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The Ecomm Clubhouse Review (Sarah Crisp From Wholesale Ted Teaches How To Build Online Stores, does it work?)

May 6, 2022

You've heard of Sarah Crisp and Wholesale Ted.

Who is she/they and is The Ecomm Clubhouse a good course to learn about Shopify dropshipping?

We looked into it and the following is what we found out.

Who is Sarah Crisp?

Sarah Chrisp is an entrepreneur from New Zealand who has found success in the e-commerce space. Her claim to fame is print-on-demand and dropshipping, a business technique that she operates through Shopify.

When she was 15, Sarah worked as a cashier in a discount supermarket.

In that same year, she discovered a ‘hack’ that allowed her to take advantage of Gamestop’s used game policy. Gamestop would pay for games they didn't have in their stock. So, Sarah started purchasing games from overseas so she could re-sell them to Gamestop. She would make $1000 in a single day!

After this first side hustle, she moved on to create her very first e-commerce store selling video games, and that eventually led her to discover dropshipping and print on demand.

In 2015, Sarah co-created the YT channel, Wholesale Ted, which has since grown to 924 subscribers and is one of the biggest e-commerce YouTube channels. Her mentor's name is Ted, and he focuses on copywriting for their newsletter and channel while Sarah focuses on the videos.

The Ecomm Clubhouse Highlights

In this course, Sarah teaches you how to build an online store with dropshipping and print on demand. To be more specific, she shows you how to do so on the Shopify platform.

Learn more details of what this course offers.


Ecomm Clubhouse costs $67 per month.

Course Started:


Over 10 hours of video training (beginner friendly); Step by step video tutorials and PDFs


Monthly coaching session  - Q&A

Some other things we like:

Sarah teaches different sales psychology techniques to get customers to spend more money with you

Training on how to scale by hiring virtual assistants

Some things we didn't like:

No private community

There are no tools inside available for you to use.

How to Make $10,000 per Month by Dropshipping Free eBook Download

This is a pretty informative eBook for being completely free.

Gives you general basics about how one can go about finding a profitable product to sell, how to find suppliers, why long shipping times doesn’t matter (because its shipped from overseas) and how to work for 2 hours per day.

Very cool tips.

But like you might have guessed, they don’t reveal every single how-to’s, that is reserved for their private members which you can join for $67 monthly.

Private Membership Review

Once you join their private membership, you get access to training videos that takes you the whole scope of the Amazon business.

At just $67 per month, its one of the cheapest Amazon FBA courses out there that I’ve seen.

Let’s say you keep  learning for a year, $67 * 12 = Only $804

Spending $804 for the opportunity to make $10K per month ain’t too bad am I right?

Solid training videos.

Very good tips on how to begin selling on Amazon.

Especially their training on how to pick the right product or niche.

I’ve sold few things on Amazon and been part of few other courses and I gotta say, picking the right niche / product is the most important part of the whole business.

I wish they went more into how to use tools like ASINspector and Jungle Scout which are tools that assist in finding great products to sell easier.

Once you find the right product to sell, then its just a matter of ordering bulk, doing custom labeling, creating the Amazon listing, & optimize the listing so that you can begin getting sales.

What’s the Good Thing About Starting an Amazon Business

  • It’s a scalable business. Once you find a winning product, its just a matter of ordering more from supplier, and because Amazon takes care of the warehouse, packaging & shipping, you can even start selling another product. Scalable business means you can begin selling more without too much overhead expense or having to hire large amounts of staff. For example, a restaurant is not a scalable business.
  • All you need is a laptop & internet. Location Independent business which IDK about you guys, but really important for me.

  • Amazon is not going anywhere anytime soon. Actually quite the contrary they’re growing at exponential rate, one of the most visited sites on the internet now next to Google and Facebook. They’re also expanding their shipping capabilities with already 1 hour delivery in some cities, new drone deliveries & local pick up locations.
  • Online sales only make up 13% of all sales still, many are still buying from brick & mortar type of stores, however the trend is more and more people are buying online every year. This means great opportunities for Amazon FBA sellers.
  • There are many different types of products you can successfully sell on Amazon, with sites like alibaba it makes it easy to find suppliers overseas
  • You can potentially build a winning brand that not only gets great sales every month, but you can sell the business for a great deal of money later on

Because Amazon is visited by so many people, when you get a winning product that’s great quality and regularly gets positive reviews from buyers, you can get a product on the first page that generates great income for you month after month.

Hassle free because order fullfillment is handled by Amazon.

All you have to do is make sure you have enough inventory every month by continuing to order bulk from your suppliers when needed.

What’s the Bad Thing About Amazon Business?

So here are some of the cons of an Amazon business.

Studies found that only 30% of the visitors actually go to page 2 of the Amazon search results. This means you must get your product listing on the first page or it won’t be a success.

The problem is there’s only 10-15 spots on the first page and as more people join Amazon FBA, its getting harder to get to that first page and longer.

Ultimately what causes your rankings to go up?

People used to fabricate fake reviews or incentivized reviews but since 2016 Amazon has come down hard on those fake reviews and now they’re no longer valid ways to boost your rankings.

Now its all about picking good quality products that naturally get positive reviews and optimizing your listing & having great branding around your product so that it converts.

Ultimately Amazon looks at your conversion rate to determine your rankings.

Meaning people are buying your product more than anyone else’s within that niche.

When everyone begins using the same suppliers, the challenge will be how can your product stand out from others?

Chances are there will be plenty of competitors that’s selling the same or very similar product as you.

And this happens regularly, people on Amazon will steal ideas from other successful Amazon product listings all the time.

Someone can come in and undercut your price & begin selling the same product or something very similar.

At times quite competitive environment, although that is great for buyers, not so good for sellers.

Lead Generation Business vs. Amazon FBA

As most of my readers know, although I sell some products on Amazon, majority of my online income comes from my local lead generation business that I’ve been running fulltime since 2015. I net profit around $30K every month from this business.

Although I believe Amazon FBA is a mighty fine business model with tons of potential, the reason why I still focus more on lead generation is because I’m able to seperate myself from the competition to a far greater degree than I can on Amazon.

With lead generation, you can still manipulate the Google search rankings with much greater control with SEO skills than you can Amazon search rankings.

With Amazon I have much less control over a projects success because even if I do everything correct and according to these coaching programs, you can still pick a product that doesn’t sell well or won’t make it to page 1 because the competition is too strong.

I mean if a product has thousands of 5 star reviews, its almost impossible to catch up to that right?

So there’s a lot of these factors that are quite difficult to overcome in the Amazon business.

Local lead generation just has much less of those obstacles.

When you got the skills like I do, you can pretty much go into any city and dominate.

I’ll still continue to work on my Amazon FBA business.

But local lead generation still has my top attention because its a more for sure way of increasing my income for me.


To be honest, Wholesale Ted course for $69 isn’t bad.

If you’re strapped for cash this might be a good way for you to get started on the Amazon FBA business.

I’ve reviewed much more extensive Amazon courses already like Phil’s Ultimate Amazon Seller course.

Which goes into everything from business licenses, negotiation with the supplier, all the way to selling your business one day.

Also one thing you should ask yourself is how come a lot of these e-commerce people begin selling courses about the business? Wouldn’t that cause more competition for themselves?

One thing you gotta understand is this, selling information is like the holy grail of internet entrepreneurs.


Its the most scalable business, by far.

Because you’re not dealing with a physical product, there’s no order fullfillment required or dealing with broken products, returns, & all the other customer service stuff.

All you have to do is create a digital product and you can sell that thing for hundreds of thousands of times over and over again and you didn’t have to do any extra work even as you sell more and more.

That is true scalability.

Also profit margins almost 100% with a digital product.

So keep that in mind.

Very similarlity I like lead generation business because its all digital. I don’t have to deal with the hassle of a physical product.

Also its much more evergreen. Local businesses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and they’ll continue to need help with online marketing because most business owners don’t have the time to mess with that.

Once I build & rank one of my lead gen sites, for the most part its 100% passive income. I have sites that are ranked on page 1 making money for me every month and I haven’t touched it in years.

That’s what I like to call, making technology make money for you.

Lead generation is a great skillset to have, something that you can leverage many many times over because every businesses depend on leads for survival.

And when you build a business around such an important service as lead generation that all businesses desperately need, good things happen. visit this page here for more info.

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  2. Thank you very much for your time writing this article. I now feel more confident in fighting to leave my 9 to 5 job and learn how to be a supplier of exciting products and not the other way around, as in being part of the demand side of the economy.

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