10 Winning YouTube Automation Channel Ideas for 2024 | 3 Costly Mistakes New Automation Channel Owners Make

November 23, 2023

Are you looking for some winning YouTube automation channel ideas to make passive income online? In this article, we look at 10 winning YouTube automation channel ideas to earn you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income each month! These channel ideas are backed by current trends and data, so whether you've already spent time in the YouTube Studio publishing videos without luck or are just getting started, a winning channel idea to make money from YouTube automation may just be a short scroll away!

In the article, we also highlight 3 costly mistakes new automation channel owners make. Whereas a local lead generation business has minimal costs to get started making passive income online, you'll need to spend at least a few hundred dollars just to start a YouTube automation channel. Therefore, it's best to learn from other people's failures so you can get started on the right path and avoid wasting money. Without further ado, let's dive into YouTube automation and get you making passive income online in no time!

What are YouTube automation channels?

YouTube automation channels are faceless YouTube channels that fully outsource the channel's operations to create a passive income stream for the channel owner. Instead of relying on a YouTube influencer to drive traffic and build an audience like Mr. Beast, Jake Paul, or Markiplier, YouTube automation channels use well-crafted scripts and piece together stock footage or animations with a voiceover to create compelling video content.

Do you get paid for uploading videos on YouTube?

You get paid for uploading videos on YouTube for the ad revenue your videos generate once your channel reaches the performance levels necessary to be eligible for the YouTube Partner program. To be eligible for the YouTube Partner program, your channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours accumulated within a year. However, even though ad revenue from the YouTube Partner program is the primary way to make money with YouTube automation, it’s certainly not the only way!

You can actually make money with YouTube automation in a dozen different ways. Besides ad revenue, you can also increase your YouTube automation salary from YouTube automation through strategies like sponsorship brand deals, YouTube Premium revenue, and channel memberships. 

How much money can someone make from YouTube automation?

Someone can expect to make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month from a successful YouTube automation channel after around two to three years of publishing consistent videos. However, outcomes vary dramatically depending on the faceless YouTube niche you choose to create content in and the quality of the videos your channel publishes. Some YouTube automation channels make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, while many others never even make a penny. An example of a YouTube automation channel that does tremendously well in the Lifestyle and Business niche is Alux

What are the best topics for a YouTube channel? 

The best topics for a YouTube channel are those that surround industries where a lot of money is spent and that people are interested in. For example, personal finance and technology are two great YouTube automation niches to consider. These topics draw many interested viewers and there is tough competition among advertisers for the valuable ad space so you can earn more money.

What is the easiest topic for a YouTube channel? 

The easiest topic for a YouTube channel is a topic that you have a lot of interest in so you are passionate about the channel and its success. If you’re starting a YouTube automation channel on a budget, you may have to be involved in the channel until you can start generating enough revenue to cover the expense of outsourcing your team. It’s much easier to stay motivated to continue working on pushing the channel forward if you are at least interested in the channel's content.

Even when you can automate the entire operation of the channel, you’ll still probably want to at least watch the videos published from time to time to make sure that your team is producing the videos to your specifications. Fortunately, if you're struggling to decide on a YouTube automation channel idea, we've got you covered! Up next, we go over 10 winning YouTube automation channel ideas.

10 Winning YouTube automation channel ideas

1. Storytelling

Storytelling, especially scary stories, is a hot channel idea that can make you thousands of dollars every month. The content of this channel is based on pure creativity, so there’s unlimited content potential. For this channel idea to work, you’ll need to find some excellent creative writing script writers to support your channel efforts and the right voice over actor to narrate each story just right to keep your audience hooked throughout the video.

An example of a YouTube automation channel doing storytelling successfully is Mr. Nightmare, with over 6 million subscribers. Social Blade estimates this channel makes up to $51K each month just from ad revenue!

Pro tip: You can run the script you receive from your writer through Copyscape to make sure they didn't plagiarize it.

2. Current gossips and dramas

Many people are absolutely enamoured by celebrities, especially the juicy gossips that surround them. That’s why YouTube automation channels that report on the hottest celebrity news stories like Spill and Spill Sesh, attract hundreds of thousands of views on every video. Although these kinds of videos have a limited shelf when people will be interested in watching them, there will always be new celebrity gossip to create videos around so it’s a channel idea with long-term potential.

3. Space tech

People all over the globe are fascinated with space travel. In fact, 63% of millennials in America are interested in Space tourism themselves! With companies like Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic pushing humanity towards the actual realization of space tourism, there’s never been a better time to get involved in the space. Creating a YouTube automation channel around Space technology, like Voyager has already found success doing, is an excellent opportunity to grab a piece of virtual real estate in this up-and-coming industry with so much potential.

4. Motivation

Lack of motivation is something most people struggle with at one point or another, which is why motivational YouTube channels like FREENVESTING are so popular. In fact, over the last few years, it seems like more people are losing motivation than ever before with trending terms like "quiet quitting" and "the great resignation" making their way around social media platforms. People are really beginning to contemplate how their actions can provide value and purpose to their lives instead of just blindly trudging through work. Motivational content fills a modern need for the many people looking for that extra boost. 

5. Strange history

History is one of those intriguing subjects that just captures people's attention with ease. Everybody learns standard historical happenings during their schooling days, but those same historical instances often become much more interesting when they go beyond the limitations of the textbook. Nutty History is a faceless YouTube channel that does a great job of drawing a large audience by creating interesting historical videos with unique angles. For example, “CREEPY Things That Were “Normal” In Ancient Greece” and “How Captain America Lead the US to War” are two of their video titles. 

This type of YouTube content has proven success as people have been fascinated by history for thousands of year. As long as you can find a good researcher to find unique video topics with interesting facts, your channel has enormous potential considering that some of Nutty History’s videos have over 5 million views!

6. Sports facts

With 156 million people in the United States watching live sports content monthly, it’s clear there is an immense interest in the topic. In fact, sports are beloved all over the world, with almost half of the world's population at 3.5 billion people just being fans of soccer alone, according to World Atlas. Therefore, it’s no surprise that anything involving sports is a channel idea with incredible potential to get a ridiculous amount of YouTube views.

However, if you want to create a successful channel in the sports niche, it’s best to niche down into a single sport like the YouTube content creator JxmyHighroller does by covering interesting perspectives around basketball and accumulating over 2 million subscribers in the process. With this YouTube niche, there is already a considerable amount of content to use from previous sports seasons and each new sports season adds even more information to your content pool.

7. Travel guides

According to an Economic Impact Report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism contributed a substantial 10%, or $9 trillion, to the global economy in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. With tourism finally roaring back, this YouTube channel idea has the right factors to be a major money maker considering the widespread interest in tourism and the large sums of money people spend on travel. Leading global travel agency Expedia has already realized the potential of an automation channel for their YouTube marketing strategy by creating content around some of the world's most sought after destinations. There are plenty of travel destinations you could focus on that aren't mainstream, or you could even take a unique angle to popular destinations to distinguish your channel from the rest.

8. Software tutorials

Software tutorials is one of those YouTube niche ideas with incredible upside. Software is usually an expensive product so YouTube ads running on your videos can generate higher revenue than the average channel topic. Furthermore, there is an unfathomable amount of software out there that people use daily, like Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and QuickBooks. Even though they are designed to make our lives easier, if you’re not an avid user with extensive experience, softwares can be difficult to navigate. That’s why software tutorial channels like AppFind attract so many YouTube users. People need help and you can create a successful YouTube channel by helping them!

9. Traditional skillsets

In our fast-paced modern world, many people find tranquility in doing traditional skills like gardening, cooking, and sewing. Just remember what happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns when people were forced to slow down. People started doing all sorts of traditional hobbies, from crocheting and book binding to even baking homemade bread! Therefore, making animation videos that teach people the basic skills around a variety of traditional hobbies you can do around the house with your hands could be a great strategy to feed into many people's deep-seated interests to do something relaxing and unrelated to technology. 

10. Philosphical 

If you look on YouTube, you’ll find quite a few philosophical channels performing exceptionally well, like Philosophies for Life with nearly 1M subscribers or Einzelganger with over 1.5M subscribers. Modern behaviors like high social media usage cause people to over judge themselves and have negative thoughts because of misconceptions about the way they live their life. Many people also struggle to find meaning and turn to this kind of YouTube content to help get their mindset right by learning from great thinkers who conquered their own minds. With this channel idea, you could be a YouTube creator that simultaneously provides a positive impact on your viewers' lives and also attracts a large audience to get a hefty payout on your videos.

6 YouTube Automation Examples That Can Help Make You Profits

Does YouTube Automation really make money? YouTube Automation can certainly be profitable, but takes around a year’s time if everything is set up well. Over the years, a lot of content creators have been taking advantage of automating their channels. They could generate promising profits out of their automation efforts by maximizing automation tools, hiring freelancers to do automation tasks, and understanding their respective niches in order to produce quality content.

In this article, we will highlight automation examples that can help your YouTube automation business earn more than twice of what it’s earning now, passively! Setting up your YouTube automation business can be quite tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, maintaining it will just be a piece of cake and you just need to wait for your passive income to money-fest.

1. Video Content Upload Scheduling

Video upload scheduling helps you publish your YouTube videos at a later time/date. That means you can work and finish uploading in just one sitting, giving you more time to work on other YouTube automations on your channel. The benefits of content scheduling are:

  • Saves your time
  • Strategized YouTube video content
  • A more organized video channel
  • Upload videos whenever you have new ideas

A good thing with upload scheduling is you actually don’t need other external softwares to do this. Video scheduling on YouTube is possible via YouTube Studio alone, which everyone has access to once you have your own channel.

2. Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer to do most of the work on your YouTube automation channel is great for maximizing your budget. Like normal companies, getting freelancers to do the work on your YouTube automation channel is common. Some content creators even hire outsourced freelancers which are more cost-efficient than regular employees. Here’s how freelancers can help your channel:

  • Cost-savings (as compared to hiring a regular employee)
  • Saves time from doing work yourself
  • Uninterruptible production even when you’re busy
  • Flexible and amenable work time for freelancer

There are a lot of websites wherein you can find and hire freelancers such as Fiverr and Upwork.

3. Social Media Integration

Part of having a YouTube automation channel includes social media marketing wherein you share and promote your YouTube videos. This helps garner more viewers and subscribers who are active on social media. Many people on social media spend time for entertainment, and your YouTube content may pique their interests. Here are ways on how you can share your YouTube videos with your social media accounts:

  • Creating snippets of your video
  • Simply sharing via the “Share” button on your YouTube video
  • Hiring a freelancer to share your videos
  • Using social media integration tools such as Hootsuite and Loomly

Pro tip: Whenever sharing snippets of your videos on social media, make sure to include only snippets or teasers of your full YouTube video. Posting your whole video on social media will destroy the need for them to check the full video on your YouTube channel.

4. YouTube Titles and Description Generator

Generating SEO-friendly YouTube titles and descriptions are very important tasks that should never be disregarded. Proper YouTube titles and descriptions help users find your video, and therefore, increasing your visibility. If you need help with this task, there are two ways:

  • Hiring a freelancer for delegating the task
  • Using tools to help you out like TubeRanker

Keep in mind that you need to have your keywords both in the titles and descriptions in order to rank. 

5. Followers and Subscribers Management

Creating your YouTube channel always means that you’ll gain a huge amount of followers and subscribers in time. Followers are a substantial part of any YouTube channel as they are your “customers” you are trying to please. Like any other business, you have to take care of them and managing them will definitely take off a lot of your time.

As your channel grows, your YouTube uploads will have comments and you can’t have yourself checking them 1 by 1. Thankfully, you can either hire a freelancer or use automation tools for this one. But why do you need to manage your followers and subscribers? Here’s why:

  • To serve as community moderators for comments
  • To reply to comments and build a relationship with your audience

6. Video Editing

Video editing is a crucial part of the process of uploading video content. Perhaps the most important of quality control, hiring a talented freelancer can certainly help you out. Not just save time, but may also improve the quality of all your video content uploads. By hiring a freelance video editor, you will be able to:

  • Save time
  • Have faster deliverables
  • Have better quality video content
  • Have access to tools your video editor already is using (cost-saving at the same time)

Important Tips

When Hiring Freelancers

  1. Always review your freelancer requirements and set the standards in accordance with the tasks you need to have them do. 
  2. Double-check resumes and make sure their resources are credible.
  3. Maximize your time with him/her during the interviews by asking all the right questions to check their knowledge of the tasks to be done.

When Choosing and Purchasing Tools

  1. Always review what the package/plan offers.
  2. Compare tools and check what tool offers the most benefits.
  3. Check for the tool reviews from review sites like G2 and GetApp.
  4. Expensive isn’t always the best. Make sure you get the plans suitable for your needs only.

Should I Hire a Freelancer or Just Purchase Automation Tools?

It would ‌depend on your YouTube automation strategy. Ideally, you should do both and maximize your YouTube automation opportunities. However, if you’re on a tight budget and are just starting your own YouTube channel, and:

  1. You have the skills like video editing and follower management, then I suggest going for the automation tools first and do all the tasks first until you earn enough budget.
  2. You aren’t proficient enough with your skills, then I suggest hiring a freelancer since he/she can do most of the tasks. Once set, you can then purchase the right automation tools to help with your YouTube automation channel.

How do I start faceless YouTube automation? 

You can start faceless YouTube automation by deciding on a channel idea and then hiring a team from Upwork or Fiverr to help you with video creation tasks like scriptwriting, video editing, and voiceovers. Anyone can start a YouTube channel for free and start publishing videos, like most any popular social media platform today. The steps to start a YouTube automation business are fairly straightforward, but the journey itself can be long and take one, two, or even three years plus before your channel takes off, if it ever does.

Why should you automate your YouTube channel?

You should automate your YouTube channel to make a passive income stream for yourself by letting talented people create high-quality videos for you. You can certainly spend tremendous efforts trying to make your videos yourself and they may turn out decent enough to attract an audience. However, outsourcing each aspect of your YouTube automation channel to someone highly skilled in their particular trade will result in a much higher quality video for much less resources.

Imagine trying to come up with a creative script, when you could just hire an expert scriptwriter that knows how to organize the video content and write to capture attention. Or, picture yourself trying to learn video editing software and spend hours editing videos, when you could just leverage the abilities of a veteran video editor with the right tools and expertise to cut the video just right to keep audience attention throughout. Instead of spending hours working on your channel every week, you can just pay a team $50 to a few hundred bucks to come up with the video idea and do the content creation for you. 

3 Costly mistakes new automation channel owners make

1. Expecting short-term results

According to recent data by Finance Quick Fix, it takes approximately 22 months for the average YouTube channel to reach 1,000 subscribers. If you’re expecting to start a YouTube automation channel and start making money in less than a year, you’re likely going to be disappointed. A YouTube automation channel is a long-term endeavor and many new channel owners quit once they realize this.

2. Being too cheap

Although you can hire high-quality talent from remote freelance platforms very affordably, you should not try to cut costs too much. Keep in mind, each YouTube video is competing with nearly a billion other videos on the platform. If you’re not consistently putting out the best quality videos you can possibly afford, YouTube’s audience is likely to prefer the content of other channels that make better videos. 

Instead of spending this much on your videos, you can try making them yourself first. Thomas Garetz' No Face YT teaches you how to create your own DIY faceless YouTube channel.

3. Choosing a general niche

If you choose to create general content in a competitive niche like health and fitness or personal finance, it will be nearly impossible to grow your channel and get viewers over already established channels. Instead, you want to “niche down” as much as possible and create content in specific sub niche.

Let’s use the philosophical channel idea as an example. Instead of creating general philosophical videos for everyone, you can tailor your videos specifically towards philosophy for college students and stress the rigors of school and young adult life in your videos. Going further, you could do a sub niche of that and create philosophical content for male college students and highlight pain points for the modern young man to really create a niche audience base. 

Does YouTube support automation tools? 

YouTube does support automation tools and there are no restrictions against using them. The best YouTube automation tools are probably TubeBuddy and VidIQ if you want to optimize your channel operations. However, you do need to be cautious about the YouTube tools you choose to use. Some YouTube automation tools use bots or even trick people into watching your videos, which are against YouTube’s terms of service. 

Do YouTube automation tools require proxies?

YouTube automation tools do not require proxies if using them on a single account. However, if you do elect to use a YouTube automation tool that leverages bots to inflate channel metrics like Media Mister and you have multiple channels you’re doing this activity on, it’s best to use proxies to avoid leaving a trail of traceable digital footprints. 

YouTube automation creates a viral video with AI tools?

YouTube automation does not create a viral video with AI tools. This is a common misconception of the business model. There are no YouTube tools available out there that will automate everything for you in a single service. Instead, YouTube automation leverages the abilities of a human team with useful tools to help with automating certain aspects, like research and YouTube SEO.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?

You can get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube in a day by doing the proper research to create a viral video in a trending niche. Using YouTube shorts to grow your subscriber count quickly is a successful strategy many YouTubers are using in 2024 because of the viral potential of Shorts on YouTubes algorithm.

What niche is trending on YouTube?

Right now, personal finance, beauty and style, and gaming, are some niches trending on YouTube. You can use Google Trends to discover current trending niches on YouTube for free.

Can you automate YouTube views?

You can not automate YouTube views without breaking YouTube’s terms of service which prohibits using bots to inflate your views. Many people believe if they use a bot to get more YouTube views, they can get more subscribers quickly, but there’s a risk in doing that.

Can you make money from YouTube automation?

You can make money from YouTube automation with the right expectations and taking the time to set your YouTube automation channel up to make money in multiple ways. You can even improve your chances of success by taking one of the high value YouTube automation courses available out there. You can make money on YouTube without showing your face even, and many people have already successfully done this like Make Money Matt, who has nine of these channels!

Why is YouTube considered a great source of making money?

YouTube is considered a great source of making money because you can operate your business from anywhere and you have uncapped income potential. Plus, there are just so many options for making money with your YouTube automation channel like doing affiliate marketing by pasting your affiliate link in the video description or using YouTube Premiere to air your videos and letting the viewer reward you by Super Chat.


For someone with the financial resources to have high-quality videos created for them and the patience to wait a few years before the passive income starts rolling in, YouTube automation can be a great online business opportunity. However, not everybody is so fortunate. Some people need to make money much sooner, and for those people, we recommend local lead generation over YouTube automation. With a local lead generation business, you can start earning hundreds to thousands of dollars from a single client per month.

You do this by using local SEO to get a business website to rank in a specific location and then sell the valuable leads the website generates to a local business that can actually perform the service for the lead. With local lead generation, everybody wins. You provide a business with more clients, the customer gets the service they need, and you make money. Whether you're still deciding which online business model to choose or are ready to go, it's essential to set your business goals and never give up until you achieve them. 

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