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Zero Up Module 10

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 10 - Bonus Trainings

This is the last in-depth review of Fred Lam's Zero Up course. This review covers Module 10, which includes the bonus training for the course.


Module length: 1 hour 50 minutes

The Bonus Section of Zero Up consists of two mini courses.

The first is titled Email Tools. This section is presented by Jimmy Kim.

Video 01 - Introduction

Jimmy starts this mini course of six videos off by introducing himself. He basically gives you his shortened CV and why he is good at being a digital marketer. Jimmy is the SEO of two well-known digital marketing companies, Snaptactix and Sendlane. Most notably, Jimmy is the co-founder of Doodly.

After the introductions, Jimmy tells you what to expect from the next few videos.

Video 02 - The Cookie System

Jimmy shares some interesting info about the Cookie System and how it works.

Most interesting bit - it's a give and take system. You as the marketer cannot simply take (by promoting non-stop), but you need to offer something in return as well (free ebooks, content, vouchers/coupons etc.)

Video 03 - The Instant Authority

Jimmy talks about the importance of Instant Authority and how to become an authority.

Realize that learning will lead to profit, as you can in turn pass on that knowledge to others. This way, you eventually position yourself in such a way that others look up to you.

This is what you need to become in order for your blogs to be read and for people to like and share them. The great thing is, you can use "ghostwriters" to do all the hard work for you. Another option is a cloud-based app you can use to generate articles for FB Instant Articles.

Video 04 - Event based e-marketing

Jimmy explains what Event based email marketing is, and then introduces his 7 Day Sequence email marketing campaign.
Fred then continues the lesson by showing you how to create a logo in Shopify itself. 

Video 05 - Seinfeld Experience

Jimmy explains how email content has a lot to do with the 90's TV sitcom, Seinfeld. 

Jimmy shows you three examples of how he incorporates the principle in the content of his marketing emails.

Video 06 - The Three E's

Jimmy teaches you about the Three E's and how to use them in order to optimize the content of your marketing emails.

1. Excite
Use the Subject and First Line of your email to create Excitement.

2. Educate
The body / bulk of your email should be dedicated to "educate" the audience to your product/topic.

3. Edify
Your Call-To-Action!

Sadly, it's all theory and no practice here, as Jimmy doesn't show you any examples...


Dan shows you the exact same training he used to train the Manager of all his Influencer Accounts. 

Sadly it's all talk. Seriously. 52 minutes worth of two guys sitting on a couch talking about how to find and manage Influencers, with no examples at all. Not even a Powerpoint Presentation.

To be quite honest, this is not very helpful at all...
Module 10 contains a total of 7 videos with a total length of 1 hour and 50 minutes. 

Module 10 - My Key Takeaways 

I am seriously starting to dislike Bonus Sections. VERY few of them are actual Bonuses. A bonus implies that you get something worthwhile as an extra compensation for finishing a task. 

In fact, if it says Bonus, I'm starting to think it wasn't good enough to be used in the course, so they stick a label to it and pass it off as an added extra - JUST FOR YOU!

To be brutally honest - there's nothing worthwhile in this section to qualify as a bonus. I'm very disappointed.

The highlight: Jimmy's 7 Day Sequence in video 4.


Content: 5/10 All theory...



There's some good THEORY here, but 50% of the content is not worth much.

As it is, theory in itself doesn't mean much to me, if you don't know ho to implement it....

That's it for Zero Up by Fred Lam. We have now worked through the entire Zero Up course, module by module, video by video. If you still think Dropshipping is for you, then you should perhaps look at our other course reviews first.

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