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JR Rivas’ Client Acquisition Automation Review, is it legit?

January 13, 2023

In the Client Acquisition Automation course by JR Rivas, you learn how to automate your customer acquisition process by hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. JR shows you how to find the top 1% of Philipine virtual assistants, how to train them on how to gain clients for your business, how to create an automation system, and more. In this Client Acquisition Automation review, I'll dive into who JR Rivas is, everything he teaches in his course, and how JR's method compares to another popular lead generation method that offers passive income.

Who Is JR Rivas?

Born into a poor single-parent household in New York City, JR Rivas had a hard time growing up.

He and his mother didn’t have much stability nor the funds to cover the basic necessities of life.

Living that way made JR want to be so great and successful that he wouldn’t have to live like that again.

Books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a staple in the entrepreneur community, and Tim Ferriss "The 4-Hour Workweek", inspired JR to be better and want to do more.

Similar to Billy Willson, he realized college wasn’t for him.

JR was searching for real financial freedom.

At 18 years old, he started his own tax business.

After his tax business endeavors, he switched things up.

He began his digital marketing journey and over time came to own three 6 Figure businesses, coaching more than 500 entrepreneurs in over 47 countries on how to do the same.

He even has a course called, "Facebook Ads For Real Estate" as well as, "Personal Brand Profits" which helps digital marketers create online courses.

He's no doubt had plenty of success.

Let's take a dive into what you can expect to learn in this course.

What To Expect In This Course?

JR was frustrated because he realized that he was wearing all of the hats in his business.

He was prospecting, setting appointments, following up, onboarding clients, everything.

One day, a friend suggested he hire a VA (Virtual Assistant).

After a bit of trial and error, he found a great VA for only $3.00 an hour!


That's what his course is all about.

Let’s get into the steps he shares to successfully find a virtual assistant to help scale businesses faster.

Below are the steps you'll learn in this course so that you can acquire clients on auto-pilot.

  • How To Find Exceptional Top 1% Virtual Assistants
  • Why It's Ok To Pay $3.00/hour To a VA
  • Agency Appointment Setting Boot Camp For VA's
  • Benefits of Niching Down

JR will show you a 3-step process, that can really help your business grow more than you may have even thought with the help of virtual assistants.

JR's 10K Customer Acquisition Automation Training

Step 1: Finding An Exceptional Top 1% Virtual Assistant

How do you find the best of the best VA's that will help advance your business goals?

The secret, according to JR, is to have an airtight screening process.

He sends his VA’s through a 5 step process where they’re screened for the following:

  • English Speaking Ability
  • Internet Connection
  • Competency
  • Background Check
  • Reliability

All of these matter.

Only the most experienced, reliable and well-spoken candidates are hired.

This is obvious as you want to be able to have a good line of understandable communication between yourself and a trustworthy virtual assistant.

The whole point of having a VA is so that the operations of your business can run smoothly without any huge issues.

Imagine if your virtual assistant's internet connection was horrible.

Nothing would get done.

Imagine if they were up to no good with your business information.

That'd be an unnecessary problem.

It would go against the whole point of having a VA.

After the ideal candidate is selected for you, you're then introduced to them, sign off on the decision and the second part of the process can then begin.

You’ll also have a dedicated account manager to support your virtual assistant regularly should they have any questions as far as how to do their job so, you're in good hands with JR's team.

Step 2: Agency Appointment Setting Boot Camp

This is all about training your virtual assistant to perform client acquisition and revenue generating tasks.

At this point, the VA works with JR’s team to learn all of the client acquisition methods. 

Every method possible.

Below are platforms and techniques you can use to reach out to business owners:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Email Outreach
  • SMS Marketing
  • Cold Calls
  • Follow-Ups
  • Loom Videos

The VA’s are given a refined script to implement while prospecting for you.

This is a script that JR and his team have put together over time and has proven to generate leads.

The virtual assistants can also expect to work between 20-40 hours per week.

The crazy part is that they're hired for $3.00 an hour.

How is that not the exploitation of human beings?

According to JR, the average income in the Philippines is a little more than $7000.00 a year.

He mentioned that Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines hire a ton of Filipinos and pay them $1.80 an hour for 70 hours a week not including overtime pay.

So, the $3.00 an hour you would pay them is really so much better, almost double what they would make with the cruise lines plus and they get to work from home.

It's a no-brainer for these virtual assistants to want to work for you and actually do a great job.

It's a sweet deal for them too and they enjoy doing the work anyway.

Worried about the communication aspect of all of this?


Philippine VA’s learn English in school so their English is pretty good.

After the screening process, you won’t have many issues communicating them.

This whole system has worked wonders for JR which is why now, he's sharing the formula.

Step 3: Niching Down To Create A Simple System For Automating Fulfillment

Niching down should be everyone's goal.


Let’s use logic for a minute.

Say you run Facebook ads like JR or even his mentor Dan Henry...

You gain new clients such as a dentist, hair salon, chiropractor, landscaper and a realtor.

You'd have to learn how to successfully run ads for each niche immediately, right?

Truth is, you probably won't have a successful first campaign for each.

Each niche is different because the audience and offers are all different.

Your job is going to be so much harder by jumping into each and every niche that comes along.

You’ll end up wasting a lot of money testing ads as well as a lot of time.

You might end up spending hundreds of dollars over a weekend with no results to show for. 

be honest... you really want to do that?

I didn’t think so.

I know I don't.

Now consider this.

You go into one niche.

Maybe you decide to take on gym clients.

You test different offers and audiences.

Only spend money on ads for gyms.

Over time, you find a winning ad.

What should you do next?

Look for another gym to run ads for with your winning formula.

And another and another.

Rinse, repeat.

Rinse, repeat.

Get the picture?

No need to keep finding a formula.

It’s all about making your life easier by taking the path of least resistance.

Working smarter, not harder helps you to scale faster too.

Niching down will also help your VA’s be much more productive.

They'll get familiar with what needs to be done much quicker.

Also, if you offer one type of service, that makes you look like the authority in your field and niche.

That's important.

If you run Facebook ads for gyms, be the authority in that.

Also, pitching to other gyms will be a piece of pie.

tell me...

...what's a gym owner who's looking to grow his business going to say when you go to them and show them the amazing ROI you're bringing another business?

Something to the effect of,

“Please take my money!”

Trust me, I know.

Niching down will help you keep your business on autopilot.

That's the goal, right?

Working With JR Rivas

Once you’ve bought this course, you’ll get on an onboarding call with JR.

You’ll talk about your niche, offer strategy and he’ll help make sure that you understand everything you need to do to scale your agency.

Once you’re a part of his group, you’ll have access to 2 weekly coaching calls where he covers strategies and any updates.

There’s even a group chat in his private Facebook group for more support.

JR has also set up a section with video content that covers everything you need so that you can successfully run your digital marketing service agency.

The following are what’s covered in this video content section:

  • Niche Selection
  • Client Acquisition
  • Sales
  • Fulfillment
  • Retention
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing

Here are some of the other things that are covered in this course:

As you can see, JR provides a good amount of value in his course as well as in his private group.

He shares an ad you can set up in 20 minutes to generate appointments with prospects who are ready to buy.

Also, you’ll have access to the exact sales script JR uses that will have you hearing more positive responses than negative.

This is so valuable because many people don’t know how to speak with other business owners.

JR then gets to showing you how to offload the sales process so that you aren’t doing sales calls yourself.

This course is all about how to automate the whole process so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

JR guarantees that if you don’t see your initial investment in 6 months, you get a full refund while still keeping your VA and training materials at no cost.

They’ll even replace your VA if something tragic were to happen to them.

Not a bad deal.

Should You Invest In This Course?

Everyone has different goals for themselves and their business.

Some people feel that they're good with growing their business to the point where they can handle everything.

They wear all of the hats and that's ok.

If you truly feel that you aren't able to scale your business exponentially because you're wearing all of the "hats", you should probably consider getting a virtual assistant and taking advantage of JR's course.

Before getting a VA, first be sure that the business model you're a part of is truly the right one for you.

Personally, I think the 5-step screening process to make sure that a virtual assistant in the Philippines is an ideal candidate, is a lengthy process.

I'd much rather invest the time and money towards a business plan that helps make prospecting much easier.

It's great that JR Rivas has a system to keep your business on autopilot.

At least that's the goal.

truth is...

...this course will only help you get a VA to do the prospecting for you.

You still have to do the heavy lifting. 

JR was a student of Dan Henry's 30 Day Agency Facebook Ads course.

Anyone who knows me, knows I don't mess with Facebook ads in 2021 because the cost of running ads on FB is rising which means your clients will want to pay you less since they're covering the ad spend.

Yea, you could train your VA's to do some of the work, but how long will it take before they actually learn it well enough to run ads efficiently?

You may not have to monitor your ads, the cost and conversions or even the split-testing, but your VA will and they'll always be contacting you about something if they aren't taught well.

You're more likely to lose out on more money since they aren't as familiar with the work as you are.

in my eyes... all seems like a hassle especially if your biz model isn't going to contribute to you making a passive income.

As far as prospecting, there's definitely a better way to go about it and an even better business model to do it for. 

All you have to do is provide leads in advance to a business owner.

I'd much rather get a virtual assistant to help me with that.

Your next question is probably, how do I generate those leads.

Let me explain.

How I'm Earning A Passive Income Through Local Lead Generation And Acquiring Clients At Will

I generate leads for local businesses by ranking in Google.

Here's an example of one of my sites that I have ranked.

As a result, all of that FREE traffic flows in.

Instead of investing in a course that'll help get a VA after a lengthy process, I can get a virtual assistant for cheaper to do certain tasks related to local lead gen.

In most instances, I don't even need to look outside of the country.

Even though they might be cheaper in the Philippines, it's not like I'm paying for the VA anyway.

My client who pays me monthly is pretty much covering the cost of a VA, which honestly isn't much.

What i do is...

...make a screencast or Loom video for my VA's explaining what I need done to help get my sites ranked on page 1 of Google

JR's course wants to help you put your business on autopilot.


My local lead generation business though, is already on auto-pilot because my sites are already ranked and generating leads for local businesses month after month.

Which means, I get paid month in and month out. 

I call that mailbox money.

The limo site you see below has been making me money since 2015 after I ranked it. 

Limo Lead Gen

That's just one of my sites.

What better way to try and close a client than to send them leads in advance. 

That's what a virtual assistant can assist me with.

More often than not, the business owner will want to do business with you if you come with customers in hand.

Give them a few free customers without asking for a dime and they'll eventually want to keep doing business with you.

Don't you want a business where once you set everything up, you're getting money on autopilot for real?

Uh, yea!

Local lead generation is my #1 choice over any business model out there.

Check out all of the reasons why.

I'm not getting a virtual assistant and having them work on a business model that's expensive like Facebook ads.

Local lead generation is the real deal and that's what a VA would help me with if anything. 

You don't need one if you don't want, but if you're trying to scale beyond $10-$20K, consider it.

In our lead generation coaching program, we have everything you need to be able to outsource aspects of your lead gen business that you may not want to do because of time. 

If you'd like to learn more, jump on a call with us.

Talk to you soon!

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