10 Reasons Local Lead Generation is the Best Way to Kill Your Job (Quit Your 9 to 5 for Good)

June 13, 2024

Guys I started doing local lead generation in 2014 when I joined Dan Klein's local lead gen program.

To make a long story short, I became one of the top students of the program and I ended up becoming a partner with Dan.

Today we're approaching 10th year anniversy of this program in 2024.

And wow I gotta say, I feel so blessed to have found this business model way back then and it still hasn't gone out of style.

So many other business models have come and gone since then.

  • Shopify Dropshipping (Facebook ads are too expensive)
  • Amazon FBA (so saturated now)
  • Amazon Automation (constant account bans)
  • Affiliate Marketing (only blackhat is profitable)
  • Social Media Marketing Agency (your easily replaceable)

I have still yet to find any other business model that has provided the most consistent long-term income like local lead generation.

After personaly doing this business model for 10 years.

In this list, I reflect on the top 10 reasons why I would still 100% choose local lead generation if I had to start all over again today in 2024.

1. It's a repeatable process

The Business Model is simple and elegant.

  1. You find niches where you see local businesses struggling to get seen on Google. You also target the niches where the competition is not that strong. Remember, we're trying to make money as efficiently as possible, not prove that we're marketing geniuses, at least not yet as a beginner.
  2. You Build & Rank the site using latest optimization and ranking tactics. We teach you over 10 different tricks to game the Google algorithm towards your favor.
  3. Once the site is ranking, it'll start generating free traffic, you then use a tracking phone number and forward those calls to a local business. 
  4. You give them results in advance or FREE leads, and each time the business owner picks up the phone, the tracking phone number will whisper in their ear "This lead was sent to you by [Your Name]"
  5. You reach out to the business owner and see if they want to work out a deal, and because you already have free leads coming in with a ranked website which is very valuable, most business owners are hungry to do business with you.

I built my first lead gen site in Kalamazoo, Michigan that only has a population of 73,000, I barely knew what I was doing.

But I simply followed the training that Dan Klein has laid out and it worked. I ranked my site and I started generated calls.

Once I learned the process, I knew I could do it over and over again in other niches and other cities. Just that ONE win gave me an incredible feeling of empowerment & confidence.

Once you do this once, you can do it 10x and then 20x.

One of Silicon Valley's most famous Angel Investor, Naval Ravikant often discusses the importance of understanding leverage for wealth creation.

2. It Creates Long-term Passive Income

Dudes & Duddettes,

I've proven this to myself over and over again. Each and every month, I get checks in the mail (or auto billed into my bank) from clients that are still renting out my lead gen sites that I built way back in 2014 & 2015 when I first got started.

I probably put in 5-10 hours into those sites and I haven't touched those sites in years.

An online business model that can actually produce long-term TRULY passive income like this is unheard of. 

Once my site is ranked, I've done certain things on the backend that 90% of them stay ranking and my clients aren't going anywhere because nothing produces better leads than owning the top of the Organic rankings of Google.

This tree service site below has made me $2000 per month since 2015. That means this site makes me $24K per year and it has made me approximately $216,000 over the last 9 years. I probably worked on this site 15 hrs total. Bonkers.

3. It's Not Easily Saturated

Too many online businesses get saturated soooo quickly because you're competing for attention against the world.

In local lead generation, you get to pick from 50+ niches and in any city you want anywhere in the world.

Which means even after doing this for 10 years, its still so easy for me to find markets with hardly any competition.

E-commerce and affiliate marketing is suffocatingly competitive. You're competing against giants in every niche & product category you get into.

Dan Klein has a motto, "We're not trying to fight Mike Tyson, we're trying to knockout 3rd graders."

A lot of the blue collar small business owners we go after aren't really good at online stuff.

Joe the Plumber didn't grow up with the internet. You're telling me, that after you go through our training which we've refined over the last 10 years, and you go into a city of medium population... that you can't beat 10 local knucklehead companies?

4. You're solving a big problem (high-demand skill)

Not having enough customers is the biggest problem for small businesses. 

Today many of the blue collar business owners face an unique challenge, which is that most of their customers are searching on the internet. 

Traditional forms of advertising no longer work, like TV commercials, newspaper ads, business cards, billboards, phone books...

Yet many blue collar business owners aren't good with the internet or computers, this has created a large problem where you can come in and offer solutions that they desperately need.

The reason why you want to get into business that allows you to solve a big problem is that the bigger problems that you can solve, the higher you can charge for your product or services and less customers / clients you need to make great money. This is important because the more customers you have to serve, the more headaches you will inevitably face.

This is why I'm not a fan of most e-commerce businesses because most people are not skilled enough to innovate on an amazing product that can solve big problems, so they're mostly selling garbage products from China and making small margins. These types of businesses won't last long-term because ultimately you're easily replaceable & not bringing true value to the marketplace.

5. You Don't Have To Do the Grunt Work (Scale Faster)

I love lead generation because it's all about working smart instead of just working hard.

Sure you can make money by starting your own window cleaning business, but then you're responsible for cleaning windows each and everyday.

Sure you can try to hire people but then you have to manage your team and make sure they're trained & doing the job properly so you continue to maintain a good reputation for your company. 

And then how difficult is it to try to scale your company, because that will require hiring more people which need even more management.

With a lead gen site, we don't have to do the grunt work. We just generate the leads and allow our clients to do all the work. Which means we have the free time daily to continue to scale our business (build & rank more sites) since each site doesn't require much maintenance / management at all once its ranked.

Be the Middleman with Lead Generation, Make More Money with Less Effort

A genius is somebody that does the right things, the necesarry things, conserving energy, playing the game right.

This is what lead generation is all about. 

How can I get the most amount of output with the least amount of input.

Being the middleman allows you to do that because its all about putting yourself in the right place, at the right time, so that you can take a sliver to deliver.

We don't want to become another employee for our business. We want our businesses working for us on autopilot as much as possible. 

6. You Own & Control Your Own Digital Assets

Most digital marketers are doing their services on their client's website. 

The problem with this is once you get your clients the rankings, they begin to feel like they don't need you anymore and most of the time they will stop paying you.

However the tables are flipped, when you own your own website, map listings, phone numbers and you're simply renting it out to the business owner. 

Because they know you control all the sources of the leads, they are bit nervous to lose you and all your leads to their competitior. This ensures that your client will pay you each month and pay you on time. 

This control allows you to fire your client if you want, or replace them whenever. I've also had few clients retire from their profession over the years and I simply forwarded the leads to another company in the area and started getting paid again.

Owning your own digital assets & being able to control where you send the leads, is the key to creating long-term passive income and a business that is way less fragile.

Long-term stability & success is only possible when you have certain ownership of income producing assets of the business.

7. Lead Generation is High Leverage

Selling information and leveraging code is the most leveraged form of business in the world today.

This is why tech companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon dominate today, these are tech companies that don't own any of their own physical assets but they are simply selling information to their customers or advertisers. 

In Local Lead Generation, we're leveraging piece of code which is our websites and tracking phone number, and we simply sell the leads to the business owner. Whether our site generates 20 leads or 2000 leads, it doesn't increase our costs. 

When you sell a physical product, the more you sell, your cost increases, not just cost of goods, but you will need more infrastructure and staff to deal with more customers. Physical products can break, a customer might issue a refund or replacement, and so there's increasingly more on-going effort required to maintain the business when you sell more products.

This is why selling information or software is king in today's digital age. Bigger profit margins and infinitely scalable & replicatable without increasing costs to scale. When your business costs increase as you scale, the riskier that business gets.

Naval Ravikant on 3 Forms of Leverage for Making Money

Dan Klein has always talks about the same principles.

As Naval says in the video above, the most powerful leverage today is the leverage of media or code which are products that have no marginal cost of replication.

Understanding leverage & ownership of income producing digital assets changed my life, this is all I do now.

  • a local lead gen site once its built & ranked, it'll keep making money for me month after month there's no additional cost if 500 people visit the site versus 5000
  • an article on this blog ippei.com will keep making money for me month after month and there's no additional cost of hosting more articles, whether I have 30 articles on this blog or 3000 its still the same cost
  • Any piece of video I produce on this site or on our youtube channel will keep making money for us month after month, and there's no increasing cost if it gets 50 plays or 5000 plays

8. You Can Build This Business as an Introvert with No Sales Experience

Doing sales was what I dreaded the most in this business.

I'm an introvert and never had sales experience, however I knew in business you cannot get away from the need to eventually having to sell your service or product. I knew it was vital to success.

So I thought I had to learn how to be a pushy salesman or learn persuasion.

Everything changed when Dan Klein taught me the power of Results in Advance.

What Dan told me to do was to first create value first and then give FREE value to people so that they feel inclined to give value back.

Law of reciprocity. (When you give first, people feel inclined to give back)

It's simple, go out there and rank lead gen sites, generate leads, give those leads away for FREE like free samples at Costco, and keep doing it until you get a business owner that *bites*.

It's amazing how well this works. Everytime I generate a lead for a business owner, our tracking phone number attaches a whisper message that says "This lead was sent to you by Ippei." right before the customer starts talking.

After 3 days of sending free leads, and hearing my name, that business owner is already excited to talk to me and figure out how we can work together.

It's so much easier to start a conversation with a business owner after you've already sent them free leads and proven your worth.

By ranking in Google, you have the ability to send these free leads to anyone you choose for any length of time.

Even if you think you're bad at sales, when you can give them free leads, they'll be the ones begging to work with you.

I tell people all the time, worst case scenario, you can partner with someone in our group to do the sales for you but most people will find out, its not hard when you do results in advance.

9. Lead Generation Skills Can Help You Succeed in Any Business

Lead generation is both an awesome business model + an invaluable skill.

This skill will allow you to create your own successful businesses in the future.

Many of our students already have.

Like Joshua who first used lead gen to build a laptop lifestyle and then used the lead gen skill to build his own successful Cannabis Vape flavoring, Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling, & party bus business.

Like Joshua I also used the lead gen skills that I learned from Dan Klein to create a massive blog Ippei.com and decided to become 50/50 partner with Dan to get into the coaching business.

Plenty of other students have took the skills they learned from Dan's program to start many different types of successful businesses.

It really goes to show you that digital marketing skills (especially your ability to generate customers from the internet with free traffic) is literally one of the most powerful skills on the internet today to make money & start a successful business.

10. Lead Generation is the Great Equalizer

What's amazing about lead generation is that its the most doable business model for the most amount of people.

Google algorithm doesn't care who you are.

It doesn't matter if you're white, black, yellow, brown, whether you're young, old, man, woman, etc, etc

When you follow our process, Google will respond favorabily for you.

Once you're generating leads. The business owner doesn't really care who they're talking to. They WANT your leads.

I've seen so many people from all walks of life succeed with this business model.

I'm fully convinced lead gen is the right business model for most people to finally get their break on the internet.

Everyone's trying to become a video content creator on platforms like YouTube or TikTok. These are extremely noisy & competitive places. And I'm not fully convinced that everyone can succeed with getting attention in front of a camera.


But I know for a fact, everyone can learn to rank their website in the local search engines!

Just take a look at this highlight reel of our students and check out the wide diversity of students we have coached to massive success over the years!

What's Next?

Look if you've read this far and this business model is resonating with you.

Then I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'm a firm believer that your destiny is shaped by the right strategy and right environment.

Having the right strategy is doing a business model that has a lot of leverage like local lead generation.

Having the right environment means joining our group, attending our weekly coaching calls and making sure you're curating the people you hang out with on a consistent basis.

This is me at 19 years old:

This is me at 35 years old:

I have grown older and gotten better in every facet of life instead of getting bitter.

And for that I'm eternally grateful.

I would've never believed that I would be making the types of money I am today, or the confidence I have, or being surrounded by such awesome people in my life. 

Today I hang out a lot with my mentor Dan Klein, but I would've never been friends with someone high level like Dan if I never joined his program back in 2014 and became one of the top students and now I have skillsets where I'm able to deliver value for him.

A lot of my high school buddies from Michigan are more or less still living in the same place & hanging out with the same people.

Whereas my life has shifted dramatically over the years.

It all started from one singular decision to go learn new strategies (of money making) and surround myself with different people.

I cannot overstate enough how crucial it is to get a great coaching and be part of an up lifting community.

Because the community will continue to inject you with certainty.

Certainty is the number #1 factor for success in business. 

It is better than an guarantee, because with certainty you'll actually be driven to do the work. But no one truly believes an guarantee.

Even with the greatest business model, if you go do it all alone. And your certainty begins to go down. You are highly suceptible of giving up or losing motivation / momentum and slowing down.

And going slow in business is deadly.

Don't be that guy or gal.

For me joining Dan Klein's lead genernation program gave me that certainty that "Yes I can do this."

And it continued to give me this certainy day in and day out, this was my secret, this was my unfair advantage.

I don't come from business background. I had no signs of being a natural born entrepreneur. I come from super humble upbringing from regular 9 to 5 parents.

But today I run online businesses that does over 7 figures a year.

It's mind boggling. 

And I humbly tell you.

I'm not special, I just positioned myself correctly.



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