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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Module 5

February 26, 2022

Wealthy Affiliate - The Complete Review

And this is the moment you've been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen! Here we are for the FINAL lesson of the main training you receive in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I know, it's been a long time coming...

But here we are! 

Don't fret, however... There's more to this training than just the main introductory lessons that get your feet in the water and your sleeves rolled up.

And since it's my job to break down every single aspect of the WA community, I'm going to do just that!

Level 5: Content Creation Focus Fire

Lesson 1: Content Creation (8 minute video)

  • This is where Kyle takes you back to the core tenets of affiliate marketing. He says that is's so easy to get caught up in search engine algorithms, keywords, and countless other metrics that you lose your voice.
  • He breaks it down into four steps: your website, content, getting ranked, and then earning money. (Sounds like we've heard him say this before, huh?)
  • He also talks about some basic ranking factors, such as the quality of the content.
  • He also mentions that if people are sharing your content, it tells Google that it's valuable.
  • Another factor Kyle talks about is whether or not people are leaving comments on your blog posts. (We've definitely heard this before, but it's nice to reiterate.)
  • Here again, he talks about keywords as an important ranking factor. One main targeted keyword per article he says. Pretty easy to remember.
  • After this, you're asked to leave comments on two other WA community blogs before asking for anything in return.

Lesson 2: Set Up Google Webmaster Tools (9 minute video)

  • This is actually one of the trickier parts of the training becasuse it's fairly technical. That being said, Kyle explains it all very nicely.
  • The hosting platform in the WA community also makes it a little bit easier for you.
  • After you set everything up, you have to verify your Webmaster account.
  • After that, you'll start seeing data!

Lesson 3: Get Yer Treasure Map! (14 minute video)

  • So now that you have your Google Webmasters account set up, it's time to increase the speed it takes you to get indexed (detected) by Google.
  • One of the things he teaches you here is to get Google to regularly take a look at your site and update the content that shows up on their search engines.
  • You achieve this by getting your sitemap off of your WordPress blog by using a super simple plugin.
  • After downloading and activating this plugin, you'll have a sitemap almost instantly. Oh, and don't worry about the posts you may make in the future, because the plugin automatically updates for every change you make on your website.
  • After this, Kyle shows you how to upload the sitemap to Google with the Webmaster account you've already set up.

Lesson 4: Make Sure You're A Good Readability-Buddy! (26 minutes of video)

  • Now you’ll learn about the five main parts of readability.
  • This has to do with writing in smaller paragraphs, spacing out the sentences properly, and making sure that your content is actually keeping your audience on your website.
  • If it doesn’t, they quickly click away, adding to what’s called your “bounce rate.”
  • This not only is a sign that your content wasn’t quite what they were looking for, it can also possibly lead to lower rankings in Google. (Possibly.)
  • Another thing they talk about is keeping your font sizes and types to a somewhat normal level. (Think “eye rape”...)
  • It’s also important to create engaging posts by using nice images.
  • They have to not only be attractive and eye-catching, but they also have to make sense for the given topic.
  • All of these things will make your blog content much more readable.
  • They’ve also got some snazzy little tips for making your headlines not only informative but engaging to your audience (By the way, simple language and a little humor go a long way.)

Lesson 5: Breakdown Of Your Traffic Potential (14 Minute Video)

  • This was a pretty cool section that broke down what you can expect in one month. Basically three blog posts per week turns into 12 posts a month.
  • The average 5 clicks per post turns into about 1,800 per month once you get some articles pumped out there.
  • Now take that and consider that after a year you could have up to 23,400 visitors a month placing their sticky little eyeballs on your site and looking at your affiliate offers. (Not too shabby.)
  • After that, he takes you on a rewind like watching Friends from the first season to the last on fast forward. Kyle goes over a successful post that ranked well and break it down into nice, crunchy little pieces for you to chew on.

    Basically the song goes like this:

    Headline- Make it snappy, attention-grabbing.

    Opening Paragraph- Tell them what you’re gonna talk about and what it’s going to go for them.

    Sub Headlines- This is the nice, juicy steak that comes with the potatoes and chocolate pudding.

    Conclusion- Let them know what to do next. 

    Tell ‘em hey, check out this heckin' awesome product review, visit this merchant page, or even ask them to engage with your content.

Lesson 6: Architect Of Your Own Plans (14 Minute Video)

  • This lesson basically talks about setting out with an overall plan from the point of grabbing the right keywords, all the way to placing your affiliate links or Google AdSense codes.
  • Basically, the keyword is going to be your inspiration, or the core of what you have to say.
  • First comes the headline, make sure it's concise and captures the readers' interest.
  • Next is the opening paragraph. This should showcase relevant content and give some clues about what problem you'll be helping your readers solve by the end of the article. Think snappy, actionable content.
  • The meat and potatoes come next in the form of sub-headlines. If the article is a product review, this is where you break down the features of the product you're talking about.
  • Now for the conclusion! He tells you to brush up on the things you just discussed. What did they learn? How can they implement the knowledge immediately?
  • Now, he discusses using this frame to "architect" all of your posts so you can learn to pump them out more and more efficiently as you progress.
  • After this, he tasks you to write a post using the plan that you devised.

Lesson 7: Intent To Convert (24 minute video)

  • Here, Kyle discusses the ideas of "selling" and "intent." They're basically inseparable, and you need to have at least a basic grasp of these concepts to be successful.
  • Some of the actions you might ask your readers to perform are: buy something, join an email list, read a review of a product, click one of your affiliate links, and more.
  • He also discusses making sure that every step of this process if relevant to the keyword or product you're talking about.
  • He makes it very clear that you should be telling people what you'd like them to do. It's kinda like being the airliner pilot, you're taking them to their destination!
  • After this, he shows you some of his own conversions and sales to get your ears a little perked up like my uncle's pitbull when you say the word "sausage."

Lesson 8: Power-Up Your Comments (20 minute video)

  • Sort of building on the previous lesson about the importance of cultivating and engaging with the comments that pop up onto your blog, Kyle now shows you how to potentially monetize people that do decide to leave a comment on your blog.
  • This lesson ends almost as soon as it starts, but the message is important: be sure and inject some tasty intent, along with an affiliate link whenever you reply to a user's comment on your blog. Simple but important.

Lesson 9: Sweat The Little Guys (14 Minutes of Video)

  • Yahoo and Bing still make up a decent little chunk of the search results. Interestingly enough, Kyle mentions that the traffic on these search engines is of a somewhat higher quality (and thus tends to convert better.)
  • He talks about how the algorithms on Bing and Yahoo work, and how they are similar.
  • After this, he tells you how to use the Webmaster platform for these two search engines to make sure that your content gets indexed (it isn't quite as automatic as Google...)
  • You can also get your analytics through this tool as well.
  • After this, Kyle lays out a whole list of things that Bing and Yahoo don't like, such as being stuffy with your keywords (aka using way more than is natural...)

Lesson 10: Shoot For The Stars

  • Whereas before Kyle had you set some daily and weeklyi goals, now he asks you to set goals for the months and year that are to come.
  • He mentions that a new website typically gets indexed within a two week period of building it.
  • The focus of this lesson is to set content goals, basically saying how many posts you want to make in the next 3, 6, 12 months and so on.
  • It's also mentioned that you should go ahead and think about the type of articles you'll want to produce. Is it going to be a product review? If so, what keyword are you going to target?
  • After this, he gives you some resources for where you can outsource your content once you get the ball rolling and have a little money to burn.

What Are The Highlights of Level 5?

Lesson 3 is probably the most crucial, because it teaches you how to snipe out super easy keywords that very few people are currently targeting with their websites. Your own discretion and abilities will come into play here, however. That's because you're using your own decision-making skill and intuition to tell you which keywords are the best for you and your niche. 


Video Quality: 8/10

Video quality is just fine, no issues here.


Sound: 8/10

No issues whatsoever here. Kyle also has a clear, easy to understand speaking voice.


Content: 7/10

In what seems to be the hallmark of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, there is a LOT of repetition. The upside to this, however, is that he goes into a little more depth the second and third time around.

Perhaps the repetition has a purpose?



So this lesson has a little more meat on the bones than some of the earlier ones. Fitting, since it's the last lesson of the basic training.

One important thing I liked was the traffic breakdown in lesson 5, as well as the concept of planning out your posts and keywords for months to come from lesson 6.

Finally, the (brief) part about using your comments as another potential selling point was pretty smart.

Once you get this down, basically every single part of your website will have the potential to bring in an income for you. If you get it just right, you won't comes across as overly sales-hungry.

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