Is YouTube Automation Legit Or Scam? (Reasons Why YouTube Automation Can Be Both)

March 15, 2024

Is YouTube automation real or a scam? YouTube automation is legit. But it can appear to be a scam because of unguaranteed success. Ultimately, YouTube makes money like a proper business through faceless channels.

YouTube has huge opportunities for beginners who want to use YouTube automation. According to Statista, 62% of U.S. users are on YouTube daily, with many checking in multiple times. Also, about 92% use it weekly, and 98% drop by each month. Additionally, the Hootsuite Global State of Digital 2022 report reveals that YouTube is the world's second most-visited website. On the flip side, competition is really tough as you are competing with 15 million creators uploading 80 million videos every month, according to Tubular Labs.

In this article, we'll talk about YouTube automation as a business model - what makes it legit and why it might seem shady. We'll also consider feedback from Reddit discussing its legitimacy and potential as a scam. We'll share stats to help you judge if YouTube automation is worthwhile, legal, and uncomplicated. By the end, you'll know if YouTube automation offers an eBay-like ticket to passive income or if other business models might be better.

Is YouTube Automation Legit?

Yes, YouTube automation is legit. YouTube Automation is a legitimate business model pioneered by Caleb Boxx. It involves outsourcing content creation and management to skilled professionals that enable channel owners to focus on growth strategies while maintaining consistent and high-quality videos. UpNext is one of the automated channels of Caleb that have an estimated yearly earnings ranging from $4.3K to $68.3K. It serves as a great example of the legitimacy of YouTube automation.

3 Reasons YouTube Automation Is Legit

1. YouTube automation can generate steady income.

YouTube automation can create a steady income and even replace your regular job when you do it correctly. You can make money with YouTube automation by consistently posting videos on a specific topic, but it takes time and effort. You could make around $1,000 to $10,000 per month after two to three years. In fact, smaller channels with about 10,000 subscribers can make roughly $200 per video. According to WebFX, channels with 1 million subscribers could make about $20,000. Just remember, the key is to keep making content regularly that fits your target audience. 

2. YouTube automation builds successful automated YouTube channels.

YouTube automation has already produced successful automated YouTube channels. For example, Law of Attraction Coaching is an automated channel that talks about positive thinking and started in 2015. They make around $2.4K to $38.3K every year. Also, there's Ben Lionel Scott. He shares wisdom and gets around $31.2K to $498.7K yearly. Other popular automated channels, like Bright Side, The Richest, and Top 10s, use automation too.

3. YouTube Automation can be done by anyone.

YouTube automation is something that anyone can do if they have the resources to put together a team of experts to manage their channel effectively. Platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and OnlineJobs Ph offer access to professionals skilled in video editing, voiceovers, script writing, thumbnail creation, and virtual assistants who can oversee the channel. It's important also to have a budget to use AI for YouTube automation like social media integration, content planning, and scheduling. For a completely hands-off YouTube automation channel, you'd need a budget of $1,000 or more per month, particularly if you want more advanced services and subscriptions.

Is YouTube Automation Scam?

No, YouTube automation is not a scam. However, it seems shady because of some cases where beginners were deceived by YouTube automation gurus or companies that promised results after taking their money. Some experts also say that YouTube automation is easy, a get-rich-quick scheme, and guarantees success, which is not true at all.

3 Reasons YouTube Automation Can Look Like a Scam

1. YouTube automation is not easy.

YouTube Automation is definitely not an easy task. While it might seem simple, the truth is quite different. Beginners thought it was a scam, because of some YouTube automation guru claiming that you just need to pay thousands of dollars then wait for your income. In fact, as of July 29, 2022, there were 113.9 million YouTube channels out there. And only 32,300 of them have one million or more subscribers. This tells us that running a YouTube channel, even with automation, is a tough job. Even though some YouTube experts claim that automating the process is easy, the numbers tell a different story.

2. YouTube automation takes time to generate profit.

YouTube automation really takes time to generate profit, as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To earn, your channel must have 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours within a year. And to reach the initial 100 subscribers might need 2 to 3 months, especially if you're starting from the scratch. According to VidIQ, reaching 1,000 subscribers takes about 15.5 months of consistent uploading. Also, a study from "Is This Channel Monetized" revealed that it took them an average of 254 days to hit 1,000 subscribers.

Moreover, Social Video Plaza shares time investment in different channels. Their DJ channel took 9 months, a gaming channel 18 months, and a YouTube advice channel took 5 months to reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone. So, sometimes beginners claim that YouTube automation is a scam because you really need to invest time and effort to generate income from this.

3. YouTube automation does not guarantee success.

YouTube automation cannot guarantee success. Despite the belief that using automation, such as hiring freelancers, ensures success, this is not entirely true. Statistics show that approximately 97% of new YouTubers face initial failure, even without automation. Relying solely on automation can streamline tasks but does not guarantee success. In fact, it can sometimes complicate matters, as mistakes in adhering to YouTube's automation policies can lead to strikes or termination.

Is YouTube Automation Legal?

Yes, YouTube automation is legal. However, it's vital to ensure your content aligns with YouTube's rules to prevent any issues. YouTube automation is not illegal but remember, YouTube doesn't allow any methods that boost views, likes, or comments artificially. Also, YouTube prohibits content that offers rewards to viewers to increase engagements. If you want to run YouTube automation legally, you must adhere to YouTube automation policies.

What Is YouTube Automation Reddit?

YouTube automation on Reddit received different opinions from online users. Some say it's real and share how much money they make. Others, especially business owners, disagree and say there's no easy money with YouTube automation. There are also those who think it's a complete scam. These mixed views on Reddit show that people have different thoughts and experiences about whether YouTube automation actually works as a business idea.

YouTube Automation Is Legit On Reddit

Here are some feedbacks on Reddit that claims YouTube automation is a legit business model. One of them shares his monthly earning that about $3-$4K per month. Also, they claim that YouTube automation is 100% legit and mention that there are faceless channels on the YouTube platform that are making banks. 

YouTube Automation Is Scam On Reddit

Here are some threads on Reddit that claim YouTube automation is a scam. Most of them emphasized the needs of work you need to do in running YouTube automation. Also, the first user claims that there is no passive income

Is YouTube Automation Easy?

YouTube automation is not easy. If someone claims it is, they're likely tricking you to enroll in their course or avail their done-for-service. To earn money on YouTube, you need at least 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of video watch time within 12 months. However, reaching these marks is far from simple. According to VidIQ, it typically takes about 15.5 months of consistent video uploads before having 1,000 subscribers. Additionally, you need to remember that you must meet these criteria annually to remain eligible to keep making money.

Is YouTube Automation Worth It?

Yes, YouTube automation is worth it. According to YouTube, people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day in 2019, which is a lot. And assume that if everyone watched a video, it is 8.4 minutes each day. But, according to Wyzowl, there are over 114 million YouTube channels, with over 10,000 partners using Content ID, like TV studios and music labels. This means there's a big competition and some entrepreneurs claim that YouTube automation is saturated. So, while YouTube has a large audience, there are also lots of other channels. If you want to do well, you have to be clever and stand out among those 114 million.

Is YouTube Automation Real?

Yes, YouTube automation is real. Caleb Boxx created this method to make things easier for beginners that want to leverage the opportunity in the YouTube platform. He started automated YouTube channels and found success from it. Also, you can monetize your channel without showing your face, and that makes this business model appealing to beginners. YouTube automation really works. For instance, Top5Gaming has a massive 12.9 billion views and makes around $190K each month. In the productivity area, there's Motivation2Study with 3.8 million followers, earning about $21K per month. These examples show that YouTube automation is legit and can bring in good money.

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Conclusion: Is YouTube Automation The Best Ticket To Passive Income?

No, YouTube automation is not the best ticket to passive income, but it can be a good start. You really can make $1,000 to $10,000 per month with YouTube automation, but it requires consistent upload of high-quality content for two to three years.

Here are some active works you need in YouTube automation:

  • Monitoring and Delegating: You need to watch trends regularly and manage your team to keep things on track.
  • Regular Team Updates: You are required to have meetings with your whole team to keep your automated YouTube plan effective.
  • Initial Hard Work: You'll put in a lot of effort before seeing significant results.

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