Andrew Imbesi’s Ad Agency Master Program Review — Is 0% Finance Funding A Good Idea?

March 21, 2024

The Ad Agency Master Program is an entrepreneurship course by Andrew Imbesi that focuses on developing, marketing, and creating an online music business. Andrew teaches how to maximize 0% finance funding in building your own venture. It comprises eight live masterclasses guides on getting started, prioritizing tasks, and implementing strategies to grow an online business.

Building an online music business in the music industry can be quite challenging, but the industry itself has shown remarkable growth over the years. From 2012 to 2020, the global music industry's revenue increased from $45.5 billion to an estimated $59.48 billion. It's tough to stand out amidst fierce competition and a saturated market. Building a strong online presence, attracting fans, and monetizing your music can be daunting.

If you’re looking for alternatives, consider local lead generation. Instead of building an online music business, this approach allows you to focus on generating leads. Instead of waiting for customers to find you, you target local businesses by ranking high on search engine results. By renting out these top-ranking positions to local businesses, you can generate valuable leads. It's an effective strategy that allows you to capitalize on your expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) while helping local businesses thrive.

Ad Agency Master Program Pros And Cons


It is live training.

You can get two additional phone calls from experts for only $100.

The program offers many payment plan options until 20 payments of $375.


It is expensive for beginners.

Refund policy is not stated.

The course only has over 20 hours of live training.


The Ad Agency Master Program costs $7,500.

Refund Policy

Andrew mentions nothing about the refund policy.


The Ad Agency Master Program started in 2022.


In just two years, Andrew Imbesi built a 7-figure business. In 2022, Andrew and his team successfully helped over 200 individuals get $50K–150K+ of 0% Interest Funding in less than 30 days.

Is 0% Finance Funding A Good Idea?

0% finance funding can be a good idea, but there are important considerations to keep in mind. 0% finance offers may come with hidden costs or conditions that could affect your business. For instance, the supplier may increase the product's price to offset the interest-free financing, resulting in a higher overall cost. Additionally, there may be penalties for late payments or early repayment fees, which can affect your cash flow. Furthermore, qualifying for 0% finance might require a good credit score, which could limit access for some entrepreneurs. It's crucial to review the terms and conditions thoroughly, calculate the total cost of the financing, and explore alternative funding options before deciding if 0% finance is the right choice for your online business. 

While some entrepreneurs, like Andrew Imbesi, have built 7-figure businesses using 0% finance funding, it's important to give a careful evaluation of your own financial situation and consider the terms and potential drawbacks.

What Do You Get In Ad Agency Master Program?

With the Ad Agency Master Program, you will get over 20-hour live training with Andrew Imbesi, coaching, and support from the community.

Masterclass 1 - Infrastructure

This masterclass focuses on setting up the foundation for your online business. It covers key elements like Stripe for payments, LLC for legal protection, and dedicated business bank accounts.

Masterclass 2 - Ideal Client & Targets

It helps you identify your target audience and dominates your niche. You'll learn how to understand your ideal client, meet their needs, and tailor your services accordingly. The class also guides you in setting clear goals and taking actionable steps to achieve them.

Masterclass 3 - Programming

This class will enhance your programming skills and enable you to create interesting offers that inspire customers to make a purchase. You will learn how to create attractive offers that grab consumers' attention and increase sales. 

Masterclass 4 - Attracting Your Ideal Client

In Master Class 4, you will learn how to acquire clients and establish meaningful connections. It provides strategies for engaging with prospects and clients, improving communication, and building strong relationships

Masterclass 5 - Ecosystems

This masterclass class provides strategies for gathering data to gain insights about your customers. Additionally, you will learn how to create funnels that guide potential customers from awareness to making a purchase. You will learn how to collect valuable customer information and set up effective funnels.

Masterclass 6 - Sales & Closing

Andrew teaches you in this section the proven 5-step sales process to close deals with prospects and clients. He also covers effective strategies for servicing existing clients and generating new business.

Masterclass 7 - Marketing & Delivery

The masterclass reveals effective techniques for delivering your program and meeting your client's needs.

Masterclass 8 - Intro To Scaling

It covers different stages of business, providing guidance on what to do in each stage, whether you're starting from scratch or already established. You'll also learn how to use case studies to build credibility and drive your business forward

Ad Agency Master Program Playbook

The Ad Agency Master Program Playbook provides a study guide to help you keep track of important points covered in the program.

Accountability Coach

Andrew offers experienced business coaches who can help you stay focused and motivated in achieving their goals and desired results.

Who Is Andrew Imbesi?

Andrew Imbesi is the CEO and founder of BogeGroup LLC, a Funding Consulting Company in San Diego, California. His company helps entrepreneurs increase revenue and capital for their businesses by obtaining business lending products from banks and financial institutions. He studied Business Administration, Information Technology, and Sound Production & Engineering at Seton Hall University from 2016 to 2019. He
At just 24 years old, Andrew went from being a DoorDash driver with less than $1,000 to his name to earning a seven-figure income annually. His journey began in 2020 when he was living in his parent's basement, saving money to start his business.

Andrew discovered the potential of 0% Interest Funding online and sought a mentor who taught him about sales, marketing, and running a consulting business. He used this funding strategy to launch his own consulting business, which is one online business to start with 10k. Andrew specializes in helping entrepreneurs build online businesses that generate seven figures. He has expertise in credit stacking (0% Interest Funding), high-ticket sales, and digital marketing for generating qualified leads. 

Is Ad Agency Master Program Worth It?

The Ad Agency Master Program may not be worth it because of its high price of $7,500. This cost may be a major drawback for beginners. While Andrew Imbesi provides an alternative payment plan, it is still expensive. Also, the program offers only 20+ hours of live training and a few bonuses. To assess his credibility as a guru, you can attend his free masterclass. Alternatively, you can consider enrolling in his more affordable mini-course as an alternative to the master program. And if you haven't chosen your business, you can also check my top business ideas for small towns in 2024. 

If you're not into the music business and want to try option trading, you can check Jeff Clark Trader

Boge Group Media Other Courses

Free Masterclass

The Free Masterclass is a course focuses on marketing and setting up Facebook ads. It covers three secrets that the instructor that Andrew learned to create a 6-figure online business. The masterclass provides valuable insights into how individuals can achieve similar success, even without initial capital.

Price: Free Masterclass is free.

Boga Group Music Marketing Mini Course

Module 1: Communication and Sales

This module covers Andrew's personal sales framework and strategy for selling music. The module focuses on building platforms, selling your music, and expanding your fanbase.

Module 2: Product

Module 2 dives into the products you will be selling and provides guidance on crafting interesting offers. This module equips you with the knowledge and strategies to showcase and present your products effectively to your target audience.

Module 3: Online Platforms

In this module, Andrew shares essential platforms you need to excel in the music industry. This module provides insights and strategies on leveraging these platforms to maximize your visibility and reach as a musician.

Module 4: Music Marketing

This module guides you in implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to the music industry. You will learn how to promote your music, engage with your audience, and drive growth and success in your music career.

Price: The Boge Group Music Marketing Mini Course costs $500. 

Ad Agency Master Program Alternatives

  • ROI Machines - ROI Machines is a company that offers educational tools to help you enhance your business. They provide marketing courses to keep you up-to-date and successful in the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you specialize in social media or aspire to build your own digital agency, ROI Machines keeps you informed and connected to the latest digital trends.
  • Business Accelerator - The Business Accelerator is an 8-week intensive course designed to help you start and grow your business. It covers all aspects, from developing your idea to launching your business. You'll be part of a smaller group, take part in weekly events, and have access to a private Facebook group. You'll also receive lifetime access to course materials, one ticket to a live graduation event, and weekly live video calls with Brian Rose. The 8-week program costs $2,997.
  • 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint - The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is a program that teaches you how to build a profitable cleaning business by Cristobal Mondragon. Cristobal claims that the course can help you make $10,000/month in just 60 days. It is a self-paced 10-module video series that provides A-Z training to start your own cleaning business. The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint costs $987 for a limited time. The original price of the program is $14,710.
  • Jason Wojo - Jason Wojo has a successful and growing digital marketing agency, Wojo Media. He also has a course where you can learn how to create your own social media marketing agency.
  • Lead Gen Accelerator - Faizan Saeed's done-with-you mentorship teaches you how to start and scale your lead generation agency.

What Is My Best Online Business Recommendation In 2024?


My best online business recommendation in 2024 is local lead generation through a rank and rent model. This involves creating websites that generate leads for local businesses and then renting those websites to them. It can be a lucrative and scalable business model with the potential for passive income. Unlike building your own music business, local lead generation may be an easier option for beginners. It requires less capital to start, has lower competition, and doesn't require creating and promoting your own products. 

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