Ryan Pineda’s Wealthy Investor Review: Can Real Estate Investment Make You a Millionaire?

March 25, 2024

Wealthy Investor, previously Future Flipper, is a real estate investment coaching program by Ryan Pineda. The program teaches you various investment strategies, such as real estate wholesaling, flipping, and buying property without using your own money. You will learn the basics all the way to scaling and automation. Real estate is a high-capital, high-risk investment. The more capital you have to invest, the higher your potential returns, but the higher your risk.

Real estate is a long-term investment. It takes awhile before you see the returns of your investment. Wealthy Investor belongs to the real estate industry. However, Ryan has since branched out his Wealthy Way brand into different industries, such as digital marketing and wholesaling. As Ryan Pineda says, having businesses is what got him rich quick. Scaling a real estate business means hiring a team to help with the day-to-day tasks, which lowers profits and creates additional risks.

For a low-cost, low-risk business that can build capital quickly, I suggest local lead generation. As a type of digital real estate, you can rank and rent a website for as little as $500 in initial investment, and you can earn up to $2,000 a month for each website. You start earning immediately after renting out your website, and it's easy and cheap to scale. Check out local lead generation for a business that can build capital quickly for other investments.

Will Investing in Real Estate Make You a Millionaire?

Investing in real estate can make you a millionaire. It is often claimed that 90% of millionaires invest in real estate. Indeed, even those who become rich in other businesses tend to reinvest in real estate. Investing in real estate can really work to create lucrative wealth. It can also cause you to lose your money if you do not know what you’re doing. Successful investments depend on your knowledge and skills.

While investing in real estate alone can make you rich, the best move would be to invest in a diverse range of investment strategies. This increases your potential to earn more in a shorter amount of time. It will also lower the risks because if one or two investment strategies fail, you still have others to cover the loss. Ryan Pineda may have found success with real estate, but it was his expansion into other industries that greatly multiplied his cash flow. He has about a dozen businesses and various investments, from digital marketing services to launching an NFT.

Other Ways to Build Wealth

The best option to invest in would depend on your situation. To find the best investment strategy for you, you should base it on several factors, like how much capital you have access to, the risk level of the strategy, the timeline you have to work with, your skills and knowledge of the market, and many more. If you are a high net worth individual, you can even invest in Ryan Pineda's multi-family investment company, Pineda Capital.

Most millionaires also invest in the stock market, bonds, and other types of stable investments. Investing large sums in low-return but low-risk investments is a sound strategy to keep your money growing. You can also invest in creating businesses to build capital faster for long-term, low-risk investments. Online businesses, such as ecommercedigital marketing, and lead generation, are the best type of business model, as they save more time and are easier to scale and automate.

Ryan Pineda’s Wealthy Investor Review: Pros and Cons


Ryan Pineda is a highly successful real estate investor who is an expert at what he teaches.

Numerous weekly and monthly coaching calls covering all topics.

Access to the private community, tools, and documents.


No price transparency.

The program is time-intensive, which can be a challenge for those with full-time jobs.

Apart from the high price tag, you need additional capital for investment.


Prices constantly change for the programs. Rookie coaching program is $8,000 and the All Star coaching program is $20,000.

Refund Policy

No refunds




Mostly positive. Ryan Pineda is a known and respectable figure in the real estate industry.

Who Is Ryan Pineda’s Wealthy Investor For?

  • Beginners who want to get into real estate investment using different strategies.
  • Current investors who want to learn multiple real estate investment strategies.
  • Experienced real estate investors who are having difficulty scaling.

What Do You Get With Ryan Pineda’s Wealthy Investor?

There are two 1 year coaching programs you can choose from, Rookie and All-Star. With the Rookie Coaching Program, you will learn the fundamentals of real estate investing, from finding the best deals and closing them without money to automating your business. The All Star Coaching Program is a more focused program for the most serious real estate investors.

Rookie Coaching Program

  • Access to all Wealth Investor real estate courses.
  • 4 group coaching sessions per week.
  • Access to archived calls and trainings, proprietary documents, SOPs, and tools.
  • Access to the directory of Wealthy Investor's network of students.

All Star Coaching Program

  • Access to all Wealth Investor real estate courses.
  • 4 group coaching calls per week that cover marketing, sales, and operations. There will also be Q&A sessions with guest speakers who are experts in their fields.
  • 2 group coaching calls per month on tax and accounting questions with Ryan Pineda's TrueBooks CPA.
  • You will be assigned a personal success coach to help build your business with 1-on-1 assistance.
  • Access to archived calls and trainings, all Wealthy Investor events, the directory to the All Star network of students, proprietary documents, SOPs, and tools.
  • One hour consultation with TrueBooks tax advisor.

Are Students of Ryan Pineda’s Wealthy Investor Successful?

There are many student success stories posted on the Wealthy Investor websites and social accounts. While there have been no wildly successful stories where a student has made millions in a few years, in the long run, we may start seeing some of these current student successes create multimillionaires.

I couldn't find any negative reviews of Ryan Pineda's programs. There have been skeptical comments on Ryan Pineda from the start, especially on BiggerPockets, as the real estate community used to be very wary about "gurus". As of 2024, the community has opened up to legit real estate mentors, and Ryan is a well-respected investor and mentor.

Who Is Ryan Pineda?

wealthy investor review

Ryan Pineda is an entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada, who founded 6 different 7-8-figure companies. He is a well-known real estate investor and a Forbes Council member. His net worth is estimated to be $11.9 million. This figure is calculated from his real estate equity, stocks, businesses, and other investments. He is reported to earn over $40 million a year in total revenue. Ryan started flipping houses in 2010 after learning how on BiggerPockets. He has since flipped over 500 homes, owns over 550 units of different property types, and has coached over 1,000 students.

Ryan Pineda is a former professional baseball player for the Oakland A’s. He has a degree in economics from California State University, Northridge. Ryan also wrote a book called "The Wealthy Way: Don't Go Broke Trying To Get Rich", and "Flip Your Future: How to Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams, And Make Six Figures Your First Year Flipping Real Estate," and is featured in many podcasts and publications, such as Forbes and Business Insider. He also hosts his own podcast, where he features successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs from all over the United States.

Is Real Estate Investment Worth It in 2024?

Real estate investment is definitely worth it in 2024. Real estate is an asset that will continue to rise in value. You can get rich from investing in real estate. How long it would take and how successful you are will depend on many variables, from your real estate investing strategy and choice of market to your starting capital or strategy for acquiring capital.

Even with the fear of a recession coming, you should still invest your money rather than save. Investing is better than saving because of the potential for higher returns. Investing can help you outpace inflation and create compound earnings, which means your investment returns start earning their own return. It is smart to start investing at any time. Investing is a great way to build your wealth. The earlier you start investing your money, the sooner you can see solid returns on your investment.

Benefits of Investing

What Are 5 Benefits to Investing?

  • Long-term returns - Investing has the potential for high long-term returns. However, you should be aware that investments with high returns usually have high risks. That said, you can potentially create large amounts of wealth.
  • Outperform inflation - Savings accounts have low interest rates that barely keep up with inflation. Putting your money in savings may just see the value drop in the long term. Investing your money in various strategies has higher potential returns that can outpace inflation.
  • Provide a regular income - Especially helpful for retirees or soon-to-be retirees, investing in various strategies can create an income to replace your wage. Investing in equities, bonds, real estate, etc. can provide a regular income higher than the inflation rate.
  • Diverse options based on your goals - There are many types of investments that you can choose from depending on your goals. You can create a diverse investment portfolio to reflect your goals and priorities. Investing in multiple strategies will also help lower the risk and increase potential gains.
  • Build emergency and retirement funds - Investing can help build your emergency funds and, at the most optimistic, even allow you to retire early. The money you put into investments can provide a safety net in case of emergencies or recessions.

I would recommend you buy products from Wealthy Investor. Ryan Pineda has proven to be the real deal and is a very capable entrepreneur. He is widely known throughout the real estate investment world and has plenty of other businesses that people can invest in. The Wealthy Investor coaching programs are great if you are looking to learn real estate investing with your hands held.

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What Is Your Top Recommendation for Making Money in 2024?

Local lead generation is my top recommendation for making money in 2024. Local lead generation is a low-cost, low-risk passive income business model. To summarize, you create and rank a website on Google using free tactics like SEO. This ranked site will then generate organic leads that local businesses will benefit from when they rent space on your site. Compared to physical real estate, you don't have to worry about tenants, maintenance, regulations, etc.

Compared to other forms of lead generation methods where you spend a lot of money, using SEO to rank your website is free. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of locations to choose from, so you don't have to worry about high competition. A website can stay ranked on Google for years before needing an update, so you save a lot of time on maintenance.

The best part of this business model is that it is highly scalable. To scale, all you have to do is repeat the process of ranking and renting a website. There is virtually no limit to how many times you can do this. You don't have to hire employees to expand your business, meaning you get to keep 100% of the profits. This makes local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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