YouTube Business Academy Review: 5 Common Mistakes in YouTube Shorts

February 19, 2024

YouTube Business Academy is an 18-lesson step-by-step online program created by George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda. This course is also known as the YouTube Shorts Acceleration Program. They teach beginners YouTube Shorts strategies for automating and scaling YouTube channels and achieving 1 million views in under 30 days.

Using YouTube Shorts to earn passive income is highly possible. However, significant time and effort are necessary to create and grow your YouTube channel. Your earned income starts small and gradually builds over time as you develop your skills and experience.

Local lead generation eliminates the hassle of continuously developing creative ways of engaging with your audience. Unlike YouTube automation, capturing your target market is easier since the local lead generation business model isn’t saturated. Besides cutting back on your effort and resources, local lead generation provides unlimited passive income.
local lead generation

YouTube Business Academy Pros and Cons


The intro video and program breakdown after the sign-up page is comprehensive.

Lifetime access to the training modules

The course creators provided visual facts on their YouTube Shorts' growth progress.

Has ample support from experts and students (24-48 hours response time)

Offers tips, tricks, and bonuses regarding the course


YouTube Business Academy’s website lacks information about the course and the course creators.

Ron and George lack in-depth experience with YouTube automation.

YouTube Business Academy has a limited following on its social media accounts.

Monetizing your YouTube Shorts business/channel starts slow.


YouTube Business Academy’s course price is $197 (valued at $1,700).

Refund Policy

YouTube Business Academy has a 30-day money-back guarantee if a student doesn’t get 1 million views in under 30 days.


YouTube Business Academy has 648 subscribers on YouTube and 272 followers on Instagram.

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make in YouTube Shorts

1. Overthinking When Choosing a Niche

Starting a YouTube channel can be challenging, especially when choosing a niche. This is the first step to determining your success on YouTube. You must pick the best YouTube automation niches that interest your viewers/subscribers. Overthinking can lead to burnout even before starting your YouTube channel. George suggests niches that:

  • Are trendy

  • Have a clear audience

  • Include famous individuals

  • Are likely to stay buzzing in the future

2. Not Using Original Content (Less Value)

Most beginners use clips from other videos or podcasts to speed up the content creation process and upload. This method is risky and ineffective. You can incur copyright claims that block your videos or lower your YouTube revenue. Alternatively, building a creative content strategy is key to adding value to your videos and realizing YouTube success.

3. Having an Inconsistent Upload Schedule

Consistency is crucial when setting up your upload schedule. The more you post on times when your viewers are active (late evenings and on weekends), the more you will grow your subscribers. By doing so, you can keep up with the YouTube algorithm.

4. Not Posting Enough Shorts

As the course creators point out in the program, YouTube Shorts is a volume game. You need to post at least 2-7 times a day. This method makes building your channel easier while gaining millions of views on your videos.

5. Implementing a Complicated Workflow

This misstep is typical for YouTube Shorts newbies. The pressure of setting up your accounts, implementing an upload schedule, and creating noteworthy videos can overwhelm you. Thus, developing simple, attainable, and efficient workflows is essential. It allows you to stay consistent during your first few days and in the long run.

What is YouTube Business Academy?

YouTube Business Academy is a 6-module online course by George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda. This coaching program is also known as the YouTube Shorts Acceleration Program. It focuses on preparing YouTube Shorts beginners with the basics, techniques, and skills necessary for creating viral videos with 1 million views in under 30 days. The course teaches about YouTube automation and emphasizes the power of the YouTube platform as a business.

This YouTube course will allow you to build a successful YouTube channel.

youtube business academy review

Who is YouTube Business Academy for?

YouTube Business Academy is for individuals who want to learn about YouTube Shorts. This program is ideal for beginners starting a YouTube Shorts channel or content creators who already tried it but didn’t go viral. Moreover, it will help new YouTubers in choosing the perfect niche and creating interesting, relevant, and engaging video content.

What Do You Get With YouTube Business Academy?

You will get lifetime access to YouTube Business Academy’s 6 modules, which comprise 18 lessons and over 4 hours of in-depth training. George and Ron also provide live coaching calls, a private Discord group chat with experts and students, a video series case study, a job post and screening template, and two bonuses.

This online coaching program shows you how to:

  • Choose the right niche
  • Build a "Content Machine"
  • Assemble an effective team
  • Set up automated and efficient workflows
  • Get millions of views and go viral
  • Monetize your channel

Video Series Case Study

These videos show George and Ron’s one-on-one coaching call with a student. They discuss the strategies for building a new YouTube Shorts channel from zero to millions of views.

Job Post and Screening Template

You can use this template for finding freelancer/s for a cheap price in under 48 hours.

Bonus 1 - Q&A

You will have unlimited Q&A with Ron and George.

Bonus 2 - Insights

You will get useful insights into running a YouTube Shorts channel with 15 million views monthly.

Who are the Owners of YouTube Business Academy?

George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda are the owners of YouTube Business Academy. They shared an interest in e-commerce before starting their journey with YouTube Shorts automation and helping beginners scale their YouTube channels.

george vlasyev youtube business academy review

George Vlasyev

George Vlasyev is a YouTuber and entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland. He started out in the digital commerce industry by developing e-commerce websites and running Facebook Ads, making $17,500 in revenue within 2 years. In 2022, he created his first YouTube channel and made long-form videos. George then ventured into YouTube Shorts in June 2022. In just 2 months, he got 31.7 million views and $1,722 in revenue.

ron rauwerda youtube business academy review

Ron Rauwerda

Ron Rauwerda is an entrepreneur from Leeuwarden, Netherlands. He also owns the Dutch company ComfyCentre. Ron was into building and growing e-commerce brands before he started with YouTube Shorts. Now, he helps beginners gain 50 million views and 50,000 subscribers in less than 40 days with YouTube Shorts automation.

Is YouTube Business Academy Worth It?

YouTube Business Academy is worth it for its price of $197. The value you get from this step-by-step course is more than $1,700. It offers tips, resources, and critical concepts for starting and growing your YouTube Shorts channel in 30 days. In this online coaching program, George and Ron will share their first-hand experiences and ways to make an impact and money with your YouTube Shorts content.

What Skills and Experiences Will Help You Build a Successful YouTube Business?

Planning and Organizing

You must carefully plan and organize your starting steps and YouTube content to produce high-quality, engaging videos. This step also entails researching YouTube automation channel ideas and creating a roadmap to achieving your YouTube goals.

Solving Problems

You may face significant drawbacks when choosing a niche, creating original content, or growing your subscribers. Hence, having good problem-solving skills is important when starting your YouTube journey.

Communication and Engagement

It is essential to have open communication with your team to produce clear-cut videos that appeal to your audience. Similarly, active community engagement will allow more people to hit that YouTube search button.

Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing skill is your weapon to entice potential subscribers to watch your videos. This involves social media marketing through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.


Networking through social media allows you to create relationships with YouTube influencers, viewers, and potential brand partners.

Graphic Design and Video Editing

You must have good video editing and graphic designing skills to create catchy YouTube Shorts videos and thumbnails. Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, and Apple Final Cut Pro are known video editing software to develop high-quality YouTube videos. Additionally, you can use Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Serif Affinity Designer, and Sketch for your graphic design needs.

Channel Analytics

YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics are powerful tools for gaining valuable insights into your channel and content performance, audience engagement, and potential earnings. You must understand how this works to keep up with YouTube’s algorithm.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must optimize your video titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, thumbnails, and filenames. It should be specific, relevant, and popular. Besides implementing a healthy YouTube SEO strategy, you also provide better content value.

What are the Costs Involved in Opening a YouTube Business?

The costs involved in opening a YouTube business or YouTube Shorts channel depend on your equipment, software, and available resources. Most YouTubers spend money on a camera, tripod, microphone, lighting equipment, and video and photo editing software. This costs them an average of $200-$550 for the cheaper ones. Hence, most individuals ask themselves, “Is YouTube automation worth it?

In the YouTube Business Academy course, Ron and George show you the value of YouTube automation. They estimate that creating one YouTube Shorts video costs only $2-$4. This includes scriptwriting, video editing, and voiceovers. Your hired freelancer does most of the job for you.

Local Lead Generation Is Still More Profitable This 2023

local lead generation

Local lead generation is a business model that is easy to set up and scale. You can generate endless passive income because of its localized niche. While YouTube Shorts automation is profitable when you have millions of subscribers, the earning potential is limited and not guaranteed.

The local lead generation business model can bring you a continuous income stream. All you need to do is build websites, organically rank them on Google, and forward leads to local businesses. That’s why I believe it is still the best source of passive income this 2023.

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