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Who is Ippei Kanehara? A Lead Generation Success Story

August 16, 2020


Sup ya’ll, Ippei Kanehara here (first name pronounced Epay)

I tell people its eBay put with a P… and that seems to stick. lol…

This is a story of how an average guy went from being broke to pro-athlete money. From a 9 to 5 J.O.B only making $35K a year to now having built several 6-figure businesses.

Not just any business.

Internet Businesses.

Ya know… the kind that allows you to work on a beach with a laptop.

I quit my J.O.B. with the lead generation business but I diversified into other businesses to multiply my streams of income.

  • Digital Marketing (specifically Lead Generation) – $50K per month
  • Amazon FBA – Got up to $15K per month
  • Shopify Dropshipping – Got up to $10K per month
  • Affiliate Marketing – $3K per month
  • I tried them all, and through lots of ups & downs, I still believe that the lead generation business is still my #1 choice.

    It's the most long-lasting consistent passive income I've been able to build on the internet bar none.

    I have sites like above from 2015, still making me $750 to $2000 per month with barely any maintenance.

    This ability to create passive income has been everything to my success.

    Let me just go over my journey with you and some of my accomplishments.

    Some of My Lifestyle Accomplishments Thus Far

    Traveling to anywhere in the world at anytime being able to eat at the best restaurants.

  • I’ve been to 25+ countries so far (Japan is still my favorite tho… my home country where I was born)

  • I've been documenting my journey on IG since 2015 (When I started the lead-gen biz)

    Check out my journey on my Instagram here.

    Major upgrade to my car lol

    Went from driving this 1996 Acura 

    To a Tesla P100D (Fastest model they have) in 2018

    Went from living in 1 bedroom apartment in Michigan to a Dope pad in California

    Spoke on stage in front of 500 entrepreneurs in 2019

    March 2020, Moved to San Francisco to this apartment

    My Journey of Getting Into Multiple Businesses Over the Years

    Like 2 years ago, some relationship expert guy taught me about this personality test called the Enneagram and he showed me how I can take my birthdate and using numerology, figure out my personality type. (a lil’ woo woo I know… but if your curious I wrote a guide on how to check your Enneagram type here.)

    There’s 9 personality types, apparently its being used by many top level psychologists.

    It turn out I’m Enneagram type 7.

    It seemed pretty freakin’ spot on to me.

    I've always been the adventurous, variety seeking type.


    My strength is that I am capable of mastering multiple fields or disciplines.

    So let me give you a quick timeline of when I got into all these different online businesses.

    My Timeline

    • 2007 to 2012 – College years at Michigan State University (Go Green!) Tons of drinking, skipping classes, playing Halo & chasin’ girls. Oh ya I graduated with a (useless) advertising degree.
    • 2012 to 2014 – Worked for an auto-parts company 40 hrs per week making $35K per year, $2200 per month after taxes (dreadful years of being stuck in a cubicle waiting for the hrs to pass by so I can go home at 5:30 pm)
    • September of 2014 – Joined the lead generation coaching program and started making my first dollar online
    • April of 2015 – Just 7 months after I joined the lead gen program, I had built up enough online income to quit my job (most exciting moment of my life to date)
    • 2015 to 2017 – Grinded on my lead gen biz HARD, I got my residual monthly income up to $25K per month. Started traveling a bit, went on an epic 3 week Europe Trip. London->Amsterdam->Prague->Germany->Barcelona->Ibiza
    • Also in 2016 – Started Amazon FBA business
    • 2017 to 2018 – Grinded hard on Amazon FBA and Shopify Dropshipping business
    • 2018 to 2019 – Launched several Affiliate Marketing Sites & also spent major ad spends on FB Ads for affiliate marketing & dropshipping. ($100K plus on FB ad spend)
    • 2019 – Coming back full circle, I decided to double down on the lead generation business & stick to building my online business with free traffic only that I control.

    The Turning Point for my Success

    Like many people, I’ve been devouring personal development material for years.

    But I was still stuck at only making $35K per year at a job I hated.

    What was I missing?

    The most critical lesson I learned in my transition from hourly wage worker to entrepreneur was this.

    Before starting your own business.

    You need to develop high-income skills.

    When I learned the skill of lead generation with Free Traffic, I was finally able to begin seeing tangible results (my ability to make money)

    “Skills pay the bills”

    “Mindset alone is not enough, You need Mindset & Skills” -Dan Lok (another mentor of mine)

    Dan Lok’s Wealth Triangle re-iterates the importance of developing high-income skills beautifully.

    In fact, Dan Lok doesn’t even recommend starting a business until you’re making at least $10K per month with a high-income skill you have developed.

    For example, you can’t always count on real estate for consistent income because what happens when the tenant leaves abruptly & you can’t find someone new?

    Or what if the economy crashes?

    However, if you have a high-income skill, no one can take that away from you.

    You can always count on yourself to make good money.

    High-income skills give you the stability, the confidence that no matter what happens to your assets or finances, even if everything was taken from you, you have the skills to get back up to where you were before.

    “Seek to be financially confident, not financially free”

    Dan Lok says the first thing you have to do is to invest in developing your skills, go to a seminar, buy a course or better yet get a mentor that’s gonna teach you A through Z.

    Most successful people I’ve studied at one point in their life had a mentor.

    Back in 2014, when I jumped on the coaching program with Dan.

    I wasn’t aware just how impactful that one decision was going to be for me.

    Now in hindsight, that was easily one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

    Local lead generation is not only a high-income skill, but its one of the most sought-after skill on the internet today.

    Pretty much every local business needs a lead generation specialist.

    Not only that but you can build a scalable business with this skillset.

    Which covers the second piece of the Wealth Triangle.

    This was why I was able to rise so quickly with this coaching program.

    I already had a solid mindset: driven, motivated & tenacious.

    I was simply lacking the high-income skills & a scalable business model.

    Our mentor Dan says all the time “Just follow the process”

    You don’t need to know why this stuff works so well, just do it.

    I for sure didn’t know all about business at the time, I just did it, followed the system to the T, produced results, then rinse & repeat.

    In hindsight, the lead generation coaching program was taking me by the hand & forcing me to follow the principles of the Wealth Triangle to the T.

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