Karayan Charayah’s Winning Strategy Review: Is Launching a 4-5 Figure Online Business in 7 Days Realistic?

February 12, 2024

Karayan's Winning Strategy course teaches how to launch an affiliate marketing business in just seven days, even without products, experience, or technical skills. Karayan emphasizes moving beyond traditional methods, like books, courses, or webinars, to achieve tangible results. Instead, he promotes DFY (done-for-you) affiliate marketing method. The course includes a 7-day checklist and offers training in paid advertising, providing step-by-step guidance and ad templates to scale revenue quickly.

There are no Winning Strategy reviews on Quora, Reddit, or YouTube forums. The only feedback available was the client testimonials on the course's landing page and Facebook group.

TrustPulse states that around 80% of affiliates are categorized as beginners to advanced, with annual earnings ranging from $0 to $80,000.And, beginners tend to make far less in their first year - around $11,000. And only a tiny fraction, about 1% of affiliate marketers, earn 6 to 7 figures monthly. In this Winning Strategy review, you'll discover who it's suited for, what's included, who Karayan Charayah is, his claims, whether they're realistic, and whether this business strategy works.

Winning Strategy Review: Pros & Cons 


Lifetime access to DFY affiliate marketing process and resources

Guidance from experienced marketers and business coaching

Budget friendly

Exclusive access Winning Strategy's Facebook group


Questionable quality of coaching and strategic planning.

No guarantee of 4-5 commission earning in 7 days

No reviews from students outside the website


The price for the Winning Strategy course is $39.

Refund Policy

Winning Strategy provides a 7-day refund policy for individuals who are not fully satisfied with their purchase.


The Winning Strategy brand was established in the year 2021.


There are no available online reviews outside Winning Strategy's exclusive Facebook group to establish a credible reputation.

Can You Really Earn 5-Figure Commissions in 7 Days Using the Winning Strategy?

Winning Strategy’s DFY affiliate system won’t guarantee you a 5-figure commission in 7 days. Despite its turnkey solution, where much of the groundwork is already done, the lack of customization and personal touch in your marketing efforts can reduce the likelihood of achieving earnings quickly. Your competitive advantage hinges on being able to differentiate yourself and connect with your potential customers in a unique and personal way, which is difficult to achieve with a one-size-fits-all approach.

In general, it’s nearly impossible to earn thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing every day. Alexandria Belski once did a survey on various successful affiliate marketers. Although some had prior experience making money online, the common thread was that it took time for all of them to earn consistently from affiliate marketing.

What is the Winning Strategy Course?

The Winning Strategy course is a 7-day DFY (done-for-you) affiliate marketing program that provides pre-selected products, optimized funnels, advertising support, expert training, and personalized coaching for simplifying and enhancing affiliate marketing success. It focuses on practical hands-on learning with personalized attention to each student, aiming to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to build a successful business online.

What Do You Get With the Winning Strategy Course?

You get lifetime access to their 7-day crash course on finding the best affiliate offers, 25+ training videos, huge discounts on gear, client-only contests, a private community, and a weekly Q&A call every single week with the Winning Strategy. The 7-day crash course schedule is:

  • Day 1: How to set the right foundation

  • Day 2: Mapping Out Your Business

  • Day 3: Joining weekly livestream Q&A with legendary marketers and updates 

  • Day 4: Mastering The Funnel And Selling System

  • Day 5: Learn About The Best Platform To Get Traffic Online 

  • Day 6: Learn How to Craft Engaging Messages And Drive Result

  • Day 7: The Retargeting Secrets

Who is the Winning Strategy for?

The Winning Strategy is for individuals who want to take over highly saturated online affiliate markets, including social media ads, marketing agencies, and sales. It's an ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs and affiliate marketing beginners who want to earn money online without needing products. 

Are Students of the Winning Strategy Successful?

Yes, their exclusive Facebook group has multiple success stories showcasing the outcomes achieved by his students, who implemented the Winning Strategy. 

JaQuan shares that he already made $49.50 commission and $275 high ticket sale after enrolling to the course.

winning strategy testimonial 1

Another student, Sheer shared how he is earning $148/mo and growing residual income after joining the program last December 27, 2023.

winning strategy testimonial 2

Shaunte shared how she made 8 sales and earned $366/mo while scrolling on her Instagram feed.

winning strategy 3

Is The Winning Strategy Course Worth it?

Winning Strategy is a legitimate course, but its value is questionable. The absence of real student reviews and its recent launch casts doubt whether the strategy really works. There are other well-established and trusted online courses you might consider instead.

Who is Karayan Charayah?

karayan charayah

Karayan Charayah is an entrepreneur and founder of Winning Strategy. He started focusing strongly on learning and took cues from figures like Sam Ovens. Karayan's success formula involves understanding one's current situation, strategically plan, executing, and giving time to amplify their capabilities toward achieving goals. This approach has been effective in his ventures, leading to significant sales and business growth.

Karayan's success story started in a garage, where he landed after losing his job and apartment. He began building websites and promoting affiliate offers with a rented laptop from Rent-a-Center. His journey from financial struggles to entrepreneurial success is an inspiration, highlighting his commitment to personal growth and helping others succeed.

What is Karayan Charayah’s Claim?

Karayan claims that by using his selling system, you can earn 4-5 monthly figures from affiliate commissions. He claims you can do this by spending 15-20 minutes daily to perform tasks that ensure ongoing profits. He supported this by sharing the results of his earnings after implementing the winning strategy selling system.

karayan charayah claims

He claims this business model is the easiest for generating a financial income stream, even with zero experience and no crazy technical skills. Their done-for-you affiliate marketing system removes the need to search for best-selling products, warm leads, funnels, and content. You simply copy and paste.

winning strategy claims

Disputing Karayan Charayah's Claim

Glassdoor reports that the average annual income for affiliate marketers across various industries and experience levels is $74,691. This means you may see earnings within a few months or take longer to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. It's a process that takes time and requires consistent effort and strategic choices. 

According to Karayan's Earnings Disclaimer, significant income is not guaranteed, so you should not expect to earn big money solely by following their business strategy. The speed at which you can make money with affiliate marketing varies.

winning strategy claims debunked

Your success depends on factors like your niche, marketing strategic approach, your audience's size and engagement level, and the quality of the products you promote. So, you must put in considerable time and effort before you can start seeing results.

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Are there Risks Associated with DFY Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, there are risks associated with DFY affiliate marketing. It’s primarily due to dependence on third parties for crucial business operations. These risks include:

  • Heavy reliance on a third-party provider can lead to a lack of control over your business operations and marketing strategies.
  • DFY services often come with higher costs, which can reduce your profit margins.
  • Customizing and scaling your business can be challenging since the service provider's limitations bind you.
  • Duplicate content or poor-quality links provided by DFY services can negatively impact your search engine rankings.
  • There's a risk of non-compliance with legal regulations, especially if the DFY provider needs to adhere to guidelines like those for disclosing affiliate relationships.

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard For Beginners?

Affiliate marketing for beginners is hard for beginners because of its steep SEO and marketing strategy learning curve. It’s difficult to select a profitable niche, build audience trust, and have a competitive advantage. Constantly developing digital trends requires ongoing adaptation to your current marketing strategy execution. 

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system can provide a convenient option for beginners eager to start in affiliate marketing, offering ease and simplicity. This system handles much of the hard work, yet still lets you control some process aspects. It's an effective way to grasp affiliate marketing. And if the program is reputable, you might also start earning money from it.

Build a Reliable Income Stream with Local Lead Generation

Despite their ease of entry, done-for-you affiliate marketing is significantly hampered by top competition. Many affiliates often promote identical products, vying for a limited audience, which can dilute your marketing efforts and impact visibility. 

This saturation often results in reduced visibility and lower conversion rates. An unsteady income stream plagues these systems, as earnings closely tie to fluctuating market trends and consumer interests.

Unlike affiliate marketing, local lead generation is less reliant on external platforms and their changing policies, offering more strategic choices. Revenue is more stable and predictable, as businesses consistently require new leads. And with a market size of $399B, you can enjoy a potential revenue of around $831K per year with a gross margin of 93%. 


Starting a local generation business means there are less competitors in the market and you can rely on pre-existing relationships you might have with small business owners to find clients. You can sell or rent the leads and websites to clients once your business is established. It'll take time to grow your audience and a successful strategy, but once you hit critical mass, you'll begin seeing genuine success within months rather than years. 

With hundreds of millions of small businesses in the world, a figure that is only growing, there will always be a demand for local lead generation. The higher per-lead revenue, recurring revenue potential, and greater control establish local lead generation as a superior business model for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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