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Zero Up Module 3

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 3 - Turbocharging Your Store

This a full, video by video review of Fred Lam's Zero Up Module 3. I give an in-depth and unbiased review of the entire Module 3 here.

Module 3 - Turbocharging Your Store

Module length: 1 hour 38 minutes

Video 01 - Email Integration

Fred starts the module off by explaining the importance of emails. Not only is it the number 1 form of contact with customers, but it also allows you to build an email list to market to. 

Fred suggests some email providers and his preferred service provider's fees are listed below:
I'm sorry, but as a beginner dropshipper, you will not have budgeted $79 per month for emails. That's ludicrous, especially when you have other email tools available that integrates seamlessly with Shopify, such as:
  • Omnisend Standard lets you send up to 15 000 emails per month for $16 per month. Another favorite is
  • Mailchimp Standard, which lets you send 1,2 million emails to 100 000 contacts for only $14.99 per month.

These are just two examples - there are many others out there for you to try. Most come with a free trial, so make the most of it and find one that works for you. But not at $79 per month...

Video 02 - Autoresponder Sequence

An autoresponder is an automated email that gets sent to your subscribers, based on the timing intervals that you have set. It's great to use for the following reasons:
  • Set and forget. Once set up, it sends automatically and you don't have to worry about it again. 
  • Builds your store brand,
  • and contributes to increased sales. 
Fred then goes into detail about the Autoresponder Strategy, which aims to:
  • Acknowledge the customer
  • Engage the customer
  • Get the customer to follow you on Social Media
  • Promote your business &/ products (sale!)
  • Educate through informative content.
In this video, Fred also cover Autoresponder Broadcasting and setting it all up within Fred's preferred paid-for app (yes, it is the same one that costs a minimum of $79 per month...)

Video 03 - App Store

Shopify Apps are apps developed by third parties to enhance the core functionality of Shopify.

Fred then gives a breakdown of the types of different apps you can find on the Shopify App Store, ranging from marketing to shipping tools. 

Fred then suggests that you only use certain apps (but doesn't tell you which ones are essential...), and shows you how to install an an Image Optimizer app.  

Video 04 - Conversio

According to Fred, Conversio is a free app that you can get on the App Store.

Fast forward to October 2019 and Conversio's name has changed to Campaign Monitor / Commerce and starts from $9 per month. Yes, they changed the name AGAIN. First it was Receiptful, then Conversio and now Campaign Monitor / Commerce...Who knows what it will be in 2020?
Use Campaign Monitor to generate Receipts AND Coupons!

Video 05 - Fomo

Fomo creates added sales by means of social proof. 
  • Fomo creates trust and real-time buyer validation and
  • shows other selling products for customers to add to their order. 

Fred then shows you how to install and set up the app. (Ps: Fomo starts at $19 per month)

Video 06 - Abandonment Protector

An abandoned cart is when a prospect goes through all the motions of adding a product to their cart, fills in their email address but then never goes through with the payment. The industry average is around 60% - so such a high number is normal. 

Fred then introduces you to his preferred app which costs $8 per month. 

This app has the ability to send 3 different emails and according to Fred, it has a Retention Rate of 7%, making it well worth the $8.

Fred then offers three Abandon Cart Strategies to increase sales and finally shows you how to install and set the Abandonment Protector app up.

Video 07 - Shipping Dual

Most of your customer queries will come from people wanting to know when their package is being delivered.

In order to greatly reduce the time you spend dealing with customers, Fred suggests two apps that will allow the following:

Fred shows you how to install and set the apps up in your Shopify Store.

Video 08 - Hurrify

Fred starts off by explaining why a timer works.
  • A timer signifies something drawing to a close/end. 
  • Deals ending soon or almost depleted inventory stimulates scarcity, which urges people to make instant decisions. 
Fred introduces you to his preferred app and shows you how to best utilize it on your store.

Hurrify costs $6.99 per month.

Video 09 - Privy

Privy is an app that creates pop-ups that either show the latest promotion, or offers discounts in return for an email address. 

Can be set up that as soon as a prospect nears the exit / close button, a pop-up appears, enticing them to stay.

Fred suggests some strategies in order to get the most from pop-ups.

Fred then also shows you how to install and configure Privy.

(Ps: There is a free branded version (up to 5 000 visitors per month), otherwise Privy costs $20 per month for the unbranded version that caters for up to 10 000 visitors.)
Module 3 contains 9 videos with a total length of 1 hour and 38 minutes.

Module 03 - My Key Takeaways 

Beware: In order to get the most out of your store setup, you're going to have to spend some money.

Make sure you've budgeted an additional $160 per month if you're planning to use Fred's suggested apps.

The apps are great - BUT they come at a price.


Content: 8/10 Fred picked some great apps to help boost your sales. 



Fred does a good job of showing you some of the premium apps that he uses. They're all geared towards increasing your conversions and/or streamline your admin tasks, thereby saving you additional time and money. 

The apps that Fred suggests will definitely make your life easier and lead to more sales, but they come at a premium.

Expect to pay over $160 per month in order to use them, though...

And then there's the Email Marketing app. It starts at $79 per month and it WILL be a waste of money if you don't have a big email list... You've been warned.

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