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Zero Up Module 6

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 6 - Store Management

Everything you need to know about the Fred Lam's Zero Up Module 6 is contained here. This is an in-depth, unbiased and video by video overview of Module 6 that deals with the Management of your Shopify Store.


Module length: 2 hours 8 minutes

Video 01 - Order And Fulfill

Another advantage of using Fred's Zero Up software, is that it automatically processes orders. This includes:
  • ordering products on your behalf
  • and it sends a tracking number to your customer
Fred even goes so far as to list some common errors that could occur and how to fix them. 

Fred then offers some tracking tips and takes you on a walk-through of setting it all up in your Zero Up and Shopify dashboards. 

Video 02 - Daily Routine

Fred stresses the importance of setting up and sticking to a daily routine. This is great advice, as you need to consistently work on your store.

Fred then gives you a to-do list.

Fred also shares his Golden Product Scaling Procedure, which is a step by step sequence to increase your sales.

Video 03 - Common Issues

In this lesson, Fred gives some valuable insights, which includes
  • how to treat your customers
  • dealing with queries
  • dealing with refunds
Fred also included template documents to use in response to possible queries.

Video 04 - Chargebacks

A chargeback is when a customer contacts their credit card company and say that they did not authorize the sale or that it is fraud.

This is a nightmare for you as it 
  • affects your standing with credit card companies
  • there can be an additional $15 penalty fee
Fred offers three steps to follow, should you get a chargeback:
  1. Contact the buyer to possibly resolve the issue without the need for a chargeback to the credit company
  2. Respond to Shopify Payment or PayPal
  3. Provide all information to legitimize your claim - of you can prove the customer ordered and the product was delivered you will in all likelihood win the claim
Top Tip: These are great tips as no other course deals with chargebacks at all.

Video 05 - Financial Keeper

Not only do you need to know if you are making a profit, but you also need to keep financial records for taxation purposes and it's absolutely necessary should you wish to sell the business one day. 

Fred gives you access to a ready-made spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your financial data.

This is a basic spreadsheet and as your store grows, you will have to use more specialized accounting software. Fred suggests Quickbook Online.

Video 06 - Stats Analysis

Data doesn't lie!

The more you know about your website data, the more you will succeed as a store owner. Once you've learned to interpret data from your store, it will become a powerful asset. 

Fred shows you how to analyze some of the data from your Shopify Store, which includes
  • Total Sales
  • Total Visitors
  • Conversions, and
  • Top Products.
Fred also shows you how to interpret data from Google Analytics, which is a much more powerful tool. Google Analytics lets you
  • look at Behavioral Flow,
  • where your Traffic is coming from, and
  • how people interact on your page.

Video 07 - Social Presence

Social presence has become an increasingly important part of a successful business. This is because our lives have become more focused on social media. 

Fred offers some Facebook Posting Strategies, which include:
  • Provide Content
  • Share Viral Videos in your niche
  • Announce On Sale Products
  • Create Engagement Posts
  • Host contests
Fred then shows you some practical examples.

Video 08 - Email Profit

Fred says that once your autoresponder sequence is completed, you can structure and schedule your Broadcast Mailing Calendar.

He suggests sending out three emails per week at a specified time each day, and then shows you what type of content to place in each of the emails.

Top Tip: Once a week, send an email that looks like a flyer.
Lastly, Fred discusses the most important elements of your marketing emails:
  • Have a catchy subject line
  • Have clear Call To Actions
  • Make sure the Offer is clear
  • Watch your Open Rate and CTR Metrics to see what your customers like and want

Video 09 - Split Tests

Never assume that you are right when it comes to a winning product or advertisement.

Always split test your ads. Something as small as a different heading can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Fred suggests using a third party Split Testing Service. It's all good and well when you're established and you want to scale, but beginner dropshippers won't necessarily be able to afford this...

To conclude the module, Fred shows you how to set up your Split Testing using the third party service and Shopify.

Module 6 contains a total of 9 videos with a total length of 2 hours and 8 minutes. It also includes an Excel Spreadsheet to help with your finances and seven Customer Feedback Templates in Word format. 

Module 06 - My Key Takeaways 

Highlight of the module: The Spreadsheet and Word documents are very useful to have. No other course really focused on giving customers feedback to their queries, whereas Fred went to the trouble of making ready-to-use documents for 

  • I have not received my product yet
  • No information on my tracking
  • Product Damage
  • Refund - keystone
  • Refund - tripwire
  • What's my tracking number?
  • Why is this shipped from China?

These are essential templates to have!


Content: 7/10 Fred does offer some original insights into the dropshipping model, but continues to suggests costly add-on apps...



Fred offers a unique insight into certain areas of dropshipping that other courses don't cover. Examples include:
  • getting into a DAILY routine
  • customer issues you might encounter and how to deal with them
  • chargebacks and how to appeal
However, some of the content is thin again.
  • Such as exactly how to interpret the data you find in Shopify and Google Analytics. He shows you where to get the data, but not how to use it to your advantage. 
  • The Email Profit video gives great tips on WHEN to send emails and WHAT to include in them, but not HOW to set it up and use any automated apps to get it sent for you...
  • And then there's the split testing... Fred shows you how to use an expensive third party service for your split testing, where other courses will show you how to interpret the data to do-it-yourself...

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