Greg Gottfried’s Youtube Affiliate Masterclass: Can It Take You From Beginner to 6-Figure Earner?

December 1, 2023

Youtube Affiliate Masterclass is a Youtube affiliate course by Greg Gottfried. The program is for aspiring affiliate marketers and youtubers. It will walk you through joining affiliate programs, the best camera gear and how to set them up, and tips for video editing.

Greg Gottfried’s Youtube Affiliate Masterclass is a new program. So, there are few reviews about it. You can find some on Youtube. Though, the first one is an affiliate of the course. Affiliates promote biased reviews.

Based on the Business of Apps report, Youtube has 2.7 billion monthly users. According to Oberlo, it is the 2nd most popular search engine, above Bing and Yahoo. Think with Google’s consumer insight revealed 68% of monthly users watch a Youtube video before purchasing a product. So, Youtube provides a significant consumer base - especially for affiliate marketing.

Youtube also needs a consistent output from you to remain relevant to the algorithm. Supermetric’s reports showed 84% of content creators are part of an affiliate program. And affiliate income depends on commission rates. For example, Amazon’s commission rate can go as low as 1% per sale according to Amazon's affiliate program. There is a high competition, with low income rates.

In this Youtube Affiliate Masterclass review, I’ll list down the course pros and cons, and what you’ll get when you sign up for it. And if there’s a better option to make money online through the most popular search engine, Google.

Youtube Affiliate Masterclass: Pros and Cons


Reputable Teacher: Greg Gottfried is a highly rated teacher at various learning sites like Udemy and Skillshare.

Lifetime Access: You’ll get access to the curriculum anytime and anywhere you need it after a onetime payment.

Private Community: You’ll get access to a private community and can ask Greg for questions like 1-on-1 mentoring.


May Be Dated: Youtube Affiliate Masterclass stated in their terms that they are not under any obligation to update the materials.

Relatively New: Since it’s newly launched, the course is likely to undergo more changes as it gets feedback from students.

Lack of Review: There are only a few testimonials on the site and on Youtube. It also has an affiliate program, which makes some reviews seem biased.


Youtube Affiliate Masterclass costs $497 for a lifetime access

Refund Policy

Youtube Affiliate Masterclass offer a refund within 24 hours of purchase. The content watched must be less than 10%


Youtube Affiliate Masterclass creator, Greg Gottfried, has a positive reputation online. He is trusted for his lessons about Print on Demand.

Can It Take You From Beginner To 6-Figure Earner?

It can help you from beginner to knowledgeable youtube affiliate marketer. But, earning 6-figures requires more. It will depend on your niche, the information quality you provide, and the entertaining factor. According to Camberlion, 20% of youtube users stop watching if the video is not engaging. Then, it’ll signal Youtube’s algorithm that your video isn’t relevant to the search query and loses ranking. 

Additionally, affiliate programs only give you a commission from the sales. It will also depend if the customer made the purchase within the cookie window. For example, Amazon’s cookie window is only 24 hours. If a customer you referred purchases after 24 hours, there's no commission from that sale.

What's included in Affiliate Marketing Masterclass?

The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass includes an introduction to affiliate marketing and using video to promote links. Greg will also walk you through all relevant legal matters, including taxes. It also includes how to create faceless affiliate video and frequently asked questions.

Who is YouTube Affiliate Masterclass for?

Youtube Affiliate Masterclass is for beginner marketers and youtubers. It’s also for people looking to make videos and earn from it without showing their faces.

Who is Greg Gottfried?

Greg Gottfried is the creator of Youtube Affiliate Masterclass course. He’s an online business owner known for his helpful videos on Print on Demand (POD). Greg is also a popular teacher with 28 Udemy courses. The lessons range from affiliate marketing, print on demand, Amazon merch, drone business, and health and fitness. 

Greg Gottfried Youtube account has 548k subscribers. He started the youtube channel in 2017. He used to post 3-5 videos about online businesses per week until 2020. Greg took a 2-year break and is now posting 4-5 youtube videos per month.

What Does YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Claim?

Youtube Affiliate Masterclass claims you can build a youtube affiliate business with high earning potential even without showing your face and with zero experience.

Debunking YouTube Affiliate Masterclass's Claims

  • Without Showing Your Face - Faceless Youtube channels fall into the pit of slow growth and high competition. Especially if you’re using stock photos and videos other channels must have already used. It's also hard to form personal connections for viewers. So, forming a solid community will be challenging.
  • Beginner-Friendly Business Model - According to Wyzowl, the YouTube algorithm isn’t as complex as Google. But, you’ll still have to work on your Youtube SEO, video editing, content managing, script writing, marketing and keyword search. It can be overwhelming. According to Demand Sage, 30% of youtubers can't find their audience because of Youtube SEO and hashtags.
  • Very High Earning Potential - There are two ways for affiliate marketers to earn, via percentage and flat rate. Amazon affiliates only earn 4% of the sales, which isn’t very lucrative. It also depends if the niche has high commission rates and Youtube search volume.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

Youtube affiliate marketing is the referral of products and services to target audiences through videos uploaded on YouTube. The videos can be anywhere between daily life vlogs, unboxing, how-tos, and reviews.

What is YouTube?

Youtube is a video-sharing platform first released on February 14, 2005. A year later, Alphabet acquired it from Steven Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim at $1.6 billion. Youtube is the 2nd most visited website according to Semrush. It's also the 2nd most popular social media with 2.7 billion users per month.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy to outsource products or services promotion. A company will setup an affiliate program that online business owners can join. Affiliates will get a commission out of every sale through their affiliate links. The commission will either be through a percentage of the sale or a flat rate.

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing?

You should learn affiliate marketing because it addresses a need. People who want to buy something online want to know if they’re making the right decision. Affiliate marketers thrive by giving consumers their insight. According to Oberlo, 2.68 billion people are online shoppers and it’s projected to grow to 2.77 billion by 2025. The business model also doesn’t bind you to one affiliate program, so you can be an affiliate for different products and services.

You can earn anywhere between $0 to $80,000 per year as an affiliate marketer, according to Authority Hacker. Based on the same study, an affiliate marketer’s monthly average income is $8,038. But Influencer Marketing Hub reported 57% of affiliate marketers earn less than $10k per year.

Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?

Yes, you can learn affiliate marketing for free. Learning sites like Udemy and Great Learning offer free courses. Established websites like Ahrefs and Authority Hacker also have Youtube videos on it. They cover the basics and have a paid course if you want to learn more.

3 Drawbacks of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

  • Lessens Watch Time - According to Social Champ, Youtube’s top ranking factor is the watch time. When viewers click on affiliate marketing links while watching your video, it takes them out of Youtube. This affects your watch time and then you rank. 
  • Saturation - Between 2015 to 2021, the search for affiliate marketing on Google doubled based on Google’s data. You’re also competing to rank on a global scale with marketers who have a budget at their disposal. In a survey by Sprout Social, 81% of marketers said youtube videos increased their sales, which will make them invest more in the platform.
  • Demands Consistency - Social Champ reported that to beat the Youtube algorithm, a channel must maintain consistency. This will make their subscribers know what to expect of them to build an authoritative brand. It’s not a passive income and it can be challenging if your competition produces quality video every day.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Online Business Model For Passive Income?

The best online business model for passive income is local lead generation rather than Youtube affiliate marketing. The biggest hurdle of Youtube affiliate marketing is putting out videos regularly. Then, you’ll have to ensure the video is engaging and informative right away. If not, you risk losing viewers even before you get to show your affiliate link.

With local lead generation, you’re leveraging the biggest search engine, but on a local scale. So, you’re ranking against 20-30 companies at most, and there are 50+ niches you can choose from. Once you rank on Google, it stays there for a long time, so it requires less attention. After your website ranks, you can rent it to small businesses and then the income becomes passive.

Local lead generation

This tree care site I've set up in 2015 regularly generates me $2000 a month with minimum maintenance. The best thing about local lead gen is you can do this rank and rent for 50+ niches. All the sites I own today generate me $52k per month. Local lead gen is the best business model if you’re looking for a passive income and less risky business venture.

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