King Khang’s Wholesale To Millions Review—3 Steps To Succeed In Real Estate Wholesaling

October 16, 2023

Wholesale To Millions is a brand built by Khang Le, aka King Khang, to help any beginner or experienced real estate investor succeed in real estate wholesaling. It offers mentorship and online learning programs to teach you that his success can be replicated if you are dedicated enough to follow his 3 steps—finding distressed properties, negotiating the deal, and finding investors to buy the property.

Mind you, it takes a lot of time and effort even as you prepare to build a real estate wholesale business. King Khang himself said that success in this business is built overtime, not overnight. Hence, I recommend seeking professional advice to fully understand the business model before engaging in wholesaling houses. 

Otherwise, if you’re looking to make passive income with relatively minimum effort compared to real estate, local lead generation might be for you. You can do this completely online since it’s digital real estate. It’s a digital marketing strategy where you rank and rent a website that gathers leads for local service businesses, and you can scale up by targeting different locations and other niche services.

Wholesale To Millions Pros And Cons


King Khang is transparent on his income streams (real estate wholesaling, coaching, courses).

He does meetups with successful students that are featured on his website.

You will have the opportunity to network through the private Facebook group accessible through the mentorship and programs available.

WTM has an Earnings Disclaimer that states all results vary per person that contribute to transparency and credibility.


King Khang can be overenthusiastic about his programs, mentorship, and earnings, to the point of sounding overhyped.

Wholesale To Millions have no recent updates on modules and mentorship pricing.

King Khang has been doing real estate wholesaling for many years now, making his success difficult, but not impossible, to replicate in a few months to years.

Real Estate Wholesaling has higher restrictions in some states due to wholesalers harassing uninformed property owners.


Wholesale To Millions costs $1,495 for the Complete Wholesaling Playbook which includes the Virtual Wholesaling Guide that costs $497 and the Amazing Seller Scripts that costs $495. There is also a Mentorship Program wherein you have to get in a call with their team to get the full pricing details.

Refund Policy

Wholesale To Millions has a no refund policy to protect the course and its materials from being replicated or distributed illegally.




Wholesale To Millions has been featured on several YouTube channels like Real Estate University, Austin Zaback, and Flipping Mastery TV, while having mixed reviews on discussion groups and review sites.

3 Steps To Succeed In Real Estate Wholesaling

Step 1 - Finding Distressed Properties

Finding distressed properties is the first key to succeeding in real estate wholesaling. According to King Khang, there will be owners that can’t afford rent, have no money to fix or improve their properties, or have left.

Target properties must be vacant, tax lien, tax delinquent, pre-foreclosure, or has a high equity absentee owner. Networking with realtors can also benefit you as they can offer 7 to 8 years old expired listings since property value will be cheaper than the current.

Step 2 - Negotiating The Deal

Negotiating the deal is the toughest part, according to King Khang. But Wholesale To Millions will teach you how to filter and qualify each seller and how to close them over the phone. There are 3 important questions that you can ask sellers to get a discounted price:

  • “If we were to buy the property at as is condition, you don’t have to do anything, we’ll take care of it for you. What’s the least you can sell your property for?”
  • “Since we will be paying cash, what is the best offer you can do?”
  • “If we take care of all the closing costs—no commissions, excise tax, and any other associated fees—what is the lowest you can go for us?” In this question, Khang clarifies that since this is what you will be doing, what can the seller do for you?

Step 3 - Finding Investors To Buy The Property

Finding investors to buy the property will make up most of your success as a real estate wholesaler. Khang mentioned that the more investors you have, the more properties under your contract can sell fast. That’s because you can connect your assigned properties to an interested cash buyer or a real estate agent.

Networking with cash buyers and real estate agents can help streamline your business as a wholesaler. This can increase your sales process, real estate deal flow, and create a mutually beneficial relationship that can help you make informed decisions and improve your wholesaling business overall.

What Do I Get In Wholesale To Millions?

The Wholesale To Millions Complete Wholesaling Playbook will get you all the content of available programs, step-by-step guidance, and access to the program’s private Facebook group, and bonuses.

For those experienced real estate investors or beginners with a firm foundation on real estate investing, you can choose to get the Virtual Wholesaling Guide or the Amazing Seller Scripts as standalone programs.

Complete Wholesaling Playbook ($1,495)

  • How To Set Up Your Company Name

  • Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

  • Finding A Title Company

  • Ways To Find Cash Buyers

  • Marketing Instructional Content

  • How To Wholesale Both Locally And Virtually

  • Day By Day Instructional Videos On How To Get Your First Deal

  • How To Find The Hottest Zip Code To Target Regardless Of The State You Live In

  • How To Pull Distress Property List To Target

  • How To Scale Your Wholesaling Business To 6 Figures A Month With A System and Team In Place

  • How To Deal With Cash Buyers

  • Where And How To Hire Virtual Assistants To Help You Scale Your Business

  • Over 12 Live Recorded Seller Call Videos

  • Handling Seller Objections

  • How To Pick A Market To Start Wholesaling Regardles Of The State You Live In

  • Access To Private Facebook Group With Lifetime Access To Course

  • King Khang Inbound And Outbound Seller Script For Cold Calling And Making Offers Over The Phone

  • All The Contracts You Will Need For Wholesaling And Instructional Videos Showing You How To Use And Fill Them Out

    • Wholesaling Contracts

    • Purchase And Sales Agreement

    • Assignment Agreement

    • Double Closing Contracts

  • Bonus Content

Virtual Wholesaling Guide ($497)

  • How To Set up Your Company Name

  • Free Ways And Pay Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

  • Finding A Title Company

  • Free Ways And Pay Ways To Find Cash Buyers

  • Marketing Instructional Content

  • Learn How To Wholesale Both Locally And Virtually

  • Day-By-Day Instructional Video On How To Get Your First Deal

  • Access To Private Facebook Group And Lifetime Access to Course

  • Purchase And Sales Contract, The Double Closing Contract, The Addendum Contract With Instructional Video On How To Use And Fill Them Out

  • How To Find Your Target Area To Start Wholesaling Regardless Of The State You Live In

  • How To Pull Distressed Properties And Find Hot Zip Codes To Target

  • Bonus Content

Amazing Seller Scripts ($495)

  • Addendum With Instructional How-To Videos

  • Assignment Of Contract With Instructional How-To Videos

  • Double Closing Documents With Instructional How-To Videos

  • Over 12 Live Recorded Seller Call Videos

  • How To Handle All Seller Objections Videos

  • Purchase And Sale Contract Documents With Instructional How-To Videos And More

  • Access To Private Facebook Group And Lifetime Access To Course

  • King Khang Inbound And Outbound Seller Script For Cold Calling And Making Offers

  • How To Lock Property Under Contract Over The Phone

Upon reading the course contents, you’ll notice that there are similarities between courses. Make sure that you get the most suitable content for your needs as a real estate investor and wholesaler. You can also check out these top real estate wholesaling courses to broaden your perspective and ensure you’ll get the most out of every dollar invested in a course.

Who Created Wholesale To Millions?

Khang Le, or King Khang, created Wholesale To Millions. He uses this brand to supplement his career as an entrepreneur specializing in real estate wholesaling. After paying off his home and car from doing odd jobs, his wife saw an ad for a real estate flipping seminar and talked Khang into going. They always strived hard and hustled their way into success. Soon after, they earned $50,000 on their first flip. Realizing how lucrative the business is, they wanted to keep doing it.

But after encountering the risks of house flipping, they switched over to real estate wholesaling. Khang was struggling to find answers about his new business and got himself a mentor, Michael Fitzgerald. Michael has completed over 1000 real estate transactions that include property rehabilitations, commercial buildings, high-end condominium projects, land developments, and wholesales, holding over $40 million in real estate. You can see him featured on some of Khang’s YouTube videos, where they work on a wholesale deal together as mentor-mentee. 

King Khang’s first wholesale property got him $28,000. After continuously scaling and hiring virtual assistants to increase the productivity of the business, he achieved millionaire status at 32 years old. In 2021, his estimated net worth was worth $5 million. Wholesale To Millions now has 444k subscribers on YouTube, 402k followers on Instagram, and 3.2m followers on Tiktok, creating content about real estate wholesaling and influencing people to start their wholesaling journey.

Is Wholesale To Millions Worth It?

Wholesale To Millions is worth it if you are looking for a mentor who has already succeeded in real estate wholesaling, and you are willing to spend the time and effort to learn about the complexities and challenges of the business. Who doesn’t want a successful mentor? King Khang’s success happened because of his dedication to real estate. And if you want to be successful in real estate wholesaling, or any other business, you need to have the same mindset, connect with the right people, and do the work before success falls into place.

Some businesses, however, take less time to learn, start, and scale. Unlike real estate wholesaling, local lead generation can be your ticket to earning passive income from a business model that has fewer risks, capital requirement, and competition. Learn about the top 3 challenges of real estate wholesaling to see if it is the right business for you.

Why I Chose Digital Real Estate Over Physical Real Estate

I chose digital real estate over physical real estate because of its high scalability with a relatively minimal time spent. Both real estate wholesaling and local lead generation are profitable, but they require unique skill sets, approaches, and levels of involvement. 

Real estate wholesaling involves finding a below market value or distressed property to put under contract and assign or sell that contract as a wholesale property to a buyer or investor. It can be a fast-paced and lucrative strategy, but it requires a lot of market knowledge, negotiation skills, and, according to King Khang, a good network of real estate agents and potential buyers.

Local lead generation typically involves creating, managing, and ranking a website to attract potential customers for local service businesses like roofers, plumbers, dentists, and other service providers. Each lead generated earns you income for as long as your site is up. It can be done remotely, highly scalable, and has a high potential for recurring income.

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