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Zero Up Module 9

August 16, 2020

Zero Up - The COMPLETE Review

Module 9 - Weekly Bootcamp

Everything you need to know about the Fred Lam's Zero Up Course is contained here. In-depth, unbiased and a video by video overview of the entire course.

If you're looking for a comprehensive insight into Zero Up, then this is it!


Module length: 25 hours 12 minutes

This section of the members area consists of weekly "bootcamp sessions", where Fred gives additional tips and answers member questions. There are a LOT of these, so I am just skimming through the first 20 weeks.

These 20 sessions alone racked up over 25 hours worth of video lessons. Hopefully you can use the summary and Best Tip, as a guide.

Session 01

Session 1 deals with Creating a Brand New Store from Scratch, using Fred's Methods.
Best tip: Fred shows you how to brainstorm new niche ideas using Alexa.

Session 2

Session 2 deals with Setting Up Your Website.
Best Tip: Fred shows you how to setup pricing for "discounted" or "on sale" products.

Session 3

Fred suggests some add-ons/apps to use and recommends that you use the $79 per month Shopify Plan.

Best tip: Tax or no tax? If you're in the US, only charge tax in the State where you live. If you reside outside the US and plan to sell in the US, you don't charge ANY tax. 

Session 4

In this session, Fred shows you how to
  • Create an Advanced Campaign on Abandonment Protector
  • add Conversio and Fomo apps
Best tip: If you use Tripwire Shipping at $9.95, you cannot change the price, otherwise you have to change the entire shipping table. Leave it as is. (But what if your customers feel that the product is not worth the $9.95 they are paying..?)

Session 5

Fred shows you how to create a Facebook Ad for a new product.

Best tip: if your conversion rate is less than 5%, kill the ad.

Session 6

Fred has a guest speaker, Jedidiah Drathos. They talk mostly about mindsets in business and how important it is for your success.

Session 7

This entire video is a Q&A session. Students sent their questions via email and Fred answers them.

Best Tip: Pricing Strategy:
Your Cost Of Product Is $2.00 On AliExpress. ePacket Cost is $2.50. So, COGS = $4.50
Take $4.50 / 25% = $18.00 + FREE SHIPPING
Take $4.50 / 50% = $9.00 + SHIPPING of $9.95 = $18.95

If Free + Shipping doesn't work, try lower Product Price + Standard Shipping

Session 8

This session deals with finding "The Golden Product".

Best tip: How to use Amazon Best Sellers, Watchcount and FB Pages to find great new products.

Session 9

In this session, Fred sings the praises of an app that makes your FB Pixel "smarter". 

Word of caution though - it's Fred's own app, and the last two reviews of the app have not been favorable... (Oh, and it's an ADDED $9 per month to your running costs... If you're using all the apps that Fred suggests, you're on $170 per month now...

Session 10

Fred explains what Dark Posts are and how they can be used to boost your social proof.

Session 11

In session 11, Fred explains the 3x3 FB advertising method. 

Each Campaign Has:
  • 3 Ad Sets with different Targeting, and
  • each Ad Set should have 3 different Ads

Session 12

This session starts very slowly - it was a life Q&A session hosted by Connor and Jedi(?). The sound is not very good and both these guys make a lot of noise in the background. At one stage it sounded like a security gate being moved back and forth on its rusty tracks. 

The first couple of minutes are definitely not the best start to a video presentation ever...

I kept thinking: "An hour and a half of this is going to be pretty painful...", so I did what most people would do - I skipped it and went to the next session.

Session 13

This session deals with updates to the Zero Up Software Tools, including a Tracking Status update and Pixel Bay. 

Failed chance at a Top Tip: A student said that he has been waiting for 5 weeks for the delivery of a product and the vendor keeps telling him to be patient. Should he cancel and reorder.

Fred's answer was simply: "If It Is 5 Weeks And You Use ePacket, YES!

A better answer would have been, how long on average you should wait for a delivery before cancelling the order. And then should you even consider using the same vendor again?

Session 14

In this session, Fred analyzes a few websites of his students, giving them pointers on Keywords, Product Descriptions, Focusing on a Niche etc. 

Best Tip: If Free + Shipping at $9.95 doesn't work, try $6.95 + $2.95 (Light Shipping)

Session 15

This session deals with an "Advanced Retargeting Strategy" using Fred's Pixel Bay app. 

Best Tip: If Zero Up is connected to your Shopify Account and you connect to the exact same Shopify account, after
clicking on “Pixel Bay” in your account, it will bypass the monthly charge. 

Boom! You just saved $9pm!

Session 16

Fred offers advice on an additional ad copy method to boost your sales - Back Order Promotion!

Session 17

In this session, Fred offers his recipe for "Crafting the Perfect Sales Funnel". 

Fred shows you (once again) how to get a "Golden Product" and then how to set up your landing page and the sales funnel via your Zero Up Software.

Session 18

This session is a continuation of the previous session that dealt with sales funnels. 

Best Tip: Fred shows you how to spy on the "best selling" companies in your niche. Your top competitors in your niche will start to target YOU with their products - you can adapt/copy their marketing techniques to your own products.

Session 19

Fred gives feedback on a few of his students' websites and ads. The session is called "Full Store & Campaign Review". 

Best Tip: It's an hour and 15 minutes long, but Fred actually shows the Ads or Landing Pages, so you can see what his students did wrong and what Fred suggest they do to improve it. Very useful!

Session 20

In session 20, Fred shows you how to maximize your sales with one setup tweak in the Zero Up Software.  

This involves Instagram and finding Influencers

Unfortunately, Fred doesn't go into the details on how to find the right Influencers, nor how much they should get paid.

When it comes to IG Influencers, it boils sown to negotiation, and you need the skills to pull it off successfully, otherwise you'll end up paying to much and never get a good ROI. So be warned!

Module 9 contains 20 videos with a total length of 25 hours and 12 minutes.

Module 09 - My Key Takeaways 

There were actually a handful of very useful tips to be found in this module. (Perhaps it's to be expected if you spend more than 25 hours on course material...)

Some of the highlights are:

  • using Alexa to find niches or product ideas
  • how to show "marked down" prices on your Shopify Product Page
  • if your FB Ad's conversion rate is less than 5%, then kill the ad
  • additional tools to find "Golden Products"
  • mixing up your pricing strategy
  • how to spy on the competition without it costing you a cent.

Content: 6/10 Fred tends to talk a lot and this module is a perfect example of where it all feels a little too long-winded...



You always get mixed results with Q&A sessions - in my opinion, the frustration of sitting through hours of these sessions, far outweigh the handful of golden nuggets that you can (maybe) find. 

It's sounds impressive to have an extra 25 hours of content, but is it really worth it when most of it is just filler content?

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