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Chris Zissis YT Insiders Review: Build A Viral Faceless Channel?

July 17, 2024

YT Insiders is a subscription-based training program by Chris Zissis that teaches you how to make money with a viral faceless YouTube channel. A faceless YouTube channel business is also known as a cash cow channel or YouTube automation business. YT offers step-by-step training and coaching on how to start and monetize your YouTube channel.

There aren’t any reviews for YT Insiders yet as it is a new program. Reviews for Chris Zissis and his previous YT Auto program are mixed. There are testimonials from clients that claim they made $5,000 and $20,000 per month from their channels. They praise the hands-off approach and the expertise provided by Chris and his team. Critics raise concerns with the high initial investment. They also highlight the lack of direct control over the channels. YT Auto has also been met with many criticisms and been called a scam.

In this YT Insiders review, you’ll discover how YT Insiders helps you build a viral faceless channel. You’ll find out exactly what you get with the membership. You will also learn all about Chris Zissis. I will also discuss YouTube automation and its downsides.

YT Insiders Pros and Cons


Featured on major podcasts like Entrepreneurs On Fire. This adds to Chris Zissis’s legitimacy, and it helps us see that other authorities respect Chris as well.

Chris Zissis runs over 150 faceless YouTube channels. With such a large quantity under Chris’s belt, he clearly has lots of experience..


As this is a new program, its effectiveness is questionable.

Chris Zissis' previous YT Auto program is also questionable.

Faceless automated YouTube channels can be expensive and high-risk.


YT Insiders costs $47 each month. Accessed through Skool

Refund Policy

No refund policy


June 2024 


Chris Zissis has had a mixed reputation with his previous YT Auto program.

July 17, 2024

YT Auto was a scam. That’s probably why he closed it down and is selling a course instead. Plus where is the proof of any of his “successful” channels?


1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Does YT Insiders Help You Build A Viral Faceless Channel?

YT Insiders helps you build a viral faceless YouTube channel by teaching you the step-by-step process. Chris explains that the “secret sauce” is not copying other successful channels, but to make your own unique angle. YT Insiders training is also heavily focused on the use of tools for research and AI for content creation. The training is based on these following steps:

  • Selecting a Niche
    Use tools like the described "Niche Selector" to choose a profitable and enjoyable niche. This tool provides a dropdown menu filled with various niches and detailed metrics. This includes views, impressions, revenue potential, and pros and cons to help make an informed decision.
  • Channel Setup
    Begin by creating a Gmail account under your channel’s name. Use this to create your YouTube channel which is named according to your chosen niche.
  • Branding
    Use graphic design tools like Canva or Photoshop for creating logos, channel banners, and other branding elements. Access YouTube Studio to upload your branding materials and set up your channel’s visual identity.
  • Content Development
    Use AI tools like ChatGPT to help generate scripts based on topics that align with your niche. Use voice synthesis platforms like 11 Labs to produce professional-grade voiceovers from your scripts. Tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora can be used to edit your videos. Incorporate animations, stock footage, and relevant visuals to create engaging content.
  • Optimization and Publishing
    Use SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere to research high-traffic keywords to include in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. Design attractive thumbnails using graphic design tools like Canva or Photoshop. Upload your videos using the YouTube interface to schedule posts at optimal times for your audience.
  • Marketing and Engagement
    Leverage social media platforms to promote your videos and engage with your audience. Regularly interact with your viewers through comments, live streams, and community posts to build a loyal audience.
  • Monitoring and Scaling
    Use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your videos. Pay attention to metrics like view duration, engagement rates, and subscriber growth. Based on analytics, adjust your content strategy to improve video performance and viewer satisfaction.

What Do You Get With YT Insiders?

  • Done-for-you templates
  • Step-by-step guides and walkthroughs
  • Weekly coaching calls with Chris Zissis
  • Access to the private community on Skool
  • New training videos every week
  • Access to new courses as you level up
  • Regular news and updates on what is trending

Who Is YT Insiders For?

YT Insiders is for anyone who wants to create passive income from faceless YouTube channels. Anyone who wants to learn how to monetize and automate a YouTube business.

Who Is Chris Zissis?

Chris Zissis, is a YouTube faceless channel expert from Melbourne, Australia. He is known for his YouTube automation service, YT Auto. Business-minded from a young age, Chris began by reselling Coca-Cola to classmates. He also worked in construction and refrigeration as an apprentice.

At 15, his parents separated, and his father became very challenging. Despite the tough times, Chris later expressed gratitude for these experiences. At 18, Chris launched his first business selling custom apparel, earning over $10,000. He also tried selling jewelry, fitness programs, and desserts. But these ventures failed, leaving him in financial trouble. His car was repossessed, and he had to borrow money to retrieve it.

Chris then worked 100+ hour weeks as an Uber driver and in a factory to make ends meet. His situation improved when he transitioned to digital marketing. He did this by leveraging his YouTube content creation experience. This combination eventually led to the creation of his YouTube Auto program.

Chris claims he has a portfolio of over 250 faceless channels. He has a large social media following, with 105.6K+ followers on Instagram and 143.1K+ followers on TikTok.

What are People Saying About Chris Zissis Online?

Chris is featured on many podcasts, including major ones like Entrepreneur On Fire. But aside from the testimonials on his website, there aren’t many reviews about him online. There are some negative discussions about how scammy Chris’s DFY business model is. But these are from people who’ve never even taken the course. I’ll share a little of both to let you see what people are saying:

Youtube Auto client Jon

“Jon was skeptical about working with Chris Zissis at first. Some of his friends had bad luck with other Youtube DFY businesses. But he gave it a shot and had such great luck that he invested in multiple channels. One channel is now earning between $8,000-$17,000 monthly."

Youtube Auto client Chris

"Chris was impressed by Chris Zissus when he learned he personally managed the channels and knew their numbers. This gave him the confidence to invest with him and it paid off. He signed up for 3-4 channels immediately and one even broke the $18,000-$20,000 mark in about 3 months."

There’s plenty more testimonials and data supporting the effectiveness of Chris Zissus’s Youtube DFY program. As for negative reviews, I couldn’t find any legitimate ones. However, there were some people expressing their distrust of the program itself. Just keep in mind they didn’t take the program themselves.

The following example is from the “Scam” subreddit. See what this skeptical guy has to say about Chris Zissis:

Suspicious Redditor about Chris Zissis and Youtube Auto program

"Salty_Dugtrio believes businesses that use ads and money-back guarantees are scams. Considering those are both legitimate marketing practices, I’m not sure I agree. What do you think?"

There were other posts mentioning how Chris seemed scammy after having a Discovery Chat with him. There was even someone claiming they went to high-school with Chris and he was untrustworthy based on that. Overall, nothing seemed too substantial and shouldn’t really be considered reliable as a “negative” review. 

What Was YT Auto?

YouTube Auto was a service that creates and manages YouTube channels for you. With this service, you invest money to have a YouTube channel built, managed, and grown on your behalf. The goal is for your channel to eventually make you $5,000 to $15,000 or more each month. The service costs between $60,000 and $1,000,000, and there's no stated refund policy.

You got a fully optimized YouTube channel in a niche chosen for its potential to attract traffic. You also got custom-made video content and hands-off management to grow the channel. Money is made through multiple passive income sources. This includes affiliate offers, sponsorships, and ads. The service was discontinued for unspecified reasons.

Is YouTube Automation Worth it in 2024?

YouTube automation is worth it in 2024 if you know how to navigate the nuances of the business. The positive side is that you don’t have to show your face on the channel. Using AI and automation tools allows you to save time in creating the content. This allows you to earn without putting in too much time. If successful, the potential to grow is high in the long run.

The downsides to YouTube automation are the high costs and risks. Even with the use of tools, you will still be paying subscription fees. This can easily reach a few thousands per month. YouTube also keeps 45% of the ad revenue, which significantly lowers your profit margins. There is a high risk of operating the channel at a negative income.

Youtube user statistics

This graph shows the growth of YouTube users per year. The number of users on YouTube is projected to grow to 400 million users by 2025. This means there is much opportunity to attract viewers and get paid to run ads.

However, keep in mind that more users mean more competition. It’s already tough beating the algorithm against more popular and established YouTubers. You’ll also need to keep up with changes in YouTube policies, copyright strikes, and sudden account banning.

Is YouTube Automation Saturated?

YouTube automation is not saturated, but it is highly competitive. Although there are millions of YouTube channels, the platform's user base is still expanding, with over 2.5 billion users globally. This growth means there are still opportunities for new channels to find an audience.

However, success in YouTube automation requires significant effort, investment, and careful management. Many people quit because it’s not an easy way to make money, and the market is crowded, making it challenging to stand out.

Create Low-Cost Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a low-cost, low-risk business model that creates passive income. By ranking a site on Google using SEO, it will generate free organic leads. You then rent out the site to local businesses who will benefit from the leads it generates. Growing and monetizing a YouTube channel takes time. A local lead generation site earns as soon as it is rented.

It costs as little as $500 to start and you can earn $500 to $3,000 a month. You do not have to worry about getting views and constantly creating content. It can take years before you even need to update your site and it costs as little as $30 a month to maintain. This significantly lowers the risk of losing money.


There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from. This means you don’t have to worry about market saturation. You will likely only have to outrank a handful of sites on the local search results. Scaling is also as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. You can scale as much as you want without worrying about adding more daily workload. This is why local lead generation is my recommended business to create time and financial freedom.

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  1. This company is a scam. I would not invest any money with them. I was told within 2 to 3 months I would be making one to $3000 a month in income and after a year it would be producing 6 to 10,000 a month in income. Part of the contract says if you do not recoup your money the first year they pay back half of your initial fee. I’ve been trying to enact that part of the contract for months, and all I keep getting is the runaround. They say they’re trying to get back to me, but they never do. I can’t get a hold of the owner. I think their business model doesn’t work anymore and they’re not able to generate income because if this guy is so rich, why is he not able to pay back at least one YouTube channel if it’s not working. I would not invest your money into this. These guys appear to be scam artist with the usual. Oh, we’re trying to help you and then never get back to your run around unfortunate there’s people that do business out there like this taking peoples hard earned money. It’s my fault. They seem like trustworthy guys but that is not the case.

    I highly recommend not investing in any other programs or anything they have going.

    1. Sorry you had to go through that. Most gurus who offer YouTube automation really are just praying and hoping a video they create goes viral. There’s no guarantee and repeatable process for going viral all the time.

    2. Hi Chris,
      I'm on my second call with this group and would love to speak to you regarding your experience. Would you mind if we chatted for a few minutes?

  2. This guy is a scammer. I wouldn’t trust. This company paid them $65,000 and only made $1500 in one year. They were supposedly supposed to be getting back to me part of the contract as you get half of your initial money back. If they don’t make at least it back in the first year now I can’t even get a hold of them and the owner is gone missing. They keep giving me the runaround saying that they’re trying to help me but they’re not.

    1. Unfortunately that is the game these gurus play. Sorry you had to go through that. Inesting in digital properties you own and control is the best way. Local lead generation is also more predictable in terms of results and income.

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