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Zero Up Module 5

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review
Module 5 - Advertising Your Store

This is an in-depth review of Module 5 of Fred Lam's Zero Up Dropshipping Course.

Module 5 - Advertising Your Store

Module length: 3 hours 27 minutes

Video 01 - Facebook Page

Fred does his standard introduction to the module by explaining what Facebook is. He also explains the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile.

You need a FB Page, in order to advertise on FB. It is also necessary to
  • build your online presence
  • build social proof for your website, and
  • is a must-have in order to understand your audience better through page/post metrics
Fred then walks you through a FB Page setup, which includes:
  • selecting a page type
  • choosing a category
  • naming your page
  • describing your business
  • setting a profile picture
  • adding to favorites, and
  • setting a preferred page audience

Video 02 - Business Manager

Fred introduces you to Ads Manager first. Ads Manager is FB's Marketing Platform, where you can
  • create and manage ads
  • access reports
  • and optimize campaigns
Next is an introduction to Business Manager.
  • It's a tool that allows businesses to manage their FB PAd Accounts and Apps, and allows you access to all these business assets in one place. 
Fred then walks you through the setup process, which includes claiming FB Pages, creating an Ad Account and assigning roles to team members.

Video 03 - Facebook Pixels

LoThe FB Pixel is JavaScript code for your website, that helps you track, optimize, and build audiences for your ad campaigns. 

Fred also explains the importance of the FB Pixel as well as how the Pixel works and what it is comprised of.

Fred then shows you how to install the Pixel according to a Standard Event or a Custom Conversion and also covers the Pixel's Events and Parameters to define more data.

Lastly, Fred covers how to check the installation for issues and installing the Pixel on Shopify.

Video 04 - Finding Target Audience

Fred starts the lesson by stressing the importance of doing your market research. 
  • Remember that your audience is your prospects that can be elevated to customers and then loyal advocate buyers.
  • The better you know your audience, the more you will succeed in your niche. 
Fred then lays down the Audience Blueprint and explains each of the following 3 steps:
  1. Brainstorm keywords
  2. Facebook intelligence
  3. Demographic and Affinity Expansion
Fred then does a walk-through of how to use Facebook's Audience Insights. 
Fred then shows you where you can get addition data from two other sites to verify the data you get from Facebook.

Video 05 - Types of Targeting Methods

Fred gives a brief background on Facebook Targeting and the importance of it.

He then discusses three different types of targeting:
  1. Precise Targeting
  2. Broad Targeting, and
  3. Flex Targeting
Fred then does a walk-through of how to set up a Flex Targeting Campaign.

Video 06 - Types of Ads

In this lesson, Fred teaches you about:
  • the different ad types within Facebook
  • ad type strategies and techniques
  • 7 effective ad type strategies that are proven for higher CTR and conversions
Fred explains each of the different FB ad types. They are:
  • Single Image Ads
  • 1200x1200 Photo Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Demo Ads
  • (Just so you know, according to FB, there are 11 different ad types...)

Fred then shares his tips for effective ad strategies and then discusses the different ways to create ads. 

Video 07 - Setting Up Facebook Ads

Fred states that there are three steps to setting up FB Ads. They are:
Step 1: Choosing your objective
Step 2: Configuring your targeting
Step 3: Creating your ads

Fred then does a over-the-shoulder walk-through of how to set up an ad, based on Purchase Conversions.

Video 08 - Tripwires

In business terms a tripwire refers to a strategy used to ensnare a prospect to become your customer. 

According to Fred, the most widely used tripwire in dropshipping is the FREE + Shipping method, where the customer receives a "free" item and "only" pays for the shipping. 

Fred does a walk-through of finding tripwire products on AliExpress, showing you what to look out for. Once again Fred uses the Zero Up software.

Fred then suggests several strategies to employ when using tripwire products.

Lastly, Fred does a walk-through of how to set up a simple tripwire ad and offers advice for optimizing your tripwire ads.

Video 09 - Content Marketing

Content marketing is an indirect advertising method to lure prospective customers under the guise of giving them useful information, without initially asking them to buy anything. 
Fred teaches you that there are 2 strategies for content marketing:
  1. Educational Content on the landing page that leads to your product, or
  2. Remarket from your article.

Fred then shows you an example of an Educational Landing Page, and lastly does a walk-through of how a Remarketing Article works, and how to set it up.

Top Choice: This is a very useful lesson as not many other courses cover Content Marketing.

Video 10 - Demo Ads

In this very short video, Fred teaches you about Demonstration Ads. These are ads that demonstrate the benefits/features/effectiveness of a product.

Fred suggests the use of demo ads in the following niches:
  • Home and Gardening
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Electronics and Technology, and
  • Baby Supplies
Fred does a walk-through of how to create Demo Ads and how to set them up in FB Ads Manager.

Fred then closes off with some Demo Video Ads tips.

Video 11 - Skimming the Market

According to Fred, skimming the market is selling products equal to, or just under the market value with FREE shipping. 

A good place to do market research, is on Amazon. Fred shows you how to find top products and then finding similar products on AliExpress. 

The goal is to find products that can be bundled together, so that customers are inclined to buy more than one at a time. This increases your profit margins.

Top Tip: This is another great addition to the module, as not many dropshipping courses mention the bundling of products to increase your profits. 

Video 12 - Analyzing FB Ads

In this lesson, Fred stresses the importance of correctly analyzing the data from your FB Ads.

By default, FB Ad Reporting is not optimized to show you the most important data you need to make informed decisions about your ads. Fred gives advice on which of the metrics you should focus on.

Fred does a walk-through of how to customize your Ad Reporting and discusses his "4 Level Ups of Optimization". They include:
  1. Cost Per Action (CPA) Acquisition
  2. Click Through Rate (CTR) Link
  3. Cost Per Click (CPC) Link, and
  4. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM - from Cost Per Mille)
Top Tip: Fred lastly discusses his 4 Phases of Analysis. Dropshipping courses sometimes neglect to tell you exactly how and WHEN to scale your ads. Fred shows you the exact strategy that he uses in order to scale or kill ads. It's great to have a tick list that works according to certain timeframes and events.  

Video 13 - Scaling with FB Ads

Fred shares a very important formula to use before you start scaling. (I can't show you what it is, sorry.)

Fred then suggests the following two scaling strategies:
  1. Playing it safe - less risk, but takes longer for results
  2. Day-trading Ads - instant burst in traffic, but higher risk and more dedication
Fred explains each strategy in detail and then talks about the two scaling factors to keep in mind: Frequency and Relevance Score.

Video 14 - Custom Audiences 

In this lesson, Fred talks about Advanced Scaling with Facebook, using Custom or Lookalike Audiences.

A Custom Audience is a target segment, based on visitors' activity on your site.
Lookalike Audiences are target segments (that have not had interaction with your posts/website etc.), but are instead based on similar interests to your Custom Audience.
There are four types of custom audiences to create:
  1. Visitors to a certain Page on your site (landing page, collection page, specific product page etc.)
  2. All Add to Carts
  3. All Initiate Checkouts
  4. All Purchase Audiences
Fred discusses each one and then shows you how to create Custom Audiences based on the above mentioned types.

He also discusses different strategies to employ for Custom Audiences.

Fred then does a walk-through of creating Lookalike Audiences and lastly shares his "ultimate scaling strategy - Zero Targeting."

Video 15 - Dealing with Account Suspension

This is a great little added segment as not many other courses cover this issue. 

Fred starts by quickly discussing the possible reasons for a FB Account Suspension. Most importantly, he then covers the steps to dealing with a suspension.

Lastly, Fred does a walk-through of how to file an appeal via Facebook Business.

Module 5 contains a total of 16 videos with a total length of 3 hours and 27 minutes. 

Module 05 - My Key Takeaways 

By far the highlight of the course thus far! This module shines and can truly hold it's own when compared to other more expensive dropshipping courses. 

Fred does a stand-up job of tackling the difficult (and VERY important) topic of FB Ads. Some courses skimp on the detail, but Fred has done the opposite, especially when it comes to Scaling.

Highlights of the module: Videos 9, 11,12, 13 and 14. Great tips are found in each one!


Content: 8/10 Fred does a great job of teaching you about Facebook.

This is a great module that deals with everything Facebook related. Fred covers just about everything from setting up a FB (business) Page, to the Pixel, to Scaling your Ad Sets.

There are many highlights and top tips in this module and it is suggested to go through the content very carefully. 

Fred also does a great job of catering to both beginners and a little more advanced dropshippers - so this is a module you can bookmark and come back to when you're more confident with analyzing data and trying more aggressive marketing methods. 

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