Ryan Dalton’s Web Moguls Review: How To Build a Rank and Rent Empire?

June 21, 2024

Web Moguls refers to a group of individuals dedicated to building their very own rank and rent empire to achieve full financial freedom. It is a program created by Ryan Dalton offering step-by-step training on how he expanded his rank and rent agency to a monthly revenue of $40,000. His course covers choosing a niche and location, creating websites and building digital assets, strategies in lead generation, and closing business owners. The course is ideal for everyone interested in rank and rent regardless of prior experience in sales, website building, or SEO.

People from his two websites and two private Facebook groups with over 8.7K followers combined have shared positive testimonials about Ryan Dalton, highlighting their successful learning experiences in rank and rent. For instance, Todd Bonner got his first client for $500/month and Curtis Tam closed a 10% commission on a $4700 deal after taking the course. However, there are no other reviews available outside his social media platforms, especially negative reviews.

The rank and rent business model involves creating a website tailored to a specific business niche and optimizing it to rank high in search engine results for certain keywords. Once the site gains traction, you can rent it to businesses. Each website can potentially generate anywhere from $500 to $3,000 per month. However, the profitability of a rank and rent website depends on several factors, including the niche you choose, the location, the competition, and the SEO strategies you employ.

This Web Moguls review covers its pros and cons, tips in building a rank and rent empire, what you will get with Web Moguls, contents of the Web Moguls free training, Rank and Rent Domination, reviews about Web Moguls, who Ryan Dalton is, and what is the best way to create a passive income.

Web Moguls Review: Pros and Cons


The Web Moguls program has incredible support. 

It comes with live coaching sessions. 

Has a growing community. 

The comprehensive training comes from Ryan’s own experience.


There is no upfront pricing available on their website.

No other reviews are available outside its website and pages.

It is quite difficult to get into the program.

Results may vary significantly per individual. 


Web Moguls cost $4000, which you can pay in full or arrange monthly payments of $350 for 12 months. The Rank and Rent Engine tool costs $149- $297.

Refund Policy

Web Moguls has no refund policy posted on its website. However, Rank and Rent Engine offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you dislike it after fully setting up. 


Web Moguls started in 2023. 


Despite being new to rank and rent compared to other digital marketers, Ryan has shown immense success with the business. People on his Facebook group were praising him and saying that his free live training was helpful. He is the admin of the public group with over 8.7K followers. 

June 21, 2024

From my experience with Ryan Dalton and his Web Moguls course, I’ve seen positive feedback within his Facebook group and on his website. I appreciate his unique approach and successful strategies with rank and rent. However, I can’t find other reviews outside his platforms.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How To Build a Rank and Rent Empire?

According to Ryan, here’s how you can build a rank and rent empire and become an internet mogul:

  • Pick an industry (niche) and market (city): This could be anything from local services like plumbing, pet groomers, dental or legal services, and event planners to more broad topics, depending on the market demand and competition. Then, select a city of interest where these industries are booming, such as New York or Los Angeles.
  • Build a website for that market and industry: Once you have selected your niche, create a website with content optimized for search engines. The goal is to make the website authoritative and relevant to the chosen niche.
  • Optimize your website to rank high on Google: This involves on-page optimization (like keyword-rich content and meta tags) and off-page optimization (like backlinks from other reputable websites). This is critical because higher rankings typically lead to more traffic.
  • Find business owners who will rent out your website: Once the website has achieved a high ranking and is receiving a steady flow of traffic, you can rent out the website (or specific pages of the website) to businesses that want to capitalize on this traffic.
  • Close a business owner on a monthly subscription: Forward all the calls and email leads to the business owner. You can now generate revenue through the rent paid by businesses that want to use the site's visibility to attract more potential customers.
  • Repeat the process: You can do this for as many markets and industries as you like and achieve blissful ease. 

What Do You Get With Web Moguls?

With Web Moguls, you get:

  • A complete picture of the rank and rent business model
  • A blueprint for lead generation and tips for choosing your industry and market 
  • Templates and step-by-step guide for building and refining your digital assets 
  • Strategies for getting leads
  • Scripts you can use in closing business owners
  • Live coaching calls
  • A guide for growing your agency (having over 2 clients)
  • Individual support when needed
  • A community of like-minded individuals

Web Moguls’ Free Training Curriculum

Intro to Web Moguls

In the first module, Ryan shared why he resigned from his job and went into rank and rent after researching for a business that could give him true financial freedom.

Due Diligence - Mapping Your Empire

Ryan discussed how to start a rank and rent business. First, he talked about some tips on choosing a profitable or high-ticket niche , such as masonry or landscaping, and choosing the right market that is not too competitive.

Site Building - The Digital Asset Factory

In the third module, Ryan explained how to build digital assets or websites you can use to rank in Google and rent out. He shared that he built websites on WordPress because it’s secure, has tons of support, is affordable, and makes a nice website. Also, he shared how to choose a domain name, design and structure your website, make good ad choices, and write quality contents.

Site Building 2- Refining Digital Assets

This module covers the importance of other technical aspects in making digital assets such as emails, contact numbers, etc.

High Converting Content - Your Competitive Advantage

This module explains why having good content gives you an advantage over your competitors and helps you rank higher. He emphasized the need to make quality and substantive content that allows Google to recognize your website as authority.

On Page SEO - The Secret Formula

In the fifth module, Ryan talks about the different techniques and strategies that make your website the preferred answer by Google, particularly the on-page search engine optimization.

Off Page SEO - Dialing in the Signals

This module covers the topic on off-page SEO, particularly backlinks and citations.

Bringing Value Early - Hooking a Business Owner

In this module, Ryan shared what values will more likely hook or call the attention of a business owner to rent your website.

Screencast Tradecraft

This module talks about how to create a 10-minute video that you can show to a business owner to explain how the entire process works.

Closing The Business Owner - Making Mogul Money

Here, Ryan explained why you need to ask for a flat fee rather than a commission and what are the things you need to make when making that call, such as profit margins and lead value, and others.

Who are the Web Moguls For?

The Web Moguls program caters to both beginner and seasoned entrepreneurs, regardless of their technical experience. It's designed for individuals who understand the rank and rent business model and are interested in making passive income. This program suits those looking to generate additional revenue streams, allowing them to spend more time with their families and achieve freedom from a typical 9-to-5 job. It's especially beneficial for entrepreneurs serious about building digital assets that provide lifelong revenue. The Web Moguls program offers a comprehensive approach to achieving these goals, providing the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital business landscape.

Before you can join the Web Moguls program, you need to finish the free training and then complete the required fields of the form containing your personal information and questions about your interest in rank and rent. After filling out the form, you will receive an email where you can set the date and time for a call with the Web Moguls team. 

According to Ryan, this video conferencing call is where you can ask all questions you have about rank and rent and Web Moguls. This is also the opportunity for Ryan and his team to get to know you and evaluate whether you can get into the program. According to the Web Mogul website, they limit the course to a select number of students only.

What Do People Say About Web Moguls?

People from his Facebook group and website are saying good things about Web Moguls and Ryan Dalton. However, there are very limited reviews outside of Ryan’s website and groups that can attest to the success stories posted on his platforms. 

When Ryan took over as admin of the public Facebook group Rent and Rank Domination, Greg Rose said that he could vouch for Ryan’s training and weekly live calls. Greg also mentioned that Ryan has approached rank and rent from a unique perspective and is always on the lookout for new tools. In a related post, Nick Wood and Aaron Johnson, called Ryan a legend and a real deal since he is a current practitioner who achieved success in such a short time.

web moguls review
One of the success stories posted by Ryan was from Todd Bonner. He got his first client for $500/month in a low-ticket niche for the first two months. He also landed another agreement for $600/month with just the pre-close video and a phone call. Another Web Moguls member, Isaac Cheatman, closed a deal for $1200 while Curtis Tam closed a 10% commission on a $4700 deal, which means he earned $470 with just one lead. 
web moguls review

In an interview with Youtuber and entrepreneur Nick Wood, Ryan shared his own success story of going from earning $0 to $27,000 per month in less than a year. Nick was all praises for what Ryan has done and said that Ryan is his inspiration for continuing in the rank and rent business. 

web moguls review

Who is Ryan Dalton?

ryan dalton

Ryan Dalton is a rank and rent entrepreneur and coach who lives in Memphis, Tennessee, United States with his wife Katelyn Dalton, and their twins. He is a former Special Agent at the U.S. Department of State from 2016 to 2020. He stopped working because he wanted the freedom to be with his family, something he was having a hard time achieving with his former job. In an interview with YouTuber and Influencer Nick Wood on January 25, 2023, that got 3300 views, Ryan Dalton shared that he started his rank and rent business in January 2022 with limited prior knowledge on how to make a website and rank a website.

He admitted that he thoroughly researched different models, such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and Amazon FBA, but he became convinced to try rank and rent because he found it to be scalable, automatable, passive, and repeatable. In 2022, he goes from earning $0 to $27, 000 a month in less than a year. He rented his first website for $1000 a month. In addition, Ryan said that he built his businesses on WordPress because it’s secure, has tons of support, is affordable, and makes a nice professional-looking website.

In the same interview, he shared his insights into doing the rank and rent business which are: surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, diving into the business 100% without focusing on other things, taking one step at a time, testing your market first, and keeping everything simple. As of January 2023, Ryan is already running 5 websites. He also mentioned that he can now close a lead in 15-45 days. As of April 2023, he is already earning more than $40,000 a month, 18 months from starting his rank and rent business.

Ryan owns Dalton Digital and created a course called Web Moguls, where he teaches others how to build successful rank and rent agencies so they can create true passive income. He teaches his students how to achieve financial freedom with rank and rent agencies.

Ryan, together with Spencer Jordan, is currently the admin for a public Facebook group Rank and Rent Domination with over 8.7K members, and Web Moguls: Building Rank and Rent Empires created in 2023, with 57 members. He also used these groups to share his strategies and techniques for growing his rank and rent agency. 

What is the Rank and Rent Engine Tool?

The Rank and Rent Engine tool is a scalable and efficient toolset for building an agency, using Airtable and Twilio, integrated through Make. It provides a way for your agency to increase its revenue by using efficient systems and user-friendly automation, starting from scratch.

Airtable is a versatile relational database and management tool that can serve various roles from CRM to sales management, while Twilio offers cost-effective voice and messaging for tracking. Together, connected via Make, they form an effective foundation for growing a rank and rent agency.

The Rank and Rent Engine tool benefits your business by streamlining and enhancing various operations. It helps you track calls and leads with ease while creating a straightforward sales pipeline management system. The tool improves customer relationships by providing quick retention monitoring, ranking tracking, and due diligence analysis. It also facilitates automated communication with business owners, summarizes call leads, and sends instant text notifications for better response times. Furthermore, it personalizes call experiences and offers custom agency dashboards.

The Rank and Rent Engine is designed for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses efficiently. It's ideal for those who manage multiple websites or clients and are interested in saving money on operations. This tool suits entrepreneurs who aim to maintain better organization in their businesses and seek to automate tasks to streamline their workflow.

What Can You Get With Rank and Rent Engine?

With Rank and Rent Engine, you can get: 

  • Rank and Rent Agency Airtable template: this organizes your tasks, sites, sales, calls, leads, due diligence, and resources.
  • Step-by-step videos for connecting Airtable and Twilio
  • Step-by-step guide for creating automation: this includes text message notifications and monthly email with the leads and phone numbers
  • Easy call tracking for each site’s tracking number: this allows you to see the number of calls daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Personalized support from Ryan
  • Lifetime access to future updates and revisions

What is Rank and Rent Domination?

Rank and Rent Domination is a public Facebook group managed by Ryan Dalton since December 15, 2023. It currently has 8746 active members. This group is for those interested in rank and rent. Ryan used this group to give away free tips, secrets, and tricks to growing a thriving rank and rent agency. He also does live training for 10 weeks covering all aspects of rank and rent, from mindset to due diligence, site building, off-page SEO, prospecting, sales, closing, and keeping business owners.

What is Rank and Rent?

Rank and rent is a passive income online business model under lead generation.  It involves creating a website for a particular business, optimizing the website to rank higher in the search engine results for specific keywords, and then renting the website out to businesses who chose not to create their website or those who simply cannot. They can lease it for as long as they like, and then hand it to you once their contract is over. Then, you can lease it to the next client from the same industry with just minor tweaks. Starting a rank and rent business is pretty simple.

This is beneficial to business owners who want to increase their visibility online to attract more customers. As the website’s owner, you can ask for a flat rate monthly fee or based on commissions. You can easily scale this business because the process is repeatable. This model is attractive because it provides a passive income stream once the initial work of setting up and ranking the site is done.

Rank and rent fall under digital marketing/SEO. It is appealing to SEO specialists and digital marketers because it allows them to monetize their skills without selling physical products or services directly. However, it requires a significant upfront investment in time and resources to create and rank the site, especially in highly competitive niches.

Is Rank and Rent Worth It in 2024?

Yes, rank and rent is worth it in 2024because this business model is a good source of passive income and a good website monetization strategy, according to FatRank. With over 8.5 billion daily searches on Google, there are still a lot of untapped markets in 2024. According to Hubspot, 46% of these searches are looking for local information. With a single rank and rent website, you can potentially earn anywhere from $500 to $3000 per month. If you have multiple websites like Ryan Dalton, this income might increase to 5-figures per month. 

The rank and rent model, with its combination of passive income, scalability, and relatively low overhead, presents an interesting business strategy for those skilled in SEO and digital marketing. It helps create valuable digital real estate that you can monetize in various ways, providing flexibility and growth opportunities in the growing online marketplace.

Conclusion: Local Lead Generation is the Best Way to Create Passive Income

While Ryan Dalton has proved his success with rank and rent over the years, his Web Mogul course on rank and rent is relatively new. In addition, very limited information is available about the Web Moguls course that can give clarity to what students are signing up for. 

Ryan also emphasizes using AI, such as ChatGPT, to create high-converting content to save time and resources and improve SEO. According to experts from Search Engine Land and HubSpot, AI-generated content still requires human expertise because it may lack personality and potential to be flagged by Google for using scaled content creation tactics, and the risk of sounding generic or repetitive.


Local lead generation can create a passive income because it's in demand, scalable, has low overhead costs, and can positively affect local businesses. A lot of small and medium businesses are constantly looking for new leads to grow their ventures. Once you have a website ranked locally, these businesses are willing to pay $500-$3000 monthly as long as they’re receiving valuable leads from your site. Once a website ranks well in local search results, it can attract a steady flow of organic traffic and valuable leads. These leads are essential for local businesses like contractors, plumbers, roofers, and other service-based companies that rely on local clients. After the initial setup, maintenance and updates require minimal resources. 

I learned local lead generation from Dan, an entrepreneur teaching the Rank and Rent model the longest. He started in 2014 and has coached more than 7000 students and I am one of them. His established presence and transparent approach, coupled with a clearer understanding of SEO beyond AI-generated content, changed my life and helped me create a truly passive income. 

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