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Zero Up Module 2

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 2 - Inventory Arbitrage

This is an in-depth, unbiased and a video by video overview of Fred Lam's Sero Up Module Two.

Module 2Inventory Arbitrage

Module length: 1 hour 28 minutes

Video 01 - Inventory Arbitrage

Fred starts the module off by explaining why the dropshipping model is a great improvement on traditional retail stores.

One of the biggest advantages is that you sell products, not inventory.

The concept is simple, you sell someone else's inventory without the customer ever knowing you don't carry any products in stock.

Fred then explains how Inventory Arbitrage works:

Fred then discusses the five benefits of Inventory Arbitrage.

Video 02 - The Golden Marketplaces

In this lesson, Fred explains what AliExpress is, the preferred marketplace for dropshippers. 

*Fred then gives some advice when it comes to:
  1. finding suppliers - truth be told, his suggested vetting is not as stringent as the other dropshipping courses, so be careful...
  2. Fred also covers the industry standard ePacket pre-requisite,
  3. Product selection,
  4. Price shopping / converting products, and
  5. Building relationships with vendors,
*Please note that other courses go into MUCH more detail and will have at least a single video dedicated to EACH of these tips that Fred merely mentions...

Fred then has a walk-through of the Zero Up Product Engine that members can use to find products on AliExpress. 

It's super easy to use - you merely type in a product or niche idea in the search bar and the software will find you all the relevant products on AliExpress. (The same can be done from the AliExpress search bar. The only difference is, you don't have to open the product/supplier page in AliExpress in order to see the Total Number of Feedback Comments...)
Fred then shows you how to add products to your store, which includes setting up the product
  • heading
  • description
  • images
  • variants

Fred then also shows three alternatives to AliExpress that other dropshipping courses have not mentioned. It's worth looking into but my own research has shows that the suppliers on these sites are not as established (they haven't had as many sales/orders) as the ones on AliExpress... 

Another issue is that you have to subscribe to one of these sites in order to access their suppliers. For me that's a big no-no. Why pay when you can get access to the same products (and sometimes the same suppliers) on AliExpress for FREE..?

Video 03 - Spying On Top Sellers

Fred tells you that you constantly have to be on the lookout for new and trending products. (This is one of my pet-hates of dropshipping - the constant product research...)

Fred shows you how to do product research by employing other sites than AliExpress. Fred shows you three separate strategies you can use on Amazon. 

Fred also shares his eBay Spy Strategy using a free website tool.

Finally, Fred uses the Zero Up software to help you find examples of advertisements based on your chosen product(s).

Video 04 - Increasing Perceived Value

Before you put a price tag on a product, you have to understand the perceived value first! 

In this lesson, Fred starts by stressing the importance of your product's Perceived Value - the worth a product has in the mind of the consumer.

This Perceived Value influences the price they are willing to pay for your product. For the most part, consumers are unaware of the real cost of production of a product, so they have no idea what it should cost.

Fred then also explains 7 different strategies you can use to price your products correctly and increase their perceived value.

Video 05 - Pricing Formula

Fred teaches you how to master the art of pricing in this lesson. 

Fred suggests 5 different pricing guidelines and goes through each one in detail. They are:
  1. Keystone Pricing
  2. The Halves
  3. Price Skimming
  4. Penetration Method
  5. Psychological Pricing

Video 06 - Great Product Description

In this lesson, Fred stresses the importance of great product descriptions. 

Fred gives some useful tips to ensure a good product description and discusses Must Have Information. 

Fred then shows an example of a good product description, as well as an example of a product with a text heavy product description. 

Additional Resources

Thos module also includes 100 pdf documents, titled Top 100 Selling Products Reports. Each document contains a product with an image, it's description, suggested price and a link to the AliExpress product page.

In addition, there's also a Price Comparison with eBay and Amazon, as well as suggested Interest Targeting and Demographics for possible ad campaigns. 
Module 2 contains 6 videos with a total length of 1 hour and 28 minutes and an additional 100 .pdf documents. 

Module 02 - My Key Takeaways 

It is clear from the start that this course is aimed at the complete beginner. Fred does a great job of introducing dropshipping novices to the business model and explains all the relevant information in a clear, informative and easy to understand format.

Highlight of the module: Fred showing you how to get a free email service provider. Access to the members only Zero Up software is also a good addition.


Content: 6/10 Not the most comprehensive content out there.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad module per se. It's just when you compare this module's content to other courses, you will find that this module is not very comprehensive.

The information is very basic and does not offer any new insights. All of this info is very readily available on the internet and not what you would expect from a dropshipping "guru"...  

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