's all you have to do! Google then displays relevant ads automatically.
  • He teaches you to set up your AdSense account, which is pretty simple.
  • After that, you're tasked to write another post targeting another low competition keyword.

Lesson 8: Ads Versus Affiliate Offers...

  • This training is all about the pros and cons of promoting products directly or just showing ads on your site.
  • Interestingly enough, Kyle explains that some of these ads are actually other affiliates who pay for the ads and would rather let you do the hard work and rank your articles.
  • He also explains that it's probably best to monetize an affiliate offer than to display ads on your site due to the higher profit margins of the former.
  • The last part is probably the most valuable part of this lesson, where he teaches you to test a number of different variations to see which ones yields the highest profits for you.

Lesson 9: Getting Analytical (12 minute video)

  • This is where you learn to use Google Analytics to find out more in-depth information about your site's visitors and to know how much traffic is coming through your site.
  • It allows you to: find which keywords led people to your site (super important,) and to submit the content to Google to index (that means it’ll show up on the search engine.)
  • If this sounds a little bit daunting, don’t worry.
    They do a pretty darn good job of explaining the technical aspects of it and breaking it down into smaller steps.
  • After this, BOOM BAM BING, you start seeing data in your account.
  • Next, you build and submit a sitemap so the Google “spiders” crawl it quickly and efficiently.
  • This basically lets Google know that your site has been updated, and that they should put it at the top of the stack for review.

Lesson 10: Find Your Purpose! (8 minute video)

  • Here, Kyle outlines your purpose in writing articles.
  • Now that we have most of the moving parts of the business down, he reviews everything in a very simple and easy to understand four steps.
  • 1- Build your website
  • 2- Create high quality, helpful content that solves a problem for your audience
  • 3- Get Traffic And Rankings
  • 4- Generate An Income
  • He even goes on to say that you could sell your own line of products or drop ship from here, a really interesting spin on the classic concept of affiliate marketing.

Level 3 Highlights- Where They At?

Lesson 6 and 7 are probably the most crucial here. That's because one of them talks about the concept of writing product reviews, one of my personal favorite types of affiliate article. They're just so darn helpful and informative, you know?

The other important part is about Google Analytics so you can start finding out how and when you get traffic. This lesson in itself could probably be sold for a decent little price.


Video Quality: 8/10

As usual, sound is just fine. So no qualms here.


Sound: 8/10

I haven't seen a video yet that I couldn't understand. When you crank the volume up, the sound stays pretty clear overall.


Content: 6.5/10

The content is a little bit vague in some areas, and seems repetitive. Luckily, the lessons are quite solid in the types of information they teach you.



There is definitely some repetition through the whole training. Some of it is necessary, such as when he tells you to write 'another' post or share something within the WA community.

Other parts of the training seem repeated almost by accident, or just to fill in the spaces where Kyle lacked anything else to say.

That being said, this lesson definitely teaches some basic yet important technical skills that are going to get you closer to your goals.

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