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Zero Up Module 1

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 1 - Store Creation

Everything you need to know about the Fred Lam's Zero Up Course is contained here. In-depth, unbiased and a video by video overview of the entire course.

If you're looking for a comprehensive insight into Zero Up, then this is it!


Module length: 2 hours 4 minutes

Video 01 - Niche Selection

In the first lesson Fred explains exactly what a niche is and why it is so important to choose your niche carefully. 

In order to decide on a niche, you need to ask the following questions:

Fred then walks you through the process of Choosing the RIGHT Niche. He gives some valuable insights here and is well worth taking to heart. 

Fred also discusses places where you can find niche ideas, if you are unsure or need some inspiration.

Video 02 - Business Creation

Fred shares his knowledge of setting up and creating a business within the legal framework of the US.

He does however, warn that you should always find legal help from a professional (such as an attorney), to make sure that you conduct your business lawfully. 

Fred then explains the Importance of the Business Structure, by focusing on:
  • Operating legally
  • Accepting credit card transactions
  • Filing proper taxes
  • Structuring your business for future expansion.
Fred then explains each of the three business types in detail. They are:
  1. Individual/sole proprietorship,
  2. Corporation, and a
  3. Partnership

Video 03 - Purchasing Domain

Fred starts the video with an explanation of what a domain is and then goes on to explain the importance of a good domain name.

Fred then gives some solid advice when it comes to choosing a domain name and suggests some Domain Name Providers. Fred also shows you how to secure and pay for a domain through one of the most well-known providers.

Video 04 - Branding Your Store

In this lesson, Fred focuses on creating a brand name for your store. He specifically deals with:
  • Creating a meaningful Logo
  • The importance of Brand Value
  • Understanding your color schemes
  • Understanding your brand's promise
Fred then offers some questions that you need to answer before you create a logo.
Fred then continues the lesson by showing you how to create a logo in Shopify itself. 

Fred then suggests a site where you can buy a ready-made logo, or you can outsource the logo design and find a designer on Fiverr.

Another alternative that Fred discusses, is getting a professional designer (if money is no issue). He suggests another site for this where prices start at $299. 

Fred then discusses the Importance of Brand Value and Methods to Lift Brand Value.

Video 05 - Creating Your Shopify Store

Once again, Fred covers the basics. He explains what:
  • Shopify is,
  • the pros and cons of Shopify,
  • Which package to choose,
  • and how to create your account. 

Video 06 - Site Wizard

In this lesson, Fred shows you how to set up your Shopify store, using Zero Up's Site Creation Wizard software. 

Fred shows you how to set up different Pages, Navigation, Product Collections, and a product Slideshow.

Video 07 - Using Another Shopify Theme

Fred covers the following in this lesson: 
  • The most important elements to consider when choosing a theme (there are 5 of them)
  • How to change your theme
  • How to edit any themes you've chosen
Fred then goes into Shopify to show you different free Shopify Themes to choose from.

Fred shows you how to change your theme if needed and even suggests other sites where you can buy Shopify themes that offer more features. 

Video 08 - Setting Up Payments - CORRECT

Fred starts off by explaining what the Shopify Payments tool is. He then takes you into the Shopify dashboard and shows you how to set your Shopify Payments up correctly. 

Fred also shows you how to set PyPal up as a payment gateway. 

He then also briefly discusses Amazon Payments and Apply Pay (but doesn't show how to set either of them up).

Video 09 - Setting Up Shipping Table

As introduction, Fred discusses the Importance of Shipping. He then continues by discussing the two types of shipping used as promotional tools.

Fred then suggests you copy and use his Shipping Table (shipping prices based on weight) and urges you to stick with the given prices and weight ratios. He then shows you how to set Shipping up in your store, using his table as reference. 

Video 10 - Porting Domain

If you bought your domain through another service provider (not Shopify), then you will need to port that domain to Shopify. Fred shows you how to do it for the same Domain Registrar he used earlier. 

It's quite a process to set up, but not impossible if you follow Fred's step by step instructions.

If you're not comfortable setting it up this way, I suggest you get the domain from Shopify itself - it's a little bit more expensive BUT comes with a lot less hassle...

Video 11 - Setting Up Email Addresses

Shopify doesn't have its own email servers, which is why you will need to use another service provider and set it up inside your Shopify dash. 

Fred suggests a free email service. (It's free as long as you don't have more than five users attached to your free account. Fred's video is a little dated and shows up to 25 users, but 5 is more than enough for a Shopify Store). 

Fred shows you how to set it up in both your new email service provider account and your Domain Registration company. 

Video 12 - Final Steps

In this lesson, Fred wraps up your Shopify Store Setup. This includes:
  • Selecting the correct checkout settings
  • Configuring how your store is listed on search engines
  • Installation of Google Analytics

Selecting the "correct" settings according Fred, is pretty straight forward and will be easy enough, even for beginners. - It's just a matter of ticking the correct boxes. 

Fred then shows you how to connect you Google Analytics account with Shopify. It's a little more complicated than ticking boxes, but should be manageable for everyone.  
Module 1 contains 12 videos with a total length of 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Module 01 - My Key Takeaways 

It is clear from the start that this course is aimed at the complete beginner. Fred does a great job of introducing dropshipping novices to the business model and explains all the relevant information in a clear, informative and easy to understand format.

Highlight of the module: Fred showing you how to get a free email service provider.


Content: 7/10 Fred does a great job of introducing novices to dropshipping. The content however, is very basic for module 1.



Module 1 lacks some detail. The content offered is VERY basic and is only suitable for complete beginners. Other dropshipping courses offer a LOT more content and detail. The only thing that stood out was Fred's suggestion of a free email service, and that's not enough to make up points...

Let's hope module 2 fares better!

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