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Wholesale Underground Review (Marvin Leonard) – 10 Things To Know Before You Buy

May 15, 2022

In this review, I'll share the 10 things you should know before buying Marvin Leonard's course, The Wholesale Underground.

By the end of this review, you'll decide for yourself if you want to take the plunge with this course or not.

What Is This Course About? (Wholesale Amazon FBA)

Marvin goal with this course is to help you start, grow and scale your own wholesale Amazon business without needing any prior experience.

The idea is to buy bulk products of known brands directly from suppliers at a cheaper price instead of going to Walmart or Target to source them.

Once you get your products, you then sell them on Amazon.

Marvin's goal is to show you everything you need to know without wasting any time and so you can begin earning $10,000 per month, ASAP.

Who Is This Course For?

It's For You If You...

  • want to make money from home
  • don't mind investing in inventory $5K to $10K minimum orders
  • don't mind calling up suppliers, dealing with rejections, but have enough grit to find the right ones
  • don't mind dealing with numbers, creating processes & managing warehouses

Wholesale vs. Private Label

If you don't know the difference, let me break it down.

When you go down the path of wholesale, what you're doing is finding and buying from suppliers who have products that are already recognized and selling well.

This can take anywhere from 3-6 months to get started but, it can be passive if you build your processes the right way.

Also, your initial investment is going to be a hefty one.


You have to have to buy inventory first, store it and if you don't sell, you're going to lose money.

Without question, your profit margins here are going to be less than private labeling.

Private labeling is where you create your own product and brand.

Here, you don't need to worry about other people selling your brand since it's yours.

You can also decide where you'd like to sell your products like other platforms or wholesale stores.

This is more difficult though and requires a lot more work since you're competing against larger, already established brands.


You'll have to worry about your own product design, marketing (expensive PPC ads) and more.

This all just means that you have to invest a lot more time, effort and money upfront.

If you succeed, you'll be super profitable especially if you eventually sell your brand and make it popular enough.

If you're really determined to make it work private labeling, expect it to take 6 months to a year to get started.

Patience is definitely key here.

Course Cost & Refund Policy

You're looking at a $497 investment should you decide to buy this course.

If you want a refund, Marvin offers a 35 day action based guarantee.

What does that mean?

If you do the work and take the action that's laid out in the course, but see that it doesn't work for you, this is the process you need to follow...

To Qualify For Refund...

  • View all of the content /videos (proof of completion)
  • Apply and set up a professional Amazon seller account
  • Setup a legal business structure
  • Must have opened one wholesale account with a supplier and show proof of one inventory list scanned & researched through the users list analyzing software

Startup Cost For This Business

Wholesale is risky.


As I already mentioned, you need to first buy inventory and hope that your product listing does well.

As a result, expect to dish out at least $5K to $10K just to kick start things.

Here's a list of essential things you're going to need to pay for to start...

You definitely can't think you can start off with a small investment with Amazon if you want to take this serious.

Brief Background of Marvin Leonard

Marvin's parents immigrated from Mexico.

Therefore, things weren't easy for him growing up since his family didn't have much money.

After graduating high school, he went to community college only because he had no idea what else to do.

It was a tough time for him no doubt.

While in college, he decided to get into the police academy at the age of 21.

Eventually, he was promoted to detective which he did for a year.

Marvin was making $80K per year at the time and had what most people would call, "job security".

Still, this wasn't the career he wanted to pursue.

Working overtime, weekends and holidays made him feel like he had no life at all.

After coming across a video by Graham Stephan where he spoke about passive income, Marvin was determined to make a change.

More and more, Marvin began consuming content about business.

On April 30, 2018, he quit his detective job and got into wholesale.

He hasn't looked back ever since.

Marvin got his motivation from knowing that he needed to provide for his wife and newborn baby.

Today, he's a successful entrepreneur who has earned over 6-figures on Amazon.

He's slowly growing his following on Youtube and is helping many people learn how to be successful in the wholesale space by means of The Wholesale Underground course.

Does This Course Have A Solid Community/Support?

Yes it does.

There are actually two Facebook groups for it.

One is public and the other private.

When you join this program, you'll be given access to the private community where you'll receive all the support you need from Marvin and his team.

It's also worth mentioning that Marvin is very active in this group.


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I'll get into how, later on.

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What Modules Are Included?

Chapter 1: The Essentials

In this first chapter, Marvin gives you an intro to the course and what the best way to go through the course is.

He also speaks a bit on the importance of mindset.

Before getting into any kind of business, it's important that you get your mindset right.

Understand why it is you want to start your business and make it clear to yourself that you're going to have to do a lot of work if you want to be successful and reach your goals.

As you can see in the picture above, action comes before success.


Because there's no get rich quick scheme.

If you don't put in the work, you won't make any progress.

Marvin also shows you what it is you need to do to start your own business.

You must look up what the requirements are in your state so that you can set yourself up the right way.

If you're an international seller, then Marvin shares what documents you'll need before you begin.

Also, you'll learn how it is you can get into your Wholesale Central account and how to use it.

Marvin then gives you an introduction to FBA.

If you don't know, FBA means 'Fulfilled By Amazon'.

Meaning that you take your products, send them to Amazon and they handle all of the shipping for you.

Before ending this chapter, Marvin shows you how you can easily navigate in the seller central account.

It's actually not as difficult as you think.

How To Talk The Talk

To end the chapter, Marvin gets you familiar with different terms that you're going to come across throughout the course and within the Amazon community.

Some of those terms are...

Some of these terms are ones that you may encounter no matter what business you get into so take notes.

Next, Marvin dives into some important tactics & tools that will help you in your business.

Chapter 2: Without a Strong Foundation, Your Empire Will Fall

The Buy Box

To start this chapter, Marvin explains what the 'Buy Box' is and how to win it.

It's the white box next to the products on Amazon where you can click 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy Now'.

Marvin says that most of the sales come from here because of convenience.

It's easy to buy a product because of it. 

You have to compete for the buy box with other wholesale sellers.

Whoever has the amazon prime badge as well as the lowest price, wins that box.

The result of winning the buy box?

You get the majority of the sales.

Truth is, this Buy Box is getting more and more competitive as time passes because there's more competition entering the wholesale space.

This is one reason why I'm actually turned off on Amazon FBA in 2021.

Marvin does a good job telling you how you can best price your products and how to list them so that you can be competitive.

Necessary Tools

Now, as in any business, you're going to need certain tools to help make your job easier.

Marvin gets into what those are for your wholesale business.

One of them is the Amazon Scout Pro tool called AMZScout.

What this tool does is help you...

  • scout profitable low competition products
  • source from local and international suppliers database
  • discover popular and undiscovered product keywords

Another tool here shares is RevSeller.

It's a Google extension for sourcing online.

You're able to see a products sales rank, category, and profitability at the top of each page.

This helps you cut down your research time and will allow you to make smarter, quicker decisions when sourcing products. 

With these tools, you'll save hundred and even thousands of dollars as well as time.

That's a big deal.

Marvin also makes it real easy for you to understand what the right amount of products you should initially order is so that you don't over order and have and excess of product.

Shipping Times

Something that Marvin wants you to pay attention to is how seasons, holidays and even different times of year can affect your business when it comes to shipping times and delays.

This is a reality in the product selling business.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times are horrible to say the least.

It goes to show that the unexpected happens so you have to be ready for anything.

Marvin then shares a checklist you can use so that you can choose good products that will get you the best ROI.

To finalize this chapter, he gives you real product research examples so that you can see how he goes about finding a product.

It would have been more helpful if he did a wider variety of product research examples.

Next, he talks about finding the right suppliers.

Chapter 3: Everything You Need To Know About Suppliers

It's not always an easy thing to find the right suppliers.

Marvin wants to make sure that you work with authorized suppliers which is why he talks about what they are and where to find them.

Working with authorized suppliers is vital so that you ensure you're running your business with the least amount of risk.

Your suppliers MUST be legit.

You MUST vet them.

He shares a variety of questions that you should ask a supplier when vetting them.

Don't forget to do this so take note.

When you do have a good connection with one, you'll have peace of mind while running your business because there is going to be less trial & error in comparison to private labeling.

Doing business will be all the more enjoyable this way.

Yea, it may take time to find a really good one, but it's worth it.

By not vetting suppliers and asking them certain important questions, you're going to have plenty of headaches.

Marvin makes things a bit easy for you by sharing who are the best suppliers and the different places you can find them to connect.

In this space, you also need to understand that there will be competition. 

If you can't deal with that, then the business world just isn't for you.

In my experience, competition is good.

Marvin then touches on how you should always have wholesale on your mind.

This has to do with paying attention and thinking about how some products can be potentially profitable for you.

If you have a mindset like this, you'll be in a good position to beat out your competition because you're always finding ways to make a profit.

Preparation leads to success.

You really have to be dedicated to wholesaling, believe and put in the work if you're going to succeed in this biz model.

Finally, he gives you products that you should stay away from and why it's best to.

I thought that was pretty cool that he did that so you don't waste any time with them.

Chapter 4: Relationships & Ungating

In life, relationships are important.

In the wholesale world, you've got to constantly make connections with suppliers.

This requires you to reach out to many suppliers, often.

Marvin hooks you up by sharing what the best way to contact them and present yourself is.

The best way is to call them!

Emails will only get you so far.

Honestly, you'll be surprised how easy it is to build relationships with suppliers.

Remember, everyone is trying to make money.

As long as you're both legit and there's plenty of healthy communication as well as leniency, things can workout well.

Now, there will be times where you may want to get products at a certain price.

The supplier may say no to your request.

Well, Marvin gives you ways that you can get them to say yes.

These tips and tricks will help you as a business owner and will only get easier to do the more you do it.

He also stresses the importance of maintaining contact with your sales rep.


If you have a good relationship, you'll always be on their mind and that will help you maybe be the first person they call in case there are any good promotions you might be interested in.

Next, Marvin reveals what to do to not be "gated" by certain categories on Amazon.

Being gated just means you're not allowed to sell certain products.

As a new seller, this is just something that happens but, he explains what to know, what to do and how you can apply on Amazon to get ungated.

He also shares what you're going to need to provide the suppliers with after you make contact.

Chapter 5: Payments & Shipments

This chapter is self explanatory.

Marvin Shows You...

  • how to place & pay for your first order
  • whether or not to use small parcel delivery (SPD)
  • how to create an SPD shipment
  • what an LTL shipment is
  • how to create an LTL shipment
  • whether or not to use third-party prep companies
  • how to make bundles (combining different products into one listing)
  • sending your inventory to one or multiple warehouses

Payments and shipments are things that you need to be on top of.


Imagine having to deal with a customer who hasn't gotten their products and because you don't understand the payment or shipping aspect, you can't give them a good answer.

You think they're going to leave you a good review?

Not a chance.

You'll have bad reviews and no one will trust you.

Don't be that guy.

Marvin does well in helping you familiarize yourself with these aspects and then moves on to shares some more knowledge bombs.

Chapter 6: Extra Knowledge Bombs

Expanding With Multi-Channel Fulfillment

In this chapter, Marvin shares even more tools that can help you save time and money moving forward.

He even gets into how you can get your product listings on other platforms so that you can drive more traffic and generate more sales.

Platforms such as...

  • Etsy
  • Craigslist
  • Bonanza
  • eBid

After all, it's all about getting more sales, right?

Now, because no one is perfect, there may be times when you make a bad purchase.

Marvin shows you what you can do if that were to happen so that you can recoup some of those losses.

You can either lower the price for a loss or sell on Etsy and Craigslist among other things.

It's not an easy situation to deal with but, it's better to try and get some of your money back than to lose it all.

Another important tool you should have is a website.


Suppliers don't want to deal with you if you're not legit.

A website will help you look more legit in this space and will help funnel in more customers as long as you have your calls to action well placed.

It's important to have a great looking site that will also be optimized for the search engines.

The more optimized your site, the more sales you'll be able to generate because more eyes will be on it.


Another important thing Marvin talks about is reviews.

When it comes to selling products no matter where you are, reviews are going to help you generate more sales because they're proof to potential buyers that your products are legit.

Reviews also tell that you're a trustworthy seller.

Marvin shows you how you can get as many reviews as possible with the help of two different services.

Hiring Your First Assistant

He also shows you what you can do to hire an assistant to help your business scale and when.

He shows you where to go to find one and how much it might cost you as well as what you should automate first.

When I first got started in business, I really didn't think about getting an assistant.

Most people don't.

You think that you can do it all and wear all of the hats.

As I kept growing my business, I saw the importance of having a team working for me and handle some tasks I don't have time for.

Assistants have been key to my success because we've been able to cover so much ground and accomplish so much.

To find the right assistant may take some trial and error but it's totally worth it, in my opinion.

Marvin demonstrates how you can find a VA on Upwork.

Finally, if you come across a product but aren't sure if it's going to sell, he'll actually give you his critique which I think is dope.

You just need to reach out to him in the Facebook group.

I really think that's awesome that he does that.


Three of the bonuses that he shares at the end of this course are...


  • The Master of Money (Tips To Boost Your Profits)
  • How To Ungate Yourself In Grocery & Gourmet
  • How to Ungate Yourself In Toys

Top 3 Lessons I Learned From This Course

While going through this course, I was able to learn some important things that were super helpful.

2 Things I Thought This Course Could Do Better In

There were some good things about this course for sure.

Still though, no course is perfect and this one is no exception.

I think Marvin could have done a little more product research so that you could see more examples of how that's done.

Product research is such an important part of this business.

Without it, you're going to be choosing products blindly without seeing if a product is worth selling or leaving alone.

Not doing your proper research can many times leave you with too much product that isn't selling.

At that point, you're going to end up having to sell your products at a much cheaper price just to get rid of your inventory.

That's a waste of time, space and more importantly money.

If Marvin would have done a bit more product research, it would have made me feel a little better about paying the $497 investment.

Speaking on the price of the course, I think it's a bit overpriced for what you're taught.

If this course was at least a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, that would have made a bit more sense to me.