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Zero Up Module 4

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review
Module 4 - Creating A Sales Funnel

This is a detailed review of Fred Lam's Zero Up course module 4.

Module 4 - Creating A Sales Funnel

Module length: 1 hour 5 minutes

Video 01 - Crafting Sales Funnel​

According to Fred, a sales funnel is a road map on how your prospects interact on your website and how to turn them into returning customers.

Fred then illustrates the sales funnel process and lastly gives three tips on sales funnels:
  1. Don't craft a sales funnel until you have a proven product
  2. Source from the same supplier for your upsells
  3. Understand the basics of copywriting and test each element 

Video 02 - Funnel Builder

In this lesson, Fred shows you how you can use the Zero Up software to build a Sales Funnel. 

The Funnel Builder is a VERY handy tool to have, and Fred did well to have this developed and included in his course.

Video 03 - Profit Multiplier

The Profit Multiplier is another tool in your Zero Up Software arsenal. It allows you to create pop-ups that will boost your conversion rate. There are four options to choose from:

Fred shows you step-by-step how to create a great looking coupon and how to install it on your store. Fred then gives a quick run-through of how to create an image and video ad.

Video 04 - Copywriting

Copywriting is considered to be any text on promotional material. This is not just limited to advertisements, but also includes the content on your Product Page, Landing Pages, emails etc.

The tone, feeling and structure of words affects your conversions.

Fred then explains the importance of copywriting and discusses several key points of copywriting, which includes:
  • writing headlines
  • selling the benefits, not the features
  • using power words
  • painting a vivid picture with words, and 
  • emphasizing value

Video 05 - Inreasing AOV 

The purpose of any sales funnel is to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) at the cart to instantly increase your profits.

McDonald's up-sale strategy is one of the most famous AOV strategies out there. You intend to eat just a burger, but then end up paying for an upsize, and getting a McFlurry as well... 
AOV is important because it allows you to be competitive - regardless of the competition or niche.

Fred then discusses his two AOV strategies, namely
  1. upselling the core product, or
  2. using bundle packaging.
Fred then suggests that you 
  • keep refining your AOV, as this will increase your sales and profits
  • test different products and ideas
  • test different bundles
  • remember that there is always room for improvement
Module 4 contains 5 videos with a total length of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Module 04 - My Key Takeaways 

This is one of the better modules thus far and contains plenty of useful tips.

The highlight of module 4 however, is Fred's Zero Up software. It's seems like an almost indispensable marketing tool to have.

The question however, is whether the price of the course justifies access to the software alone... 


Content: 7/10 Content itself is probably a 6/10. Access to the software however, is an 8/10. My content rating is therefore the average of the two.



This entire module covers additional tools of the Zero Up software, that you get exclusive access to as a member. It's a great collection of tools that does a good job of helping you with certain aspects of your marketing campaign.  

The software is quite good, but I'm unsure how often (if any) updates are done and whether it keeps up with new methods and trends.

Also, keep in mind that all the tools available in the Zero Up software, is available in the Shopify App Store for a few dollars a month.

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