Robert Benjamin’s YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review—5 Major Advantages Of YouTube Shorts

May 31, 2023

YouTube Shorts Mentorship will teach you how to grow your channel, increase your views and subscribers, and monetize your account. You will get a personalized plan that is adjusted and improved on as you go through the program, making sure you get an average growth of 25,000 subscribers or your money back. But is YouTube Shorts worth it? Is it really that important when your goal is to monetize your YouTube account and hopefully earn passive income as you get views?

YouTube Shorts are short-form, vertical videos that are smartphone friendly and are uploaded directly on the YouTube app. The feature launched in September 2020 after TikTok videos and Instagram Reels became popular with more people online because of the pandemic. Google says that YouTube Shorts are used primarily to increase your reach and gain new subscribers. And the 50 billion daily viewership can definitely make that happen for as long as you apply the right strategy and become consistent with your efforts as a creator. Beware of the competition, though, because it will get tough.

Which is why I recommend local lead generation to earn thousands of dollars in passive income. Why worry about competition when you can put that mental space and cash to invest in digital real estate that you can start and scale quickly? In this business model, you do not get swayed by viewership and have full control of your niche, market, and target location. When you have built a website for local businesses in your chosen niche, like plumbing, roofing, tree removal services, and more, you can enjoy a passive income stream from the leads you provide.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Pros And Cons


Robert Benjamin applies the same strategy he teaches to students.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship creates a personalized plan for your account and niche to work towards your goals.

You can get the course for as low as $20 when you receive a discount email.


YouTube Shorts Mentorship applies similar strategies to different accounts, despite the personalized plans it hands out.

You can get nearly the same content from the mentorship program with the free videos Robert Benjamin posts on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship does not have a good communication system with its students, having reports of many unresolved emails.


YouTube Shorts Mentorship costs $297.

Refund Policy

YouTube Shorts Mentorship offers a 30-Day Guarantee or your money back. It does disputes to avoid fraudulent claims of the refund.




YouTube Shorts Mentorship has an effective organic marketing strategy that allows it to rank on Google and YouTube. However, there are scam reports and other issues surrounding the course and Robert Benjamin himself.

5 Major Advantages Of YouTube Shorts

1. Reach New Audiences

Creating Shorts can help you reach new audiences, especially when YouTube is actively promoting Shorts content in its platform.

2. Drive Traffic And Engagement

With YouTube Shorts, viewers can easily like, comment, and share your content. This increases traffic to your channel and other videos, which ultimately helps you build a stronger community.

3. Repurpose Existing Content

If you have existing content you want to increase engagement for, repurposing your content into shorter, easily digestible formats gives you the advantage of sharing it faster and with substance.

4. Easy To Create

You can create YouTube Shorts from your phone, and it does not require special equipment of editing skills. This makes it faster for you to get started and share content that you thought about on the dot.

5. Potential To Go Viral

Related to how YouTube is actively promoting YouTube Shorts content, you have the potential to go viral quickly since it can easily be shared on other social media platforms. This helps you gain new subscribers and increases your overall reach.

What Do You Get In YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

What You Will Learn In YouTube Shorts Mentorship

  • When To Post
  • What To Post
  • How Many Times To Post A Day
  • What Content Topics To Use
  • What Titles To Use
  • What Thumbnails To Use

What You Will Receive In YouTube Shorts Mentorship

  •  6 Step Course In Learning About YouTube With Zero Time Wasted
  • Updates On The Latest Trends
  • A Personalized Growth Plan
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • GUARANTEED GROWTH In 30 Days Or Your Money Back
  • Me Doing Everything In My Power To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Course Curriculum Preview

  • Introduction (1:00)
  • How To Grow Fast Right Now on YouTube (1:34)
  • Full Length vs Shorts (0:50)
  • How to Get Monetized on Shorts (1:30)
  • Gaining Your First 1K Subs
  • How Many Videos To Upload A Day (0:30)
  • Best Time To Post
  • Best Hashtags
  • The Only Metric That Matters (0:40)
  • Optimizing For Different Placements (1:16)
  • How To Write Betters Titles (0:51)
  • How To Increase Your Watch Time (1:23)
  • How To Increase Your CTR (0:44)
  • Tags (0:22)
  • Leveraging Authority (0:44)
  • Exploiting vs Exploring (0:51)
  • Forgotten Features.. (1:50)
  • The 3 Most Important Factors (1:24)
  • How The Algorithm Works
  • How To Go Viral
  • How To Choose Sounds
  • Ending (0:21)

If you go to Robert Benjamin's YouTube channel, you will find the contents of his course curriculum nearly identical to the kind of YouTube video he posts on a regular. Which is why 3rd party reviews from content creators that have taken his course advise against paying for it. You literally get the same content with little added bits of information for the price of $297. But what they do mention is that the course will get you into the habit of posting videos relevant to your brand consistently.

What Do People Have To Say About YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

Who Created YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

Robert Benjamin created YouTube Shorts Mentorship to teach creators how to strategize and streamline their posts to increase followers. He started his YouTube channel back in 2019 to post educational videos on how to post content on the two biggest video platforms in the world, YouTube and TikTok. Since short-form boomed in 2020, he has since then specialized in YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels with mentorship programs for each platform priced at $297.

He worked in VaynerMedia from January 2018 to February 2020 and has applied the name to market his services and credibility in the industry. In those 2 years, He enjoyed the opportunities of working with a media giant, learning about the ins and outs of different media platforms, and is now distributing industry knowledge on how to make the most out of them.

Is YouTube Shorts Mentorship Worth It?

YouTube Shorts Mentorship is worth it if you want to remove the guessing game on how to improve your YouTube Shorts. As a mentee, you will be provided with a streamlined plan for when and what to post. This is all good information, so long as it is not already provided for free in his own channel. Because why pay for a $297 mentorship program when you can binge all his videos about YouTube Shorts? And there are lots of information and tools circling online to help you improve your YouTube Shorts game. To get a broader perspective about making money on YouTube, read on my article about the top ways to make passive income on YouTube.

Do You Need A Social Media Mentor?

You need a social media mentor if you are struggling to gain views and subscribers on your account or channel. In the case of YouTube Shorts, there are several factors on why your channel and videos are not getting as much traction. Some of these include having poor quality videos, posting inconsistently, being late on trends, YouTube algorithm changes, or you just haven't waited enough. Some videos can take a month or more before it blows up.

If you are serious about making money in social media, want to make noticeable improvement, and expedite your growth and success as a business or an influencer, investing in a social media mentor may work for you. Having a great mentor will help inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals through a personalized plan specific to your goals. As mentors, they should have the experience and expertise to provide guidance, tools, and techniques that will help you grow.

What Are YouTube Shorts Mentorship Alternatives?

Is YouTube Shorts Worth It?

YouTube Shorts is worth it if you want to start or scale your YouTube Channel. You can take advantage of these short-form videos when you want to introduce products or services you sell or if you are involved in affiliate marketing. However, if you will do YouTube Shorts to gain followers and earn passive income through views and ads, it may not be the right idea, especially when you're just starting out.

I like to think about YouTube Shorts as a supplement to an already running YouTube channel. Yes, you can make money out of views, but you are going to need about 2 million views a day to bank $2,000 of monthly passive income. Unless you are a famous YouTuber with at least 100K subscribers that regularly view your content, getting anywhere near that value will take a lot of time and effort. Check out my article on how to make money with YouTube Shorts to learn more about the extreme requirements you will need to accomplish to make a steady stream of passive income out of it.

Local Lead Generation Is The Best Way To Earn Passive Income

Local lead generation is the best way to earn passive income because you do not have to chase after views, engage with your audience, or worry about growing your channel. Even if the process to grow in YouTube Shorts becomes easier with the help of a YouTube Shorts mentorship program, the reality of ever changing trends and algorithm makes your success with the platform uncertain. It can skew for or against you.

Whereas in local lead generation, you only have to worry about the niche service you want to offer, the location you want to operate in, and making the best website that can attract organic traffic through SEO. You can further diversity your investments by scaling to a different service or location. And whenever you get leads for the local businesses within your niche, you make money without having to touch the website you made.

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