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Wholesale Academy Review – (Is Larry Lubarsky a legit Amazon FBA guru?)

March 31, 2023

The Wholesale Academy by Larry Lubarsky teaches you how to make money online by selling products on the Amazon marketplace. Larry's goal is to teach you everything you need to know to start and scale your Amazon business. What's unique about his course is that it's not always open for enrollment. He opens it to work with a few students at a time and eventually re-opens enrollment to take on more students. This is so he can focus on helping each student, unlike most online courses that just leave the course open all the time. In this Wholesale Academy review, we'll cover who Larry Lubarsky is, how Amazon Wholesale stands up against Amazon Private Label, how much you need to start an Amazon FBA business, if it's still profitable in 2024, and how Amazon FBA compares to the local lead generation business model.


Larry scaled to 7-figures in only 2 years of selling on Amazon. He's now an 8-figure Amazon seller.

The videos in the course are in depth. Several videos are over an hour long of step-by-step instructions where he teaches proven strategies.

Larry offers the Amazon Bundles 101 course, where you learn how to profit from bundling products

As a bonus, Larry teaches you how to sell products in Europe (Pan-European FBA)

Larry is always updating the content of his course


Enrollment of the course isn't always open

Larry only holds live coaching calls twice a month; not enough coaching calls if you need more guidance when getting started

Amazon FBA is far too competitive now, with thousands of new sellers joining the platform. The rise in competition is making it harder to win the Buy Box.


Wholesale Academy costs $1,997. You have the option to do 4 payments of $697. (Enrollment is Currently Closed)

Refund Policy:

14-day, money-back guarantee


Over 40 hours of content; 50+ training videos divided into 8 modules (Business workflows, checklists, templates, email and phone scripts)


Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers' private Facebook group


Larry created the Wholesale Academy in 2019.


Larry is one of the well known Amazon FBA sellers online and has a good reputation in the space for all the success he's had.

Who is Larry Lubarsky?

Larry Lubarsky was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When he was 17 years old, he dropped out of high school to become a stockbroker. When the market crashed in 2008, Larry lost everything and was $100K in debt. This forced him to move back in with his mother. To make ends meet, he looked for any 9-5 job that would help him pay his bills. 

In 2012, he started working with a friend at an optical store in Brooklyn. What stood out to Larry was that his friend was buying sunglasses and eyeglasses at wholesale prices and marking them up. Larry loved the new opportunity that was presented to him and helped his friend expand his business to Amazon UK. In just one year, Larry was already making over $1 million.

By 2014, Larry had already launched his own Amazon FBA wholesale business with the help of a $60K investment from some friends. To make the business work, Larry and a friend of his would do the shipping and packing themselves in a small Brooklyn garage. He generated over $3 million in sales in the first year and, to date, has generated over $50 million in sales selling from his warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Larry has recently been active posting YouTube Shorts on his Watch Me Amazon YouTube channel, where he has over 28k subscribers.

On Instagram, he has over 69k followers and also posts valuable content every day.

Most popular items Larry Lubarsky sells

The most popular items Larry sells are electronics, toys, and groceries, as well as health and beauty products.

Larry Lubarsky's net worth

Larry Lubarsky's net worth is an estimated $5 million dollars.

Negative Larry Lubarsky Review

Three years ago, someone on Reddit posted the following questioning Larry's ethics.

They claimed that he not only took a large wholesale list from his previous job, but that he also breaks Amazon's terms of service by creating multiple accounts to sell the same products while using different computers and IP addresses to cover it all up.

If that's true, we don't know. But, Larry Lubarsky is making 8-figures with Amazon Wholesale and taking the time to teach others how to make money online in his Amazon FBA course.

What is Amazon Wholesale?

Amazon Wholesale is an Amazon FBA business model where you buy branded products in bulk at wholesale prices from suppliers/manufacturers and sell them individually at a higher price.

What does Larry teach inside the Wholesale Academy?

1) Orientation

In this first section, Larry gives you an overview of what to expect in this course. He has you set goals and get your mind right for your new Amazon business.

2) Business Model

This module has 4 videos where Larry talks about what the Amazon FBA business model is and what Wholesale is.

3) Finding Profitable Suppliers

This module is focused on helping you find good suppliers. You'll learn how and where to find them and how to establish good relationships with them so that you can scale your business. Larry even shares how you to best contact them when you reach out.

4) Buying Products

Larry dives deep in showing you how to do product research to find profitable products using the JungleScout tool, AMZ Analyzer, and Price Checker 2 softwares. If you don't do the proper due diligence, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on inventory for no reason if they don't sell.

5) Shipping and Logistics

You have to send your products to Amazon warehouses or else you're not doing Amazon FBA. Larry shows you how the proper way of shipping your products to Amazon so you can begin selling.

6) Managing Inventory

Larry now takes the time to teach you how to manage your inventory. This part of Amazon Wholesale can be very complex so, he shows you the most efficient way to keep your stock ordering and supply chain in order so that you don't lose money.

7) Account Health

This module is all about keeping your Amazon Seller Account in good standing. There are many rules you need to follow. If you don't, they can suspend your account without notice, which will only make you lose money. Larry talks about how to follow Amazon's Terms of Service and how to treat customers even if they leave negative reviews.

8) Growing your Business

This is your "graduation module". Larry goes over what to keep in mind if you want to scale your business.

9) Bonus

Larry shares pre-recorded coaching calls, how to sell products in Europe (Pan-European FBA), and access to custom software to help you run your business efficiently and professionally as bonuses to the course.

Who Wholesale Amazon is for?

Wholesale Amazon is for anyone who wants to earn a monthly income working from home, who enjoys processes, who understands that Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme, and who doesn't mind going through this long course.

Who Wholesale Amazon is not for?

Wholesale Amazon is not for people who think they'll make money overnight, who won't take the time to go through the course, who are afraid of investing in inventory before they sell, and who are already in debt.

How much do you need to start an Amazon FBA business?

To start an Amazon FBA business, you need $5500 to $13,000. This amount will allow you to get all the tools necessary to run your business. Larry teaches you need $4000-$5000 to get your business started. 

For a breakdown of all the costs you'll really have to account for, read my article on Amazon FBA startup costs

Amazon Wholesale vs. Amazon Private Label

Larry teaches the Amazon Wholesale business model. How does it stack up to Amazon Private Label?

Look at the comparison below.

Private Label


You're selling products from already established brands

With private label, you're selling generic products and starting your own brand

Buy Box:

Difficult to win because you're going up against thousands of sellers

Easier to win because you're not fighting for the Buy Box. Only you're selling your branded products.

Supply Chain:

Not enough control; if your supplier runs out of inventory, you need to scramble to find another one but the quality might not be the same

More control; if you need more inventory, just reach out to the manufacturer and order more

Barrier to Entry:

Medium; $5k-$10K startup costs

High: $15K+ to get started


Medium risk because there are already people looking for the products and brands you're selling

High risk because no one knows your brand and are skeptical.

Marketing Costs:

Not as high as private label because you don't need to sell people on the brands you're selling

Expensive because no one knows your brand and you're competing against the larger brands everyone trusts.

Take a more in-depth look at the differences between the two Amazon FBA business models in my article, Wholesale vs. Private Label.

Closing Thoughts on the Wholesale Academy, is it worth it?

Wholesale Academy is worth it if you want to learn from someone who has earned 8-figures from selling products on Amazon. Larry's course will teach you how to get started with your Wholesale Amazon business from the ground up. He holds two coaching calls a month and the private Facebook group has plenty of students who are helping each other.

The course is priced competitively, but Larry doesn't always have it open for enrollment. That shows that he's more hands on with the students he has. 

This is the best Amazon Wholesale course when open for enrollment. If you don't want to wait for enrollment to open and want to invest in another Amazon FBA course, look at the Amazon FBA alternatives below.

Wholesale Academy Alternatives

Private Label Masters is the best alternative to the Wholesale Academy. Tim Sanders is an 8-figure Amazon seller who has sold over $60 million in only the last few years. In his course, you learn the private label method of selling products on Amazon. Not only that, Tim does a great job showing you how to run Amazon PPC ads for your products, which helps you compete against established brands. When you buy into this course, you'll benefit from the live coaching calls Tim hosts.

Price: Private Label Masters costs $5000.

More info: Private Label Masters review.

The Wholesale Formula by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost is another course that teaches you the same business model and type Larry does. Wholesale. These guys have sold over $31 million in sales on Amazon. Dan and Dylan teach you how to get in the door with brands and what the best outreach methods are. Their process is called, 'Reverse Sourcing Wholesale'. Their private Facebook group has over 5300 students who have done over $1 billion in sales and they hold live coaching calls each week. 

Price: The Wholesale Academy costs $2,497.

More info: The Wholesale Formula review.

marvin leonard

Wholesale Underground by Marvin Leonard teaches the Amazon wholesale business model too. Marvin is a detective-turned online entrepreneur. It's another course that teaches you the basics of getting started but Marvin also shares the software you can use to generate more 5-star reviews for your product listings. You're even taught how to scale your profitable products to other online marketplaces. There are 6 training modules and a private Facebook community for support in which Marvin is very much active. If you need help with deciding if a product is profitable, Marvin doesn't hesitate to help out.

Price: Wholesale Underground costs $997.

More info: Wholesale Underground review.

Is Amazon FBA still profitable in 2024?

Is Amazon wholesale profitable? Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2024. There is plenty of money to be made on Jeff Bezos platform. But, Wholesale isn't a profitable Amazon business model without a lot of work being put into it. Many sellers are even contemplating if Amazon wholesale is still worth it or not. 

For one, the startup costs are expensive. As was mentioned before, you've got to put up between $5500 and $13,000 if you want a chance at being successful. That will cover your Amazon fees, warehouse rental, and initial inventory.

Then you need to take time to find a winning product. Once you do, you then need to spend money split testing your ads before you find an ad that provides you with solid conversions. 

Now, let's say you find a winning product and you create ads that convert well. You need to account for ad fatigue, which can sneak up on you without notice and cost you more money.

You'll also need to take time to find another product that will be just as lucrative.

Also, the level of competition on Amazon is only rising. There are around 4000 new Amazon sellers joining the platform every day. The odds of you beating out hundreds of thousands of sellers is like climbing the tallest mountain. The Amazon FBA success rate is low.

Of all the online business models out there, Amazon FBA is a hassle of a business model and is not the way to earn a truly passive income in 2024

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation is a much easier path to earning a passive income than Amazon FBA. You have way more control over what you do. You decide what markets and niches to get into, who you work with and how much you make each month.

If it doesn't work out with one local business owner, you can easily just move on to the next hungry business who wants more customers. 

Ever since 2014, I've built lead generation sites and ranked them on Google. Sites that offer services like tree care are paying me hundreds and thousands of dollars each month.

Local lead generation

This one site has paid me on autopilot ever since I built it in 2014. 

The coaching program that teaches these skills is second to none. Ranking and renting these properties has changed not only my life, but the lives of the over 7400 students that have joined.

Many people love this business model for the freedom and above all, control it allows you to have. 

If you're interested, click here to learn more about how the local lead generation training program can help you achieve financial freedom.

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